Sister Simone Campbell, left, and Sister Diane Donoghue, right, lead the way as the "Nuns on the Bus" arrive on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on July 2, 2012. Campbell is executive director of Network, a progressive Catholic social justice lobby in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

'Nuns on the Bus' launch new nationwide tour ahead of midterms

(RNS) — A progressive Catholic group is kicking off a new nun-led bus tour ahead of the midterm elections that organizers say is designed to “hold congressional Republicans accountable for their votes” on taxes and health care.

Sister Simone Campbell, a nun and lawyer who heads the Catholic social justice lobbying group Network, launched the “Nuns on the Bus Tax Justice Truth Tour” at a press conference Monday morning (Oct. 8) in Santa Monica, Calif. Organizers said the new campaign will involve 30 Catholic nuns attending 54 events in 21 states, concluding Nov. 2 outside Mar-a-Lago — President Trump’s Florida golf resort — with a “Fiesta for the Common Good.”

After opening her remarks by speaking briefly in Spanish, Campbell expressed hope that the tour will draw attention to policies that benefit poorer Americans and push back against what she characterized as Republican efforts to curtail them — especially the recent GOP tax bill, which was signed into law by President Trump in December 2017.

“Nuns on the Bus is headed on the road today to expose the lies about the Republican tax law and hold the people who voted for it accountable ahead of the 2018 midterms,” she said at the event, which was live-streamed on Facebook by Network and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi's team. “We have to end the unpatriotic lie of individualism, and instead recognize the constitutional truth of 'We the People.'”

She noted the contrast between a group of nuns and Mar-a-Lago, saying, “We can step away from policies that say we have to live in a gated community and ‘protect what I’ve got.’ No, the truth is there is enough to go around.”

At one point, Campbell, whose organization has been deeply critical of Republican economic policies, stopped and pointed to a map of the planned tour route emblazoned on the bus behind her. The schedule includes stops in 14 congressional districts — many of which also boast sizable Catholic populations — of elected officials who voted in favor of the tax law. The route also includes several states such as Nevada where Democrats are currently facing heated elections for U.S. Senate.

“It’s a little erratic but very strategic,” she said.

Campbell was joined at the event by representatives from Little Lobbyists, an advocacy group for children with special medical needs, as well as Pelosi and California Rep. Jimmy Gomez.

Pelosi, who called Campbell an “angel” and “a missionary for faith, hope and charity,” echoed the nun’s criticism of the GOP tax bill and insisted on the importance of programs she said Republicans may cut, such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

“Pope Paul VI, he said, ‘if you want peace, work for justice’ — and there is no justice in this tax bill,” Pelosi, a Catholic, said. “There is no economic justice. There is no social justice. There is no environmental justice. There is no budget justice.”

She noted that nun-led support for the Affordable Care Act proved crucial to its final passage in 2010.

“At the time when the bill passed I said, ‘Thank God for the nuns,’” she said. “The nuns were our blessing. They made all the difference in the world.”

Pelosi was one of several speakers who harped on the importance of the rapidly approaching midterm elections. She pointed to the potential impacts of recent GOP-led efforts in the House to institute stricter work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps.

“Who we elect matters,” she said. “If you’re talking about children, would it be a statement of your values to give a tax cut — 83 percent of it — to the top 1 percent, while cutting off food stamps for America’s children?”

“No!” the crowd yelled back.

Rabbi Sharon Brous, who has been involved in several demonstrations decrying the Trump administration and its policies, closed out the event with a “blessing of the bus.”

“We send you off with blessings — go! — and help free us from a politics that invisibilizes and marginalizes and disenfranchises and steals from those who need the most,” she said as the crowd raised their hands with her in blessing.

Campbell may be one of the best-traveled nuns in her order, the Sisters of Social Service. The author and activist helped Network launched its first Nuns on the Bus tour during the 2012 presidential campaign, challenging then-House budget committee chairman Paul Ryan's proposed budget and highlighting faith-based charities that could be harmed by the cuts it proposed.

She went on to become something of a celebrity in progressive circles, delivering a prime-time speech during the 2012 Democratic National Convention that resulted in a standing ovation. Her advocacy has a played a role in protest efforts against the Trump administration: Campbell and Network organized against the Republican-led effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, for instance, and recently campaigned to stop the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

(This story has been updated.)


  1. If these nuns know that the catastrophic tax cuts are the big deal to talk about, they are smarter than most people.

  2. The nuns here are a nice example of the difference between talking and doing, unlike the RC hierarchs who believe that talking is doing. Or maybe the hierarchs’ idea of doing is to launch an investigation of the nuns to make sure there is no gluten free bread on the bus.

  3. Characterizing Simone Campbell and Network as “Catholic” may be a case of false advertising.

    She supported the Affordable Care Act because she does not advocate making abortion illegal.

    She practiced law for 18 years in a non-Catholic setting.

    Technically she’s a religious sister, not a nun, who has taken public vows in a religious institute dedicated to apostolic works, while nuns live a cloistered monastic life dedicated to prayer.

    Her institute is the Sisters of Social Service of California, a small shrinking institute of increasingly elderly women:

    So, it is not “Nuns on the Bus Tax Justice Truth Tour”, but “Sisters with an Agenda Bus Tour”.

  4. Or maybe you’re a disgruntled former Catholic who knows who you like and who you hate.

  5. Nancy pelosi’s net worth is north of $25 million dollars. She is no more than a “do as I say not as I do” liberal who seeks to keep her wealth while taking others away.
    Her stance on abortion makes her a poor catholic at best.

  6. When these good folks came to the Los Angeles area a few years ago, the crowd that greeted them consisted of 37 people, including local organizers. The Desert Sun, no friend of liberal causes, dismissed them as “nuts on their butts.” I hope this year they’ve done better advance work.

