The Rev. Barbara Williams-Skinner speaks during a demonstration by Christian leaders opposing President Trump’s proposed budget at the U.S. Capitol on March 29, 2017. RNS photo by Lauren Markoe

With Voting Rights Act weakened, black church networks seek more voters

(RNS) — The months ahead of midterm elections, often a time of lower turnout among African-Americans and others, have become a focus of passionate activity by black Christian leaders.

“The attacks on the Voting Rights Act and other setbacks in civil rights have alerted the faith community that we need to take action,” said the Rev. Barbara Williams-Skinner, co-chair of the National African American Clergy Network. “We need to be proactive and not reactive.”

It's been five years since the Supreme Court invalidated a key provision of the VRA, and voters in almost two dozen states face stricter rules. In response, black denominations and networks focused on people of color and the poor are gearing up in hopes of getting more people to the ballot box in November:

  • This week, leaders of the African Methodist Episcopal Church plan to continue their “AME Righteous Vote” initiative with mobilization briefings, Capitol Hill meetings and a “Call to Conscience” vigil at Lafayette Square across from the White House.
  • Faith in Action, the grassroots organization formerly known as PICO National Network,  hopes to reach more than a million people in 150 cities with phone calls and door-to door visits before Election Day on Nov. 6.
  • A “Lawyers and Collars” program co-led by the Skinner Leadership Institute and Sojourners plans to train clergy on voter protection, hold meetings with state elections officials and spend Election Day at the polls with lawyers to assist voters.

Stricter rules at polling places — such as ID laws — could lead to people being turned away on Nov. 6. Pastors and other leaders can serve as advocates on their behalf, said Williams-Skinner, who is also CEO of the Maryland-based institute.

Willie Barnes II and Marlaa MeShon Hall Reid participate in an AME #RighteousVote Empowerment Seminar in Atlanta on June 25, 2018. Photo courtesy Bishop Frank M. Reid III

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“We’re saying that vulnerable voters need to have protection and we believe that the most respected leaders (and) the influential stakeholders should be there,” she said. “As they stand in line with people, people will stay in line no matter what happens.”

Before its Washington-area activities this week, the AME Church held an “annual empowerment seminar” in June in Atlanta to encourage its leaders to be involved in educating prospective voters in the upcoming elections. In one announcement, Bishop Frank M. Reid III, chair of the denomination's Social Action Commission, stressed the need for turnout “in this important spiritual and political season.”

In an interview, Reid explained that the call to elective action relates directly to the desire of church members to address social justice issues.

“We’re concerned about voter registration and voter turnout because without those things we cannot make America fair for the elderly who need affordable health care, our children, especially poor children,” he said, “who in the past received health care and food.”

Likewise, Faith in Action is talking with prospective voters about issues they care about, from the alleviation of poverty to mass incarceration. As the midterms near, the network is partnering with historically black denominations and justice-centered evangelical organizations to focus on minority communities that generally get little attention in get-out-the vote efforts.

Rep. G.K. Butterfield. Photo courtesy Creative Commons

 This image is available for web publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

“Our work is really about making sure that our communities have access to resources, to skills, to tools that can maximize the vote,” said the Rev. Michael McBride, director of Faith in Action’s Live Free campaign.

Although pre-election activity is reaching a new volume with the election just two months away, some groups shone attention on the issue earlier in the year.

At the annual convention of the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network in April, U.S. Rep. G.K. Butterfield, D-N.C., was among the speakers on a panel about the black church and voter mobilization. He explained that congregants can’t knock on doors as representatives of their congregation and advocate for a particular candidate. But they can be involved in a range of nonpartisan activities.

“If the church is engaged in a get-out-the vote effort, you can use a church van, church bus, church resources as long as it’s not a partisan activity,” said Butterfield, a lifelong Baptist who co-moderated the panel featuring clergy and political action committee leaders.

Church of God in Christ Bishop Talbert Swan, who was one of the NAN panelists, said in a recent interview that the changes in voting rules that often affect African-American communities — such as reductions in early voting opportunities — have made the initiatives more necessary.

“I think there’s a renewed sense of urgency because it seems that the nation is trying to go back to a time prior to voting rights of African-Americans,” said Swan, who cited the Supreme Court’s nullification of a key provision of the VRA. “While it’s still on the books, we essentially right now don’t have a Voting Rights Act, which is the reason why states across the nation can opt to put in place voter suppression regulations and laws.”

