Protesters gather in front of the Supreme Court building holding signs with the image of Judge Brett Kavanaugh that read "Kava Nope" and "We Believe Christine Blasey Ford" on Capitol Hill in Washington, on Sept. 24, 2018. Additional allegations of sexual misconduct have emerged against Kavanaugh, a development that has further imperiled his nomination to the Supreme Court, forced the White House and Senate Republicans onto the defensive and fueled calls from Democrats to postpone further action on his confirmation. President Trump is standing by his nominee. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Religious women push lawmakers to investigate Kavanaugh, suspend confirmation

WASHINGTON (RNS) — Groups of religious women are speaking out about the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court, citing their faith as they call on lawmakers to investigate allegations of sexual assault raised by Christine Blasey Ford and others.

“I understand that when he testifies, Judge Kavanaugh is going to cite his Catholic faith as a shield to claim these attacks never happened. Being a Catholic does not change the accounts provided by Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez, and Julie Swetnick,” Sister Simone Campbell, head of the Catholic social justice lobby group Network, said in a statement referencing Kavanaugh's accusers. “I know all too painfully that being a person of faith does not stop men from being sexual predators.”

Network has been critical of Kavanaugh's nomination for weeks, and the group's latest statement calls on senators to launch a full investigation into the allegations against him. Network representatives are also slated to speak at a protest tentatively scheduled for Friday, the day the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on the nomination. The protest is organized in part by the National Council of Jewish Women.

The Catholic school-educated U.S. Circuit judge is expected to deny the allegations and highlight his Catholic background during his testimony before the committee on Thursday (Sept. 27).

"I am here this morning to answer these allegations and to tell the truth. And the truth is that I have never sexually assaulted anyone — not in high school, not in college, not ever," Kavanaugh wrote in his prepared remarks. "Sexual assault is horrific. It is morally wrong. It is illegal. It is contrary to my religious faith."

Other faith groups have chided lawmakers who have voiced support of Kavanaugh. On Monday, the advocacy group Mormon Women for Ethical Government called on lawmakers to suspend confirmation proceedings until an independent investigation of the allegations against Kavanaugh can be completed. They directed their statement to four Republicans who share their faith and sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee: Orrin Hatch and Mike Lee of Utah, Mike Crapo of Idaho and Jeff Flake of Arizona.

“Our mutual faith teaches that any sexual abuse or assault in any context is contemptible and worthy of the most severe condemnation,” the statement reads, referring to their shared membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “If these accusations are proved false, an investigation will prevent harm to the court’s legitimacy. If they are true, then Judge Kavanaugh must not be confirmed.”

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh answers questions on the third day of his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing, on Sept. 6, 2018, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

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Meanwhile, more than 320 Episcopal clergywomen signed a letter this week condemning remarks made by former U.S. Sen. John C. Danforth, who is also an Episcopal priest. The Missouri Republican told The New York Times last week that he felt “so terribly sorry for Kavanaugh” and that he felt similarly when Clarence Thomas faced allegations by Anita Hill of sexual misconduct during his Supreme Court nomination hearing.

“No one, not least a priest of the church, should publicly shame, blame or question the motives of women who step forward to report instances of sexual abuse; Mr. Danforth should instead be calling for an in-depth examination of Dr. Blasey’s allegations,” the letter reads.

The Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, president of the Unitarian Universalist Association, is also participating in "Cancel Kavanaugh" demonstrations on Thursday near the U.S. Capitol.

By contrast, some conservative faith leaders have continued to back Kavanaugh. Christian talk radio show host Sandy Rios said Ford's allegation undermined "real" abuse survivors, Texas pastor and faith adviser to President Trump Robert Jeffress has called on the FBI to investigate "collusion" between Democrats and Ford to "derail a Supreme Court nomination," and Liberty University — an evangelical Christian school — is reportedly sending 300 students to demonstrate this week in Washington to show support for Kavanaugh's nomination.


  1. Frankly, I find this whole situation is nothing more than a last ditch effort by dems to prevent his confirmation. They are trying to buy more time until Nov where they think they will gain more seats.

    What I find lacking in this whole issue is that they are attempting to portray him as a serial rapist who has apparently evaded every form of vetting through out his career until this very moment. There are many who would gladly take one for the team in their beliefs that by him getting confirmed would mean the end of the world. The dems have whipped up their base by putting forth scare tactics that are not even plausible. I am quite ashamed by the dems in their attempts and none will receive my vote come Nov.

  2. “Believe the women”, said the signs of many protesters.

    Yea, that didn’t work out so well for the many black men who were lynched on the basis of the accusations of rape by women who had motives of their own.

  3. Shameful….
    These women do a disservice to real victims of sexual assault by actively participating in a democrat smear campaign.
    Anyone with common sense; which these women clearly lack, understands that these allegations are part of a coordinated campaign to discredit Kavanaugh and delay the vote until after the mid-term elections that expect the democrats to take the house and perhaps the senate.
    The accusations made by three separate “victims” have no corroborating evidence nor witnesses and are falling apart as we speak. It will be interesting to see if Ms. Ford even shows up to testify tomorrow now that everyone with half a brain knows that this is a political gambit by Diane “I had a Chinese spy work for me” Feinstein.
    And just a word for the feminists and liberal hand-wringers out there; women do NOT get to make accusations of sexual assault carte-blanche without proof.

  4. So a FOURTH woman has now come forward. How is that drunky-rapey thing working out for Kavanaugh?

    You can believe this is a conspiracy, a democratic smear campaign, or maybe, just maybe, a reflection on a model of Christian probity who apparently gets drunk and behaves inappropriately with women. Which means he is a reflection on those other models of Christian probity who are desperate to wield political and religious power over the lives of other people.

    I will say this, though. Ya know, I just never know how I am supposed to behave, bein’ one of them evil homosexuals and all.

    I’ve been thoroughly drunk only one time in my life, and somewhat drunk maybe once a year for the last 30 years.

    All I can say is that I have NEVER, EVER been accused of sexually assaulting anyone, let alone a woman, let alone four of them.

    But that’s probably because I have NEVER, EVER sexually assaulted anyone, or tried to, or even thought it was a good idea.

  5. The Catholic Network made valid points in opposing the nomination – interesting critique as it makes it ca lear that he is perfect political match to the Republican party. in terms of his rulings on a number of issues. And that is fair game. What I don’t like is the politicization of how allegations are responded to with respect to what should be an impartial attempt to ascertain Kavanaugh’s true character. And then decide based on 3 options – no, Kavanaugh was always a perfect gentleman, ues, likely happened or yes, likely happened but doesn’t matter.

  6. Women would be well-advised to stop falling for men who were wild little jerks when young and who claim to have gotten religion later on and who NOW want to tell you what religion is and what government is. If Trump could tell McCain that he preferred guys “who weren’t captured”, why can’t we insist on judges who don’t have this “I used to be bad, but now am good” story”? I mean, we went through this with George W. Bush, and most obviously with Trump. There are plenty of people who could be on SCOTUS who were not drunks in some prep school. Women will get what they settle for. Don’t keep settling for these supposedly reformed bad boys. It never works out well.

  7. I’m not sure a woman is in your wheelhouse…. so that example doesn’t count.
    Not sure one guys (alleged) actions speak for the group – that would be stereotyping… which is bad..right?
    Come on Ben, in all your years of law enforcement, did you ever take anyone to jail without proof? I would suspect the answer is no.
    You know better but continue to be part of the faux rage against kavanaugh.
    If there are photos – I’ll concede.

  8. White men did the lynching, remember? Please stop belittling and misappropriating the tragedies of black people in history for the purpose of justifying a further whacking of minorities by your preferred jerks at SCOTUS. Dang! What a crock.

  9. So the four women— I’m now hearing FIVE— are not to be believed. But the one MAN is. On what basis? That he is a man and they’re women? That this is political? There doesn’t seem to be an iota of concern among conservative Christians that Kavanaugh might be an alcoholic who is guilty of sexual assault. But then, there wasn’t any concern about President Grabby and his admissions of adultery and fornication, not to mention his alter ego, Grabby.

