Native American advocate Nathan Phillips, of Ypsilanti, Mich., sits for a portrait in Ypsilanti on May 2, 2015. Phillips gained national attention after a standoff between him and a group of Catholic high school students went viral on Jan. 18, 2019, in Washington, D.C. Photo by Chris Stranad

Native American man from viral video offers to meet with Catholic students, leaders

(RNS) — Nathan Phillips, a Native American man seen in a viral video of an encounter with a group of Kentucky Catholic school students, says he wants to meet with them and church officials to discuss the incident and turn it into a "teachable moment."

"Let’s create space for the teaching of tolerance to happen,” Phillips, an Omaha Nation elder, said in a news release from the Lakota People’s Law Project.

Over the weekend, social media was awash with videos showing an incident that occurred on Friday (Jan. 18) at the steps of Washington’s Lincoln Memorial between Phillips, who was attending the Indigenous Peoples March, and a group of Catholic school students from Kentucky, who were attending the March for Life.

Many of the students were adorned in clothing with the slogan “Make America Great Again,” Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

Initial videos surfaced on Saturday showing the students mocking Phillips, who was singing a Native American song and playing a drum. The students’ school — Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills, Ky., a Cincinnati suburb — eventually released a joint statement with the Diocese of Covington condemning their actions and raising the possibility of expulsion.

Additional clips revealed over the weekend provided greater context to the incident and sparked a fierce debate on social media — including two tweets from President Trump — about whether the students were being unfairly blamed.

A video of Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, left, and Native American activist Nathan Phillips went viral after their encounter in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 18, 2019. Screenshot via YouTube

 This image is available for web publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

Those additional videos show a group identifying itself as black Hebrew Israelites hurling curses and insults at the students, who responded with loud school chants. Phillips and other Native Americans put themselves between the two groups and then approached the students while drumming. That led to a confrontation between the students and Phillips.

Phillips hopes to meet with the students and Catholic leaders to talk through their encounter.

“Race relations in this country and around the world have reached a boiling point,” Phillips said in the news release. “It is sad that on the weekend of a holiday when we celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., racial hostility occurred on the steps of the Lincoln memorial, where King gave his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.”

Phillips said he and others with him viewed the students’ reaction to his drumming — particularly their use of the “tomahawk chop” used by the Atlanta Braves baseball team — as “a mockery of our cultures.”

Nick Sandmann, a student at the school who was seen grinning and staring at Phillips, released a public statement defending his actions.

"I believed by remaining motionless and calm, I was helping diffuse (sic) the situation," he said in the statement.

Sandmann also said that he did not speak to Phillips during the incident and denied that students had mocked Phillips.

Sandmann's statement was published after his family reportedly enlisted the help of Kentucky public relations firm RunSwitch, whose leadership includes conservative CNN commentator Scott Jennings.

Phillips said he had read the student's statement and disagreed with elements of it, noting Sandmann did not apologize and alleging the student's testimony included "intentional falsehoods."

Daniel Paul Nelson, a spokesman for Phillips and director of the Lakota People’s Law Project, explained the Omaha Nation elder’s objections include Sandmann’s suggestion that no one tried to block Phillips’ path (Nelson argued video shows Sandmann positioning himself in front of Phillips). Nelson also said Phillips took issue with the claim that the student was trying to de-escalate matters.

“When Nick Sandmann says in his letter that he was attempting to defuse the situation, we think the video evidence straightforward contradicts that,” he said. He later added: “We believe the adults are to blame, not the kids...(but) the kids need to take some responsibility.”

Conservative Fox News host Laura Ingraham reported on Tuesday that the White House is planning to meet with Covington students as soon as Wednesday. Ingraham backed off the report within an hour, saying the White House may hold a meeting after the shutdown ends. The White House did not immediately respond to a request from Religion News Service to confirm the invitation.

Asked if the White House reached out to invite Phillips for a visit, Nelson said, “Absolutely not, and I don’t expect them to.”

However, Phillips says he wants dialogue with the students, and Nelson said the Lakota People’s Law Project plans to offer a formal invite to the school soon.

“I have faith that human beings can use a moment like this to find a way to gain understanding from one another," Phillips said.

Phillips offered to visit the school and hold a discussion “about cultural appropriation, racism and the importance of listening to and respecting diverse cultures.”

Phillips, in collaboration with the Indigenous Peoples March and the Lakota People’s Law Project, is also requesting a meeting with Vatican officials and Pope Francis “to discuss what role the Church might be willing to play in reconciling the Catholic community worldwide with Indigenous people.”

“We feel that there is a distinct lack of understanding and appreciation of Native peoples and traditions worldwide," said Phillips. "It’s time to address the indecency of culturally appropriating our ritual movements and songs for the enjoyment of non-Native peoples."

RNS reached out to the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School to confirm the White House invitation and to ask whether they would accept Phillips’ request, but they did not immediately respond. (The school reportedly shut down its campus on Tuesday as a precaution.)

Others are also calling for a reunion of the two groups. On Monday, Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby offered to fly out Phillips first class to his establishment to "break bread and make amends" with Covington Catholic High School students, according to the Courier Journal.

"There might be blame on both sides," Ruby, who has mentored Covington Catholic students, told the Journal. "We have to remember these are kids in this situation. There may have been things done and said in the heat of the moment. I'd like to get both sides together, get them talking and maybe take a moment to stand in the other's shoes."

Meanwhile, the original Twitter account that helped make the video go viral has been banned, with experts suggesting that a network of anonymous accounts could have been responsible for the video's rise — a tactic also reportedly used by Russian Twitter bots during the 2016 election.

This post has been updated with additional quotes from Nathan Phillips' spokesman, and to note conflicting reports of the students potentially being invited to the White House. It was also changed to remove initial claims by Indian Country Today and the Lakota People’s Law Project that Phillips is a Vietnam veteran in light of new reports, with Nelson explaining Phillips says he served in the military from 1972 to 1976, but never served in Vietnam.