Bishop Talbert Swan, the leader of the Church of God in Christ’s Nova Scotia jurisdiction, addressed a summit of the Seymour Institute for Black Church and Policy Studies at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 21, 2018. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

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The Rev. Kelly Brown Douglas said that in the past, the Supreme Court was seen as an ally, handing down dramatic civil rights court decisions, such as the Brown v. Board of Education ruling that declared school segregation unconstitutional.

Now, she said, with the Supreme Court turning more conservative, congressional races are crucial.

“Particularly when we talk about civil rights and people of color and African-Americans, our progress has come because we’ve had the court on our side,” said Douglas, dean of the Episcopal Divinity School and canon theologian of Washington National Cathedral. “We don’t have that. We’ve lost that.”

Trump’s 2016 win, which shocked and disappointed many black faith leaders, has certainly been a galvanizing factor as some voters head to the polls with renewed energy.

Black Protestants made up 7 percent of voters in the 2016 election, according to Pew Research. Ninety-six percent voted for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while only 3 percent voted for Donald Trump.

The Rev. Kelly Brown Douglas, dean of New York’s Episcopal Divinity School and canon theologian of the Washington National Cathedral, at the Poor People's Campaign rally in Washington on June 23, 2018. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

 This image is available for web publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

Overall, African-Americans made up 10 percent of voters, according to Pew. Ninety-one percent supported Clinton, while 6 percent supported Trump. Pew also reported their turnout was down compared with the 2012 election.

But, citing how the black faith community was credited with helping defeat Roy Moore in his bid to become an Alabama senator, Douglas said it is possible to have successful get-out-the vote campaigns that remain nonpartisan.

“You don’t have to tell people who to vote for,” she said. “You don’t have to be partisan. You just have to tell them to vote and you trust your constituency.”


  1. Let’s just cut to the chase; the only voters that are hampered by voter ID requirements are those individuals that try to vote multiple times or are voting illegally.
    Every American should be proud to whip out their ID when voting. It preserves what little integrity is left in the system that is ripe with 20 year old voter rolls; same day registrants who’s address is a parking lot, and my personal favorite; the white van that pulls up fresh from the nursing home.
    Anyone who believes in one person – one vote should adamantly support voter ID.
    The teeth gnashing that is mentioned in the article is the typical fear mongering by democrats that need to scare people to vote against the latest conservative because they (democrats) lack any ideas of substance.

  2. Lets get through the complete and utter bullcrap here. Voter ID laws were meant to keep the elderly and urban poor from getting to the polls.

    The last time we discussed this subject you made up a ridiculous number of people allegedly fraudulently voting.

    (By all means provide a source for your assertions of voter fraud.)

    When notorious pundit for vote thief Kris Kobach had to prove to a court Voter ID laws were somehow necessary he got torched for the sheer incompetence of the arguments presented.

    Lets also cut through the complete and utter fiction here. There were always ID requirements for voting. But in several conservative states they changed the requirement to a particularly onerous one which excluded most types used by the urban poor and elderly. In addition to requiring DMV issued ID’s they closed down urban DMVs or cut short hours of operation to make it more difficult for the working poor to obtain them.

    There was no reason to change previous ID requirements. Ones which were far less likely to cause dropoff of certain classes of voters.

    You are full of it in the most obvious sort of way here.

  3. State ID or drivers license. Everyone has one or the other; and most working, urban poor are insulted when white, handwringers imply they can’t get one or don’t have one. Nice try.

  4. The states control ID requirements.

    If there is actual evidence a state changed those requirements specifically to disenfranchise minority voters, there is a court system to deal with it.

    Actual cases you can query by state.

    The time to put controls in place to prevent voter fraud is BEFORE there is massive fraud in one or more elections.

  5. Here is betting that the usual cast of characters – including Edd Doerr and Spuddie – don’t come wailing in with “separation of church and state” on their keyboards.

  6. Yup! I thought the same thing. In this case, they will be more than happy to get out the (illegal) vote by way of those pesky Christians.

  7. “Everyone has one or the other”


    The ID’s required by many of these states are not ones commonly held by the urban poor and elderly. They specifically excluded types which would be more likely held by them. The entire point was a form of poll tax. To create an inconvenience for certain classes of voters and skew elections slightly.

    Again, the real issue was why did they change from the older system to require a DMV issued ID in the first place. It wasn’t voter fraud. That has borne out to be a flat out lie.

    Your complaints mask the utter dishonesty of your position. You are being evasive.