    I am not raging about him at all. I expect no better from this president, this Congress, or the evangelicals and hyper religious who support them both. It is clear to me that all of the whining about morals is just for show. There is no an iota of concern being expressed by any of the Christian Right organizations that their boy might be a man with alcohol problems who is guilty of sexual assault. It’s all about poor Brett and what a victim of those mean women he is.

    But THIS is what I do think. If the women are telling the truth, then a man who is credibly— and I agree there is the question to be resolved— accused of both regular drunkeness and regular assault of women has no place on any court, let alone the Supreme Court. At this point Kavanaugh’s behavior cannot be dismissed as bad judgment when he was young because, if the accusers are truthful and if the evidence is representative, then Brett Kavanaugh is also a liar.

    By the way, all of this would have disappeared if Kavanaugh had simply acknowledged his bad behavior as a teen and expressed some remorse.

    And here’s the real problem. I don’t know, and neither do you. I’m not willing to presume him guilty, but as I said, I’ve never been accused of assaulting anyone, nor has anyone I have ever known– let alone FOUR times. And for that reason, I’m not willing to presume that he is innocent, either.

  10. Voting against him is one issue, these shenanigans are another.

  11. Then again you’ve never been opposed by a phalanx of loonies nor sought confirmation for any public office.

    Since you don’t get a vote, the fact you’re not willing to presume that he is innocent is meaningful only to you.

  12. You are smart enough to know that this is politics – no? 35 years and these allegations come out two days before the vote?
    Three accusations are already being debunked…
    Democrats will put up 20 more until the day of the vote – they don’t have to be credible to sway two senators… do they?
    Again, you claim to have been in law enforcement at one time. The fact that you easily without question assume kavanaugh is guilty without any evidence is enlightening; AND, it makes me question if you were even in law enforcement.
    Guilty until proven innocent – correct?

  13. No.

    B O knows what he likes and who hates, and nothing more.

  14. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt when you claim that you have never, ever been accused of sexually assaulting anyone.

    And I’m willing to wager that might well change if you were nominated by Trump to the Supreme Court.

  15. Go ahead and ignore the fact that some women at times do indeed lie about rape and assault.

    And thanks for bringing out that race card right on schedule, just like all the triggered little SJWs do. You guys are so utterly predictable.

  16. I think it was you who pointed out that black men got lynched over false allegations from white women, meaning you, not I, put the race card on the table. Trouble is, you’re playing it backwards as though none of us might notice.

  17. Women are human, so, yes, some women have lied about having been victims of sexual assault. But many men have lied publicly about not having committed sexual assault.

    Here is a link to a Snopes Fact Check, that states that approximately 5% of rape or sexual assault allegations are false. It also states that approximations are that only between 5% and 33% of such assaults are reported.
    Given that so few women come forward, the rate of women lying about sexual assault is actually quite low.

    I have not been able to find the statistics about the number of men who lie about having committed sexual assault. But I do know that every one of the politicians who later admitted such assault first lied about it.

  18. Does the name Merrick Garland ring a bell? Stop bitching about delay and obstruction. Republicans are total hypocrites. McConnell held the seat open to “let the people: decide. So, why the rush for this seat? Let the people decide. What’s the rush? Why are you afraid of having a FULL FBI investigation done?

  19. THis a job interview for a lifetime position. He damn well better be worthy of the job. And so far, he has failed . Would you hire someone who was credibly accused of sexual assault?

  20. This is a significant moment in which women can choose to not be victims of SCOTUS for the next 25 years with Kavanaugh added in. They had better wake up. When the window closes, it is closed.

    Understand that I’m aware that significant majorities of black and brown women did NOT vote for this Trumpism problem. But the white women waffled around and screwed up 2016 in an epic fashion. The options for not being in total Trumpian control are now fewer in number. The Kavanaugh confirmation process is one of them. The midterm elections are the other. That’s about it.

  21. How do you stand now as all 4 have had their stories discredited?
    None have provided any verifiable proof.

  22. Blame joe Biden then…. it was his “rule”.
    Second, there is a difference between parliamentary procedure games (joe Biden and Harry Reid) and an outright conspiracy to discredit an innocent person.
    Your statement uncovers your lack of knowledge of US history; or, your willful ignorance of the facts.
    Whether you are left or right; what is occurring should be abhorrent to all Americans.
    As a conservative, I hated kagen and sotomayer getting appointed; but they went through the process and were given a fair up or down vote. Unfortunately, something we won’t see again.

  23. Lies. No credible evidence.
    Go back to your DNC talking points.

  24. I’m smart enough both to see that it is politics AND, at the same time, NOT assume he is guilty. In fact, I said SPECIFICALLY that the truth of the allegations need to be determined, AND “IM NOT WILLING TO ASSUME HE IS GUILTY.” If you read my clear words otherwise, that’s on YOU, not me.

    Meanwhile, you are assuming he is not guilty while you accuse ME of assuming he is.

  25. Ok. I stand corrected.
    So, what type of work did you do when in law enforcement?

  26. Being “religious women” does not make them right by default.

  27. Don’t ever take up writing novels, especially historical novels, this fiction of yours is awfully bad!

  28. The fact that they’re loonies is your statement and with the same amount of evidence as you have on them, I say that you’re a looney too.

    BTW, more men who were around at that time are also stepping forward with damning statements as well.

    At this point K-man should save his family the embarrassment this is becoming and just go back to the lifetime appointment that he already has. Unless these folks stepping up effs that up for him as well.

  29. His drinking buddies and the women who were at those parties are saying that it was way more than once. It was a lifestyle.

  30. And guess what? According to USA TODAY and other media, there’s a man out there who the Republicans have interviewed, who says that he, NOT Kavanaugh, is the guy responsible for Dr. Ford’s assault. Now THAT development is going to get somebody’s attention today, oh yes.

    (But look for some Alt-Left news outlets, like NBC, CNN, WaPo, and NYT, to downplay this latest news. Those guys do NOT want fairness & justice at this point — they only want Kavanaugh’s scalp, by hook or crook.)

    Folks, there is an intense spiritual battle down on in DC now. Christians are instinctively sensing, that there are WAY MORE players involved in this drama, than the usual Democratic & Republican WWE wrestlers. Do pray.

  31. Apparently you’ve decided to suck on the gullibility lemon.


    It would unusual indeed for a person to go from falling down drunk and womanizer to recommended by the ABA, scores of woman testifying to his character, and passed at least three FBI background investigations.

    Personalities and behavior are set by the time we’re 18 to 20, and while we can make minor adjustments, that’s what we live with for the rest of our lives.

    The late Ted Kennedy, for example, met the profile you think is credible, and it was common knowledge in DC he was a womanizing drunk, known locally as “Teddy the Red-Nosed Senator”.

    I am not buying these allegations at all. They come out of nowhere, conveniently, rest solely on unsubstantiated uncorroborated self-serving statements, and do not in ANY way fit the observed behavior of Kavanaugh.

  33. Sorry, but it’s seriously time to re-assess the #MeToo mob Movement. Individual women’s stories must still be heard in appropriate settings, but right here and now, #MeToo has now allowed itself to be exploited as the call girls (that’s right, you heard me), to do partisan political assassinations on Supreme Court nominees.

    Black teenager Emmett Till got tortured and lynched because of one wild accusation by a white woman — who only came clean about her accusation many YEARS afterward. That white woman got just as much blood on her hands as the white men, so let’s stop playing games. #MeToo runs on a mob mentality, and that’s what killed Emmett Till.

  34. The polls show this nonsense has raised the public’s opinion of the Republicans 5 points.

  35. The reason why we don’t “Let the people decide.” is that this is NOT an election.

    This is an appointment by the President under a specific provision of the Constitution requiring “the advice and consent” of the Senate.

    Hearings are a 20th century innovation.

    The fact that your favored party has managed over the last 30 years to turn this into a political free-for-all, making direct appeals to left-wing rabble like yourself, demanding that the nominations be accomplished by taking public polls, is simply another datum that they are dedicated to destroying the Republic.

    He has already undergone multiple FBI background investigations.