  1. Why am I not surprised that RNS is doubling down and lionizing that provocateur who, with his buds, aggressively approached and harassed the kids from Covington? Disgusting.

    He wants to make it a “teachable moment” now? What a pompous jerk!

    If I was the parent of one of those kids, I would give him a “teachable moment”, showing him a new place to store his drum!

  2. Don’t people understand that these kids were just trying to Make America White Again? After all, that is what God and the white privilege culture of Covington want.

    At 8:00ish EST ran a story this morning stating that the professional Indian agitator refused to meet with the kids because they stole his narrative that he was “praying”. Not sure who prays with a drum, but okay.
    At 11:00ish EST the professional Indian agitator recants his position and says he’ll meet with the kids because it provides a “teachable moment”.
    NO – the professional Indian agitator got skewered in the press this morning as more comes out that he had no business being where he was (permit was for 1/2 mile or so away) most normal people don’t pray by banging a drum 6 inches from another persons head; his Vietnam service claim is now being investigated, HE’s the adult and his other legal issues/run in’s with college students.
    This guy is no saint.
    He wouldn’t of pulled that move with a biker from the Rolling Thunder ride.

  4. The top response to David Brooks’ column in today’s NY Times deserves repeating here:

    Mark Kessinger
    New York, NY Jan. 21

    Having watched both the original video, and the video that the supporters of these kids claim is a vindication of them, I see nothing in the latter that in any way justifies their behavior. The claim is that the boys had been provoked by another group. Perhaps they were, but. . . provoked to do what, exactly?

    They claim that the young Mr. Sandmann was “standing his ground.” Really? Against what challenge? What I see in the video are two groups, one of the high school students, who are milling about, and the other the native American man and his group, who seem to be moving through the park in the course of their protest, and this is what brings the two into close proximity. Normally, in a free-flowing public setting such as this, there’s an automatic give and take of space as people try to move through such a crowd. But for this young man, any such “give” is apparently too much to ask. And so this young man chooses to maintain nearly chest-to-chest contact, his face a foot from the man’s face, staring directly at him and smirking. The student has said he was smiling to demonstrate that he and his friends were friendly and accepting. Sorry, but the totality of his smirk, his stare, and his chest-to-chest stance constitutes a body language the meaning of which is well known to any male over about the age of 8. It was clearly an attempt to intimidate, and those kids deserve to be called out on it.

  5. Now that the full video has vindicated the story told by the minors (who were minding their own business) you have no excuse for this story, which, while admitting another narrative or context, continues to promote the false view of Phillips as a peacemaker, rather than the provocateur that he was in the video. I don’t know why you have a religion news service if you care so little for the truth, or insist on measuring the truth with a political yardstick. If these boys were attending a peace rally wearing Che Guevara T-shirts and were set upon by an adult conservative military vet and some white supremacist nut jobs, I would not hesitate to defend the kids, especially after a two hour video confirmed their story. The attempt to re-frame this story to make the kids culpable is despicable, but not unexpected.

  6. I guess I’m the only one here who isn’t 100% sure. I watched a 1:46 video plus several others focused on the incident. My first view had me wanting to smack the boy. When I saw more I felt I jumped the gun. There’s a few things that got me.

    * Mr. Phillips approach the boys who were doing school spirit. He got right in the boy’s face with the drum. Did he intend to pass thru and was stopped by the boys? I couldn’t tell that from the videos.

    * From other angles, instead of a smirk, I saw confusion and embarrassment on the boy’s face.

    * I wasn’t sure about the chanting – were they joining him or making fun of him? I saw some doing a tomahawk chop – quite disrespectful.

    * One of the Native Americans was telling one of the boys to go back to Europe – this was their land. When the boy argued back I saw Sandmann motion for him to stop. Was he trying to disfuse the situation?

    * I didn’t hear ‘Build the Wall’

    * After a while they all dispersed. Could either group have done that earlier?

    * I saw a video of some MAGA hats catcalling a woman. Don’t know if they were Covington boys. Very rude.

    * A video from 2012 showed some Covington boys in blackface at a basketball game. They say it wasn’t but the white paint around their eyes and mouth says blackface. Those students have graduated but it may give us an insight into the climate at the school.

    * Is Phillips telling the truth about his motives or was he looking for conflict and sympathy?

    Maybe it’s like a Rorschach Test – we see what we want to see. I’m just disgusted with what’s going on in our country now – the hatred on both sides. The ugliness it is exposing. Maybe, like a boil, it will have to come to a head soon. It’s certainly being played out on this site.

  7. Go do your research on the blackface comment; or you will have to retract yet again.

  8. Net, net, Church School kids were taken out to do political activity wearing political gear. Their parents and leaders were negligent to have them there in a situation where their involvement in this kind of controversy and standoff was even remotely possible. The school, the diocese and the kids are taking a long-lasting hit which is not a positive for them, for the pro-life cause or for Christianity. To no one’s surprise, Trump appears to be starting the process of making this about HIM. To no one’s surprise, the entirety of white conservatism plans to tell the rest of us that some blacks and some American Indians are causing white people trouble (again).

  9. They were supporting the Right to Life, a very Christian thing to do. If you don’t like their standing up for what they believe, too bad.

  10. Yes, their continuing to press this false narrative really shows how far leftist RNS really is.

  11. An awful lot of schoolgirls were at the 2017 Women’s March… I don’t remember anyone suggesting their parents were negligent for letting them be there.

  12. They were having this boil at Washington DC in 1860, and they got a Civil War. All that is going to happen this time is that citizens are going to continue losing their rights and their economic fortunes to those of corporations——while we occupy ourselves with stuff like this.

  13. And they needed the Make America White Again caps to support Right to Life?

  14. You do NOT want to go down the “they-were-asking-for-it-because-of-what-they-were-wearing” road.

  15. Defamation lawsuits are going to be filed. There’ll certainly be a “teachable moment” for someone.

    All in all, not a good week for the liberal media.

