McCullagh, Chanting the Feminine Down

NEW YORK — I am pleased to announce the publication of my new novel “Chanting the Feminine Down” about a young Bronx woman’s search for the feminine in the Christian tradition.

The subtitle for this book is “A Psychological, Religious and Historical Novel.” The subtitle captures the movement of the novel, which is archetypal, soulful and imaginative. Through her studies and dreams the protagonist is able to re-imagine history and religion through a feminine lens.

Chris Phillips in his review for writes that “This is an interesting novel for any reader. The depth and intensity might suggest adult readers, but mature young adults would probably enjoy it was well. The interactions do require some experience with psychology, religion and history, especially the Catholic Church and the Counter Reformation. Highly recommended for most readers.”

I wrote my PhD dissertation on the religious imagination in a number of Catholic novelists. I have written various books on the psychology of the feminine, including “Set Pieces of the Feminine,” a poetry collection. And I have written extensively on religion and psychology at

“Chanting the Feminine Down” is available now on Amazon.