Zainab Chaudry, from left, Zainab Arain and Megan Fair with the Council on American-Islamic Relations stand outside the Supreme Court for an anti-Muslim ban rally as the court hears arguments about whether President Trump's ban on travelers from several mostly Muslim countries violates immigration law or the Constitution, on April 25, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Muslims disapprove of country’s direction but are proud to call themselves Americans

“Most Americans Believe Muslims Committed to Well-being of America” Graphic courtesy of ISPU

 This image is available for web and print publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

(RNS) — With incidents of anti-Muslim bias on the rise last year in the United States, Muslims are growing less and less satisfied with the direction of the country under President Trump, according to a new poll.

But despite experiencing more discrimination than other religious groups, American Muslims take pride in their U.S. identity as well as their faith, the survey found. And they are, for the most part, gaining acceptance among other religious traditions.

The third annual poll released Monday (April 30) by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, a think tank based in Washington and Dearborn, Mich., found that only 27 percent of American Muslims approved of the country’s direction, down from 41 percent last year and 63 percent in 2016.

Among the findings: no faith group has a lower view of Trump's performance than Muslims; only 13 percent say they approve. By contrast, 72 percent of white evangelicals approve of Trump's performance.

But despite a low view of the president, Muslims strongly identify with their American nationality as well as their religion.

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“The vast number of Muslims say being an American is important to how they think of themselves,” said Dalia Mogahed, director of research at the ISPU. “They also say that being a Muslim is important to how they think of themselves. When you look at those identity factors, they’re actually mutually reinforcing — meaning, if you have a higher Muslim identity, you are actually more likely to have a stronger American identity. They’re not in competition.”

The poll of 2,481 Americans of multiple faiths taken by phone and online, found that Muslims are becoming more politically engaged. About 75 percent of Muslims said they were registered to vote, an increase of 7 percentage points over last year’s tally.

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And Muslims are more likely than the general public to reject violence against civilians by the military or individuals.

That finding comes despite an advocacy group's finding that anti-Muslim sentiment has been on the rise. In April, the Council on American-Islamic Relations released a report showing a spike in anti-Muslim bias in in the U.S. in 2017. Of the 2,599 incidents of bias, 919 ― or about 35 percent —involved a government agency leading the civil rights group to claim an “unprecedented level of government hostility” toward Muslims.

That report suggested Trump’s travel ban, which barred the entry of individuals from several Muslim-majority countries into the U.S., accounted for 18 percent of the total number of anti-Muslim bias incidents documented in 2017.

“Trump’s behavior has provided an opaque veneer of legitimacy to bigotry, racism, and xenophobia in the public sphere,” the CAIR report said.

“Muslims and Non-Affiliated Least Likely to Approve of Trump” Graphic courtesy of ISPU

 This image is available for web and print publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

Trump’s travel ban isn’t the only source of hostility toward American Muslims. At the height of his 2016 campaign, he told CNN's Anderson Cooper: “I think Islam hates us.” Two of his appointees — Steve Bannon, the former White House chief strategist, and Sebastian Gorka, the former deputy assistant to the president —  expressed doubts about peaceful coexistence with Muslims in the West.

Trump’s more recent appointees have long records of anti-Muslim remarks and ties to anti-Islam groups. Both John R. Bolton, the national security adviser, and Mike Pompeo, who was confirmed by the Senate last week as the new secretary of state, regard Islam as a hostile political ideology that is infiltrating the U.S.

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“The poll identifies something we need to be concerned about, which is the administration and the impact of that administration has on our broader society,” said John Esposito, professor of religion and international affairs at Georgetown University and the director of the Bridge Initiative, a multi-year research project that partnered with the ISPU on the poll.

Yet despite truculent political forces in Washington, the ISPU poll shows that a majority of Americans generally are more accepting of Muslims:

  • 66 percent of Americans said negative political rhetoric toward Muslims is harmful to the public.
  • 79 percent of Americans oppose the banning of mosque construction.
  • 63 percent of Americans oppose government surveillance of mosques.
  • 66 percent of Americans oppose the travel ban.