  16. I guess girls are better at staying out of incidents with racial overtones. Or maybe their chaperones are better at not losing control of the situations they are supposed to be managing. You can’t flip our attention from a confrontation which just took place on video to some other universe of things that might have happened—-but didn’t.

  17. The recorded “confrontation” featured no “loss of control” whatsoever. Unlike the flurry of lies that followed it.

  18. I didn’t go down that road. You just read it in.

  19. The clothing they wore makes absolutely no difference. No adults should have been shouting slurs at them or accosting them in any fashion.

  20. You won’t have to worry about that at the “women’s” march…

  21. Of course. Those poor little white boys were the victims. That is why we need to Make America White Again.

  22. I agree with Shawnie below, but let me see if I can help you figure out why someone might wear a Trump/MAGA hat to a PRO-LIFE March. (It’s really not that difficult, but Lordy, you don’t have a clue!)

    1. It’s a Pro-Life March, and Trump’s Presidency has probably been the most Pro-Life Presidency ever.

    2. Abolishing abortion would indeed MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, by once again making America safe for the most vulnerable among us – our children still in the womb.

  23. Their color doesn’t matter, either.

    They are children and the others were adults and should have behaved as such.

  24. You just don’t understand….
    To the left who classifies everything into “good” groups and “bad” groups; this is ALL about race.
    That’s because the left sees people as groups; not individuals.

  25. Sadly true. What I saw was a kid who may have been scared but refused to be either baited or intimidated. He’s already more of a man than the cowards who decided to take on a gaggle of high-schoolers — not to mention the social media creeps who decided to make a liberal Two-Minute-Hate out of it.

  26. “That’s because the left sees people as groups; not individuals.”
    You do understand that here you are doing exactly what you accuse the left of doing, don’t you? Or maybe you don’t understand.

  27. Yup. Now they have to close the school because of death threats (supported by adults in Hollywood and elsewhere).
    And Christians are the hateful ones…

  28. “Phillips said he and others with him viewed the students’ reaction to
    his drumming — particularly their use of the ‘tomahawk chop’ used by the
    Atlanta Braves baseball team — as ‘a mockery of our cultures.'”

    Jack Jenkins should quit while he’s behind.

    Even NPR today issued corrections and retractions.

    Giving Phillips more attention is the last thing these young men, one whom and his family received death threats, should do.

    He’s a loose bolt at best.

    As to “Meanwhile, the original Twitter account that helped make the video go viral has been banned, with experts suggesting that a network of anonymous accounts could have been responsible for the video’s rise …”, well duh.

  29. Phillips needs to talk to a VA counselor, not the boys.

  30. Then why do kids need a PR firm? Why is the school closed today? Why is CovCath taking down other videos which were previously on its website which now would make it look bad? The failure of the chaperones to keep their kids out of confrontation is a costly, costly mess for that school. It is a big screwup on adults’ part, something which was not supposed to happen.

  31. On the other hand, the video also shows Mr. Phillips holding or banging his drum way too close to Mr. Sandmann’s face. Some folks, might accidentally interpret that action as a fighting move. (Just sayin’. If you don’t wanna escalation, keep all musical instruments away from people’s faces.) Perhaps Mr. Phillips could have done more to help defuse the situation.

    But the real problem is (and this RNS article fully reflects the problem, as does Mr. Kessinger’s comments) is that nobody wants to deal with, or call out, the jokers who caused the entire mess. They’re getting a Free Pass.

    Mr. Phillips could have headed straight for those angry, cursing “Black Israelites” with his drum and marchers, but instead headed straight for Mr. Sandmann and the Catholic kids. Why? Restauranteur Jeff Ruby is on the right track with an expenses-paid “break bread” dinner, but why is he not inviting the Black Israelites who caused the trouble? Free Pass.

  32. “Some folks, might accidentally interpret that action as a fighting move.” You bet they might. I like to think my son would have reacted as Sandmann did, but I’m not as sure about my husband. He’s a mild-mannered guy, but I don’t think even he would let anyone get up in his face without some pushback.

  33. Rick, I am hundreds of miles from this mess and commenting on it mainly from the standpoint the whole episode as an unfortunate backfire for everyone involved. All the Christian School boards in the country are going to be talking about how not to have this happen to THEM.

  34. Well, actually the PARENTS are asking for something when they dress their kiddies as junior antagonists against the other half of the national population. They managed to make themselves and their school look like enemies of those that Conservative Christianity always claims it exists to evangelize. It’s a Witness Wreck.

  35. Not to mention, umm, the Black Israelites. Not criticizing you on this, but it’s like everybody’s kind of afraid — REALLY afraid — to call them out and hold THEM accountable for “tolerance”, “civility”, “teachable moments” and such.

    Too much PC? Too much fear of a black backlash?

  36. “When why do kids need a PR firm?” Why not ask David Hogg — he and his buds have one.

    Real answer: because lawsuits are going to be filed. Bet on it.

    Why is school closed? Because of death threats from leftists, incited by this defamatory media snafu.

    There was no confrontation other than some cowardly adults unsuccessfully baiting a group of children. Big, tough men, to be sure.

  37. No teen was ever attacked for sporting caps or t-shirts supporting Obama, nor were their parents blamed for allowing them to wear them. We would appreciate the same courtesy from Dems, if such a phenomenon as a courteous Dem is at all possible.

  38. You forgot to mention the rabid left called for people to go to the school and shoot it up. There were violent calls to do bodily harm to these kids but nothing about that here. Where is that outrage? Then of course there was all the social media comments aimed at these kids before the entire story was revealed. The rabid left just decided that these students, these children were to be offered on their altar of social justice as quick as the story first came out. Never a moment to get all the facts, never a moment to understand what went on. Nope, they just saw a Native American and those MAGA hats and that is all they needed to know. Every bias, every discrimination, every bit of hate they possess came out.