    Explain in simple English how the FBI can investigate an uncorroborated allegation, with no physical evidence, denials by the accused and those who were alleged to be present, which does not even agree with her therapist’s notes.

    What exactly are they going to investigate?

  36. He has already undergone multiple FBI background investigations.

    Explain in simple English how the FBI can investigate an uncorroborated allegation, with no physical evidence, denials by the accused and those who were alleged to be present, which does not even agree with her therapist’s notes.

    What exactly are they going to investigate?

  37. He has already undergone multiple FBI background investigations.

    Explain in simple English how the FBI can investigate an uncorroborated allegation, with no physical evidence, denials by the accused and those who were alleged to be present, which does not even agree with her therapist’s notes.

    What exactly are they going to investigate?

    Of course he’s assuming he is not guilty. In this country we have a presumption of innocence.

  38. The list of “religious women” in the article could be as fairly called the “usual suspects”.

    It’s a veritable litany of left-wing agitators, some of whom are in frequent dispute with their own churches.

  39. You may have never assaulted anybody (and I fully believe you on that). But by your own admission, you once put yourself in a position where, had you accidently mis-judged the situation or the person, you would have been wide-open to potential #MeToo accusation (even though false) if you were, say, running for a Judgeship or a District Attorney seat.

    There is a Liberal Democrat, a state rep, who ran for governor several years ago. A longshot, he was defeated. But some folks made sure the media knew about his college days, when he sometimes visited strip bars. Women are exploited at strip bars.

    Of course, as he matured and graduated, the college boy stopped that stuff, and got serious about his adult professional career. But you see the Political deal. His enemies brought up decades-old stuff from his youth. THAT outcome, could have happened to you too. Or me. Or any other imperfect person. Or Kavanaugh.

  40. The discussion is about a single individual, not men in general.

    The allegation follows a script of the Democratic Party which has been played dozens of times.

    It is unsubstantiated, uncorroborated, in conflict with the questions she was asked as part of a polygraph, inconsistent with her therapist’s notes, and apparently completely out of character with the behavior of the adult Kavanaugh.

    He has dozens of women attesting to his character from high school forward, including former employees, law clerks, and attorneys.

    By the time an individual is an adult, she or he has a fixed personality. That is the very reason why a psychological evaluation can be accomplished.

    An individual who corresponds to what this rather sad individual is alleging would fit the profile of, say, Ted Kennedy, who was a womanizing drunk in high school, a womanizing drunk in college, a womanizing drunk in law school, and a womanizing drunk during his entire adult life.

    Fair-minded people, mindful that this process is pursuant to a constitutional mandate that the President obtain the advice consent of the Senate, not conduct a circus and paint red concentric circles on a heretofore unblemished public servant so that neurotics can vent and throw objects at him. There is no provision for input from “religious women” or anything of the sort.

    The American Bar Association gave him its highest recommendation. The job description does not require that he had a Polly Pure high school track record.

    So, let’s cut the cr-p and vote.

  41. Odd, then, that the American Bar Association gave him its highest recommendation.

    And, no, he has not been CREDIBLY accused of anything but being a fine judge.

  42. That dog won’t hunt, billy goat. I referenced known historical examples of why we should not carte blanche just “Believe the women”. It was you who racialized it when you diverted from the point of my reference by your little screed about “whacking minorities”, etc. You knew darn well my point was about the unreliability of uncorroborated testimony, but you sought to sweep it under the rug with your SJW dog whistle re: “minorities”.

  43. In our legal system people are not supposed to be found guilty on the basis of statistical probability. When cops collared black men because the statistics showed that the criminals they were looking for were probably black, such actions were deemed inadmissible as “racial profiling”. What you are doing with your statistics is basically just another form of profiling.

  44. Clever.

    I find that the Mac anticipative spell checker isn’t all that great. It comes up with some doozies sometimes. It has a logic that I don’t follow.

  45. You know, if you can’t figure it out, folks are lucky you aren’t an FBI agent.

    I thought that client/therapist notes were confidential. They taught us to keep really juicy stuff on 3×5 cards that aren’t fastened into the file. If a subpoena arrives, pick up the file, shake it, let the cards fall out and then hand it over.

  46. The accuser in this case released the therapist.

    Unlike you, I actually have experience with the criminal justice system.

    It’s the folks who demand “an FBI investigation” who are lucky they aren’t FBI agents.


    “Turn off autocorrection”

    “For a specific app: In the app, choose Edit > Spelling and Grammar > Correct Spelling Automatically (it’s off when a checkmark isn’t shown).”

    “For all apps: Choose Apple menu > System Preferences,
    click Keyboard, click Text, then deselect the “Correct spelling
    automatically” checkbox.”

  48. I’m very happy to have NEVER had to experience your country’s criminal justice system.

    But I understand generally how it works, my older sister got her 2nd law degree in this country.

  49. And we’re all happy to never have experienced Mexico’s jails.

    Either you understand how it works, in which case you understand why the call of an “FBI investigation” is silly, or you believe there should be an “FBI investigation”, which demonstrates you don’t know how it works.

  50. At least you recognize this about getting a SCOTUS that will continue to bypass the Constitution and laws to generate outcomes you prefer, thus bypassing the political process.

  51. Go ahead and ignore the fact that men almost always do indeed lie about rape and assault.

  52. I think that there isn’t any question that she has sorted it out.

    Now she’s looking for a bit of justice.

  53. You just don’t want serial rapists to be held accountable for their actions, regardless of when they occurred.

  54. You have no problem lynching gay and trans people, hypocrite.

  55. Christians are not the only people living in this country. Ever heard of the 1st Amendment?

  56. No.

    She’s a pathological liar who has affixed Kavanaugh’s identity to some sort of free-floating anxiety and embellished it for three and a half decades.

    That’s why she could pass a polygraph.

    I dealt with a case thirty years ago of a woman who had a track record of alleging abuse who finally managed to kill her younger son.

    She suffered from Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, and the only way it finally came to light was that there was incontrovertible forensic evidence that she, and she alone, had inflicted the injuries.

    I cross-examined her, and I can guarantee she could have passed a polygraph. She was absolutely the most convincing liar I have ever encountered.

    In this case the accuser does not rise to that standard.

  57. “She’s a pathological liar”

    No evidence of that. But such a baseless allegation says a lot about you.

  58. Judging someone by what others of their class do is called “profiling”. Profile much?

    So I take it you’re also okay with racial profiling?

    If not, why not?

  59. “the American Bar Association gave him its highest recommendation”

    ….because lawyers can always be trusted.

  60. Now there are four women having come forward. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Kavanaugh is a sexual predator. No wonder the President chose him.

  61. Were you profiling? It’s your statement, just edited a tiny bit.

  62. How so?
    Again, another liberal who doesn’t know US history. Not surprising that schools now focus on gender identity and global warming’s instead of history and economics.
    All part of liberals playbook to dumb down America.

  63. Correct sir. Depending on what their underlying cause is; it may be worse!

  64. The difference is that, in my statement, the phrase “some women, at times”, leaves out the majority of women, and leaves intact the presumption of innocence of any given individual.

    Your “men almost always do” however, leads to a presumption of guilt for any individual in that class.

    A “presumption of innocence” is a bedrock principle of our legal system. A “presumption of guilt” is more typical of totalitarian fascist and communist systems.

  65. This is a battle between the LGBT and God. The LGBT is allowed to win a few before their end comes. It is written.

    “and he clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God”

  66. Lies.
    You are a willing accomplice or an ignorant dolt.
    Every accusation is falling or has fallen apart.
    Two of the “victims” are democratic operatives.
    None of the claims have any support or verifiable evidence.
    Stop being a mindless pawn and learn to think for yourself.

  67. So let’s deal, Charlotte. You see what is going down in DC. Today is actually the Hearing Day. This is the big hearing.

    So you tell me: What is your view of this entire mess?

  68. It’s amazing how comfortable Republicans are putting potential sexual predators in high office. I can’t say I’m surprised after you absolved a confessed sexual assaulter of all guilt and elected him President, then came out in droves for a child molester, Roy Moore. Brett Cavanaugh is just the latest in a string of very public messages that Republicans don’t care about sexual assault.