Those views are shared by Jews, Catholics, mainline Protestants and unaffiliated Americans, the poll found.

The one group that appeared to resist Muslim integration was white evangelicals — the group most allied with Trump and his policies. Only 34 percent of white evangelicals opposed the travel ban; 36 percent believe Muslims are committed to America’s well-being.

“Most Americans Believe Negative Political Rhetoric Toward Muslims Is Harmful to U.S.” Graphic courtesy of ISPU

 This image is available for web and print publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

“It shows the politicized nature of anti-Muslim bigotry right now,” said Catherine Orsborn, director of  Shoulder to Shoulder, an interfaith organization dedicated to ending anti-Muslim sentiment. “It’s happening along political and partisan lines.”

The poll also showed that Muslims feel a great deal of shame when they hear that a member of their faith community committed an act of violence (62 percent). A minority of Muslims also believes their faith community is more prone to violence than other people (18 percent).

Overall, Muslims do not appear to be responding by hiding or withdrawing from public life. On the contrary, Muslim identity is strong especially among younger people. Ninety-one percent of Muslims between the ages of 18 and 29 say their religion is important to the way they think of themselves. And younger Muslims show no signs of leaving the faith as their counterparts in other faiths do.

“What’s really clear from this report is that Muslims are very proud of being Muslim,” said Esposito. “That shows a real strong resiliency when you consider the kind of discrimination against women who wear the hijab or mosques being desecrated or destroyed. It shows a strong sense of American citizenship. This is where they want to be and this is where they feel they want to raise their kids.”


  1. Imagine George Washington, upon visiting Saudi Arabia, says, “I don’t agree with the direction this Nation is going. Change for me.”

  2. White evangelicals are rapidly backing themselves into a corner as they self-identify as enemies of everything good about America.

  3. It’s cute that you equate American Muslims with foreigners offering unsolicited advice, rather than fellow citizens working to make our nation better.

  4. fellow citizens working to make our nation better.
    “Better”…….highly subjective.

  5. As a gay person, I’m terrified at the prospect of living under Sharia law. But not as terrified as I am of living in a regime run by the Christian Taliban, who would do exactly the same thing to me as their Muslim counterparts if they thought they could get away with it. That being the case, I’m all in favor of keeping America the pluralistic nation that it’s always been – unlike the Christian nationalists who form Trump’s most loyal base.

  6. A better analogy would have been all those American Catholics who were largely despised by many of the WASPy founders criticizing their treatment by government.

    Anti-catholicism wouldn’t be sent reeling until the early 1960’s.

  7. It still hasn’t been sent reeling.

  8. Imagine George Washington saying to Native Americans, “Change for me”

  9. I’ve driven through plenty of Reservations. I’m guessing they wear blue jeans because they want to.

  10. The key word is “Reservations”.

  11. “And Muslims are more likely than the general public to reject violence against civilians by the military or individuals.” Cite your source for that one please. Muslim’s are busy killing each other, along with Christians.

  12. I have a link above that shows you to be correct about Muslim, but Christian don’t want you dead, they want you to have full life in Jesus. Big difference

  13. CAIR was an unindicted co-conspirator in the terorist fundraising scandal in Texas in the 2000’s….they also are apologists for Hamas and Hezbollah.

    CAIR is to Muslims what the German-American Bund was to German-Americans in the 1930’s.

  14. He’s a left-wing clown with a big mouth.

  15. Begonne foul troll from the abyss from which you spawned!

  16. Meaning there is nothing to substantiate your claims at all.

  17. “they want you to have full life in Jesus.”

    In heaven, after you die. If you don’t like that, they will try to send you there ASAP.

  18. That would be MR. Left-Wing Clown with a Big Mouth to you.

  19. So, are you one of those who believe the first explorers, upon seeing the first TeePee………………should have boarded their ships and headed back to Europe? Will you set the standard and give up your house and property for the Red Indian? Maybe others will join you.

