Religion News Service joins amicus brief in support of CNN, Acosta against President Trump and White House

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Religion News Service intends to join the amicus brief in support of CNN and its journalist Jim Acosta against President Donald Trump and his key White House staff members. The First Amendment’s freedom of the press is sacrosanct under the U.S. Constitution and necessary for a healthy democracy. The arbitrary revocation of Mr. Acosta’s so-called “hard pass” is an extraordinary denial of this freedom where, as here, it is clear the White House dislikes the questions asked by the journalist. This is unacceptable. Moreover, the implementation of this decision fundamentally failed the Fifth Amendment guarantee of due process. Again, this is unacceptable.

The White House must immediately reinstate Mr. Acosta’s press credentials in order for him to report on the White House and the presidency. “Should the White House continue to resist the reinstatement of Mr. Acosta’s press credentials, we expect that the court will require the president and White House to do so,” said Thomas Gallagher, CEO and publisher, Religion News Service.


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