  69. It’s amazing how comfortable left-wing demagogues are in alleging that individuals with sterling professional careers and spotless records are sexual predators for political purposes.

    Brett Kavanaugh is just the latest in a string of very public messages that one side wants to conduct the nation’s business, and the other side wants to run the country by polls and appealing to mobs barely attached to the real world.

  70. You and Rick can “re-assess” the #Metoo movement all you want. I hope it reassesses you guys, as well.

  71. He should consider changing his nom de plume from “CanisPulchrae” – in Latin “beautiful dog” – to CanisStultis or CanemCredulus.

  72. You actually believe that “the #Metoo movement” assesses?

  73. Pardon me for knowing what Thomas, Alito, Roberts, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are about, knowing who appoints these kinds of fellows, and for what purposes. The whole boat of “social conservatism” is about whacking minorities, not only racial minorities. The fact that you bring up Emmett Till just means we know what side you are on. The fact that I object just means you didn’t sell it.

    No one is planning to lynch Kavanaugh. The only question is whether he really is the best choice to be on the Supreme Court. We will find out how it goes when we find out how it goes.

  74. They are self-destructive little munchkins, aren’t they?

  75. “Pardon me for knowing what Thomas, Alito, Roberts, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are about ….”



    Straight males?


    Pardon me for knowing you’re a ninny for making that comment in the first place.

  76. It’s amazing how comfortable democrats are destroying the lives of both alleged victims and alleged accused.
    Due process and the order of law is non-existent.
    If you had any intellectual honesty, you would admit that this is raw politics and has nothing to do with sexual assault.
    Democrats have done a great disservice to those that have actually been sexually assaulted.

  77. She has none. Unfortunately she is a drone that recites the abortion manta to the detriment of innocent life and her own soul.
    Pray for her.

  78. WHAM. Typically Christian Bob Arnzhole takes another insulting swipe at a poster.

    Bob, you suck.

  79. Bob and JP are just Christian as​sholes. Die soon please, both of you. The world will be a better place without you.

  80. No, Bob Arnzhole. Your hero Trump conducts his own business, at the expense of, and to the detriment of our nation.

  81. Bob Arnzhole indeed has experience with the criminal justice system, in that it put him behind bars.

  82. And there Bob Arnzhole takes another insulting swipe at a poster. How typically Christian of him.

    Bob, you suck.

  83. Bob Arnzhole, your entire religion is contrived silliness.

  84. Last I checked, the only thing anyone was saying should be done to Brett Cavanaugh regarding this was to deny him a promotion to a lifetime position of even greater power. He’s already a Circuit Court judge. I haven’t heard anyone say he should be removed from that position over what he did in high school and college. I haven’t heard anyone say he should be prosecuted for it. All I’ve heard anyone say is that we should investigate whether a) he did it and b) he lied to Congress and the American public when he denied doing it before giving this guy a lifetime promotion. Not giving him power and a promotion =/= ruining his life.

  85. If he is not appointed to the Supreme Court, he will have to resign from the bench. His credibility and everything he worked his whole life for will be gone.
    All you have at the end of the day is your good name.

  86. Cite your source that he will “have to” resign. Is there some statue dictating he must resign, or are you just speculating?

    His credibility is gone regardless. To much of the country, he will always be the judge who sexually assaulted girls when he was a teenager and then lied about it. That ship has sailed. His reputation is already tarnished for life. The only question is whether Republicans are actually bothered enough by sexual assault to do anything about it.

  87. I did not bring up Till; you are the one who has just now brought him up. I was thinking rather of the multiple occasions that it (women lying) happened in the old Jim Crow south, as my use of the phrase “MANY black men” indicates. Your specific mention of Till is yet another dog whistle.

    Your claims of “knowing who appoints these kinds of fellows, and for what purposes” , and that “The whole boat of ‘social conservatism’ is about whacking minorities” indicates a level of delusion and paranoia quite typical of the melting SJW snowflakes of the left. Get a grip, man!

  88. Duh – Exactly my point.
    Baseless accusations have convinced you and other mindless liberals that he is guilty – without any proof or credible evidence. If he is not “fit” to be on the Supreme Court, he will not be “fit” to sit on the federal court.
    I am not bothered by it because I am intelligent enough to understand that these choreographed events are an attempt by the democrats to prevent kavanaugh from being seated for the next session.
    YOU should be bothered that Feinstein is destroying Fords life and credibility along with kavanaughs.

  89. Do you think you sound more impressive when you use bold face type?

    Hint: You don’t.

  90. He is too blinded by his hatred of trump. I feel sorry for him.
    I do like that he likes dogs though. He has one redeeming quality…

  91. And you’re a nutcase conspiracy theorist with a preference for perversion.

  92. Other than the fact that witnesses are coming forward to testify and the tribunal is largely in a hurry to avoid hearing it.

    So it really doesn’t have that feel, nor do you apparently know what went on in a show trial.

    But its good to know that when Conservatives are being gutted by facts they rely on name calling and false garbage historical references.

  93. But being women means conservative religious men dismiss them out of hand regardless of their views.

  94. Ummmm, read the news my friend. Well, the news you read doesn’t provide the facts, so I can’t hold you entirely accountable.
    Plus, you are a willing accomplice to this donkey show.
    I really feel sorry for liberals who can’t think on their own; or worse, choose not to.

  95. You are making a fool of yourself with declarations made before the evidence is even heard under oath.

    Mostly because you have no use for rule of law or due process except when as an excuse for corruption

    Where is your proof? Conservatives don’t ever need any, since lying is always more convenient for them.

  96. Yup the news shows conservatives acting like complete and total scumbags here. Running the gamut of:
    “Let’s push this through before the accusations are heard”
    To “it was his lookalike” to the usual character assassination ploys against the accusers.

    Let me be even clearer with you, even if the timing was serendipitous for the hearings, it does not make the accusations false or kavanaugh’s unfitness any less apparent

  97. Agreed – calling allegations a democrat smear campaign has politicized a process that should be neutral in terms of assessing personal suitability and, as displayed in the comments, turned into judgments as to why these women should not be considered credible.

  98. Ohhhh Winston, where have you been my friend?
    Supporting the destruction of an innocent man?
    Supporting last minute attempts by Diane “I had a Chinese spy working for me” Feinstein to prevent kavanaugh from being seated?
    Yeah, no slime here. You and your fellow liberals should be ashamed at what you’ve done to the real victims of sexual assault.

  99. Standing up for an innocent man having his character assassinated by democtats who have done the same thing you just accused me of.
    Guilty until proven innocent – amiright?
    Have you learned nothing from the legal website you troll?

  100. …says the conservative slave to the Church. You’re the one who can’t think for yourself. Literally everything you write is metaphorically, if not in reality, copied and pasted.

  101. You accept all of Church teaching without reservation or nuance, right? You criticize people who think and reason for themselves, most notably atheists and “progressive” Catholics. Case closed.

  102. You only consider him “innocent” because:
    1. He is a conservative
    2. He is Trump’s pick
    3. You are a shameless wh0re who only looks to what he can do you for on the Supreme Court

    None of which comports to what is going on.

    If you can’t handle the notion that accusers have the opportunity to testify under oath as to their accounts, then maybe a democratic government and system of laws isn’t for you. My suggestion would be to go where support for Trump is at its strongest, Russia.

    All I have seen from you is bullcrap slinging to attack the very notion that these accusations need to be heard and the people involved need to testify.

    The accusers are testifying. The only people afraid of what they might say are rape apologists and miscreants with no regard for the character and fitness of people for a given position.

  103. Ah you still need to lie about what people are saying in opposition. Half the responses you are getting are people calling you a l1ar for misrepresenting their positions here.

    If there are 4 accusers, there are undoubtedly more. His innocence like many thing you claim appears fictitious and doesn’t seem to hold up to the slightest scrutiny.

    Why are you so afraid of people testifying under oath and providing evidence of their claims? Because you hate rule of law.

