Screengrab from a viral video showcasing a confrontation between a Native American drummer and a group of Catholic high school students in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 18, 2019. Screenshot via YouTube

Catholic school apologizes after clip emerges of students mocking Native Americans

WASHINGTON (RNS) — A Catholic high school in Kentucky is apologizing after videos surfaced of students dressed in the school's garb confronting and mocking a group of Native Americans in Washington, D.C.

Several clips of the encounter circulating on social media show a small group of Native American drummers, who were in Washington for the Indigenous Peoples March, being surrounded by a much larger band of teenagers.

Most were young men who wore hats or shirts bearing Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” Others wore clothing with references to the March for Life, an anti-abortion event convened on Friday (Jan. 18) that the students attended.

Some of the young men wore hoodies that bore the logo of Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills, Ky.

In one of the videos, the young men clap along to the drumbeat of a man whom Indian Country Today identified as Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder. But the moment quickly turns confrontational as the mass begins mocking the elderly man by shouting a faux Native American chant used by the Atlanta Braves and other sports teams.

The crowd then begins to laugh and shout as one young man, donning a Make America Great Again hat, stands in front of Phillips and stares, grinning.

As the crowd continues to heckle and chant, Phillips stares back and continues to drum, seemingly unfazed. But his companions appear to grow increasingly agitated as the crowd encircles them.

“You guys are acting like a mob!” one woman yells at the camera.

Covington Catholic officials did not respond to multiple requests from Religion News Service for comment.

They released a joint statement with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington Saturday afternoon.

"We condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students towards Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in general, Jan. 18, after the March for Life, in Washington, D.C.," the statement read. "We extend our deepest apologies to Mr. Phillips. This behavior is opposed to the Church's teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person. The matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion. We know this incident also has tainted the entire witness of the March for Life and express our most sincere apologies to all those who attended the March and all those who support the pro-life movement."

Chase Iron Eyes, lead counsel for the Lakota Peoples Law Project and a spokesperson for the Indigenous Peoples Movement, witnessed the encounter.

In an interview with RNS, Iron Eyes said Phillips and several others were closing out the ceremonies of the Indigenous Peoples March by blessing the grounds of the Lincoln Memorial when they observed 30 or 40 teenaged boys engaged in a back-and-forth with a small group of black religious demonstrators.

Another video widely shared on Sunday (Jan. 20) showed the demonstrators repeatedly yelling insults and curses at the students. The students eventually responded by shouting school chants. One student removed his shirt as his companions yelled. Another student can be seen rolling a water bottle across the ground in the direction of the men.

Iron Eyes said Phillips attempted to defuse the situation by offering a song, “trying to get young people to listen," and video shows him walking over to the students while drumming. Iron Eyes called the AIM Song, associated with the 1970s American Indian Movement, a “spiritual symbol,” saying the wordless melody “is meant for all of us to sing.”

“To have our elders who are closing out, you know, a beautiful day — one that started kind of chilly and cold, but the sun came out and joined us and blessed us — to have them go through that was a particularly egregious ordeal,” he said.

Iron Eyes called the students' behavior "unfortunate and sad." He said they were following the example of President Trump.

"They're just responding to a president that is giving license to racists and bigots who have no place in our society," he said.

Still, he expressed concern for the students.

“I wouldn't even wish ill will on those kids,” he said.

In a statement posted online Sunday by CNN's Jake Tapper, the student seen in the stare-down with Phillips said his actions also were an attempt to defuse the situation. Covington Catholic junior Nick Sandmann cited his Catholic faith and said he tries to live out its ideals, including being respectful of others and not taking any action that would lead to conflict or violence.

Sandmann said he was "startled and confused" when the elder walked up to him, drumming, and "said a silent prayer that the situation would not get out of hand."

"We had already been yelled at by another group of protestors, and when the second group approached I was worried that a situation was getting out of control where adults were attempting to provoke teenagers," he said.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati also criticized the students' actions, tweeting that “incident at the March 4 Life was unfortunate & regrettable."

According to Indian Country Today, Phillips is a former director of the Native Youth Alliance and holds an annual ceremony honoring Native American veterans in the Arlington National Cemetery.

A separate clip posted to Twitter appears to show him emotionally reacting to the encounter.

“I heard them saying ‘build that wall.’ This is indigenous land — we’re not supposed to have walls here; we never did,” he said. “Before anybody else came here, we never had walls.… We always took care of our elders, took care of our children.”

Phillips continued to speak over the sound of additional chanting in the distance: “I wish I could see the energy of that young mass of young men, put that energy into making this country really great — helping those that are hungry.”

