Mass of Christ the Savior/Misa Cristo Salvador

PORTLAND, Ore. – Composed by Dan Schutte in 2009, Mass of Christ the Savior has become one of the most beloved Mass settings in the U.S. Now, by popular demand, the Spanish text has been masterfully set by Jaime Cortez, allowing for both monolingual (Spanish) and bilingual versions to be performed as well. Mass of Christ the Savior/Misa Cristo Salvador is the same Mass that people have cherished for the past five years, but now multicultural parishes can worship with it as well. It has also been updated alongside the changes to the Misal Romano, which can be utilized as early as Pentecost and will become mandatory by the beginning of Advent. It is perfect for assemblies seeking inclusivity and is available as a digital playlist, and also offers music for guitar, keyboard and choral/vocal arrangements in both digital and hardcopy formats. Mass of Christ the Savior/Misa Cristo Salvador was released and made available for sale on May 21, 2018.

“Mass of Christ the Savior/Misa Cristo Salvador is a very accessible melody of the Ordinary of Mass, which is simple to learn, yet it can be sung with many instruments and beautiful harmony. Now you can also sing it in a bilingual setting, which will help many parishes that celebrate special feasts with communities that speak English and Spanish. The melodies stay in your heart…”  – Jaime Cortez


“I’ve become aware in recent years, that there was a need for a bilingual – Spanish version of Mass of Christ the Savior. While there were no major musical changes, dealing with the number of syllables in the Spanish text — usually more than the English text — required adding notes in some places to accommodate them. In many ways, it was like putting a puzzle together so that the pieces fit well and sounded natural. It’s my hope that Mass of Christ the Savior/Misa Cristo Salvador will provide a bridge as we celebrate the Eucharist as one.”  – Dan Schutte

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