  104. 1) the accusers stories are already being disproven; so much that even the NYT didn’t run with the story.
    2) I am certain that there will be 20 accusers if this drags out. No one has to PROVE anything, just make an accusation.
    3) you are smart and you know this is politics – this is a game to unseat or prevent java Baugh from being seated; so the investigate every accusation line is BS.
    4) IF, this has been revealed in June, the dems would have more credibility; but because they released the news the night before the vote; it comes off as gotcha BS.
    5) most Americans that are not politically motivated, still believe in fair play and innocent until proven guilty, and they realize what is going on.
    I’m all for the law, but I’m not capitulating to a bunch of dishonest democrats.

  105. Nope.
    Innocent until proven otherwise.
    No proof.
    Until I see photos, she’s just another political prop.

  106. Apparently Republicans could not find one conservative within in the Federal Court System who was a suspected a sexual predator, so they proceed with Kavanaugh. As if he was the only person possible for the position.

    That tells you something about the pool of available people they have.

    This would have been really easy if they just pulled him and found a more suitable candidate. But the problem is we are dealing with Trump’s ego/stupidity/incompetence and the GOP’s slide into corrupt cretinism.

    The moment this started to go sideways and a quick vote wasn’t going to happen, sane Republicans would have gone with a second choice. Maybe someone better vetted and less likely to have legitimate concerns about.

  107. Your comments do not form the basis of discussion. You need to re read the news, all of it. There is plenty of reason to suspect Dem manipulation, but also more reason to believe the stories that Kavanaugh has something terrible to hide. So, why not have a real investigation and put this circus of a nomination on hold till we all know the truth. Why hurry this nomination?

  108. Get bent, lying loser.

    1) None of the stories were even heard under oath until now. You are in a panic before the claims were even being given. Because you hate rule of law apparently.

    2) What you are certain of, doesn’t mean a pile of crap to me or anyone, given your unfamiliarity with honest representations of fact and your total meltdown here.

    3) I am not a raging wh0re, like yourself, so focused on a candidate for one of the most important positions in the legal system, just so I can get what I think I want. Kavanaugh is obviously a crap candidate.

    You are telling me the GOP can’t find one potential judge who isn’t a possible sexual predator? Really???????

    4) The timing of the disclosure does not ever effect its veracity. Only its convenience. Such arguments are garbage because they say nothing about the truth of what is claimed. Only that it is annoying to hear it at this date.

    5) You are politically motivated. So much that you have been more than willing to lie through your teeth and support all sorts of miscreants and atrocious behavior as long as it “sticks it to liberals”.

  109. Not from you. You are even afraid to hear the accuser’s testimony. Even attacking the people who disclosed it, just because it was inconvenient.

    The question remains, is the GOP just completely out of possible SCOTUS candidates who aren’t suspected sexual predators? Someone with any kind of record for ethics, integrity or normal behavior?

    Apparently not. By all accounts he should have been “Borked” and they should have moved on with another candidate.

  110. If kavanaugh gets borked, trump has a list of conservatives to put on the court. I’m not worried.

  111. Oh Winston, you didn’t address anything I said.
    Again, guilty until proven innocent – ammiright?
    Only in your fascist vision for America.

  112. Which in Derp-speak means that you have no cogent response. Especially when I do not let you pretend wild claims are facts.

    You said nothing of value. I responded in the most appropriate manner.

    Again I pose the question:

    You are telling me the GOP can’t find one potential judge who isn’t a possible sexual predator? Really???????

  113. He has been investigated by the FBI 6 times.
    These allegations came out the day before the vote. Obviously politically motivated.
    The allegations by accusers 2, 3, 4, etc have already been disproved by the investigators who work for the senate.
    The court docket starts oct 1. The midterms are in 40 days. The Democrats want to drag this out until they retake the Senate; in which case they control the nominees.
    Pretty simple.

  114. Evidently not. If it were the case, we would not be wasting any further time here.

    Any conservative who would support putting someone like Kavanugh on the bench with even a hint of that kind of impropriety is just a craven wh0re who couldn’t care less about the optics here or apparently can’t find anyone better.

  115. You and floydlee are tag-teaming this subject. He brought up Emmett Till here and attracted your comment “like” for doing so. You brought up all the other “multiple occasions” ( as you say) of the same thing——seeking to imply, by the way, that women, were the main problem of the Jim Crow South. I am not buying it from either of you.

  116. In the show trials the verdict was already decided, and contrary evidence was given no weight, or completely ignored – just like the inconvenient fact that the witnesses cited by the accuser have consistently refused to support her story. But, hey, who needs corroboration or evidence when the guy was nominated by Trump; he must be evil scum, right?

  117. The fact that some women’s accusations were false in no way implies that all “women” were the main problem of the Jim Crow South. A “non sequitur” fallacy, on your part.

    As for floydlee and I, all I can say is “Great minds think alike”.

  118. Your whole statement is a misleading lie.
    He is not a predator any more than you are ( I think).
    Basing your decisions on false accusations is intellectually dishonest.

  119. Teenagers and alcohol are a bad combination. Ditto for any other kind of addictive drug.

  120. Sister Simone would be taken seriously if she renounced her vows and religion considering the sexual abuse horror protected by the leaders of her theologically, historically and morally corrupt religion.

  121. No, the word “men” refers to a generic class, men in general, all men. If you wanted to speak of a subset of that class, you would have to qualify it with a modifier, such as “some men” -just as I did when speaking of “some women”. But perhaps I am wrong in expecting precision of speech from you.

  122. Some interesting news for our hyper conservatives, “this is all politics” crowd. From Friendly Atheist…

    …According to a NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll taken last week, 48% of white evangelical Christians say that Kavanaugh should be confirmed to the Supreme Court even if the charge of sexual assault is true.Nearly half of white evangelicals want Kavanaugh on the Court even if they believe he attempted to rape a girl when he was younger. Only 36% of them said it would be a dealbreaker while 16% were unsure. As if his guilt would still present some doubt as to whether he deserves a promotion. Incidentally, 54% of Republicans said they would vote to confirm Kavanaugh even if he sexually assaulted her. No other sub-group had numbers as high as Republicans and white evangelicals.)

    This isn’t a question of whether they believe Kavanaugh or Ford. This is a question about how white evangelicals would react even if they accepted Kavanaugh’s guilt, and the answer for half of them is that it wouldn’t make a damn bit of difference. So what if a woman was nearly raped as long as a conservative is placed on the Supreme Court? ”

    If that doesn’t tell you what this is really about for our local authoritarians, I can’t imagine what will,

  123. You are telling me you have no idea what a show trial is. I got that already. You are ignorant and dishonest about your reference in an obvious way.

    In this case the tribunal itself appears to be trying to avoid hearing the accusations and seeks to move forward to the benefit of the person accused of acting badly. Not like a show trial at all. More like a failing stand-up routine than a show.

    “In the show trials the verdict was already decided”

    It seems that was the plan of the GOP from the outset. To confirm Kavanaugh before any of the potential negative information came to the fore. Their reluctance and stonewalling to even hear the accusers claims tells me that much.

    Being especially dishonest is calling this a trial at all. Kavanaugh faces no criminal or civil charges, only the potential of not being nominated to a seat on SCOTUS. Something he is not entitled to as a matter of law anyway.

    “But, hey, who needs corroboration or evidence when the guy was nominated by Trump; he must be evil scum, right?”

    That is a given. /s Trump is evil scum and his supporters are lying bigoted miscreants. Something apparent by just looking at the comments of those who stump for him. So much rape apologia, so much innuendo, so much character assassination garbage, so much fear of letting someone testify.

    But evidently the GOP’s bench is so small that they can’t find a single candidate who has any kind of professional integrity, ethics and isn’t a sexual predator. So they are doubling down on an obviously unsuitable candidate.

    I am not the one declaring anyone innocent or guilty before the testimony comes in. That is all the rape apologists and shameless wh0res among the conservatives doing all that. You already considered these accusers to be wrong or incorrect before even hearing their testimony under oath. Projection is strong with you.

    If the GOP didn’t completely hitch its wagon behind an incompetent, dishonest, trash talking ignoramus in the WH, they would have dropped Kavanaugh by now and found a saner alternative. One would would be harder to object to.