    So is the drummer going to spend some time with the other group, Black Hebrew Israelis, and discuss how they need to become more tolerant? Nothing mentioned about that. What is the teachable moment from all this?

    Stop the lynching mentality of the left.
    Stop acting on cursory information and learn the entire story
    The media including social media are nothing but dog whistles to incite vengeance and violence
    Take steps to not be triggered by a hat
    Learn to be tolerant
    Stop hating and stop disguising hatred as virtue or justified

  39. The school was closed because the lefties made violent threats to the school including calling for mass shootings.

  40. So Philips was advocating such things and was simply receiving pushback for such views? Oh wait, no he wasn’t. In fact even “the longer video” doesn’t exonerate the kids or show them to be anything other than hostile and intimidating to Philips.

    Because after all, these are white kids. We are expected to give them more of a benefit of a doubt than anyone else when suspected of wrongdoing. /s

  41. Death threats from good liberals like yourself.
    Things liberals want to kill:
    White males
    White Christian males
    White Christian Catholic males
    White Christian Catholic males who are pro-life

    And puppies.

  42. Because the high school students were sooooo threatened by the presence of an elderly man and they were simply fighting back from a terrible threat. /s

  43. Nope. This is just another attack on Christians.
    The kids need to understand the environment they are in; and will be in for the next 50 years. They will need to defend the faith from modernism, socialism and secularism.

  44. There is a difference between an individual teen in a hat or shirt representing only himself or herself and a church school trip with hats reflecting on the school and the church which sponsors it. There is also the problem that MAGA is itself a fib. Trumpism isn’t “great” at all.

    As for whether any teen in Obama gear was ever attacked, you are making an impossibly broad generalization which is unsupportable.

  45. Yeah, and the Church School Board is delighted about this outcome of its politicization of its students, no doubt.

  46. Edited version to suit your narrative.
    I don’t read propaganda.

  47. You have an odd way of talking about a Marine vet.

  48. Yup.
    The left loves everyone except white males.
    And babies.
    And puppies.


    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump, Twitter, January 21-22, 2019:

    “Looking like Nick Sandman & Covington Catholic students were treated unfairly with early judgements proving out to be false – smeared by media. Not good, but making big comeback! ‘New footage shows that media was wrong about teen’s encounter with Native American’ @TuckerCarlson … Nick Sandmann and the students of Covington have become symbols of Fake News and how evil it can be. They have captivated the attention of the world, and I know they will use it for the good – maybe even to bring people together. It started off unpleasant, but can end in a dream!”


    (1) “Lawyer For Covington Kids Threatens To Sue NYT For ‘Obvious Libel’; People Line Up To Help”, The Daily Wire, January 22, 2019.

    (2) “Lawyer for Covington Catholic HS Families Threatens Lawsuits Against Media Unless They Retract False Stories”, PJ Media, January 21, 2019.

    (3) “Journalist Fired After Wanting Covington Catholic Students And Their Parents ‘To Die'”, The Daily Wire, January 22, 2019.

  51. Well then he should have directed his drum-banging to the ones even he admits started the incident.

  52. “There is a difference between an individual teen in a hat or shirt representing only himself or herself and a church school trip with hats reflecting on the school and the church which sponsors it.” Not really. Individuals have been similarly attacked.

    “There is also the problem that MAGA is itself a fib. Trumpism isn’t “great” at all.” LOL! In your opinion. Others are entitled to a different opinion. Freedom of speech. Deal with it.

  53. I am dealing with it. My freedom of speech is what you are always replying to. Lacking thoughtfulness yourself, you rant and rave about mine. It’s amazing that I have such control over you to command so much of your attention.

  54. Again, if responses to your posts on a discussion board are distressing, consider a personal blog with no comment function.

  55. I’m not distressed with you. Any minute I get tired of your trolling, I can block you so that your replies are only to third parties, not to me. I’ve done it lots of times and the result is always the same. They lose interest when they find their harassment is only on display to everybody else and not in the face of the one they wanted to bother.

  56. If you blocked them, how would you know?

    Nobody’s harassing you, pal. It’s a DISCUSSION forum. Get over yourself. And feel more than free to block.

  57. I just watched the video of what all they were saying to these kids. Good grief!

  58. Who was the “rabid left.” Names and organizations, please. Cite the source.

    This reminds me very much of the claims about how violent gay activists are, with lists of things that Happened. Except there were no police reports, no corroborative testimony, no names, no people arrested, and no people convicted.

  59. Well if you saw the long video you’ll see an hour and 45 minutes of racist (oh sorry – bigoted) remarks directed to the Native Americans and especially the students by the Black Hebrews was disgusting – at least to this ‘nasty a** cracker’. One of the Native Americans was telling the students (and we white folks) to go back to Europe. Mild but bigoted. So no one gets a Good Conduct Medal. They all had agendas.

  60. Primarily an attack on Trump because of the Red Hats. Condemning the Catholic school is just dessert.

  61. From the movie the Matrix. The blue pill will keep you in your bubble of bliss and ignorance. The red pill brings you to reality. Something like that.

  62. When you block people and they reply to you, you still see that somebody is there replying to you—–you just don’t see what they said. When others reply to them, you see the name being replied to. So it is quite possible to see how much activity you get from people you have blocked. My experience is they drift away after they discover that their insults and whatever are no longer delivered to the person they wanted to send that junk to.

  63. In this case the MAGA hats are a symbol and representation of what are considered very bad ideas. But still an expression of the First Ammendment.

  64. Of course, the media was kind enough to extensively document, and occasionally videotape, the VERY extreme mess that **some** folks happily indulged in, after the initial passage of Prop 8 in California (years ago.)