Organizers of the Indigenous Peoples March condemned the incident.

“What we saw yesterday, the display surrounding Mr. Phillips, is emblematic of the state of our discourse in Trump’s America,” Darren Thompson, an organizer for the Indigenous Peoples Movement, said in a press release. “It clearly demonstrates the validity of our concerns about the marginalization and disrespect of Indigenous peoples, and it shows that traditional knowledge is being ignored by those who should listen most closely.”

March for Life president Jeanne Mancini insisted the encounter did not represent her organization.

"The pro-life movement at its core is a movement of love and the reprehensible behavior shown in the video in no way represents the 46 years and millions of people who have peacefully and respectfully gathered in Washington, D.C., to stand up for the unborn," she said in a statement sent to RNS. "Nor does it represent the vast majority of the marchers present at this year's March for Life. Such behavior is not welcome at the March for Life and never will be."

Rep. Deb Haaland (D-N.M.), the first Native American woman elected to Congress, decried the students’ actions on Twitter Saturday, saying they displayed "blatant hate, disrespect, and intolerance.”

Phillips was reportedly the victim of a separate incident of student harassment in 2015, when Eastern Michigan University students dressed as Native Americans allegedly threw a beer can at him and shouted racial slurs.

This post has been updated with information from newly discovered videos of the incident, and to clarify the details of the initial encounter between the Native American group and the students.

This post was also changed to remove initial claims by Indian Country Today and the Lakota People’s Law Project that Phillips is a Vietnam veteran in light of new reports, with spokesman Daniel Paul Nelson telling RNS that Phillips says he served in the military from 1972 to 1976, but never served in Vietnam.


  1. When Religion attempts to politicize children, this is precisely what everyone should expect.

  2. There’s a song in the musical South Pacific “You’ve got to be carefully taught.” One wonders what these young people were taught. One also wonders if they really believe their rude behavior is making America great again. From the outside looking in, it certainly doesn”t appear that way – quite the contrary.

  3. These teen-age boys were acting out things that they have been taught. Shame on the adults who taught them bigotry and racism.

  4. These boys are students at a Catholic high school who were participating in the March for Life, something that the Catholic Church promotes heavily. One of the reasons that parents are encouraged to send their children to Catholic schools is to “learn Catholic values”.

  5. Religion, in this case, did not attempt to politicize children.


    (1) “Native Americans are overwhelmingly Democrats. Close to 70% voted for Barack Obama in 2012. … Among native communities, Republican nominee Donald Trump is widely regarded as a threatening figure. … ‘We have a lot of fear as to what he might do,’ says Arlan Melendez, member of the National Congress of American Indians and Chairman of the Reno Sparks Indian Colony. ‘I haven’t met one tribe out of all 567 that has said they will support Trump.'”

    (2) “‘As an independent and a successful small businessman, I crossed the line this week and voted for Mr. Trump,’ said Fleming Begaye Sr., one of America’s revered Navajo Code Talkers, and an honorary chairman of the new coalition … [that] has announced their support for Mr. Trump. … Native American Coalition is made up of members who hail from tribal organizations in 15 states and include both grass-roots leaders and elected officials.”

    Source: (1) Charlie Northcott, “Native Americans plan to make history in the US election”, BBC News, August 17, 2016. (2) Jennifer Harper, “Donald Trump wins support from Native American coalition”, The Washington Times, October 31, 2016.

  7. The local newspaper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, said that it could neither confirm that boys from the Catholic high school was involved nor that anyone had any idea the drummer was involved in an Indian activity.

    The video appeared to show that whoever the student were, they thought the drummer et al were counterprotesting the March for Life.

    It is nice to note, however, that despite your negative opinion of RNS you still deign to share your presence with us.

  8. Could we see your proof that these “boys were acting out things that they have been taught” or that they were even aware that the other group were Indians?

  9. Most Roman Catholics are taught that Christopher Columbus was a great hero of theirs who brought salvation ( i.e. Catholicism) to “the new world”. If, instead, they were taught the TRUTH i.e. , they would have much more RESPECT for the descendants of people whom their own R C ancestors brutalized so viciously.
    Rev. R D

  10. No surprise here…Catholics, anti-abortion’rs — in MAGA attire — abusing people. Expect nothing better from this crowd.

    That smirk on the kid’s face, sums up religion in red-state America today. Almost puts Southern Baptists to shame…RCC schools finest on display here.

    Catholic school students like me remember that kind of kid very well. Those of us who turned against our old RCC schools and churches can be proud we stand against a truly degenerate institutions.