  124. Parker, I have never known you to make an honest statement or one which could be backed by outside facts. You only claim any of the accusations are false because you want to believe them to be. You are simply lying and hoping someone would take your crap at face value.

    BTW for every time you said (without a shred of objective evidence mind you) that “Bill Clinton was a rapist”, get bent . You clearly had no problem with innuendo and unproven accusations when it suited your purposes. So your objections here are truly a double standard (unlike the times you accuse me of such things)

    I have never said a word about whether the claims were true or not. I simply waited for the testimony. Lying conservatives are stuck on the “you are saying he is guilty already’ argument because you have already sought excuses to ignore the claims and testimony coming now. The only person coming to a conclusion here before the evidence is presented is you.

    At this point the testimony is coming out and it doesn’t look good at all for your “innocent” candidate. Tough luck.

    Evidently the GOP can’t find a suitable candidate who isn’t a suspected serial sexual predator. If they did, they would have dropped this guy already.

  125. And? I’d bet dollars to donuts Dems would act the same way with a Hillary nominee to the SC. No difference, really, between either group, both rather deplorable, to borrow the term of Mrs. Pantsuit.

  126. Really? We’re up to 7 now? How many will it take before Christians actually care?

  127. Kavanaugh is a serial sexual predator who should not be on the Supreme Court. He should be in jail, along with Trump and all of his cronies.

    Why do black people get off on discriminating against women and sexual assault survivors? Don’t you people realize that discrimination and sexual assault are wrong? I really shouldn’t have to explain this to the likes of you, yet apparently I do.

  128. I’ll go with “Some minds think alike”. You guys are a mystery and an astonishment to me, a boy from the 1960s.

  129. Then there is Bill Clinton, poster boy for adultery and oral sex!!

  130. Both are still consensual acts, were proven true by testimony under oath and subject to appropriate punishment.

  131. By the way, Juanita Broaddrick showed up at the Hearing today. Outside the Senate building, she briefly explained her reason for attending.

    No disruptions, no protests, no debates. She was just there as a small, quiet, visual reminder for all the pious Liberal Democrats.

    Seems very reasonable.

  132. The only punishment was Hillary’s as Billy Boy’s lack of self-control cost her the position of POTUS.

  133. Kavanaugh was not suspected of anything.

    What has happened tells you just how far the opposition will go to muck with our Republic and its Constitution.

    The public is getting the message.

    Its impression of the Republicans has gone up about 5 points, and of the Democrats down 5 points.

  134. I am telling you that you have no idea what a trial is.

    Btw, this is a hearing, not a trial.

  135. Do you have any idea how many times you have posted:

    “X, I have never known you to make an honest statement or one which could be backed by outside facts.”?

    You need to find a hobby that fits your qualifications.

  136. “. . . 48% of white evangelical Christians say that Kavanaugh should be confirmed to the Supreme Court even if the charge of sexual assault is true. . . . 54% of Republicans said they would vote to confirm Kavanaugh even if he sexually assaulted her.”

    And, if the charge of sexual assault during his high-school years is true, it also means that Kavanaugh is now a certified liar for adamantly denying the charge. So, 48% of white evangelical Christians and 54% of Republicans are okay with a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court going to a man who not only committed sexual assault, but is also now a certified liar . . . which is what I would expect from Trump-worshipers.

  137. What it tells me is that you have too much time on your hands.

    If the man has conducted his entire life honorably and reputably, which he has, and has earned the plaudits of the legal profession, including the best rating the ABA could give him, which he has, why would something he did as a junior in high school involving putting his mitts on her hooters disqualify him?

    What is more amazing is this bit of puritanical pecksniffery is coming from an advocate for sodomy.

    If that doesn’t tell us what this is really about, I can’t imagine what will.

  138. Why “If that doesn’t tell you what this is really about for our local authoritarians,”?

    The Republicans should reward sandbagging, lying, and chicanery by providing fresh targets for more of the same?

  139. The answer, if the tactics the Democrats used are allowed, is no.

    It requires no facts to drum up this sort of nonsense.

  140. Take a look at a Bible and see how many accusers Jesus had.

    The rule of law requires proof, and there is none.

  141. There is absolutely NO reason to believe that Kavanaugh has something terrible to hide.

    We do not do investigations of uncorroborated allegations which all of the witnesses refuse to support.

  142. If you hated 2016, and you hate this nomination, you’re really going to hate the mid-terms.

  143. Actually she comes off as a very well-coached neurotic who should have stayed in therapy.

  144. If there was ANY corroboration, the situation would be different.

    There is none.

  145. The politicization of the process occurred when Feinstein sandbagged the Committee and dropped this at the last minute knowing full well it could not be corroborated.

    Otherwise she would have had it looked into a long time ago.

    The accuser has been in therapy for decades, has been unable to provide one corroborating witness, and there is no forensic evidence at all.

    In a normal police investigation, at that point the investigation stops.

    Define “credible”. You appear to be using it to mean “I believe it”.

    Kavanaugh has scores of former law clerks, fellow attorneys, and judges, all female, and the American Bar Association giving him two thumbs up and endorsing him.

    If the question is suitability, it’s time to vote up or down.

  146. No, Bob Arnzhole. The “l​ying loser” here is clearly you.

  147. The bible is silly fiction, st​upid, and is not relevant to present realities.

  148. No, Bob Arnzhole. As usual, the bulk of the hate is coming from you and will be yours then too.

  149. Don’t forget, kavanaugh was also lynching people in Chechnya.

  150. That explains why your posts read like a Cheech and Chong script.

    Far out!

    Dave’s not here.

  151. Voting on Kav’s confirmation before the FBI has investigated the allegations against him is not reasonable.

  152. Where there is smoke there is fire. But smoke doesn’t indicate who set the fire.

  153. I have any number of friends who are religious. So just for kicks I read through my various feeds looking only at my religious female friends. So far 37 support B.K. 3 do not. I find that very interesting.

  154. Agreed. For all we know every single person on this feed is a “possible sexual predator”. How would any of us prove the negative. We’d get our friends who know us best to talk about our character. And if someone accused us of an assault we would have the witnesses testify to what they have seen or not seen. This is the best that anyone could do. I listened carefully to the entire hearing today and while Mrs. Ford was certainly serious what she believes in the end there was not a shred of evidence to substantiate it and there is evidence to discount it. “Possible sexual predator” is just to easy a claim that the leftist opposition can use to destroy any potential judge named by President Trump.

    I wonder if Trump named Bill Clinton would the left be calling for the same as it is calling for regarding B.K.

  155. You believe it because you want it to be true. There is no evidence. There is evidence that the allegation is not true.

  156. So, assuming for a moment that like many ordinary teenage males, Kavanaugh copped a feel and promptly forgot about it, went on to lead an exemplary life, with scores of women who worked with and for him testifying to his character, comes recommended by the American Bar Association with its highest rating, and by all accounts is a fine judge, how many more decades do you believe he should punished for this even in high school. One? Two? The rest of his life?


    “Thursday’s Kavanaugh hearings were compelling, heartbreaking, enraging, and disgusting. It was a naked display of the depths the Democrats on the committee would go to in their attempts to destroy a good man…while blithely also ruining the life of Christine Blasey Ford who they used as an expendable political pawn.”

    “Dr. Ford’s testimony about an attempted rape 36 years ago was riveting, emotional, and made a convincing case that she believed what she was saying. But over the course of the hearing, it became quite clear how ruthlessly and dishonestly she has been used by the Dems.”

    “She had requested anonymity to avoid having her life shattered. But her identity was leaked to the press when only Dianne Feinstein and her staff had the information about her complaint.”

    “Dr. Ford didn’t want to appear in the spotlight to be grilled by politicians, but her handlers knew that a woman in emotional distress would make for good TV, no matter how damaging the experience might be for her. Which is why she showed clear surprise when she was asked why she hadn’t agreed to give her testimony privately, have members of the committee fly out to her home, or simply answer questions on the phone: her legal team and handlers had never told her that these were options.”