  8. No

    You are lying.

    The entire point of the Voter ID laws were to use ones which were ones more likely for suburban voters as opposed to urban poor and elderly. They specifically excluded ones likely to be used by those people.

    These laws are constantly being struck down because not only was the intent discriminatory, but the effects were obviously so as well.

    More importantly, why were such laws adopted in the first place? What was wrong with previous voter identifications used? You are evading that question because you don’t have an honest answer here.

    Let me put it to you this way, nobody has to care if YOU think these measures are easy to follow. You had to justify the need for the change in the first place to that system. You won’t you know the whole point was vote stealing.

  9. “The entire point of the Voter ID laws were to use ones which were ones more likely for suburban voters as opposed to urban poor and elderly. They specifically excluded ones likely to be used by those people.”

    No proof offered.

    Then you are lying.

    What ID beyond a state ID or drivers license would be used by the urban poor and elderly?


  10. They were adopted in the first place because people were cheating – duh.
    People can use two forms of ID to vote. A drivers license or a state issued ID. simple. If you do not drive, you can get a state ID at the local DMV or other local city/ county office that links to the state system. Or, you can get an ID when you file to receive state unemployment or other social services (in some states).
    Voter ID laws are being upheld where there is no cost to purchase one – so now anyone that wants an ID can get one for free.
    Again, ask the local urbanite if they have a DL or ID and they’ll look at you silly because of course they do.
    You’re just mad because the days of driving up to the polling station with a bus full of senior citizens is coming to an end.
    That’s why the wall scares you.

  11. What ID’s do the poor and elderly have? AARP card maybe?
    You’re a racist and a bigot.
    You imply that old people (insert age here) are incompetent and don’t have a DL after they have been driving for 70 years.
    You imply that inner city folk are too stupid that they can’t figure out how to catch a bus or ask a friend to get to the DMV for a state ID; or that they’re too stupid to know how to get an ID in the first place.
    Just keep them enslaved Spuddie- that is all the left does; is keep people enslaved to vote for candidates and ideas not in their best interest.

  12. The only reason these left-wing ghetto hood rats are concerned about voting “rights” is because blacks vote as a bloc. They know that 90-95% of blacks vote Democratic so that increases their power and leverage with white liberals in the Democratic Party.

    The Voting Rights Act must be repealed.

  13. Another reason for the GOP to get rid of the 1965 VRA.

  14. No they weren’t. You are lying.

    As said before there is no evidence of widespread cited fraud. You have balked at providing sources for your claim. I already backed mine up. To which you respond by ignoring.

    Dont have to read the rest. You already prrmised your point on a flat out lie. The rest becomes superfluous. As I said before it makes no difference if you think it is convenient. It obviously was not intended to be for a significant number of voters. That was the intention. States weren’t ISSUING free ID cards only after more onerous laws were struck down. The intention was always to create an inconvenience to voting for certain classes of people. As revealed when Kobach’s plan bit the dust.

    Still waiting for your proof of widespread cheating. Until then you are just a liar trying to double down on a story.

  15. These activists are correct that there is nothing to do but assemble more voters to get rid of Republican legislators and judges who thwart voting rights. It would have been easier if white church had not fallen in love with Donald Trump who is now packing courts the wrong direction.

  16. Because they hate fair elections. I got that already. Somehow the idea that elderly people and urban poor voting scares them.

  17. What was wrong with the old ID system? Nothing. You had to cough up an obvious lie to justify the changes.

    If there was do much cheating why can’t you back your claims up?

    Still no links from Lying Parker. Nor will there be. So sad. Do you wonder why so many if these laws get struck down? I don’t. It is obvious what their purpose was.

  18. Lying troll, those voter ID laws are recent. Many states don’t require a DMV issued ID.

    So for the last time, where is your evidence of widespread voter fraud?

  19. Jeez another wannabe Nazi. Blacks vote Democrat because Republicans are white supremacist derps.

    Not surprised none of the conservative posters calling out such obvious racist drivel.

  20. here you go – the democratic stronghold of Detroit (and every other city in the USA).
    From the New York Post dated 12/14/2016:
    WASHINGTON — Green Party nominee Jill Stein’s presidential vote recount in Michigan may have turned up massive voter irregularities — in the Democratic stronghold of Detroit.

    Now it’s Republican leaders who are demanding an investigation to determine why a third of the city’s voting machines registered more ballots than actual voters, the Detroit News reported.

    Ruth Johnson, the Republican secretary of state, is launching an audit.