    We’ll have to look at the laundry list again soon, since it’s a pretty big list of hatred, anger, threats, and crimes involving multiple cities and even more than one state. Christians and other religionists, better not forget what took place. As HP Lovecraft might say, that thing is buried but certainly NOT dead.

    But that ain’t what this thread is about. Let’s stay in the moment, yes? This story, this thread, has nothing to do with LGBT activists.

  65. Yes. And I did not watch the long video. If I had, I guess I would wonder why the sponsors stood hitched for long-term derision of the students by the Black Hebrews (whoever THEY are). Taking kids out for “stand your ground” marathons with bad actors doesn’t seem like good judgment to me. But I will agree with you that there are always “agendas” on all sides.

    The “agenda” I now hear from some other posters here is a suggestion that Covington Catholic now sue a bunch of media. Sounds like more trouble (to me) and likely more negative attention to the school.

  66. Thanks. The blue pills sound great. Do I need a prescription, or will my local pusher have them?

  67. I checked again and not sure what I missed. In the blackface images I’ve seen the area around the mouth is white – as seen on the boys.

    BTW, I don’t mind being proven wrong or retracting if I am.

    Please enlighten me.

  68. I’ve been searching on Liberal and Conservative media sites and haven’t seen any group mentioned or any copy of the threats yet.

  69. Yup a group of teenagers were extremely threatened by an old man making goofy gestures. Maybe they were afraid of being hexed or something.

    Still not getting to any point where these students were acting in self-preservation or even reaction to a threat. But since they are white catholic kids, they get all presumptions of being in the right. If they were people of color doing the same thing, we wouldn’t even get to other videos.

    You still tout phony debunked videos on different subjects without shame or recognition.

  70. Former students of the school commented that the school has “black out” days where the student body wears black, blue or white (school colors) clothes for sporting events – meaning that for one event, everyone wears blue shirt, blue pants, blue socks, blue face paint; etc.
    the article I read showed the student body wearing all white. The next game they wear all blue. The next all black. Some kids paint their hands and faces; most don’t.
    I think people are making a stretch to imply racism when they saw a photo of a kid dressed in black with his face painted black (as opposed to blackface).

  71. Two garbage non-news sources not known for veracity

    Daily Wire
    The Daily Wire has also published some false information such as these and this directly from Ben Shapiro. Further, a factual search reveals that the Daily Wire, on a whole, has a mixed track record with fact checkers.

    PJ Wire
    A factual search reveals multiple instances of failed fact checks by IFCN fact checkers. Overall, we rate PJ Media to be borderline Questionable based on numerous failed fact checks, however they do fall just below the threshold

  72. 1 – Avoid Indians beating drums.

    2 – Avoid Black Hebrews.

    3 – Avoid the left wing media.

  73. It’s shocking you think is worth mentioning.

    You really have constructed your own little reality, haven’t you?

  74. You appear to have a good source of pills already based on your posts.

    Suggestion: stop taking the ones with BITTER written on them.

  75. You have to understand that some of our posters wouldn’t recognize a real man if he sacrificed his life for their salvation.

  76. It depends on who you voted for.

    From the perspective of pro-lfe, this Administration is head and shoulders above the ones which preceded it.

  77. He has played this game repeatedly.

    His position is that his posts are sacrosanct.

    His blocked list apparently goes on for pages.

    Same with PsiCop.

  78. MAGA won the election, or where you with Rip Van Winkle?

  79. With the exception of removing you from the premises, I don’t any of the posters or the youth are or were in favor of Making America White Again.

    Of course you’re just a bitter puppy.

  80. So all the vets have GET OUT OF JAIL FREE cards?

  81. “But ALL the other journalists were writing it!” – Jack Jenkins

  82. Odd. I have never needed to get in somebody’s face beating on a drum to advocate.

    Can I borrow your head? I already have the beater.

  83. JoeMyGod, Friendly Atheist – hey, those look like your favorite haunts.

    No one has been arrested in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.


  84. With cr-p like that you can rewrite the Horst Wessel song.

  85. Another complication.

    “These young men were beastly and these old black individuals was their prey, and I stood in between them and so they needed their pounds of flesh and they were looking at me for that,” he added.”

    Read his new story in the Detroit Free Press. Totally contrary to the video record.

  86. The link goes to a Rick Ashley video but the label says Covington.

  87. Yup. 25+ up voted for flashback Friday!!

    She still has to get the editing right…,

  88. Really Jim? How old are you?
    A group of rich white prissy kids are going to go after four adults?
    The kids are laughing and smiling and grab-adding around.
    I’ve been in fights. That not how to behave when your going to knuckle up.
    The Indian lies again.

  89. I saw the tomahawk chops and while we can’t know their motives, it is often a sign of mockery. Like when Republicans taunted Elizabeth Warren with tomahawk chops over her claims of Native American ancestry. They certainly weren’t celebrating her. Right?

  90. I saw that. My opinion was based only on the white paint around the mouth. Why would they do that for a blackout? It’s done in blackface. Since I can’t see into their heads I’ll never know for sure.

  91. The complication, which I didn’t make clear, is that his story does not match the video at all. He is lying.

  92. Please cut out the ‘she’ nonsense. You guys are embarrassing yourselves.

  93. NPR, hardly a right wing organization, did an on-the-air retraction and correction yesterday.

    As far as I am concerned the matter is concluded.

  94. “Who needs facts? If a story confirms my liberal biases it MUST be right!”

  95. BEST NEWS YET! 2

    (4) “BREAKING: Covington Kids Going To The White House”, The Daily Wire, January 22, 2019.

    (5) “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Polish lawmaker invites ‘wrongfully accused’ Covington students to Parliament”, Lifesite News, January 21, 2019.

    (6) “Journalist Who Wished Death on Covington Catholic High School Students Has Reportedly Lost His Job”, Newsweek, January 22, 2019.

  96. Maybe the journalist can work for Slate or Salon now; he’ll fit right in there. Possibly even RNS, the way things are going.