    “In a perfect moment of irony, when questioned on this matter, the woman who claims to have been traumatized for a lifetime by having a hand clamped over her mouth was cut off from speaking by one of her handlers who suddenly clamped her hand over the microphone.”

  158. this whole situation is a complete mess and is discouraging for America; simply because some people do not have the intellectual integrity to realize that “the institution” is greater than their quest for power.
    To all my liberal friends here – HAD, these allegations come out in June not only would there have been time for the FBI investigation being called for, but the American people would have expected and demanded it.
    The fact that Diane “I didn’t leak the letter” Feinstein dropped the bomb the night before the vote screamed as political dirty tricks.
    We may be an extremely divided nation, but Americans still believe in fair play; for now.
    Kavanaugh may still not get confirmed, but he’s screwed one way or another. As for ms. Ford, she seemed dazed and confused. I think all Americans have sympathy for her.

  159. I think their chances of retaking the Senate would have been better if they HADN’T pulled this stunt. But the fear of losing Roe appears to induce insanity in libs.

    Makes you wonder about the source of this desire to kill babies that has been observed in every culture in recorded history, often actually part of religious worship.

  160. And the next one will be Amy Coney Barrett, whom I wanted from the beginning. And she is more dangerous to Roe than Kavanaugh is. Can’t wait for THAT meltdown.

  161. I think he’s qualified to watch movies. Oh wait, he does that already.

    For any other possibilities, I guess I’m stumped. 😀

  162. Ford has received death threats and had to move from her home. I’m certain she must have come forward just for the fun of it.

  163. You are not so great in the veracity department yourself. Your endorsement of Parker only validates my point.

    The evidence is already presenting itself. Live on TV ,for everyone to see. You just don’t want to hear it. Preferring to wh0re your alleged principles and values for someone who might do as you want.

    Conservatives didn’t even want to see the accusers testify at all. Hence the constant character assassination ploys for the accusers, the phony “you already declared him guilty” arguments and the attacks on the people who first disclosed it.

    Moreover, for someone seeking the most prestigious position in the legal profession, they should be as squeaky clean as possible. The fact that this his risen beyond mere rumor, should be enough for sane people with an ounce of integrity to find a more suitable candidate.

  164. Yes, the evidence presented itself live on TV for everyone to see.

    Dr. Ford is sad neurotic who, despite a complete lack of substantiation, corroboration, or one witness firmly believes her own story, which she has worked on and embellished for over three decades and, thanks to incompetent therapy, now has to drug herself to get an airplane. She was used and abused by the Democrats who failed to tell her that she could have been heard in private.

    Her handlers knew that a woman in emotional distress would make for good TV, no matter how damaging the experience might be for her.

    The perfect irony was that a woman who claims to have been traumatized for a lifetime by having a hand clamped over her mouth was cut off from speaking by one of her handlers who suddenly clamped her hand over the microphone.

    Judge Kavanaugh was justifiably upset, having had his superior qualifications disregarded by the same idiots who wound up losing their filibuster advantage in the shenanigans in the Gorsuch hearings in favor of what can only be called a freak show.

    No one, but no one, no matter how “squeaky clean” is immune to this sort of nonsense.

  165. Sister Simone would be taken seriously if she renounced her vows and religion considering the sexual abuse horror protected by the leaders of her theologically, historically and morally corrupt religion.

    To wit:

    The Apostles’ Creed 2018 (updated by yours truly based on the studies of NT historians and theologians of the past 200 years)

    Should I believe in a god whose existence cannot be proven
    and said god if he/she/it exists resides in an unproven,
    human-created, spirit state of bliss called heaven?????

    I believe there was a 1st century CE, Jewish, simple,
    preacher-man who was conceived by a Jewish carpenter
    named Joseph living in Nazareth and born of a young Jewish
    girl named Mary. (Some say he was a mamzer.)

    Jesus was summarily crucified for being a temple rabble-rouser by
    the Roman troops in Jerusalem serving under Pontius Pilate,

    He was buried in an unmarked grave and still lies
    a-mouldering in the ground somewhere outside of

    Said Jesus’ story was embellished and “mythicized” by
    many semi-fiction writers. A bodily resurrection and
    ascension stories were promulgated to compete with the
    Caesar myths. Said stories were so popular that they
    grew into a religion known today as Catholicism/Christianity
    and featuring dark-age, daily wine to blood and bread to body rituals
    called the eucharistic sacrifice of the non-atoning Jesus.

    (References used are available upon request.)

  166. Do you have a son??? Where is the justice here, meaning, your son is INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY ?? Unfounded charges, everything fell apart! Her BEST friend said it never happened! If you or others really wanted the TRUTH, then why did they hold onto that info?? Sure, you will say she wanted it to be private, right! Why did the Democrats wait and then forced her to come and openly testify before Congress?? I do feel that there may have been something done to her, but it was not done by Kavanaugh! If you have sons, just remember Scharpton with the young black girl who accused white boy of rape, only to confess a few years later! And the black man who spent 14 years in prison, only to be exonerated!! True, in a law suite he recieved 2/1/2 Mil.
    Tell me the justice here?? Heavenly Father, please here our prayers, guide us to saving our country!!

  167. “Heavenly Father” won’t do s**t to save our country. Only the Truth will save us. And you ain’t got it.



    “Mothers of sons everywhere should be terrified by the constant destruction of men by duplicitous, lying women and an overzealous and political Senate confirmation process. All a scheming broad has to do these days is claim that your son touched her inappropriately more than two decades ago and she can derail his career. Worse, if your son ever happens to end up in front of the Senate, U.S. senators may drive his wife to suicide. The Senate confirmation hearing for Miguel Estrada, a Bush choice, was so stressful that Estrada’s wife had a miscarriage, developed a drinking problem, and overdosed on pills and died, according to The New Yorker.”

    “‘For Rove, the most painful example was Miguel Estrada, who had worked in the Solicitor General’s office, and who was Bush’s first appellate-court nominee, in 2001. Estrada withdrew his name twenty-eight months after being nominated. During the confirmation struggle, Estrada’s wife miscarried; in November, 2004, she died, of an overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills. The death was ruled accidental by the medical examiner. Rove said that Mrs. Estrada had been traumatized by the nastiness of the process.’”

  169. Oh boy!

    “A confrontation with the California senator during her confirmation hearing to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals last October vaulted Barrett, 46, onto the national stage. As Feinstein pressed her on whether she would be able to render judicial rulings faithful to the law given her deeply held religious beliefs, Barrett became a hero to religious conservatives who believe liberal Democrats target them for their faith.”

    “‘The dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern when you come to big issues that people have fought for for years in this country,’ Feinstein told Barrett.”

    Perhaps Feinstein should change her name to “Yoda”.

  170. We do now – over the legal limit as opposed to answering how much specifically.

  171. Yes, I understand that.

    Do you, over “thar”, understand the ABA – who and what it is, the difference between the recommendation from a neutral evaluating committee of the ABA and a personal letter from ABA President Robert Carlson without a vote of the ABA, and have your read the ABA’s own “Standards on Prosecutorial Investigations” with which Carlson’s request does NOT comply?

  172. No – her behavior is totally normal for victims of sexual abuse. Police often publicly call for other victims to come forward once a first victim has identified themselves.. There is a reason for the phrase historic sex crimes. It is actually a category for sexual assaults and one reason is to address some of those challenges in prosecuting. . In terms of credible read some of the comments dismissing out of hand Dr. Ford’s allegations. Your thinking is along the lines of those in the church who dismissed claims because the priests were good people – otherwise they wouldn’t be priests.

  173. Her behavior is one of several that may be exhibited by victims of sexual abuse.

    It is also a classic behavior of an individual with anxiety issues who has affixed a face and name to that anxiety ex post facto.

    You continue to use “credible” in a special sense – you buy it.

    In a legal sense what is required is substantiation, corroboration, witnesses. That raises it from an allegation to something to investigate.

    I waited for it … it never happened. To the contrary, her allegations fell apart.