  20. Is “Red Indian” a cultural stereotype similar to “White Trash”?

  21. there is also a life in Jesus while one is here, Spud. That is offered to you also. You will be in His blessings, leading, etc., all while you are here. It is not an easy life whatsoever but the results are worth it

  22. Listen, I know its inconvenient and all to bring up the efforts of Christians like yourself to have gays imprisoned or killed in the name of your belief, but it is a sad truth.

    Worse still is the policies to ignore or encourage suicide among gay youth as well.

    But why be honest when you think Jesus is in your corner, amirite?

  23. they made the choice. They chose the results they reaped.

  24. Muslims may be the most persecuted religious group in the USA, but when you take the entire world, studies show that Christians are the most persecuted–and much if not most of it by Muslims. If you want details, go to for their American office and see for yourself. I am neither evangelical nor liberal; I am a contemporary Calvinist–.

  25. You made yours and you avoid the results like the plague.

  26. “Red” making the distinction to Indians from India. Don’t want to offend the Indian from India.

  27. lol……you really are a twit sometimes Spud. You know nothing about me.

  28. Your posts here tell me everything you want me to know. 🙂

  29. awwwwww do you want to become one of my followers too?

  30. Nope. I usually avoid going down that rabbit hole except for the occasional snark.

  31. What demented world do you live in? Can you show me even a single example of anything called for in this country, now or in the past, even remotely akin to what happens under Sharia? Please show us how in America now or in the past, non-christians are not allowed to practice their own religion under penalty of law? How non-christians have to pay a special tax to be tolerated, as non-muslims have to do in muslim countries? Where sodomites are killed as a matter of law? Where woman can’t leave their homes without a male escort? Where children who date people not of their religion are sometimes even killed by their parents? One thing that seems to explain why leftists symptahize w/ islam is their mutual hatred of christianity and its western heritage. It is also pure b.s. that muslims are persecuted or shown any amount of discrimination in this country. They have never have any actual examples of this, while just about all supposed ones have been fabricated by muslims to claim victim status, a tactic they learned from the left.

  32. Evidently, “Native American” is not part of a bigot’s vocabulary.

  33. well, keep snarking….maybe you’ll learn something

  34. But Muslim governments deny that same freedom of religion to their own people. Even the Qur’an says it is forbidden to ever leave Islam for another religion. I have a Qur’an and know what it sinit.

  35. Whites were on the North American Continent long before the Red Indian.
    Hypocrite! You would be the first to say Europe doesn’t belong to Europeans (white men and women). Are you objecting to the mass immigration of Europe???!!! Probably not.

  36. There are consequences regarding everything we do in our lives. Make your choice of direction and live with the consequences – and don’t piss, moan, wine, or bitch about it.

  37. The overall doctrine of Islam is evil. Moslems in America are unhappy with the way things are going because they may be losing somewhat in their quest to colonize America, eliminate our Constitution and impose horrific sharia laws on willfully ignorant Americans.

  38. “Whites were on the North American Continent long before the Red Indian”

    And we know this is true because it is right there in the White Bigot Encyclopedia.

  39. More importantly, stay the hell out of the lives of people who aren’t asking for your opinion as to how to live them. It’s not concern, it’s not loving behavior. It’s just being a dbag.

    One must bear in mind “Christian Love” frequently has nothing to do with the genuine article. In Sandi’s case it is merely a gloss for malicious passive aggressive behavior.

  40. Take it or leave it. Ignorance is bliss!

  41. How many times have you argued against the separation of church and state? Too many to count. You have no problem with a theocracy. You just want your religion to be the controlling one.

    See my links with Sandi. Christian bigots lobbied to have gays imprisoned and executed where possible.

    The only difference is how much you can get away with.

  42. Yes, we get it. You are a bigot who has no respect for a nation with religious freedom. The people most vociferous about “creeping Sharia” are the ones with the least respect for what prevents it. The separation of Church and State. You don’t mind theocracy, you just want your faith to rule. . .

  43. We do not hold ourselves to the same standards as dictatorships. We are better than that. Maybe not you, but as a nation we are.

  44. Spud, Islam holds non-Moslems to be second class citizens, i.e. dhimmis. Tell me that isn’t bigotry. Islam declares that it takes two women to equal a man (because your prophet, Mohammed declared that women are inferior and less intelligent than men) in a legal setting. Tell me that isn’t bigotry. Learn from your Koran which repeatedly tells how allah hates non-believers.