  7. Or maybe you’re a disgruntled former Catholic who couldn’t keep up with change in the Church, and keeps talking about how much better it used to be.

  8. They are not nuns. If they were they would be kneeling in front of the blessed sacrament instead of being a pawn of the Dems

  9. Maybe while they are on the bus they could pray that you recover from your paranoia.

  10. I didn’t see any nuns on this bus. Did anybody else see any?

  11. You mean because they are not waiting for the bishop to tell them what they can and can’t do?

  12. Recognizing the flaws, follies and frauds in the foundations of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, the “bowers”, kneelers” and “pew peasants” are converging these religions into some simple rules of life. No koran, bible, clerics, nuns, monks, imams, evangelicals, ayatollahs, rabbis, professors of religion or priests needed or desired.

  13. Indeed. Much worse than merely a poor Catholic.

  14. unbelievable…pro abortion nuns..disgraceful..I guess the old days of praying for a Notre Dame win..cathecising the whole world and being an inspiration to Faithful catholics are way over..what in fact is their vocation? Thank goodness for the faithful orders… this group looks like they work for Soros..

  15. Typical liberal. Attack with no substance. Grow up

  16. “Fruits” of Vatican II…brought to you by Satan…..

  17. Yes…the Government not getting to spend more of our take home pay on their bs is a “catastrophic” situation in your world….If they wanted to do something real the Leftist/Communist “Nuns” should be fighting US Military spending which is insane just as “good” Leftists used to do when they were actually involved in something other than insane “Identity” Politics, allowing illegal aliens to come in and favoring them over citizens, and deciding anyone accused of sex impropriety is therefore guilty etc….I was a Dem for 40 years and #walkedaway the Dem Party is full of Leftist Lunacy and is representative of true Dems about as much as these are representative of true Nuns…..

  18. Because they are in favor of Abortion and other issues that violate Catholic teaching and truth?

  19. No Jesus Christ either…Satan loves that one….

  20. The Church isn’t suppose to “change” — Modernism is a heresy and that is the problem with the Satanic Vatican II and the “Fruits” therefrom which has seen the Catholic Church infiltrated by and taken over by Homosexuals, enablers and predators who plainly don’t believe the religion and hate it and have tried to destroy the Religion from within….Luther brought the same “change”– a real Nun Sister Maria Serafina Micheli was allowed to see him where he resides burning in Hell and tortured for all Eternity, so much for “change”…Hopefully these heretics who support abortion and pretend to be “Nuns” won’t join him and the rest of those who think his type of “change” is so great, including the current Pope unfortunately…..

  21. You are correct sir they are not nuns, they are political activist. They prefer the limelight and not living the vows they should, that is if there are vows any longer. They are to be brides of Christ and not a bus full of feminist.

  22. There appears to be some confusion about the vocation of women religious. Nuns, strictly speaking, are members of monastic orders and are typically cloistered or semi-cloistered. Women religious, often referred to as Sisters, are not monastics, and are responsible to their communities for living the vocations spelled out in their Rules and Constitutions, as well as to the Congregation for Institutes of Religious Life. There is nothing in their Rules or Constitutions that requires them to be contemplatives or to live up to someone else’s expectations. They willingly took vows within a specific community and that community alone is primarily responsible for their fidelity to their Rules and Constitutions. The implication that their vocations somehow forbid their engaging in lobbying activities completely ignores the nature of religious life.

  23. So… when a bishop or cardinal or pope weighs in on Roe vs. Wade, they are *not* “political activists”? When the same male clergy campaign against same-sex civil marriage, they are not “political activists”? As Americans, these nuns have every right to express their point of view.

  24. Whether you like it or not, Vatican II is official Church teaching. It’s you who are heretical.

  25. NUN (none) of them are NUNS!
    Nuns are religious women who take a 4th vow of “stability,” enclosing themselves in a cloistered convent or monastery.
    These women are “Sisters,” (but not all of them, some have no religious vows at all), but NOT nuns.

  26. You’re no Christian — you’re a lemming Trumpster who merely regurgitates all the right lemming Trumpster buzzwords.

  27. Anyone know if Sister Snakebite is part of the tour?

  28. Only if they are following Church teachings. In reference to abortion they have failed miserably. They will be held accountable on their judgement day.


  29. Vatican II was not doctrinal, only pastoral.

  30. Actually it’s not dogma at all, so disagreeing with the modernist “reforms” of Vatican II is not heretical–it’s required…Modernism is a heresy and much of Vatican II is Modernism….–it is not dogma, none of Vatican II is dogma…that was made explicit at the time by the Pope….Much of what has been instituted such as the Sacrilege of Communion in the Hand was not even allowed as part of Vatican II and in the USA Cardinal Bernadin, who there is substantial evidence was both a flaming homosexual and Satanist and enabler of homosexual predators…, plotted it in after it was denied allowance 3 times when properly addressed–that’s how that Sacrilege came in mainstreamed….The NOMass was plotted in by Masonic/Satanic Cardinals as predicted by Our Lord in 1902 as He told the Holy Stigmatist Julia Marie Jahenny it was being plotted then by a secret society (Masons) and would be put in over His great displeasure…. and the NOMass is regardless valid if the Consecration is said properly but lacks the infinite number of Graces that come from the Mass God gave the Church thru the Saints….So your statement is not accurate–Modernist teachings regardless of who they come from even the Pope must be avoided and repudiated not promoted….

  31. If the article were about Popes and Bishops I would say the same. As for this one, if there point of view goes against the One True Church or there Vows then yes, they need to reconsider there Vows and being Catholic. The truth is the truth and half truths are lies.