    Earlier today I corresponded with a good friend, a retired female police officer, who commented:

    “Having investigated sex crimes during my first fifteen years on the dept., over half of the REPORTED rapes and sexual assaults were unfounded, because the ‘victims’ had some culpability in these events, such as, drunk, cheating on boyfriend/husband and needed excuse, or doing something they knew was in poor judgment.”

    “These women who come forward after a long period of time, with passage of time, their memory is faulty or they are just lying.”

    You obviously have zero familiarity with actual cases, where completely believable individuals turn out to be nuttier than fruitcakes.

    I’ll take anyone seriously enough to look for corroboration, physical evidence, something to substantiate. Ford failed to do any of that.

  174. “Religious women” my foot. They kept the title, perks and privilege while abandoning Roman Catholicism and their religious vocation decades ago. They don’t rise above a bad imitation of the “Mary Tyler Moore Show.”

  175. I was very optimistic that she was going to be first…but Kennedy was known to have visited with Trump privately before announcing his retirement, and he probably made a pitch then for his former clerk.

  176. Learn how to spell, and think. Nothing fell apart, so much hasn’t been investigated. Kavanaugh has already lied in many statements including his first in stating Trump vetted candidates more than any other President. He lied about the woman mentioned in his yearbook, he lied about what ralphing was all about, just read all the lies, too many to list here. He was belligerent, disrespectful and clearly does not have the temperament to be a Supreme Court Justice while also attacking the Clintons, the left wing, Ms. Swenton, Senator Klobuchar and other Democratic Senators who wanted him to answer questions that he kept avoiding to respond to except with a sneer and stupid, aggressive comeback phrases which he clumsily apologized for to Klobuchar. He didn’t handle the pressure with dignity and I believe Dr. Ford remembered quite well what Kavanaugh did. People remember their pains from high school, especially the verbal and physical assaults.

  177. You’re either sick or evil, Your comments are so derogatory towards women, using the term broad shows your anger, hatred and ignorance.

  178. Did you complain when the Republicans without any ethics didn’t even give Merrick Garland a hearing or are you too biased to acknowledge that or too ignorant to even know about that McConnell maneuver.

  179. Spuddie has sense and ethics unlike Parker and so many other right wing thugs on here.

  180. You’re either a troll or a tout for Feinstein et al.

    The article was by a woman.

    My comments reflect an insistence on facts over “believe women” and hands-on experience with individuals who lie under oath.

  181. Garland was political theater between McConnell and Schumer; brought upon by Reid’s tenure as senate majority leader and his refusal to follow the traditions of the senate.
    The garland rule; or the “Biden rule” as its known stems from JOE BIDEN making the claim during GWB’s presidency that a sitting president could not fill a SCOTUS seat in the year prior to the election.
    Search Biden rule on google and you’ll get a little education.
    Your lack of knowledge of American history is due to either your poor public school education, poor choice of news sources or poor choice of reading materials. I would hope it’s not due to willful ignorance or intellectual dishonesty.

  182. No one has arrested Kavanaugh. If the police wanted to arrest him, they would need probable case — there is that pesky word, “probable”. Before he could be convicted, there would have to be a finding of guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

    But this process does not involve findings of guilt or innocence. This hearing is much like a job interview. People get rejected for jobs for all kinds of reasons, with no findings of “guilt”. If this man does not get confirmed, he will continue being a circuit court judge — for the rest of his life.

    And we constantly judge people’s credibility on the probability of the truthfulness of what they say.

  183. Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, I figured you were a young’in.

  184. The ABA has back stepped from its endorsement, calling for an investigation.

  185. The qualifier is men who are being asked about rape and assault. Since all men aren’t usually asked about rape & assault, then it was a universal statement about all men.

  186. Then there are many folks; the senate Republicans, the President, the ABA, ect who don’t understand it as they are all calling for an investigation now.

  187. Which would have taken place before the hearings had Senator Feinstein not sandbagged the allegation until it was clear Kavanaugh was going to be consented to.

    Here’s a bet for you:

    The FBI will report that there is no support for Dr. Ford’s allegations, and that this is a simple he said/she said.

    Feinstein will not accept that and will not vote to approve him.

    Which is where we started.

  188. What is this obsession with George Soros? Who paid Kavanaugh’s debts? The Koch Brothers? Russia?

  189. It really pisses me off that the same people who argue against abortion, birth control and same sex marriage have absolutely no qualms about sexual assault. They’d only be angry if the woman refused to give birth to the rapist’s child.

  190. But #45 gets a pass? Clinton was impeached for lying about a blow job. Kavanaugh has already lied multiple times under oath.

  191. The level of partisanship in the discussion below is overwhelming. There have been serious allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. It is only reasonable at this stage that the matter be investigated by the FBI.

  192. Yes, “we constantly judge people’s credibility on the probability of the truthfulness of what they say”.
    And in the case of Kavanaugh, since the witnesses Ford herself mentioned have not corroborated her account, and a number other people from the time of the alleged incident – both men and women – never heard anything about it, “the probability of the truthfulness” of Kavanaugh’s version -and hence of his credibility- is very high.

    But now that we have the G Men investigating a high school gathering, we’ll have to sit back, and wait and see.

  193. Where there’s smoke, there’s a smoke-emitter. The fire is in your mind.

  194. Gorsuch had no such allegations; Kavanaugh has at least three. You have to suspend both reason and intelligence to regard that as a fluke.

  195. An allegation is not a conviction — except in your mind. That’s where the “fire” is.

  196. In your particular case, that would be the wisest course of action one could take.

  197. As a musician, got no problem with tone…got a problem with drones😂

  198. At least I’m droning YOU ONLY. Not every adverse view to your rhetoric. Can U say same?

  199. Not much of a denial or rebuttal here. So you are telling me that there is nobody within the GOP who is a suitable replacement? They are all for some reason miscreants with shady pasts to hide?

    Its a harsh thing to imply, but Republican behavior has pointed to that. If there were moral upstanding, ethical types to be found in their judicial bullpen, then they would be quick to bounce this loser and move on to them.

  200. Looks to me like NOBODY TELLS you anything. YOU TELL everybody u interact with even if you have to substitute your own words for theirs.

    As to your question and your revealed substance of dialogue thus far. NO…at present there is no more suitable or qualified candidate for SCOTUS. FBI has previously six times vetted his qualifications

    So if u and your shrieking agenda-driven sycophants would clear the halls, elevators and restaraunts (where u chase those who disagree with you), we could get back to the process at hand, the Constitution as well as the rule of law and due process.


  201. OK, you have nothing left but tone trolling. You want to avoid discussing the topic in favor of personal attacks.


    ” NO…at present there is no more suitable or qualified candidate for SCOTUS. ”

    So the GOP is nothing more than a collection of miscreants, manbabies and liars with shady pasts. Good to know you admit to such things.

    ” the Constitution as well as the rule of law and due process.”

    Alex, What are three things conservatives have no use for?

    This is not a criminal or civil trial, its a job interview. One which Kavanaugh has displayed his complete and utter unsuitability for. He is not entitled to the most prestigious position in the legal profession as a matter of right. He had to earn it and comport himself in a manner worthy of such an honor. He hasn’t. His supporters have been downright cretinous in their rape apologia, excuses, and flat out fictions in support of this loser.

    If Republicans had any fidelity to rule of law, due process or the Constitution: Gorsuch would not have been the replacement for Scalia, the president wouldn’t constantly be at odds with the judiciary and the press, nor would conservatives be constantly bad mouthing the FBI for investigating inappropriate behavior by Trump’s election staff.

  202. I just discussed the topic and answered your question in same post. All one can say at this point (male, female, gender-neutral notwithstanding) “Adios Pendejo”


    How DARE you contradict the great Mark Silk?

    1. You have been misinformed since he knows it all and you disagree with him.

    2. The President has also, by word, deed, and dog whistle, and you have ESP like Mark Silk you, too, would read his mind and pay no attention to his words.

    3. The refugee issue is not a tangent, it lies at the core of current right-wing anti-Semitism because Mark Silk says it does.

    If he was not such a self-important jerk, it would sad to see him slipping into senile sputtering of the old songs of his left wing youth.

    You and Parker12 will be gone soon.

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