    “What we saw yesterday, the display surrounding Mr. Phillips, is emblematic of the state of our discourse in Trump’s America … Conservative people are fearful now—with the election to congress of our first two Native American women, Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids, and so many other powerful women. Trump has riled up a reactionary voting block that reminds us that we are a nation founded on patriarchy, genocide and racism. Trump is clearly giving these archaic instincts license, encouraging the kind of aggressive goading that [we] witnessed.”

    Source: Indigenous Peoples Movement, “Press Statements: Marchers for Life Harass Indigenous Elder at Indigenous Peoples March”, January 19, 2019.

  12. Kentucky bringing up the next generation of trailer park trash.

  13. The best part of this story is that this smug papist douchebag is going to be identified. He’s never going to get accepted into a good college, he’s most likely ruined his entire life.

  14. The Catholic Church is drying up in America. The people that remain are the most devout and dangerous.

    This smug little jerk is a product of that.

  15. Unwanted children who are shuffled off to private schools are not a great endorsement for the elimination of contraception and abortion. Are these the kind of young people who are going to make America great again. Oh yeah.

  16. A Catholic School was taken to Washington from Kentucky for a March for Life with kids wearing Trumpian “Make America Great Again” hats? What do you not get about Catholic School being “Religion” and their school trip hats being its politicization?


    “No surprise here [Eastern Michigan University students] abusing people. Expect nothing better from this crowd. [What they did to Nathan Phillips] sums up [higher education] in red-state America today. [EMU’s] finest on display here. Those of us who turned against [EMU] can be proud we stand against truly degenerate institutions.”


  18. This behavior is disappointing; Catholics or not.
    To say their behavior represents all Catholics is a stretch. I would equate it to teenagers who haven’t yet figured out what appropriate Christ-like behavior is.
    I would be surprised if anyone posting now would want to be their 16 year-old self.

  19. Who cares if the group was or wasn’t indigenous people? Had they merely been standard issue European Americans playing drums & chanting, or African Americans, etc., would that excuse of those boys? No.
    Those Catholic educated punks came to Washington to campaign for women to lose the RIGHT TO DECIDE what is best for them and their bodies. The punks decided to expand their influence and interfere with an unrelated group of visitors to the nation’s capitol. Why? They thought they were allowed.
    Yes, those boys have been taught that they should have power over others (women, Native Americans and one can only speculate who else), because others, unlike them, are undeserving, unworthy, lesser. The punks’ sense of superiority was caught on video, and now comes the damage control.


    “If [Eastern Michigan University students] were taught the TRUTH, they would have much more RESPECT for [Nathan Phillips and the rest of] the descendants of people whom [the founders of Eastern Michigan University] brutalized so viciously.”


  21. How do you know that??? Or do you automatically defend bad behavior by Trump supporters?

  22. No, their Catholic School allowed them to bring politics to a school function. I have a high schooler. Dress codes are real things.

  23. What-aboutism at its worst…Try something original instead of plagiarizing other people’s comments.

    Nobody at EMU was doing anything as Religious-MAGA-antiabortion fusion. Hold off on the all-caps too!

  24. Why profile the victims of the harassment?
    How did the parents of the Catholic HS students vote? It’s also irrelevant, but closer in relevance than your post.

  25. He kind of looks a bit like a young Bret Kavanaugh.

  26. The racist gang was bothering a group of black men and it was getting heated which is why the Native American group got between them and tried to defuse the situation. The Native American leader was singing a prayer of peace to them. The racist gang chanted the wall mess completely ignorant of history or geography. These are not kids, students or boys – take away their white privilege change the skin colors and you see this racist gang for what they are.

  27. Hopefully what you say will come true, (somewhat short of “ruining his entire life.” Other, more innocent lives tend to get ruined when an entire life is ruined. But I do favor some real jail time.)

    But the real problem, is that there’s 40 other demon-oppressed teenagers (that’s right, genuine biblical demons) who are going to get away with their racist mess (unless they too are identified and punished.)

    What’s festering inside those white teenagers will get worse, without Christ’s salvation and deliverance.

    Also, Jim J’s question was both astute & wise. When you read articles like this one, be sure to ask questions. Don’t just assume things.

  28. This is funny, in a serio-tragic sort of a way.

    A few days ago, Christian males were bitching and moaning about an ad from Gillette, and guidelines put out by the APA, exhorting them not to act like a-holes. And then what do we find? A bunch of Christian males acting like a-holes.

    We have Big Al Mohler here: . We have Matt Walsh here:
    And we have The Usual suspects here:

    And let’s not even get into St. Michael’s college. No, really1 Let’s not get into St. Michael’s college.