  45. “Ignorance is bliss”

    Your loyalty to your motto and your ability to put it into practice is truly inspirational.

  46. Given that it is not your faith and you are getting this stuff from people who are trying to attack it, I have zero reason to take your word on what 1.4 billion Muslims believe.

    Just as I do not use the beliefs of our white supremacist posters here as an example of all Christians, I would not use ISIS as an example of all Muslims.

    But I will say, people like you are the best support terrorists can ask for. You work for free, parrot their propaganda and work towards their goals of alienating our Muslim citizens from our society. The people most useful for fighting the terrorists, are the ones you most want to drive away.

    What a stooge.

  47. If people would read the Qur’an for themselves, they would know it is in there:

    “Allah (thus) directs you as regards your Children’s (inheritance): to the male, a portion equal to that of two females.” [Surah 4:11]

    “….the male having twice the share of the female. [Surah 4:176]

  48. While we’re at it, the punishment for sleeping with someone you’re not married to: “The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day” [Surah 24:2]

    And here is what the Quran says to do to thieves: “As to the thief, Male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in power.” [Surah 5:38]

    This is not bigotry or prejudice. This is their Sharia Law written in black and white in the Qur’an.

  49. Spud, Just to enlighten you a little bit: I lived and worked in Moslem countries for over a decade, and have had dealings with Moslems for 40-years, some good, and some bad.

    I have witnessed some of the most egregious human rights violations imaginable at the hands of Moslems.

    I have observed Moslems for years, studied the Koran and some of the Hadiths, and read four biographies of Mohammed.

    I know and understand Islam very very well, and I find it to be a barbaric life system unsuitable for civilized nations or peoples.

    So, Spud, you can cut the takiyya and Kitman because it won’t work with me. I know and understand you and your bullshit far better than even you can imagine.

  50. Thank you ISIS spokesperson. You are doing the job of terrorists and theocratic but are too dim to realize it.

    Let me guess, you are an online scholar of Islamic theology. 🙂

  51. Yet you spout the canned bullcrap coming from the likes of bigots and ignoramuses. Repeating nonsense which could easily be part of the ISIS party line.

    I don’t believe you have done or studied anything you claimed.

    Yes I am calling you a liar.

    Tons of bigots pretend they gave studied the people they hate. So they can pretend their nonsense has a level of credibility reality does not permit. It means zilch.

    Even someone who has done the barest study or had the slightest contact with its believers can see how monumentally stupid your views are. You are following the game plan of terrorists and are too hateful and short sighted to notice.

    They want fools like you to attack and alienate all Muslims. They want you to be so hateful as to ignore and attack our principles, rule of law and freedom. It makes it easier to recruit. Easier to create support networks. Harder for us to act as a free society.

    You are a terrorist stooge. You hate our nation’s principles and freedom.

  52. My Motto — Study to show thyself approved. 2 Timothy 2:15

    The Solutrean (European originating) Native Americans were either partly absorbed by the newcomers (Asian-originating Indians) or were substantially obliterated by them either physically or through competition for resources.” READ: New evidence suggests Stone Age hunters from Europe discovered America.

    The Paiutes, a Native-American tribe indigenous to parts of Nevada, have an oral tradition that they told to early white settlers of the area about a race of red-haired, white giants or ‘barbarians’ that their ancestors referred to as the “Si-Te-Cah.”

    The story was written down in 1882 by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins, daughter of a Paiute Indian chief in her book: “Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims.” These “giants” were described as vicious, unfriendly and cannibalistic. In this story, the Paiutes speak of a great battle that took place which led to their extermination at site known today as Lovelock Cave. http://www.ancient-origins….

    Red Haired Giants the “Si-Te-Cah” – Lovelock Cave, Nevada. evidence suggests Stone Age hunters from Europe discovered America.