  97. Nothing to say about my example of Elizabeth Warren?

  98. Don’t know. I’m an Independent – we take the green pill.

  99. “That’s because the left sees people as groups; not individuals.”

    There’s truth to that especially with the Far Left. The Republicans recognize only two groups: white and non-white. 😀

  100. Oddly they’re so self-absorbed they haven’t even noticed it.

  101. All of your posts are jokes.

    Not good ones, btw.

  102. So Jack Jenkins gives him some more coverage.

    I wonder where Mr. Jenkins will be flipping burgers a year from now?

    Or perhaps he’ll be teaching journalism in California.

  103. That is because the threats are still being investigated, according to the Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney.

    They don’t shut down school frivolously. Those days may have to be made up and no one would be happy about losing any days off their Spring or Easter Break.

  104. We’ve already gone through this discussion. You have me three links, which turned out exactly as I said. I don’t think we’ll do it again.

  105. Such a Pierre. Stalk. Stalk. Stalk. Stalk. Stalk. Stalk. Stalk. Stalk. Stalk.

  106. Is he being exposed for attempting to disrupt a Mass during the March for Life event? Or for lying about being a Vietnam Vet? Is he being exposed in your article for his history of leftist agitation and how he aggressively approached these teens. No? Not interested. His continued attempt to make this about “race relations” is pathetic. He was “triggered” that the kids at a conservative rally were wearing Trump hats. He needs to get over that, not insinuate that these kids hate Native Americans.

  107. You left a critical element out:
    They were White, Christian, Catholic, Pro-Life, Males who are (gasp! SOUTHERNERS!

  108. YES!!!
    Correct. Descendents of slave owners I’m sure….

  109. From
    Indian agitator being investigated for stolen valor. Never served in Vietnam as he and media outlets have stated.
    He was an refrigeration technician who went AWOL numerous times.

  110. “…the MAGA hats are a symbol and representation of what are considered very bad ideas.”

    By some – and very good ideas by others.

    I think most of us know by now that the nation is about equally divided…and equally passionate about the division.

    Unfortunately, both sides are coming to a bipartisan conclusion that the easiest way to resolve the conflict is to simply extinguish the other side. Some on the fringes of the divide have already begun to act out that conviction (e.g., Steve Scalise). The Media’s disgraceful, reflexive “piling on” the kids in this case will only contribute to more of the same.


  112. BEST NEWS YET! 3

    (7) “Lawyer for Covington Catholic Families Gives Media 48 Hours to ‘Retract and Correct’ Smears: ‘Lawsuits will start to occur next week”, PJ Media, January 23, 2019.

    (8) Robert Barnes, @Barnes_Law, Twitter, January 23, 2019: “As Covington families look into legal action, one lawyer is offering his services for free | …”

    (9) Savannah Guthrie, @SavannahGuthrie, Twitter, January 22, 2019: “Sitting down with Nicholas Sandmann – the student at the center of the protest controversy at the Lincoln Memorial. Airs tomorrow on @TODAYshow”.

    (10) Diocese of Covington, website since January 22, 2019: “A statement from the Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School … Concerning the incident in Washington, D.C., between Covington Catholic students, Elder Nathan Phillips and Black Hebrew Israelites the independent, third-party investigation is planned to begin this week. This is a very serious matter that has already permanently altered the lives of many people. It is important for us to gather the facts that will allow us to determine what corrective actions, if any, are appropriate.”

  113. That’s right. And in so doing this make-believe war veteran has brought shame to the indigenous peoples. Let’s see now if they’re going to bring him to Native American Justice so as to purify his soul.

    Nope. Not gonna happen. That only happens in the movies.

  114. OMG mercy Jesus: “While chanting and playing ceremonial drums, a group of Native American rights activists reportedly led by Nathan Phillips attempted Jan. 19 to enter Washington, D.C.’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception during a Saturday evening Mass.”

  115. Good grief! They weren’t “taken out,” they WENT out — on their own initiative — because they support the Pro-Life cause. You expose your own bigotry every time you kick the flywheel on your spin machine.

  116. So glad JJ’s fake news backfires on him! What will RNS Board do with him now? (Did you catch him spinning another fake news with “the Russian bots” angle?)

  117. Kids don’t do anything on their own initiative. They are sponsored, supported, taught, transported and supervised by adults.

  118. Of course. There hasn’t been this much “Cahmunist” blaming since the McCarthy era. Are these screwballs even capable of being embarrassed?

  119. Your psychic powers are impressive. I especially liked the way you got inside the heads of these young men to verify that they had no motive of their own, and were simply following the orders of their parents and priests.

  120. It’s easy to get inside the head of a minor under a MAGA hat—–brainwashed. None of them have lived long enough to know how Trumpism has whacked them for the rest of their lives, so they can’t be for it—–kind of like the law presumes a minor cannot consent to sexual activity with an adult.

  121. “It’s easy to get inside the head of a minor under a MAGA hat—–brainwashed.”

    Everything is simple for the simple-minded. The rest of us still have to deal with the complexities of everyday life and the convolutions of human motive.

    And you continue to expose your own bigotry every time you kick the flywheel on your spin machine.

  122. “Everything is simple for the simple-minded. The rest of us still have to deal with the complexities of everyday life and the convolutions of human motive.”

    Those are great lines. Apply for a speechwriting job at a leftie place. You’re so confused you can write our kind of sentiments and not even know that you are.

  123. But you’re apparently unable or (more likely) unwilling to apply them where they were directed – at you. Wriggle, wriggle…there! Free at last – of self-insight.

  124. Unwilling, of course. But I can spot talent in the raw. You may have under-recognized and mystical abilities to create messaging that undermines your own messaging.