  29. Really? 40 demon possesed Catholic school kids…You mean real demons, horns, pointy tail, smelling of sulphur?

    Catholics do have exorcists to deal with that. However, I think that maybe abortions by Catholic parents would help in this kind of situation…its not like Catholics haven’t already had plenty of abortions.

  30. DIDN’T READ THE ARTICLE? “Why profile the victims of the harassment?” Because Jack Jenkins & Emily McFarlan Miller do! And because “the victims of the harassment” themselves do! WATCH:

    “Iron Eyes … said [the students] were following the example of President Trump … ‘giving license to racists and bigots who have no place in our society’ … ‘What we saw yesterday, the display surrounding Mr. Phillips, is emblematic of the state of our discourse in Trump’s America,’ Darren Thompson, an organizer for the Indigenous Peoples Movement, said in a press release.”

  31. Speak for yourself, pal. The values of decency and compassion instilled in me by my parents were pretty much in place by the time I was 16. They weren’t avid churchgoers which was a big freaking deal in ouir small southern town in the 1960’s, but they lived their moral values and expected their children to do so even when it produced a lot of social discomfort.

  32. But aren’t you a David Silverman lookalike, though? Or is it a Lawrence Krauss lookalike? An Al Franken lookalike? All Ashiests look alike, don’t they, Ashiest?

  33. I can honestly say I would never have been dumb enough to chant build a wall to folks who are clearly native Americans . They need to go to history and geography class as well as classes on racism and social justice.

    There racism is as bad as any seen in the 1960’s anti lunch counter protest.

  34. Many of them were wearing MAGA hats and trump shirts not to mention chanting his racist chants. NOT OK.

  35. Thee little peckerheads need their collective butts kicked.

  36. Too few Ashiests & Eggnogshticks too many the lionhearted.

    *Atheists = Only 3% of U.S. population
    **Agnostics = Only 4% of U.S. population

  37. Eastern Michigan University is the breeding ground for “The American Taliban”, too, then? Nathan Phillips encountered them there, too, then?

  38. “MAGA hats and trump shirts” – “NOT OK”?! Explain.

    Or only “racist chants” – “NOT OK”? Explain.

  39. I wouldn’t want to be my 16 year old self, but that’s because my 16 year old self was a bit awkward and cared too much what others thought. Not because I was a kid who would stare down an elder and make fun of them. It’s time to stop excusing “Brett Kavanaugh”-like, entitled behavior. It’s possible to get through puberty without becoming a racist for a few years. So “fake farting,” forgetting homework, doing a half-ass job with the housework your parents left for you — all reasonable “16 year old selves” we wouldn’t want to be now. Drive-by racism, intentionally trying to intimidate, and shouting “build the wall” to a member of the only group that fully “deserves” to be here — that’s some messed up toxic while male BS that a portion of kids apparently latch onto that needs to go the way of the dinosaur. Thank goodness all kids aren’t that way. Please don’t normalize this by insinuating they all are.

  40. I know you’re being witty about it, but this is no joking matter. This stuff is affecting teenagers, and it’s tragically real. Can’t ignore it anymore, given the headlines you’re reading in today’s media.

    I did say demon-oppressed teenagers, not demon-possessed. If those 40 teens had been demon-possessed, there’s no telling WHAT would have taken place on that video. I have not yet met a demon-possessed person, but I have prayed or helped others pray, with a few folks who were demon-oppressed. And there’s some phenomena I saw and heard in those moments, that would indeed get your attention.

    But look again at the video. You see the way the nearest racist guy is smiling? Even if you arenbelieving only natural causes, you must admit that there is something clearly disturbing with the way he’s smiling. The other nearby teenagers don’t look too healthy either. This is a seriously bad situation, powered by unseen actors.

    So I did say “genuine biblical demons” and I meant it. Straight outta New Testament. We all need Christ.

  41. wow, you are truly an evil pos.
    he is a Vietnam veteran who in that linked piece took exception to watching native Americans being mocked and ridiculed.
    now I shall flush you down the toilet bowl of eternity…where you belong.
    the only possible response to that thuggish behavior by those hooligans is to condemn it.
    you didn’t.
    goodbye forever

  42. Wearing a hat supporting self admitted “Pussy Grabber”, these guys call themselves Catholics? Their teachings are based on White Republican Jesus from Alabama.

  43. Why would all these demons only seem to possess Catholics from one school in Northern Kentucky?

  44. liberal in Kentucky means waiting for your cousin to turn 18 before you marry her. obviously those kids are by products of generations of incest and in-breeding. collectively I doubt their IQ is up to 100
    Q. How do you know the toothbrush was invented in Kentucky? A. If it was invented anywhere else, it would have been called a teethbrush. Q: Did you hear that the governor’s mansion in Kentucky burned down? A: Almost took out the whole trailer park.