    Scientists have mapped the genome of a four-year-old boy who died in south-central Siberia 24,000 years ago. It is the oldest modern human genome sequenced to date, researchers report in the journal Nature. The results provide a window into the origins of Native Americans, whose ancestors crossed from Siberia into the New World during the last Ice Age. They suggest about a third of Native American ancestry came from an ancient population related to Europeans.

    In January of 1982, the ancient remains of the WINDOVER BOG PEOPLE were discovered during the construction of a new road near Titusville, Florida. The discovery yielded the skeletons of 168 men, women and children dating back over 7000 years ago. DNA testing indicated these people were of European descent indicating some of the first peoples in America were White.

  53. No, I teach English to Muslims. I love the people – they have human likes and dislikes, loves and fears just like any human. But their “holy book” is dangerous. I doubt most Muslims in America want Sharia Law imposed here because I have learned most Muslims only know a few nice Qur’an surahs here and there. But it only takes a few outspoken ones to begin pushing it. And it has happened both here and in England. Americans would rise up in anger if it was proposed that our constitution including cutting off the right hand and left foot of a thief, and 100 lashes to everyone who sleeps with someone they’re not married to.

  54. You evidently hate your students and consider them evil. You don’t respect their beliefs or by all accounts bother to understand what they are.

    You sound like every other bigot attacking a given religion. There is no special “but they’re Muslims” excuse to the same old rhetoric used to demonize any faith.

    You even choose to follow terrorist propaganda by choosing to declare Islam entirely on their side.

    If you had any respect for the constitution you would not have a fear of “Sharia” because you would uphold the separation of church and state and free exercise of religion which would prevent any such things.

    All holy books are dangerous if we forgo our freedom and give them color of law. Only Christian theocratic miss this light because they have no problem with religious dictatorship and oppression. They just want to be the ones to do it.

    You have no respect for our nation, its principles and freedom and gladly attack it our of fear. ISIS does well with a stooge like you.

  55. Refuted by later works and studies. But loved by white supremacists. People who never fail to repeat untrue stuff if it suited their needs.

    “In 2009, anthropologist David J. Meltzer criticized the hypothesis, stating, “Few if any archaeologists—or, for that matter, geneticists, linguists, or physical anthropologists—take seriously the idea of a Solutrean colonization of America.”

    “A 2008 study of relevant oceanographic
    data from the time period in question, co-authored by Kieran Westley
    and Justin Dix, concluded, however, that “it is clear from the
    paleoceanographic and paleo-environmental data that the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) in the North Atlantic does not fit the descriptions provided by the proponents of the Solutrean Atlantic Hypothesis. ”

    “As with the controversy concerning Kennewick Man, the Solutrean hypothesis has attracted the support of white supremacy
    groups. The theory they expound is that the original inhabitants of the
    Americas were white Europeans, the Solutreans, and that the present-day
    Native Americans (Indians) are later immigrants from Asia. A Canadian Broadcasting Company
    documentary in January 2018 was widely criticized by scientists and
    Native Americans for its uncritical presentation of the Solutrean

  56. Leviticus 20:10 prescribes capital punishment for adultery between a man and married woman: And the man that committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he that committeth adultery with his neighbour’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.

    Exodus 21:16

    “Whoever steals a man and sells him, and anyone found in possession of him, shall be put to death.

    This is what your faith believes and is in your holy scripture.

    You support your own version of Sharia

  57. What instigated the attack on the Twin Towers, Flight 93 and the Pentagon?

    And what drives today’s 24/7 mosque/imam-planned acts of terror and horror?

    The koran, Mohammed’s book of death for all infidels and Muslim domination of the world by any means.

    Muslims must clean up this book removing said passages admitting that they are based on the Gabriel myth and therefore obviously the hallucinations and/or lies of Mohammed.

    Then we can talk about the safety and location of mosques and what is taught therein.

    Until then, no Muslim can be trusted anytime or anywhere…………………………….

  58. I’m surprised someone as familiar as you with the culture would still use the outdated term “Moslem”.

  59. I know the difference in meaning between Muslim and Moslem and I prefer to use Moslem, which seems to suit you.

  60. I’m gonna have to call “bullsh!t” on you and your comments. There is no difference between the terms. If you actually did have detailed knowledge of the culture as you claim, you would know that as well. They are simply different Westernized spellings of the same term and meanings, except “Moslem” tends to be the obsolete version, whereas “Muslim” is the current, preferred version.