  32. Nuns on the Bus is a known heretical group. Just look how they are dressed. They are not Catholic Nuns in their hearts. They have gone over to the world. Stating that Trump is against the poor is clearly a lie. The Democrats do a lot of talking about supporting the poor, yet the Republicans actually do help the poor. Thanks to Trump more and more of the poor are now working and have become taxpayers. Democratic propaganda is just that.

  33. Nuns are supposed to fashion their lives after the life of Jesus’ Blessed Queen Mother. Don’t see that with this group.

  34. Lifetime members of “Catholics for Mortal Sin”

  35. This group supports mortal sin rather than Christian morality.

  36. If Pelosi has been receiving the Body of Christ in Communion, then she has been condemned….just as the Bible says.

  37. You can usually tell the faithful orders by the fact that they wear their habits!

  38. Someone excommunicate these heretics ASAP !!

  39. They are social justice leftists who infiltrated the Catholic Church as a means to spread their heresy. Like Weakland, Bernadin, Mahony, and now McElroy and his ilk.

  40. Tomk6057, You are correct. Our Blessed Mother during one of the times Our Lord sent her to us strongly condemned the “modernist heresy” supported by so many clergy. She said there were many in the clergy who were trying to re-make the church in their own image. We now see where that has led us.

  41. The reasons the high-end (high-end) tax cuts are bad include 1) the government is broke and will remain so, 2) they do not create living-wage jobs but rather tend to destroy living-wage jobs, 3) extreme degrees of economic inequality are not helpful to making a sensible and functional society. We now live with and pay for six-digit doctors, seven-digit lawyers, eight digit entertainers including sports, nine-digit CEOs and ten-digit pure traders when all of those work against the interests of people being paid hourly in most jobs.

    You know, and I know, where the money from Reagan, Bush and Trump tax cuts went. It went straight to the top in virtually all industries and endeavors. We know because we have been watching the process and the effects of the process since the early 1980s. This has nothing to do with immigrants or sex impropriety accusations. It has to do with whether working people have a shot at making family economics work over the course of their lifetimes. It has to do with why fresh high school graduates cannot and do not marry their sweethearts at 19, settle down and do the traditional young family thing like they once did and like we wish any of them still could.

  42. You mean they are supposed to be virgins giving birth?

  43. Yes! Also predicted by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich who was allowed to see the past and future (and other Mystic Saints…)….There was an exorcism in the late 1970s overseen by the Blessed Mother where the demons were forced to tell the truth as to what they accomplished as to the “reforms” of Vatican II and also that Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s writings were true and that they had fought hard to discredit them (which they have unfortunately in large part…)….It’s well worth reading and has the Impramitur of the Bishop though it is impossible to get the book and the only thing online that has some of it has 2 intro paragraphs as to the “Bayside Prophecy” bs that should not be there…other than that it is well worth reading the Transcript online to see how we got here today and as to some of the other things they were forced to reveal which it is valuable to know…Google Warnings From the Beyond Catholic–should get it….God bless you!

  44. Have you bothered to look at the unemployment and job creation numbers lately, or are you too busy checking off your talking points to do your own thinking?

    Let me address your main points: 1) the government is broke because it spends too much, not because it does not collect enough in taxes (it set a record for tax collection this year despite the tax cut); 2) there is no evidence of any connection between reducing taxes and detrimental impacts to wages (the data points in the opposite direction); 3) extreme degrees of economic inequality have been a fact of life in the US economy from day one.

    If you want working people to have a shot at making family economics work long term, you should be in favor of shutting down our open-borders policies which artificially deflate wages, as well as supporting current efforts to renegotiate the various international treaties (including NAFTA) that have decimated our manufacturing base and converted the US to an almost exclusively a service-sector economy. You might also want to rethink whether Obamacare was such a great idea and whether it delivered on the promised “$1500 across the board” savings to families on their health care costs. While you are at it, you might want to consider the impact that excessive regulations have upon small and large businesses, and therefore on jobs and wages.

    Of course, all of this would require you to be something other than a leftist drone stuck playing the same tune over and over again.

    As for the nuns, if any of them could demonstrate any helpful knowledge in the area of economics and the working world, their input might be useful and welcome. However, this is not their wheelhouse. It’s sort of like you and me traveling to their convent and telling them how to run it. I sincerely doubt that either of us would have much in the way of valuable input, and I am certain they would not listen to us.

    As a life-long Catholic, these nuns are not recognizable to me.

  45. These are the rebellious nuns, who surely works for the Devils. They support Pelosi, who dips her hand in killing the Unborns. Shame on them and surely they have to answer before God for leading such bad examples.

  46. Like I said at the beginning, I think these nuns are incredibly smart for focusing on this subject instead of others they might address as activists. They understand, for instance, that your call to reduce spending means the elimination of living-wage jobs for both government employees and government contractor employees. As for getting rid of low-wage foreign “guest workers”, you will discover that Republican business interests are looking for ways to increase the number of those, not decrease it. The chances of wages being allowed to rise substantially for lack of foreign workers are zero.

    It’s a curious matter that an old ex-Protestant like me can appreciate some leftie nuns more than you can as a life-long Catholic. Whatever.

  47. Like I said, they, and we, would be better served by the nuns sticking to issues where they have some useful input. I realize that you will take whatever help you can get to advance the cause of socialist-leaning policies, but that does not make their input any more credible or valid.

    I could care less what so-called republican business interests want in the way of the economy. 2016 was as clear a rejection of their ideas as you can get. The Republican establishment and the left (including you) are all complicit in the gutting of our country that has happened over the last 3 decades. If you want to better understand why things are the way they are, just look in the mirror. You folks have no answers, only whining, complaints, and demands for more from the bureaucracy. It’s Rome circa 100 BC.