  45. There are more than 1 billion “Indians”, and none are a part of this discussion. Thanks.

  46. um…no. I lived in Mexico, do you really think the mixed race or native priests teach that in school? the greatest President in Mexico was from Oaxaca and was full blooded native; Benito Juarez.
    don’t mischaracterize the teachings of the universal RC church.

  47. I would have NEVER done such a disgraceful act and certainly none of my kids would. I did many things I am ashamed of from when I was 16 but brutal racism was never one of them.

  48. That’s correct. As a church-attending Catholic, and a former Catholic HS student, I can assure you that such racist sentiments start with their parents. You can also be sure they had adult supervision. The supervision approved the wearing of MAGA hats and the chanting of, “Build a Wall”. So the incident (and what led up to it) was fueled by the ring-wing bigots who promoted this gathering of so-called “Pro-Life” protesters. In the end, it’s just a mob of little racist scumbags from Kentucky. True Christian sentiment disowns them.

  49. you have got to be kidding. I am Catholic, it was supposed to be a march for life…the whole point is to try to persuade people of the sanctity and preciousness of all life, not to promote Trump…who is one of the most divisive Presidents in American history.
    if you don’t know it should have been as non partisan as possible to bring in Democrats who are pro-life than you are truly lost.
    Trump is a horrorshow of a human being. He bragged about grabbing women by their vaginas, he bragged about walking into the dressing room of underage girls at the Miss Jr. USA pageant. He talks about hitting people in the face.
    Reagan, GHWB, GWB, as well as people like McCain were all decent people who while I might have disagreed with their policies respected them as individuals (though with Reagan and GHWB I mostly agreed with them)

  50. you are batshit nuts. how dare you put in scare quotes “the victims of the harrassment”
    They were VICTIMS
    you are one lost and pathetic man.
    goodbye forever

  51. Yeah, got that crap news spin from FOX didn’t you. You’re a genius like Trump.

  52. More proof that “Pro Life” is a sham.

    Pro Forced Birthers care about power and hate. They don’t give a damn about actual people.

  53. My “16 year old self” never acted with hate.

    And yes, this does represent catholics.

  54. According to the Wikipedia article on this high school, “In the early 1950s it became apparent that Covington Catholic High School would have to be expanded further to accommodate increased demand.”

    Wikpedia did not elaborate, so let’s think about what happened around then that would cause “increased demand” at an exclusive, all white high school.

    Hmm. What oh what could it be?

    Racist then. Racist now.

  55. These hoodlums “have Jesus,” thus the arrogance and hate.

    Take an honest look at 2000 years of christian history.

  56. Today, we call it populist nationalism. Formerly, fascism.

    It seems ANTIFA has some work to do in Kentucky.

  57. Really? Let’s see. A bunch of students, on a field trip, supported by their private Catholic high school, to attend a POLITICAL function, chaperoned by staff from said religious high school, in support of the religious moral principles…

    What world do you live in?

    Long live ANTIFA!

  58. Well, they have a savior messiah who died for these very prideful sins committed here.

    These Catholic boys just need to get to Confession at the right time …”Bless me Father for I have sinned…etc.”. Penance will likely be a couple of Hail Mary’s or something similar…

    …Then its right back on track to get St. Peter to let these fine young boys in through the Pearly Gates, with MAGA hat on head…maybe not even a stint in Purgatory. Catholics sure do know how to smooth thing over !!

    Oh, and the Native Americans…they all go to Hell for eternity. That’s what you get for not accepting of Christ’s love. Oh well, not everybody can win 🙁

  59. Don’t say “paupist douchbag”. That only makes you a “born-again” douchbag and a racist yourself.

  60. Nothing about what you linked to makes this an urban myth

  61. yea, they just bought a buncha shirts for that school for no reason. *rolls eyes at sky fairy worshiper trying to apologize for his kin*

  62. You see no problem with young school boys harrasing a veteran, who served his country, unlike so many chicken hawkes.No respect for your elders, no respect for veterans, that is todays Right wing America.

  63. Amusing mutually exclusive comments:

    “I am a Catholic.”

    “Trump is a horrorshow of a human being.”

  64. I would be interested in how it was communicated at Crooks and Liars, your usual lair, that this was the place to suddenly show up.