    Republican state Sen. Patrick Colbeck called the probe a good start on the suspicious results turned up in Detroit, which Hillary Clinton won with 95 percent of the vote.

    The Detroit News found voting scanning machines at 248 of the city’s 662 precincts — 37 percent — tabulated more ballots than the number of actual voters counted in the poll books.

  21. You mean the fictitious ones that you can’t prove existed. When have you stopped lying here?

  22. No link there either, liar. Nor proof to justify the allegations. A Republican senator making a claim was not proof.

    In fact your story is complete crap. From the same (alleged) source. Since you were too dishonest to post a link
    “No proof of Trump voter fraud claims in Michigan”

    Your “evidence” was President Cheeto spouting off. You are full of crap.

  23. If I call out haters I gotta call you out too. (Especially gotta call out that Swan guy, far worse than you.)

    Generally, I agree with ALL get-out-the-vote registration efforts by ALL churches on ALL sides of the liberal-conservative fence. Even the Trump-hating Alt-Left churches.

    By the way, I as a Black American haven’t experienced any problems with voting at the ballot box, even though Obama’s Supreme Court “invalidated a key portion of the VRA.”

  24. What do you call it when you have more votes than voters in a precinct? If that’s not fraud, I don’t know what Friday is. Plus, do you think the Democratic leadership in Detroit want to actually investigate the irregularities that occurred and actually admit that fraud occurred on their watch? That’s exactly what they want to happen.

  25. No, blacks vote Democratic because the bloc vote allows left-wing black supremacist bigots — Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Toilet — to foment racial strife and let left-wing 70-IQ bufoons like you play the race card.

    ‘Aint working, pal. White and black America are waking up.

  26. No, the 1965 VRA had nothing to do with the NYC Board of Estimate or the Nassau County Board of Supervisors and nothing about treating Southern States like wards of the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

  27. Not voter fraud. Machine fraud, tampering at the polling place, or an unfounded accusation which was not supported when examined closely.

    All are of the kind that a Voter ID law wouldn’t address. You are still full of crap.

    Its telling that your reference (which you never actually linked to) was complete and utter garbage.

    It was refuted by the actual source you claimed. EVEN REPUBLICANS in the state called out the phony claims of voter fraud.

    You are still full of it. I don’t need to argue assertions from an article you did not cite, nor one refuted by the same source.

  28. Do what you must. 🙂

    “Generally, I agree with ALL get-out-the-vote registration efforts by ALL churches on ALL sides of the liberal-conservative fence. Even the Trump-hating Alt-Left clergy and assorted whatnot(s).”

    Good for you!

    “I as a Black American haven’t experienced any problems with voting at the ballot box”

    Too bad many other Black Americans experienced quite a number of problems such as illegal voter purges, onerous ID laws, and vote dilution through gerrymandering.

  29. Do you need some ranch dressing for that word salad.

    “you play the race card”

    Funny thing that everyone who uses that expression is a foaming at the mouth racist. People who are annoyed that minorities have a right to vote and use it. Like you. You aren’t actually disputing being a racist, you are just a little snowflake about hearing such things. How sad for you.

  30. Sorry Don’t speak Suburban New York Racist wingnut. To what are you referring to?

  31. Who, specifically? And what were the exact circumstances? (It IS best to have a valid photo ID when arriving at the voting place).

  32. P.S. Do you know which side your liberal USSC pal Anthony Kennedy voted for, back in 2013?

  33. Educate yourself, I am not a remedial teacher in some South Bronx public high school.

  34. My argument is not with blacks voting. It is whom they are voting for and their racist policies and rhetoric.

  35. Of course it is. You don’t like the fact they don’t vote for white supremacists. There are plenty of ultra conservative minorities. But they run for cover when Republicans target them, blatantly discriminate against them and demonize them.

    The “Democrat Plantation” argument makes the speaker look like a racist derp. As if people voting for their interests are somehow something to be attacked

    You made it clear you don’t like free elections or the idea that minorities vote.

  36. Whom they (or anyone) vote for is none of our business.

  37. Shocked to find that the usual cast of gay-hating “Christians” here also turn out to be race-baiters.

    It’s almost as if their pretense to be defending Christian “tradition” and “morality” is about something else altogether, isn’t it? Something far less savory than they want to admit.

    Keeping “God” straight, white, and male.