    As for reducing government spending, if you think of government jobs as a form of welfare for all, I guess I can see your quandary. However, our economy would be better served for both consumers and wage earners alike if government overreach was replaced by the private sector. In any event, there are tons of wasteful government programs I can think of that would be excellent opportunities to reduce the need for the taxes you seem to love. I won’t list them here because your head would probably explode.

  48. Amazing how much outrage there is here because these women do not know their proper subservient place and stay there. All this outrage proves that the Church can fool some of the people all of the time.


    Joe Smith had his Moroni and Satan/Perdition/Lucifer. (As does M. Romney)

    “Latter-day Saints like M. Romney also believe that Michael the Archangel was Adam (the
    first man) when he was mortal, and Gabriel lived on the earth as Noah.”

    Jehovah Witnesses have their Jesus /Michael the archangel, the first angelic being
    created by God and of course Satan and his demons.

    Mohammed had his Gabriel (this “tinkerbell” got around) and of course the

    Jesus and his family had/has Michael, Gabriel, and Satan, the latter being a modern
    day demon of the demented. (As do Obama and his family)(As do Biden and Ryan)(As do “Trumpers)

    The Abraham-Moses myths had their Angel of Death and other “no-namers” to
    do their dirty work or other assorted duties.

    Contemporary biblical and religious scholars have relegated these “pretty
    wingie/ugly/horn-blowing thingies” to the myth pile. We should do the same
    to include deleting all references to them in our religious operating manuals.
    Doing this will eliminate the prophet/profit/prophecy status of these founders
    and put them where they belong as simple humans just like the rest of us.

  50. Gotta tell ya, I have never read anything quite as strange as your second paragraph, especially the first two sentences there. If you believe Republicans, Republican ideas and Republican business interests got rejected in the election of 2016, well, stay tuned for the future. They got the moon and are taking every advantage of it with all that can be done for them in three branches of government at once, enough so that nothing else may resurrect ever.

  51. It’s more like ‘nuts on a bus’

    They should talk to the Little Sosters of the Poor about religious persecution courtesy of the democrats.

  52. I’m hooked.

    It’s always entertaining when people fight over whether unicorn f*rts are pink or green.

  53. Truly you are clueless so sad for you….You have never had any exposure to the Saints/Mystics and you buy into such blatant lies as being descended from monkeys no doubt….The fact that those who are the most uninformed are the most certain of their positions that have been fed to them since birth is sad, try some research on your own….You only get one shot here and Eternity is forever–you might take a look, you can be wrong on alot of things but not on that….God bless you!

  54. No such thing as Christian morality.

    Morality predates Christianity.

    Just because some Christians claim to be moral doesn’t make them so – and if one accepts the common definition of moral behaviour as doing what is right regardless of reward or punishment anyone dim enough to believe in Heaven and/or Hell is automatically disqualified.

  55. I am a religious and this nonsense of NUNS on the BUS does not represent me nor does it even come close to represent the fellow religious men with whom I live. This is a disgusting abuse of religious life and makes me sick to think that consecrated women would invest their final days (and yes, they’re dying out fast…) doing this kind of evil, underhanded nonsense. Sorry, Sister, but in the classroom you were doing great work. Once you left that and start dressing like some model (from the Goodwill Store), you lost my devotion and my attention. You should be more concerned about facing your own death (which looks pretty imminent) rather than telling the rest of the country how to act and think. Pity, you entered religious life so early you never had a chance to grow up. IMHO

  56. You obviously need to educate yourself a bit more. If you don’t see a difference between establishment republicans and those who supported Trump, I can’t help you. The republican establishment candidates all lost the primary. Maybe you were out at a Hillary rally or something. Anyway, establishment republicans are part of the problem. They like open boarders. They were fans of NAFTA. They opposed tariffs and renegotiating bad trade deals. They liked TPP. They like funding Planned Parenthood. One of them even saved the ACA for you. They have been more sympathetic to your causes than mine- even though both of you seem to have a death wish when it comes to our culture and our economy. I honestly don’t understand how you could remotely attempt to champion the interests of the “little guy” and be on board with they types of policies. You obviously don’t have a problem with cognitive dissonance.

    As for taking advantage of “three branches of government at once,” tell that to the Russian obsession that has been in effect for 2 years now. I find it funny that the democrats were able to “collude” with the Russians in broad daylight with no consequences during the last campaign, while anyone who happened to be within Trump’s solar system is now the subject of a McCarthyite Inquisition where the most serious crimes we find are 1) allegedly “lying” to the FBI (which apparently is a law that did not apply to HRC and her gang); or 2) evading taxes a decade ago. Really, the last time someone “took advantage” of all three branches of government was when the Healer of the Oceans and his band of sycophant robots stuffed the ACA down all of our throats in 2010.

    We all know what happened next… It’s why you guys are crying so much now. You should be grateful that HRC lost. It’s the only reason that the country did not completely implode after that terrific 8 year “recovery.”

  57. Wrong on just about every level.

    My father was priest and my mother believed the world was made in six consecutive periods of twenty-four hours.

    And, since I understand the scientific theory of evolution, no – I don’t believe we are descended from monkeys; just that they and we are descended from a common ancestor.

    “The fact is…….” – you don’t understand the word “fact” do you?

    “try some research on your own” – I did – how do you think I became an atheist?

    We agree on two things!

    1 “You only get one shot here” – so why waste it on silly supposition and irrational fears?

    2 “Eternity is forever” – well – yes – that’s what “eternity” means. But there’s absolutely no halfway decent reason for thinking that either of us will be part of it.