  65. So, who stopped over at JoeMyGod and informed the folks to show up here?

  66. Well, at least they weren’t prancing around in faux religious habits and black pantyhose, eh?

  67. We assume you’re speaking from personal experience.

  68. The school was in a real bind.

    What appears to have happened is that some kids between 14 and 18 mistook a guy with a drum and his friends for counter protestors.

    They acted as immature people sometimes do.

    The left wing/atheist/LGBT/anti-Catholic media jumped on it and spun it.

    At that point the school had several choices, all bad, and took the hit.

    What is more interesting to me is that the usual suspects sent out an all points to their friends at the LGBT, atheist, etc. etc. discussion groups and they all landed in the comment section of this article within a couple of hours to bray, honk, and whinny their various anti-Catholic stupidity.

    I suppose the lesson they’ve learned is never waste an opportunity to kick Catholics.

  69. The Catholic Church is growing in America, and world-wide it is growing exponentially.

    Dry up.

  70. No surprise here…anti-Catholics, pro-abortionists — with mouths open — braying anti-Catholicism.

    Your turn against your old RCC schools and churches was not based on the behavior of anyone but yourself, when you found they wouldn’t salute what your flagpole got you into.

  71. Spoken like the true bigot we’ve learned to dislike.

  72. Explain very simply how it was a political function.

  73. How do you know otherwise?

    So, how did you get steered to this article all the way from KION’s broadcast area?

    So far I’ve found two of the call-to-actions that led folks who never posted here to crowd these comments.

  74. The message went out on JoeMyGod{DOT}com and folks we have not seen in months showed up.

    Don’t feed the trolls is my advice.

  75. If you had any actual faith, you would not need to resort to defensiveness.
    And if you had any understanding of history, you’d either act nice or expect a return to the priest hole.

  76. The school bussed their kids out to a reactionary political event – and they their regret appears to mostly be that it would cast that their cause in a bad light!
    A school has absolutely no right being involved in a political activity of this kind.

    They clearly have not a single idea about actual moral behaviour.

  77. This is what happens when large crowds gather. A certain segment becomes mob-like.
    The American Indian protestors were obviously looking for attention, and they got it.
    These teenage boys were obviously looking for attention, and they got it. But it’s probably not the kind of attention they wish they had now.
    On the plus side….this incident is the only way the MSM paid any attention to the March For Life.

  78. I was raised and grew up in Catholic schools here in my country and this is NOT the values i was thought, this seems more like a putrid school teaching hate, the exact opposite of what Jesus came to earth, they should close that school, it’s clearly poisoning the kids, what a shame, this is why people dont believe in the church and religion anymore

  79. You know, if you weren’t such a dysfunctional closet case, you’d be able to muster a little more empathy.

  80. Racist behavior isn’t “immature”. These Catholics, like you, deserve to be KICKED.

  81. When the church had political power and could execute the non-compliant, most everyone complied. No surprise.

    Then the church could apply social pressure and shun the non-compliant, and most everyone still claimed to be christian.

    Except for places deep in the bubble belt, people can now openly reject christianity without being either killed or fired from their job. And people are openly discussing how vicious and unkind christians can be.

    There is no magic jeebus power that makes anyone kinder, more honest, more generous or better by any measure whatsoever.

    Remove your cranium from your nether region. “My side” is thriving.

    “Smug teen brown shirt wannabe” is the face of true christianity. Welcome to reality.

  82. Probably they would totally stuff up any peaceful moves by all! Their aims are not GOOD for the USA – but INTENDED to bring USA down to the worst common denominator… I am Australian, and see that while TRUMP is not like other politicians, he has done a hell of a lot more GOOD that the previous 30 years of Presidents… Admittedly his language is basic, but that does not mean he is bad! = The most eloquent politicians are the ones hiding dark secrets mostly!

  83. Maybe he is right, too! – Catholic students should not get into such situations anyhow!

  84. No, the few Native Americans left at the end of their rally were minding their own business until one tried to defuse bullying of minority kids by these thugs. They did this because the wonderful christian adults “chaperoning” the thugs wouldn’t do shit. So the thugs turned on the Native Americans and their “pro life” chaperones continued to do nothing.

    “Pro Life” is a lying scam. A power trip, nothing more.

  85. The Indians were not minding their business. They went marching into a crowd that was there for another reason, beating their drums, trying to draw attention. They got what they wanted – more, actually.

    If there were chaperones from those boys’ school approving of their behavior, then shame on them. But you’ll have to produce the evidence. Until you do, it’s simply willful bad-faith conjecture on your part.

    And you’re so willing to denounce the entire pro-life movement based on the action of a few teenage boys. Again, intentional bad-faith conjecture/confirmation bias on your part.