  61. Among We the People of the United States—those who embrace the civic agreement that is offered in the preamble to the constitution for the USA—a few may describe Americanism as private liberty with civic morality. Christians who do so may use Christianity for hope in the afterdeath but civic morality for living. That is, they separate church and state.

    I think President Trump does that in his way, yet is following the erroneous decision by the US Supreme Court in Greece v Galloway. A constitutional amendment may be needed so as to promote integrity.

    Muslims seem to think civic morality, or offering goodwill to other citizens, requires Islam. There seems disconnect not unlike the emergence of African-American Christianity some five decades ago.

    Adopting the civic agreement that is offered in the preamble can relieve civic citizens from the religious conflict. Also, the First Amendment to the constitution for the USA may be revised so as to protect the individual’s authority, power, and energy to develop integrity. Thereby, every responsible religions my flourish according to believers’ hopes for their afterdeaths.

    I have yet to try a civic conversation with a Muslim that did not end with something like, “Phil, you are an honorable seeker. But sooner or later you will submit to Allah.”

    Even if I take “Allah” to be whatever may control actual reality, it do not accept the “sooner or later.” I think that when my body, mind, and person stop functioning, there will be no afterdeath. Therefore, all I want in life is comprehensive safety and security so that I may pursue my preference, which is developing personal integrity.

    I hope that if I achieve a status of unerring fidelity, it will not mean death, a theological idea I learned from the wonderful photographer who took my employment photo in 1967. She spoke of a Baton Rougean who had recently died. He had perfected himself and went to join his father in heaven. Of course, I am so far from perfection I do not fear death from developing integrity.

    Everywhere I go, I have wonderful conversations with strangers. However, among most people I know or knew, there is only mistrust. I speculate that I am a stranger to all but a few.

    I think a civic American trusts-in and is committed-to the civic agreement that is offered in the preamble to the constitution for the USA. Other people are dissidents. People who think their religion must be imposed on other American citizens are dissidents. They do not accept that every human individual has the authority, power, and energy to develop integrity. Thus, a human cannot attest to a religion he or she does not believe. Yet, every individual has the responsibility to offer goodwill to every person living in their years and place. Even the dissident to the preamble should receive the hope for reform. Even someone who “dusts a neighbor off” (Matthew 10:14) deserves patience.

  62. A typical mutigenerational, mixed-European American, I feel alienating-coercion in my birth country. I trust-in and commit-to the-objective-truth, which exists and can only be discovered rather than constructed from reasonable imagination.

    Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods, or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.” He also wanted notoriety for the statement, “I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

    In the first, civic quote, he used a capital “G”, but not in the second. These two quotes may assert that beliefs may be erroneous and should not be involved in the evaluation of civic morals (in other words offering goodwill and behavior to other citizens), but Jefferson individually trusts a controller of actual reality that does not respond to worship or entreaty and would not impose his serenity on another person. For example, perhaps the controller is energy, which Einstein proved is interchangeable with mass.

    Good grief! As of the early 1970s, there’s African-American Christianity here, according to West and George rather than King; I understand that religion means the only way I may save my colorless soul is to help black Americans reign supreme. I hope I’m wrong, but there must be a reason for the divisive phrase. But it’s futile, because I don’t subscribe to the soul-fear construct in the first place. I do not subscribe to “Amazing Grace.” I prefer humility. Some people will accuse me of arrogance.

    Moreover, the preamble to the constitution for the USA, whose willing citizens authorized and maintain the laws and institutions of the USA, says nothing about religious or ethnic distinctions. Only dissidents separate themselves from the civic agreement. It has long been known that George Washington expressed humility through his personal religion, but did not include beyond his personal life—did not try to impose his religion on other people. Washington presided over the form and signing of the 1787 Constitution with its authority: We the People of the United States.