    What is important is not which corner of the vast information-filled world you are familiar with – it is being able to sift rational thoughts from irrational ones. Religion occupies a part of the irrational sector.

  58. Another perfect example of those charged with the souls of the faithful being caught up in the lure of this world.
    They’d rather fight the political fight driving around on busses than serve the faithful.
    Instead of doing that, they and their “clients” would be better served by providing them with a course in basic economics.

  59. The fact is, you may be wrong. But you’re too self-righteous and sanctimonious to know that. Try on some humility for once.

  60. If you reject Vatican II, you’re not Catholic. Go join the Westboro Baptists.

  61. It’s Church teaching. If you reject the teaching of the Church, then you are something other than Catholic.

  62. His passport said “Clerk in Holy Orders”

    He was ordained at Guildford Cathedral (1930ish).

    He preferred the description “Anglican Minister”

    He was a decent man – mistaken in his inability to face reality perhaps – but gentle, caring and generous.

    You may not count him as a priest – I doubt he would have lost sleep over that.

  63. Not to worry. If the Catholic True Believers pray hard enough to God, She will make time go backward for 7 or 8 centuries and then the True Believers will be happy again.

  64. I can see why you are always puzzled.

    It’s quite simple, actually. “Let it be done unto me according to Thy will.” The essence of Christianity.

  65. Your entitled to your opinion…as uninformed as it may be….

  66. Not sure how nuns can advocate the killing of children and be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. Madness.

  67. You can’t go into someones heart. We can judge actions but intentions or motives.

  68. “according to Thy will”

    And it is the celibate (some of the time), all male RC hierarchy that is the interpreter of Her will?

  69. There is a difference between Establishment Republicans (all of whom voted for Trump in the general election) and the Evangelicals who put Trump in office by swinging toward him at 81%. The Establishment Republicans knew they would be getting pure Republicanism when they discovered they barely got Congress too. But the Evangelicals didn’t. The latter group did not know, for instance, that almost all of the tax cuts would accrue to the top 10%. They did not know that most of the regulations eliminated would be for the convenience of the largest companies and against the interests of working people in workplaces. They did not know that abortion and gay marriage will most likely stand forever while Gorsuch and Kavanaugh busy themselves ruling for corporations in all the business cases. They did not know that there is not ever going to be any “replacement” of the consumer protections and premium assistance in the ACA. They did not know that trade wars mostly mean they just pay more for everything they used to buy imported from other countries. They did not know that Medicare and Social Security will be under assault for the rest of their lives—-even when Trump said they won’t be. They didn’t know that Net Neutrality would just go away to their detriment. Stay tuned. The show is barely started. The fallout lasts for years and years.

  70. I know. Thise are 2012 numbers. I didn’t feel like googling more.

  71. Mary is Queen if Heaven and Earth because she was chosen, and then humbly submitted to the will of Almighty God in faith.

    Lucifer, created as highest of all angels, was cast out of heaven because he would *not* submit, in his self-pride, to God’s will.

    These opposites represent the poles of Heaven and Hell.

    The point of being a Christian is obedience in all-consuming love to God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit; in union with all other faithful kneeling at His Throne.

    Those who can’t, or won’t, cannot possibly be Christian or enjoy the Beatific vision in eternity with God.

  72. You’re libeling the nuns. They don’t “advocate the killing of children” – that’s the job of Catholic “faithful” who defend the Church in clergy child sexual abuse cases.

  73. Instead of pointing your sanctimonious finger at others, you should concern yourself with your Pharisaical hypocrisy.

  74. …spoken not by a follower of Christ, but a Trumpster tea-bagger activist con.

  75. IHMO??? Not even close to humble. Maybe you need to practice more silence.

  76. Interesting comments from the older, traditional Catholics who absolutely hate Vatican ll and the changes the church has encountered. Shouldn’t you guys be over it by now?

  77. We agree, if you are pro-abortion you are not Catholic.

  78. Conservative Catholics who dismiss Vatican II are hypocrites.

  79. All I stated was factual. Abortion will NEVER be condoned by the Church. Please show me my alleged hypocrisy.

  80. I’m stating facts as well. According to what the bible and the Church teaches, YOU are not their judge.

  81. I have not judged anyone’s soul. That is solely up to God, however I can judge ones actions. Any priest or religious that condones abortion is committing a grave mortal sin. THOU SHOULD NOT KILL.

  82. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about, as well as a very loose grip on reality. You should really get out more and maybe read some sources other than the propaganda coming from NYT/CNN.

    As you folks like to say, facts matter. Not sure why you guys think you don’t need to account for them.

  83. No, that is the opinion of the Catholic Church. Try reading the Catechism.

  84. Talk about judging others. Take your own advice.

  85. Emphasis on opinion. I don’t respect the opinion of a Church which has committed so many atrocities against children. And I don’t give a flying hoohah about the Catechism.

  86. If it was good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.

  87. And you are without sin? Let’s hear about your sins, since you’re so anxious to point out others’.

  88. So you are not Catholic, why the need to comment on Catholic matters?

  89. I am certain they could not care less about your opinions.

  90. I was born and raised Catholic, and nearly ordained a priest — I left of my own accord. Technically I am still Catholic, since no one has excommunicated me. Not that I would give a rat’s a$$.

  91. Do you see the irony in your comments? You claim I exhibit Pharisaical hypocrisy, lack of humility, am unfairly judgemental and others not acting as a Catholic, yet you appear to be the biggest offender. If you or I die in a state of Mortal Sin we may just end up in Hell. To answer your question, No, I have never killed or condoned the killing of another person. I am Catholic and follow the Church teachings. Your statement “Whether you like it or not, Vatican II is official Church teaching. It’s you who are heretical.” is pure hypocrisy after your last comment “I don’t respect the opinion of a Church which has committed so many
    atrocities against children. And I don’t give a flying hoohah about the
    Catechism.” That is some disconnect there, don’t you think?