  86. Talk about arrogance and hate! Your entire blogging history is an example of that.

  87. Yes, the black, Hispanic and white gang members in America’s cities learn to murder, sell drugs, extort, rob because of the values taught in public schools.

  88. Well, I guess the Latin kings represent Mexicans ….

  89. Yes, it’s white male toxic bs; not to be confused with black or Hispanic toxic bs that goes on in inner city gangs.
    Let me check todays headlines and see who was murdered last night.

  90. I just did.
    I said – disappointing.
    Embarrassing behavior.
    Flat out wrong.
    A bunch of clown who went looking for trouble instead of remembering and understanding why they where there.

  91. I must have missed the person of South Asian descent involved, but I certainly didn’t miss the racist troll 🙂

  92. Trump is doing immense harm to our nation and the world. This incident is just one example of his malign influence.

  93. Like I said, a small number of Native Americans were minding their own business UNTIL they tried to peacefully intervene to prevent these wonderful examples of christian love from bullying some minority kids.

    This is because the adult chaperones stood by and watched. One video shows a man recording this on his phone. That man matches a photo of a school employee on the school website.

    That you can watch these videos and not be disgusted by the smirking and taunting behavior of the teens proves yet again that christian claims to be the keeper of perfect, absolute motality are so much dog poop.

  94. Exactly!! A lot of what is going on now can be tracked right back to Brown v. Board. Hopefully the Make America White Again crowd are having their last hurrah and will be sent back under their rock in 2020.

  95. Boys will be boys, and V Dizzle will be V Dizzle.

  96. Come now, Cory Booker, Camala Harris, Christine Blasey Ford, Barack Obama (the Chume Gang, anyone?), they were paragons of virtue as teenagers.

  97. A catholic school bussed their students to the event to promote catholic teaching. Obviously “pro life” does not include teaching their students to respect anyone actually alive.

    By their fruit shall ye know them.

  98. “When the church had political power and could execute the non-compliant, christians were cruel and most everyone complied.”

    From the Gospel according to the JoeMyGod LGBT propaganda crowd.

    “Then the church could apply social pressure and shun the non-compliant, christians were still cruel and most everyone still claimed to be christian.”

    Also from the Gospel according to the JoeMyGod LGBT propaganda crowd.

    “Except for places deep in the bubble belt, people can now openly reject christianity without being either killed or fired from their job.”

    And most don’t.

    “And people are openly discussing how vicious and unkind christians can be.”

    At JoeMyGod, FriendlyAtheist, etc.

    “Remove your cranium from your nether region. ‘My side’ is thriving.”

    Not according to the numbers.

  99. I watched the video. Saw very few, if any adults present. If there were any, no way for me to tell if they were these boys’ assigned chaperones. Please produce the evidence that they were.

    I don’t recall approving of these boys behavior.

  100. If you and your friends were not anti-Catholic gits engaging in a pile-on, reciting a few facts would be unnecessary.

  101. Nope. That information is from history books. And “nones” now make up 25% of the population, and this rate is steadily increasing.

    Obviously, you get your demographic info from the same source as your historical information.

  102. Nope, that spin on the history is the LGBT summary, your script.

    It skips the hospitals, charities, and so on with malice aforethought.

    If we can cut the cr-p, you only show up when you join an anti-Catholic pile-on, and you only do that because the Catholic Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Southern Baptist Convention, and some others stand in the way of your favorite one-point landings.

  103. I bet you wish Australia had a P-Grabber-in-Chief.

  104. You chose to mistake anti-Catholicism for anti-fundamentalism.

  105. And who is responsible for the millions of dollars of damage done at ANTIFA riots, and Occupy Wall Street, the anti-WTO riots, and the Black Lives Matter riots (Furgeson, Baltimore), and the black-on-black murder rates in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, etc?

  106. I am a devout Catholic. I help feed elderly shut-ins in my community…am I dangerous?

  107. I am Catholic, and every month, I help feed elderly shut-ins in my community.

    THIS is what REAL Catholics do….

    I know some fine, young men who work with me on this mission. THEY represent Catholics.


  108. And make no mistake: The secular schools got their OWN demonic mess infesting their students too, and it shows.

  109. And who taught the black youth of Furguson and Baltimore to loot and burn down their cities? And who taught the college snowflakes at Berkeley to destroy the campus when conservative pundits come to speak? And who taught a mob of students at Yale to encircle and scream profanities at a professor when he defended freedom of speech and expression?

  110. No different than schools bussing kids to the pro-choice “women’s” march that occurs; or any other DC march.
    Unfortunately, adults use kids as pawns.

