Are you teaching your child how to be a saint?

SAN FRANCISCO – At the sacrament of Baptism, Catholic parents vow to raise their children in the faith, to educate them about why the Catholic Church believes what she does and to pass on the flame of Catholicism, driven by a personal relationship with Christ. But how should parents do that? What are the practical, everyday steps they need to take? John R. Wood answers those questions in the new book THE LIGHT ENTRUSTED TO YOU: KEEPING THE FLAME OF FAITH ALIVE.

It’s no secret that parenting as Catholics is a difficult road today. Wood notes that “85 percent of young adults leave their faith within ten years of being confirmed.” The pressure on Catholic parents is real, but THE LIGHT ENTRUSTED TO YOU speaks directly to those challenges and provides answers with concrete examples of how to not only help children achieve sainthood, but encourages parents in their own spiritual lives to continue their faith education and be the example of Catholicism that is on fire for Christ.

Wood, a mobile eye doctor, father of four and bestselling author, describes the challenges he faces as a Catholic parent, and through the use of sports, movies, normal life experiences and songs, breaks down six different ways parents can help their children become the saints they are meant to be.

THE LIGHT ENTRUSTED TO YOU is broken down into six sections based on the acronym SAINTS – Saving Grace, Athletics, Instructor’s Manual, Need to Know Him, Theology of the Body, and Sacrifice and Service, which makes for an easy reference manual for parents looking for specific advice or ideas on passing on their Catholic faith.

“Offers a fresh, accessible, direct approach to living the Catholic faith, especially for parents and all who take to heart their role in witnessing to and handing on the faith,” the Most Rev. Daniel Thomas, Bishop of Toledo, Ohio, says of THE LIGHT ENTRUSTED TO YOU. “John R. Wood extends an invitation to personal holiness, convinced that holy disciples lead to holy families, who foster holy vocations in Jesus Christ the Light.”


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