  92. Shall I run over to Fox and Breitbart to be my spirit guides? Good grief, man. I actually do know what I am talking about. All of that is in progress now and CNN didn’t tell me—-because I don’t have it.

  93. “because she humbly submitted”

    We only have the Church’s word for it that God did not sexually violate Mary. We now know that the Church cannot be believed when it comes to the subject of sexual violation. Most likely it was a Leda and the Swan kind of thing.

  94. I admit that I have disconnected myself from the Church, but that doesn’t mean I can’t point out the games other people are playing. And you are playing a game here.

  95. Their religious vocations probably forbid them from engaging in lobbying for things such as continuing to keep abortion legal, which Simone Campbell and Network have, forbid them from defying bishops, which Simone Campbell and Network have.

    Simone Campbell is simply another liberal left organizer who just happens to have joined up with a religious institution for her own purposes.

  96. While you will never be happy.

    And rightly so.

  97. I am playing no game here. This is spiritual warfare and it is about to get nuclear. Satan and his demons are running out of time , and they want to take as many souls as possible. You may think that belief is silly, but I surely don’t.

  98. Nearly ordained a priest? I think you made the correct decision. The Church has enough apostate priests as it stands.

  99. OK, you’re a nutcase fundamentalist wacko. That explains a lot.

  100. Do you believe in a physical place called Hell?

  101. Hell is the company of fundamentalist wackos. Right here on earth.

  102. Of course I made the correct decision. Interesting — the diocese and the seminary were desperate for me NOT to leave. But who would want to be a minister for the largest sex-trafficking organization in the world?

  103. No need to answer my question, your answer is obvious. Any Catholic who promotes abortion obviously does not believe in Hell or eternal damnation. Our discussion has been very enlightening, I felt I was back on the message boards of National Catholic Reporter. Good night.

  104. May I ask what years you were in the Seminary?

  105. Actually they are informed as to what Satan pulled off there thru the infiltrated in Masonic/Satanic Cardinals–Our Lord predicted in 1902 to the Holy Stigmatist Marie Julia Jahenny that a secret group (Masons) was plotting to replace the Mass God gave the Saints for us with their own, much to His displeasure…Like the other predictions she was given this one also came true with the Vatican II fraud….Although the NOMass is “valid” if the Consecration is done right the available grace is drastically reduced from the infinite available at every one of the true Masses and we see the result of the loss of this grace all around us….Likewise the Sacrilege of Communion in the Hand that Cardinal Bernadin (he who had the Windy City Gay Mens’ Choir sing at his funeral and the Masons there in full Apron and who is greatly suspected of being an actual Satanist…) deviously brought in after it was voted down 3 times–greatly reduces if not extinguishing available grace in Communion….As to “Conservative Catholics”–that is a false statement–there are Catholics who adhere to the Traditional Catholic Church and there are Modernists–Modernism is a heresy and the current Catholic Church unfortunately is full of it, there are no “Conservatives”….Not to worry–God Himself will right this in the very near future and end Modernism in the Church and send it back to Hell from which it came….

  106. It’s impossible to have a rational discussion with fundamentalist believers, but I will say this: Since no one — absolutely no one in history has ever returned from the dead to tell us all about a place called “hell”, I choose to embrace the reality that we can’t know. I could fervently believe in the existence of unicorns but that will never guarantee their existence. And I choose not to live my life in a state of fear.

  107. You seem to think being identified as a “fundamentalist” believer is a Catholic slur. I guess Jesus would be considered a fundamentalist as well according to your views. Satan and Hell are real, regardless if your seminary training failed to teach it’s reality. Apparently they spent too much time discussing unicorns. You obviously have no supernatural faith, and no belief in our Great Saints, some of which, have actually claimed to have witnessed Hell. Oh well.

  108. Of course it isn’t compelling. That is the whole point. It is not at all compelling, but it is just as plausible as your version, which also is not at all compelling.

  109. Either go back to the convent and obey your vows or leave the convent and become politicians. Either way, quit embarrassing yourselves.

  110. “All authority in heaven and earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit; and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, even unto the end of the Age.”, (Matt 28: 18-20). Spoken by Jesus, to His Disciples, just prior to His Ascension into Heaven where He waits for His chosen and redeemed.

    God with us. God here, among us. God in the Tabernacle; whom we consume by His grace in Holy Eucharist at Mass. That is compelling. That is what inspired countless Saints to give their lives for Christ …. 2,000 + years of them.

    History is what it is. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is now in every corner of the world. It revolutionized the ancient world. Jesus Christ reigns supreme, whether any one person acknowledges Him or not.

    We, who know Him, find His Gospel the only compelling thing.

  111. Your fantasies, and those of the “Great Saints“, do not constitute evidence. You have no idea what is “real”. Your religion is fear.

  112. I’m never going to read your insane blather.

  113. First of all, this group of old ladies should be sued for false advertising. In the canonical sense, they are NOT NUNS! On a good day, they are religious Sisters who have taken vows and belong to various dying Communities. On a bad day, which is everyday, they have rejected the religious habit, community life in a convent, the original charism of their foundress, and more than likely reject the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church in matters faith and morals.

    Liberal aging “catholic” hippies love them. Young Catholics today see them as a sad footnote in the history of the Catholic Church and an odd parody of religious life.

  114. they take this kooky, nutty vow of “obedience” Yeah, totally medieval, right?