  125. That’s just one of the things happening strictly in your mind, that I’m not interested in.

  126. The best thing I can do is disinterest you—-the sooner the better, you know? It’s a goal on this end.

  127. Well give yourself a pat on the back…you’ve finally done it — this time around. Hasta la vista!

  128. BEST NEWS YET! 4

    (11) TODAY, @TODAYshow, Twitter, January 24, 2019: “‘Did you hear anyone say “build that wall”? It isn’t audible on the video clips I think that are out there. But did you hear that?’ @savannahguthrie asks Nathan Phillips … ‘You know, I did hear that.’ -Phillips”.

    (12) “Kentucky Prosecutor [Kenton County’s Rob Sanders] Vows to Hold Culprits Accountable for Threatening Covington Catholic Teens”, PJ Media, January 23, 2019.

  129. ‘YO CRUDDIE:

    (1) “Media Bias/Fact Check is a widely cited source for news stories and even studies about misinformation, despite the fact that its method is in no way scientific.”

    (2) “Currently, media critics have access to a few analysis tools that make investigations of bias and balance more rigorous. … Amateur attempts at such tools already exist, and have found plenty of fans. … Media Bias/Fact Check [for one, is] run by armchair media analyst Dave Van Zandt. The site’s methodology is simple: Van Zandt and his team rate each outlet from 0 to 10 on the categories of biased wording and headlines, factuality and sourcing, story choices (‘does the source report news from both sides’), and political affiliation. … [Such] efforts suffer from the very problem they’re trying to address: Their subjective assessments leave room for human biases, or even simple inconsistencies, to creep in.”

    Source: (1) Daniel Funke and Alexios Mantzarlis, “Here’s what to expect from fact-checking in 2019”, Poynter, December 18, 2018.

  130. There is one thing that seems to be getting lost in the reporting and commentating. What Phillips said or did before the encounter is…merely interesting. It doesn’t really matter if he’s miraculously feed 800,000 starving government employees out of a buffalo horn passed down since 1854. It doesn’t really matter if he feasts on live ducklings for breakfast. It doesn’t really matter if he’s a two time winner at the Player Hater’s Ball. It doesn’t really matter if he’s a judge for the Newton Lacy Pierce Prize in Astronomy. Those things would be merely interesting in regards to the encounter.

    Phillips has had some press about him before then, but I kind of doubt that any of the Future Orange Blowhards of America recognized him.

    What’s important is what the Covington Junior Trumpistas saw in him. What they likely saw was a skinny, old, weather beaten “Indian.” They saw a frail looking minority man that unlike the Black Hebrew Israelites, looked like they could take him down, dominate him, menace him, bully him…and do it with impunity.

    As a friend said: “Black folks have seen that sneer since the transatlantic slave trade.”

  131. Your source doesn’t look much like a reliable source of information. It use to have it’s moments about financial information, but after 2014, it apparently changed into just another Russophile politics of white resentments website.

    Despite Phillips troubled times back then, he still enlisted in the military and got through Marine boot camp. Getting through Marine boot camp isn’t a pleasant walk in the park. That’s something you can take pride in.By the way, he initially was a type of infantryman, according to the Stars And Stripes, but only for four months before becoming a refrigeration tech..

    I’m also a Vietnam era veteran, “era” means that I wasn’t stationed in Vietnam either, and my enlistment overlapped his. One thing that I remember of that time is that our Republican Commander in Chief was a morally bankrupt criminal with contempt for democracy. Remind you of anyone?

    Considering that the Vietnam war was in a steamy part of Asia, training as a refrigeration technician suggests what could have happened to Phillips had the war lasted longer. I wouldn’t sneer like Sandmann at the skilled trades. While one of my grandfathers was a Republican politician and educator, my other grandfather was a mechanic. If your car breaks down, which person would you want to help you?

    Another thing that I remember about that time is that military morale tanked, and to various degrees, that impacted everyone, worldwide. I hope that today’s military never knows what that is like. That surely did not help Phillips fight the demons of minority stress that had already been heaped upon him.

    Phillips has apparently slipped up a few times in not including the “era” when he’s talking about “Vietnam-times.” His use of the phrase “Vietnam-times” more or less means the same thing.

    One accusation leveled at him was that he claimed to have been a Recon Ranger in Vietnam. But, I read the source of that accusation in Vogue magazine, I think it was, and anyone familiar with the concept of “contexts” and possessing a moderate level of “reading comprehension,” saw that he was explaining his role in a protest last year to the reporter as being what was called a “recon ranger” in Vietnam-times. He wasn’t claiming that he was a recon ranger during the Vietnam war, but that his role in the 2018 protest in South Dakota was like that of a recon ranger.

    In any case, his life before his encounter with the racist headgear wearing, sneering Sandmann is merely interesting in regards to this situation. (And, Phillips has lives an interesting life indeed.) Sandmann knew nothing of Phillips life. The only thing he saw as thing, harmless looking old “Indian,” which unlike the Black Hebrew Israelites, could be dominated and bullied for his and his racist headgear wearing pals’ amusement.

    Interestingly, The Black Hebrew Israelites apparently figured out that “Dad” was trying, deliberately or instinctively, to defuse what may have been an escalating situation by deflecting attention away from the two taunting each other groups towards the protest against oppression and injustice.

    Heaven forbid that anyone protest oppression and injustice when Sandmann and his Trump gang colors* wearing pals are around.

    * Thanks Chauncey Devega, for the fitting phrase.

  132. Of course Sandmann knew nothing of all that. All that racist headgear wearing white Catholic saw was a skinny, harmless looking old “Indian” deflecting attention away from them and their mutual taunting with the Black Hebrew Isrealites, which could have escalated real quick. You do not want to piss off religious extremists who probably actually know how to fight.

    Sandmann saw a little old “Indian,” of whom he knew nothing except that he was protesting oppression and injustice, who would seem like an easy target to bully, humiliate, sneer at and dominate to the amusement of him and his racist and homophobic headgear wearing pals.