  38. Massapequa is solidly middle-class. Don’t imply it’s Detroit or some other Democratic sh**hole.

  39. When they demand DoJ oversight and special rights, it is.

  40. When the GOP decides to play ITS race cards, you’ll be singing a different tune.

  41. Shocked to find the usual cast of LGBT advocates turning out, as usual, to call traditional Christians bad names.

    It’s almost as though LGBT has become a vast bureaucracy which, having accomplished what it intended, is aimlessly casting about for a “cause” to hyperventilate about.

    Oh, and of course playing the “holier-than-thou” card.

  42. You’ve failed to provide ONE fact to support your usual harangue.

  43. “Funny thing that everyone who uses that expression is a foaming at the mouth racist.”

    Funny thing that coming from a nazi-calling left-wing factless clueless nit.

  44. How about you provide ONE case “where these ID laws were shot down”?

    ONE to support your rhetoric.

  45. Ah, the “Nazi” card.

    We hear that when the fact gun at Spuddie’s end goes “click, click, ….”.

  46. You sound like the guy who ran the DNC server – “What’s wrong with Norton for DOS? We haven’t been hacked yet.”

  47. When a conservative talks about “playing the race card” they are admitting obvious racism but are thin skinned about hearing it. The expression does nothing to refute or deny one is being a racist. But it shows the speaker is a bit of a snowflake.

    The GOP has currently gone all in with obvious “bullhorn” appeals to white supremacy whereas in the past there was some plausible deniability with “dogwhistle” rhetoric. Trump is the first president since Woodrow Wilson to be endorsed by the Klan and other white supremacist groups.

  48. Making you stupider than average for that community. Massapequa is working class/lower middle class. Redneck Long Island.

  49. Which means its wealthy compared to your ghetto slums. And working-class people, not snob elites like your friends in Manhattan, Brookline, and Beverly Hills.

  50. The Klan endorsed FDR in 1932.

    Is your party still in bed with black nationalists like Ellison, Farrakhan, and Sharpton ?

  51. So that is your argument? Ignore the obvious support for Trump by white supremacists in favor of bullshifting.

    Sorry fool, but pointing out past bad behavior doesn’t suddenly make current behavior OK. All it shows me is that you are immoral slime making excuses. Not that you are refuting or opposing people doing something wrong.

    BTW FDR was a racist too. So there.

    “Is your party still in bed with black nationalists like Ellison, Farrakhan, and Sharpton ?”

    Again, bullshifting with a side order of fiction. Unlike white supremacists who are dictating policy for Trump, there is no evidence of similar influence by minority extremist groups. Where is the black nationalist agenda made color of law anywhere? It isn’t.

    All of which is a pretty much an admission on your part that the GOP is the party of racists.

  52. I always find it funny when derps try to figure out where I am posting from or what kind of person I am. My posting history is an open book. You could find out yourself instead of coming up with lame guesses.

    But I have surmised you are a Long Island redneck. Not even from the nice part that I grew up in. The kind of person who typically uses “axe” for “ask” and lives on “Lon Guyland”.

    At this point I think the rest of the posters are tired of our little flame war. Being slightly more mature, I will walk away from this convo.

  53. No, the GOP is the party of Middle America and middle America doesn’t like black supremacist bigots.

  54. Still not a refutation of being a racist.

    Sorry loser.

    Until there is an insult for white people on par with slurs for every other group, nobody ever has to give a crap about “anti-white bigotry” or “black supremacists”.

  55. The only racists historically in this country have been Democrats.

    I am a Republican, ergo, I am not a racist.

    Logic 101.

  56. Does anyone NOT call you a dumbazz when you trot that out?

    As pointed out to you by anyone outside of a comments section of a Breitbart article, those racist Democrats became Republicans in the late 60’s. You are them. Own it.

    I can’t help it if you are so snowflakey about the obvious nature of your position. But the facts remain.

    BTW you still have not denied or even disputed, being a racist one bit. You won’t either. You are wasting your time and only making yourself look foolish.

  57. Those racist Democrats led the Jim Crow movement.

    You own them.

    What facts remain? You never actually post any.

  58. (1) I am not a racist, and won’t dignify that slander from a liberal who has tolerated and promoted racism.

    (2) The “Democrats who became Republicans” are a liberal fiction. They remained Democrats and YOUR PARTY sought their votes from the 1920’s through the 1960’s.

    (3) You refuse to acknowledge black racism and the Democratic Party’s support for black racists — like white racists before them — as key to your party’s election strategies.