  115. Yes. That’s why they call it a hierarchy. Why does this seem to puzzle you?

  116. “That’s why they call it a hierarchy”

    They call it a hierarchy because it interprets God’s will? That doesn’t make sense. There are a lot of hierarchies in existence which do not claim to interpret God’s will, but we still call them hierarchies Why should we believe that this particular hierarchy interprets God’s will, other than willful self-delusion?

  117. Those that follow Christ do not approve of the stoppage of an unborn baby’s beating heart. Nor do they seek vain glory and worldly accolades. They are political activists plain and simple anyone with a bit of sense can see that but troll on.

  118. How much do you contribute toward the care of unwanted children after they are born? That’s right, NOTHING.

  119. No, because as the Church has always taught, discipleship consists in demeaning those who have sacrificed their lives to follow Christ and the gospel. (Luke 54:40 or fight)

  120. And how would you know what I give to charity? I do know that abortion is the death of an unborn baby who never even had a chance of even being alive. How can you care about children who are alive when you are for the destruction of their very existence before they are even born?

  121. It’s God’s will.
    It’s Christ’s holy and apostolic church; filled with holy, male priests.
    But you know this don’t you? Because of your lack of humility and love of the flesh in this world; you are blinded to Gods love for you.
    It’s a shame you won’t let him in.

  122. “Nuns(sic) on the bus” is a misnomer. These nuts are sisters – consecrated members of the laity – not nuns. Nuns live in cloister, sisters do not and while all nuns are sisters not all sisters are nuns. These are facts lost on people like Jack Jenkins and heretics like Simone Campbell, et al.

    By the way Simone, how about selling those pearls and the rest of your wardrobe and giving the money to the poor? Walk the walk, Simone, don’t simply talk the talk.

  123. Suffering from cranial rectumitis is not a trait you should be publicly flaunting.

  124. “And why even of yourselves, do you not judge that which is just?” Jesus Christ, Luke 12:57

  125. and nearly ordained a priest — I left of my own accord.

    Thank God for small favors.

    Technically I am still Catholic, since no one has excommunicated me.

    Sounds like you’ve excommunicated yourself latae sententiae.

  126. If you think that Simone Campbell and her cabal of heretics on that bus are following Christ and the Gospel, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, madame.

  127. “It’s God’s will”

    Is there any independent, third-party confirmation for this? Or are we just supposed to take the celibate (some of the time), all-male RC hierarchy’s word for it? Over the centuries, the RC hierarchy has exhibited a lot of self-serving behavior. It is difficult to believe that God has give them Her seal of approval. We need independent, third-party confirmation.

  128. If you know the individuals whom you’re judging, you should tell us their names and their specific offenses. Your comments would still be sinful, of course, according to the Gospel, but at least there would be a basis for your judgments, instead of a non-specific and unsubstantiated bias. Please be as specific as possible.

  129. It’s no wonder why you agree with the “Nun’s on the Bus” and their views on abortion. Birds of a feather flock together. Do you believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus? Do you believe in the true presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist? What “evidence” do you have to support that belief? It’s called faith my friend, and I suspect you originally possessed it but lost it along the way. I hope you rediscover it before your death. Good day.

  130. You brought up the subject of your attendance in the first place. Why the hesitation to list the year? I did not ask which Seminary you attended. I’m simply curious if you attended before or after Vatican II.

  131. They are no… St. Theresa. They are Cupich in drag

  132. Nothing like a nun in civies to bring out the misogynists and anti-gays.

  133. Yeah, and thanks to Diane Feinstein, the Democrat party and miss Ford; we can’t believe women when it comes to the subject of sexual assault either.
    Thank you feminazis.

  134. Don’t be so pessimistic. Trump is going to Make America White Again and turn the United States into a Christian police state. You will be in hog heaven.

  135. No, they did not. And my parents are off limits to perverts like you.

  136. I told you already I am agnostic. You have no evidence for ANY of your beliefs. What you call “faith” is hopeful thoughts. That’s all. And all against reason.

  137. Whatever the fk that means. It means nothing to intelligent people.

  138. “And why even of yourselves, do you not judge that which is just?” Jesus Christ, Luke 12:57

    See? I can play that stupid game too.

  139. I asked you a question that you did not answer.

  140. Calling Pelosi a Catholic is like calling me a liberal. We can’t call ourselves something and live as if we are the complete opposite. And can we be done with this feminist version of Nuns already? The younger generation gets it, they take their vows seriously and wear an actual habit. There’s nothing about these ladies that say ‘nun’ to me at all. If you support ANY of the non-negotiables, you have excommunicated yourself. Nuns follow the teachings of the Church. They don’t try to change those teachings. God is not relative even if we want him to be. He does not change.

  141. You keep mentioning that “your religion” uses fear – its such a stupid statement on your part.
    when you and I discussed the fact that parents use different techniques to raise their children (praise, punishment, goals, etc) you got all bound up and stormed off.
    The fact is, our parents used both the hand as well as the hug to form our behavior based upon their rule sets.
    You broke the lamp throwing a nerf football in the house when you were told not too (at least 10 times); you got your ass whipped. You cleaned your room when told, you got praised.
    You know this to be true – that’s why it bothers you so much.
    God seems to be no different. At our death we will be judged for our actions in this life. And yes, we should all be terrified because we are all filthy sinners.
    BUT, like all loving parents, he forgives us – and FORGETS – our sins because of his son, the Christ.
    All you have to do is to be humble, thankful and believe.

  142. That’s so touching, especially coming from a sociopath.

  143. The liberal nuns and the current hierarchy of the church make a good team – everyone is losing faith in both groups.

  144. These nuns should have read the Constitution. States can adopt their own single payer health care plans according to the 10th. Amendment. Fourteen states have Democratic governors and legislatures yet none have passed a single payer plan. Is it because of hypocrisy or do they prefer unloading the cost on federal taxpayers? Instead of blaming Republicans, these nuns could assist some Democratic states in practicing what they preach.