    Since the chaparones had apparently allowed them to exchange taunts with the Black Hebrew Israelites…while wearing a bright red symbol of Trumpist intolerance, white privilege run amok, sexism, homophobia and racism… they’re guilty of racism by association, and inaction.

    What ever happened to: “Hey kids. Let’s gather over there about fifty feet away while we wait for the bus?” By the way, why would you wait for a bus at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial? Do buses really drop off and pick up students on school trips there?

  133. While I disapprove of disrupting services, forgive me if I’m not too distraught.

    The so called “conservatives” in the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention has had no qualms at all about disrupting the lives of all LGBTQ people, even to the point of trying to perpetuate economic injustice by trying to keep same-sex marriages from being legally recognized, and are encouraging public humiliation and capricious discrimination against LGBTQ people as they go about their lawful business in the public square…and that’s just for starters. Their tactics are little different than those of the white Citizens’ Councils from back when I was young. Bigots are apparently unimaginative that way.

    Phillips is a protester against oppression and injustice, and “conservatives” in both denominations are shameless oppressors who create dangerous minority stress and other injustices upon their law abiding minority members of their churches, their neighbors…and perhaps their own relatives….and the Two Spirits and LGBTQ of Phillips’ people.

  134. He is a real Vietnam era veteran who made it through Marine boot camp during the Vietnam-times. He was not dishonorably discharged. He’s had his sobriety for decades now.

    Claiming that people who protest against oppression and injustice bring shame upon their people is an old racist divide and conquer tactic from way back. That is what you obviously what you want, for people who expose white privilege to criticism and deserved ridicule to be invisible and silent.

    I’m also an Vietnam era veteran, a real veteran who was invited to join the American Legion and so on, though from a different branch. My enlistment overlapped his.

    By the way, our Republican Commander in Chief was a corrupt criminal who didn’t have much respect for democracy. Remind you of anyone?

    In any case, the racist headgear wearing Sandmann knew nothing of Phillips past. All he saw was an old, skinny, harmless looking “Indian” protester (who was challenging the oppression and injustices of Sandmann’s white privilege) who seemed an easy target to bully, obstruct and sneer at for the amusement of his and his racist headgear wearing palls.

    Pervasive ‘whiteness’ apparently put in his head that he could do that to an elder person of color with impunity and without criticism. Moral people beg to differ.

  135. I was in the marine corps for 10 years. Guy was a shitbird. End of story.

  136. Citation Needed to Stay on Topic: For “The so called ‘conservatives” in the Catholic Church and the Southern Baptist Convention has had no qualms at all about disrupting [services held by] all LGBTQ people”.

  137. Right. “All [Gregory Peterson, surely no mindreader and no racist, he] saw was an old, skinny, harmless looking ‘Indian’ protester”!

  138. Well…what did he see? He could have only saw what I said he saw. Especially to a 17 year old, Phillips is an old man and looks his age. He’s skinny and not all that tall. Unlike the Black Hebrew Israelites, he looked like any healthy teenager and his pals could “take him.”

  139. That’s not what I wrote, clever guy. But indirectly, they had interrupted out worship services by unconstitutionally delaying us from being married in our religious institutions by our religious leaders, until the Supreme Court belatedly did the only thing they morally and legally could do. Even at that, the “conservative” Supreme Court minority on the ruling managed to expose their shameful bigotry to the world.

  140. Nevertheless, he is a Vietnam era veteran and did what the President refused to do, and got out of doing with a rather dubious excuse that could have been paid for.

    And, Phillips has reportedly kept his sobriety for thirty some years.

  141. He saw an old, Leftist activist who claimed MULTIPLE TIMES to have served in Vietnam, who marched up to the kid because he thought his hat was “racist” and banged a drum in his face, provocatively. Check your Leftist bias, dude.

  142. He new nothing about Phillips past, so it doesn’t matter. He didn’t single out Sandmann…Sandmann singled him out.

    While Phillips headed towards the group, it’s been reported that when the Black Hebrew Israelites saw that, they said something like “Here comes dad,” the purpose was to divert attention from an escalating situation with the BHI and bring the protest against oppression and injustice up the steps of the memorial to the man who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation.

    Photos seem to suggest that the other students were clearing a path for him, but Sandmann chose to block it. Why? Wearing ‘Trump gang colors,’ as Chauncey Devega puts it, suggests why.

    I work at a place that gets school trips all the time. When my aged self needs to go from here to there…they let me. Granted, it’s sometimes like walking through a flock of over excited sea gulls, but I don’t need to ask and they know that they don’t own that patch of ground.

  143. Not to mention that Trump supporters no longer get to criticize the character of other people. They’re obviously terrible at that.

  144. Who cares. I didn’t see Obama fighting anywhere; nor pelosi, Schumer or any other Kennedy.
    You want to defend a 70 year old professional protester; go ahead.

  145. They didn’t get out the draft during the height of a war with a dubious affliction.

    As for the Kennedy’s who served in the military, off the top of my head, Joseph Jr.- killed in action, John – PT boat sunk in 1943, Robert- served on destroyer named for brother Joseph Jr., Ted…

    Granted, his father didn’t want Ted to serve in Korea, perhaps thinking that he had sent enough sons off to war. With his connections, Ted didn’t…but he served the standard two years for draftees as an MP.

    Shumer’s number in the 1971 draft lottery wasn’t called. Pelosi wasn’t eligible to be in the draft pool because of her sex. The draft lottery had ended before Obama was of an age to be drafted. Younger male Kennedy’s are in Obama’s place in regard to the draft…no numbers were being called. Of course they could have enlisted.

    So while they didn’t serve, neither did they have a dubious excuse to get out of serving during a war when there was a draft.

    I evaded the draft during the Vietnam War by enlisting, but was not stationed in Vietnam. I’m pretty nearsighted and was red lined on what I could do, which might also suggest how desperate they were to get people. Turns out that I have a fatiguing genetic disease and was just starting to get symptoms, so perhaps just as well.

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