    People who want to be Americans cannot approach citizenship with dissident demands. They must consider the preamble, paraphrase it so as to accommodate their way of living, consider each goal, and either adjust their way of living to accommodate the preamble or suggest revision of the preamble to accommodate their way of living. If they prefer to revise the preamble, they must collaborate with the civic people of America to effect the change or the people’s alternate that is even better. If not, they must accept the preamble or remain dissident.

    For example, I think every individual has the authority, power, and energy to develop integrity. Perhaps there is a universal integrity, but it is sufficient for a person to achieve the degree of integrity their journey in life will allow. Thus, unity does not seem a feasible individual goal. Therefore, I propose to change “to form a more perfect Unity,” to “to develop integrity” or better. Fellow citizens should not accept the hubris to ignore my trust-in and commitment-to the preamble.

    Fellow citizens who don’t comprehend what I am proposing and don’t do the work to understand and propose reform are dissidents either by default or by intent and have no claim to Americanism.

    Sooner or later, each human individual either accepts the individual authority, power, and energy to develop integrity or does not.

    I hope this helps and would appreciate comments and questons.

  63. Moslems us Musleim because it is mor endearing term. When the work Moslems is used, it is intended to show an underclass in a derogatory way. Learn before you shoot your trap off.

  64. That’s complete nonsense, and you know it. Whatever.

  65. Moslem is less than endearing. That’s why I chose to use it.

    It speaks very well of me because it shows that I hold sharia compliant Moslems in contempt.

    I am less confused than you are. I write books about Islam and Moslems that are based on facts and truths, something that Moslems hate and fear – the truth.

  66. Moslems claim to be the most persecuted. If someone looks sideways at one, they claim offense.

  67. Yep, females are inferior so they get less. Mohammed declared that females have half of the brain capacity as a man.

  68. Mohammed told Moslem men that they can shtupp what their right hand holds, slaves, captives, etc.

  69. Moslems were engaged in over 500,000 acts of slave taking and trading last year.

  70. I was asked to revert to Islam. I refused.

    I’ve read the Koran three times, several biographies of MoHamHead, parts of the Hadiths. I suspect I know and understand Islam far, far better than you there, Spud.

    ISIS merely followed the teachings of Mohammed and did as instructed in the Koran.

    I don’t work for free. I get paid to speak – to teach the truth about Islam. People buy my books which are not complimentary about Islam.

  71. LOL! Sure you did. You sound like everyone who cuts and pastes from Islamaphobic sites and pretends to know anything on the subject. Again, I have no compelling reason to think you are telling the truth here.

    “ISIS merely followed the teachings of Mohammed and did as instructed in the Koran.”

    Funny thing is ISIS propaganda says the same thing. They do so to alienate Muslims from democratic societies and assist in their recruiting.

    How long have you been in their employ?

    You are not fighting Islamicism, you are their unpaid help. A stooge who is too hateful, dishonest and frankly boneheaded to see that you are aiding the alleged enemy you claim to oppose.

  72. ….and this has to do with what is going on in America because?

    You are concerned with human trafficking? Nope.

    “China, Russia, and Uzbekistan have been named among the worst offenders when it comes to human trafficking, according to a State Department report released Wednesday, joining Iran, North Korea, Cuba,
    Sudan, and Zimbabwe on the bottom “tier” of the U.S. human trafficking rank.

    So how many of these countries are Muslim majority?

  73. Spud: I recognize that you are a hard core sharia compliant Islamist propagandist trying to blow off my superior knowledge and intellect.

    I also know when I am talking to a rock. Rocks are not smart. Talking with rocks are a waste of my time.

  74. ISIS stooge repeating their propaganda is saying what to me?

    If you love our country and freedom of religion then you already know how to fight religious fundamentalist theocratic terror. Uphold our rule of law, democratic principles and freedom. But clearly your only objection is to the religion doing the terror. The only difference between you and ISIS is access to explosives/heavy weaponry.

    You see our way of life as an obstacle not a strength. So you are left making silly bigoted statements demanding we follow terrorist game plans. Attacking our own way of life in response because you are scared and hateful.

    ISIS did well with a helper like you.

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