  145. Those kooks want to steal money out of my pocket. Nuns can go to Hell too, they aren’t exempt

  146. Are these CINOs (Catholic in Name Only) going go hold the Democrats accountable for their votes on killing unborn children? Won’t hold my breath waiting for these leftists in disguise as nuns.

  147. How many hierarchies were founded by Jesus Christ?

  148. Lesbians on the bus seems a more accurate title, no?

  149. Could you point out where the poor were lifted en mass and bestowed with higher paying jobs? I’ll wait as coal miners are STILL suffering from toxic spills and forever tainted drinking water. Gov. Bevin is counting jobs that have yet to hatch and trying to strip the working poor of badly needed Medicaid. He gave one tech “genius” a raise of $215,000.00 per year as understaffed and poorly paid social workers struggle with 11,000 poor children languish in state custody.
    So tell me specifically, what have your Republicans actually done that has successfully helped the poor since your idol has ascended to the golden pedestal? Mind you, I have lived under the machinations of Mitch McConnell for 30 years and can point to the contaminated regions of my state. I can remember when he was a right leaning centrist looking out for the little guy and AGAINST corporate influence in public policy.

  150. Yet the care for the born unlike the pulpit profiteers and pew perchers, why is that?

  151. Have you tried removing your head from your sphincter?

  152. Nobody actually refuted Fords testimony. Republicans just didn’t care. Values voters have no values.

  153. 36 years after the fact ? Who can refute anything ?

    Maybe she was drunk, the guys were drunk, they all fooled around and then fell down. They called it stumble-bumming, she called it rape.

    Get it ?

  154. Are you still banning people from your so-called blog who disagree with you ?

    Another NCR leftist retread.

  155. The Nunsense On The Bus clowns are leftist SJWs who are using the Catholic Church to promote their leftist agenda. They do NOTHING to strengthen the Catholic Church.

    It’s like a bunch of white supremacists joined the Church and the used the Church’s teachings to justify their warped theology and politcs.

  156. Their POV is consistent with Catholic Church teachins and costs us, the taxpayers, $0.00 !!

    The Nunsense Nuns want to cost us trillion$$$$$$$$$$$. And their agenda is not consistent with the Catholic Church’s teachings.

  157. You said you left the Catholic Church so why are you even here ?

    Pestilence, be gone !!!

  158. He/She is not a Catholic, Michael. It left the Catholic Church.

    Praise Be To God !!! 🙂

  159. You’re a leftist atheist masquerading as a Christian expert.

  160. Wrong, dicksplash. You call someone a pervert, them’s fighting words.

    Your parents did a great job raising you. What are you, 13 or 14 ?

  161. Then it means something to you since you’re retarded ?

  162. Probably a leftist SJW plus an active homosexual.

  163. Well, a few of us posted stuff that clarified theological errors you made and you vamoosed us.

  164. You know, people who use the word “retarded” are sh*tty human beings.

  165. OK, I’ll fight. I can knock bullies on their fool a$$.

  166. Right… you had to look up those words in the Breitbart dictionary.

  167. Go speak in Mecca and Medina, let us know how it goes.

  168. Filthy sinners! Didn’t God make us? And what does that say about your God who created life knowing that we would be filthy sinners.

  169. Isn’t this a public site? And what is the point about Mecca and Medina?

  170. Aren’t there more nuns over the age of 90 than under the age of 60?
    And for a group that claims to “Celebrate diversity!”, they look awfully White!

  171. We only have your church’s word that these nuns/priests/popes aren’t just a bunch of weirdos.

  172. Your curtain response reveals your ignorance of basic theology; especially as regards to the concept of original sin. God did not create sinners. He created beings in his own likeness. With the disobedience of Adam and Eve, sin and evil entered into the world.
    Mankind, through free will and it’s own choices; has become filthy and wretched.

  173. Parker12, you stated what I’m trying to get at. If God created beings in his own likeness how can they sin? If God created them in his own likeness and he knew they were going to sin then isn’t he responsible since he created them? Also, if he knew they were going to sin then there really isn’t free will since our future is known.

  174. Hmmm …. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John.

    Its Founder was a celibate male.

  175. No. Look up the definitions of original sin and free will. Let me know if you can’t connect the dots.

  176. Who will hold them accountable for the “facts” they pro-port to believe? Why do “progressives” so called always believe the worst about their opponents since their theological construct believes that everyone is basically good?

  177. The nutty nuns are the reason I’m in subsidized housing relying on food assistance to eat because the $8,000/year I EARN isn’t enough to pay the bills — not even in subsidized housing. Of course, rent is figured at 30% of my income….and the “fair market” rent should my income increase is 50% higher than actual market rent in the area, making it extremely hard for anyone trying to save up to move to non-subsidized housing (without hiding income and assets). I WOULD earn more than $8,000/year, but the nutty nuns and others who campaigned for the “Affordable my big toe” health care act that nobody read before voting for it made sure that my hours would be cut, I would LOSE coverage AND pension. I worked to get certifications and documents for a supplemental career (yes, I have a degree and a CAREER, it’s just a crap job now b/c of aforementioned health care act), but didn’t get called to work that job in all of 2016 and not until late last year, which brought my 2017 income up to a whopping $13,700 — and the IRS took my refund because I couldn’t afford health coverage in the first half of the year. The nutty nuns HURT the poor. They’ve got a lot to answer to God for.

  178. These ‘women’ reject Catholic teaching ( and the Bible) on numerous issues including abortion, homosexuality, adultery etc. Your response makes no sense.

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