  59. Excuse me for cutting in(Star) but as someone who left the dem party over the abortion issue over 15 years ago I would like to know the history of how could your people( blacks) be so adamant about always voting democrat. It seems to me that the dems were the most angry and spiteful party back when slavery was abolished as they vehemently denied the humanity of the slave. Now they seem to be the most bitter today and deny the humanity of pre- aborted babes.

  60. 1) Your posts demonstrated otherwise

    2) You weaselwording and lying like a cheap rug. Google “The Southern Strategy” and get bent. As I said after 1968, the racist Dixiecrats became Republicans.
    Also to rub it in, a primer showing how full of it you are:

    3) “Black racism” is not even close to equivalent in impact to white supremacy. Nor does it refute or deny your obvious racism. Nobody has to care about it, because nobody is capable of giving such ideas color of law, as white supremacists have done for a very long time and still do.

    You can’t show me a single law, bill, or executive which sought to give “black racist” ideas legal power. So you can take such ideas and shove them somewhere painful. I don’t have to care. There is no equivalence, nor does it excuse or refute your obvious racist garbage.

    You are still a racist. The GOP is the party of white supremacists. The “Democrat Plantation” argument always makes the conservative speaker look even more bigoted than they intend.

  61. (1) Liberals like you believe any conservative posts are “racist.”

    (2) The Southern Strategy is a fiction invented by liberals. It was the Democratic Party which registered people on race…made racial appeals…and which gets 95% of a racial voting bloc. Let’s call it The Ghetto Strategy.

    (3) Black Supremacy is behind the bankruptcy of Detroit and other majority-black cities run by black racial clowns. Black LIES Matter is a racial terrorist group that is anti-Semitic and anti-White. Your party’s pandering to black filth like Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan needs no further explanation.

  62. Ben, congrats on dumping the Dems…..I am white BTW. LOL

    As for black liberals: they don’t care about BORN blacks, why would they care about UNBORN blacks ? When you have bankrupt left-wing Marxist ideas, the only way you could stay in power is by maintaining control of a large bloc of voters that 1 of the 2 parties needs. That’s why the liberal media and the Democratic Party look the other way at the stench of black racism. It’s 25% of their voting base.

    You are now seeing the results of that pandering in the Jewish-Black tiff about anti-Semitism. Long tolerated by left-wing blacks, Jews are fighting back against anti-Semisitm from left-wing blacks. (i.e., Keith Ellison).

  63. Bob, not only that but liberal Dems willingly accepted the votes from “The Solid South” (90% Democratic) because it kept them in power./

    Not a single dissenting POV on accepting those votes from The NY Times or the ACLU.

    Today, they get 90% of the votes of blacks (even though most blacks are NOT racist) because of the quirk of most black elected officials being in densely populated inner-cities. The lower 1/3rd of black voters tend to live there; the middle third and upper third are represented by GOP or sane Democrats.

  64. Bob, guys like Spuddie are apologists for Al Sharpton, a guy who helped kill 10 people in NYC.

    What more does America need to know about The Left ?

  65. 1) Nope. Just the racist ones. You are still not actually denying being a racist or disputing my comments in any way. Just showing yourself to be a snowflake.

    2) Nope. You are just lying. And you top it off with a racist rant. Proving my point.
    Because evidently according to you. black people have no other reason to vote Democrat except racist appeals.

    Ignoring the white supremacist agenda of the GOP constantly targeting them with attacks on their economic interest, civil liberties, and general patronizingly insulting rhetoric (like what you just did).

    3) More ignorant racist ranting. No actual examples. Just flinging insults and nonsense accusations. Again lying racist derp, I demanded you to show me laws which demonstrated “Black supremacy” you came up empty. Proving my point.

    For someone trying to prove they aren’t racist, you did a crappy job. Quit while you are behind. At this point there is no way I can consider you an intelligent person making honest good faith arguments. You clearly have nothing of value to say here. I am only going to ridicule you going forward.

  66. The Stench of Black Supremacy is affixed to you like the Tarbaby stuck to Brer’ Rabbit.

  67. I am sure you like to think of your moms basement as a luxury single apartment.

  68. My mother’s condo has no basement. It’s a duplex.

  69. Wow and sorry about the mix up…LOL Very powerful and insightful text on Marxist ideology manifesting itself via black neglect. I hope you continue to shed light on the subject and I will do more research on this Ellison fellow. BTW.. E-Trade has the option for forming your own investment club with between two and twenty five people. This market will keep breaking records as every dip has been followed by higher highs.

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