  111. As a South Asian it is kind of sad to watch two groups both facing diminishing populations, go at each other. Whites are being decimated by abortion, drugs, and a self destructive life. Native Americans were decimated by greedy whites in the 19th and 20th century. Now they stand in confrontation against each other. That young white man with a grin on his face is probably gay as a fruit fly and would never father any children, or his lesbian girlfriend will abort any child she consieves from him.

  112. These kids shouted — among other things — “Build that wall!” I bet they thought Mr Phillips was a Mexican. How stupid! 

    As for that one kid standing directly in front of him, staring with that s-eating grin on his face … I mean, wow. How freaking insane! What on earth is wrong with him? 

  113. Re: “On the plus side….this incident is the only way the MSM paid any attention to the March For Life.” 

    I’m not sure what, if anything, taunting a Native American could possibly have had to do with any “march for life.” Maybe you’d care to fill me in on the connection? If those kids were there to “march for life,” how have they advanced that cause? I’d love to know. 

    Oh, and if you think the mass media somehow “owe it” to life-marchers to cover all their activities extensively, guess again! No person or group on the planet is automatically “owed” press coverage. Such an entitlement does not exist! To assume it does, is arrogance of the highest order. 

    Which, incidentally, is decidedly un-Christ-like (see e.g. Mt 23:12 & Lk 14:11). But hey, what could this cold-hearted, insolent, godless agnostic heathen possibly know about what Jesus taught? Right? 

  114. Mr. Phillips doesn’t look like a “Mexican”, whatever that’s supposed to look like.

  115. You do realize that everyone has access to both the video and the news reports with eyeball witnesses and can see you’re fabricating and spinning, right?

  116. Explain “taunting a Native American”.

    Where they calling him “Indian”?

  117. Selective outrage to put a fig leaf over anti-Catholicism.

  118. Is there some surprise that a Catholic school facilitated promotion of Catholic teaching.

    I mean, other then they stand in the way of that other thing favor which is really why you’re here kvetching?

  119. Obama did immense harm to our nation and the world.

    Many of the comments here tell the tale of the fringe groups he aided and abetted.

  120. I do think when several hundred thousand people march on Washington for a cause, it is news worthy. But of course, the most pernicious power that the news media has is the power to ignore. They simply don’t cover what they don’t want you to know.

    But here, they got the “money shot” they wanted. That’s all they cared about. If there is any evidence of rude insulting people from the Women’s march, you wont find it on the covers of today’s paper. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

    And yes, your knowledge of scripture and theology is truly mind-boggling. I am in awe.

  121. These kids need to be taught better It’s the adults who caused this, and the adults are now responsible for changing it.

  122. So Mr. Phillips has been harassed before. I would say that this makes his calm demeanor even more admirable.

    There is nothing “urban myth” about this story. It’s sad reality.

  123. Alexandra, teenagers of all kinds from all races and all religions act out.

    Let’s cut the moral outrage posing, eh?

  124. Re: “I do think when several hundred thousand people march on Washington for a cause, it is news worthy.” 

    Again, no it’s not. The media decide what’s “newsworthy” and what’s not. That’s their job — not yours. Don’t like it? Then move to another country which allows you to control the media. 

    Re: “They simply don’t cover what they don’t want you to know.” 

    For better or worse, they cover what they’re able to sell. If they can’t sell a story about life-marchers, they won’t report it. Remember, the Left used to get their panties in wads over the media not reporting Iraq War protests back during the G.W. Bush administration. Now, the shoe is on the other foot, ideologically speaking. Either way, the media decide what they report on. No protest — whether “for life” or against a war — is automatically owed the press coverage marchers demand. 

    That’s just how things are in a country which has “freedom of the press.” Again, if you don’t like it, move someplace else which will give you the right to control the media. If you want to live in the US, you have to just accept that the media don’t belong to you. 

    Re: “But here, they got the ‘money shot’ they wanted.” 

    You haven’t explained what the kids’ taunting had to do with their “march for life.” 

    Re: “That’s all they cared about. If there is any evidence of rude insulting people from the Women’s march, you wont find it on the covers of today’s paper. Doesn’t fit the narrative.” 

    Again, you don’t control the media! It’s not up to you to decide what they write or how they write it … no more than the Left raged and fumed that they weren’t getting the coverage they thought they should have had, 12-15 years ago. 

    Re: “And yes, your knowledge of scripture and theology is truly mind-boggling. I am in awe.” 

    You should be. My knowledge of scripture vastly exceeds that of 99.9% of Christians. I just pointed out a scriptural consideration that you’ve ignored. Why is that? Are Jesus’ teachings of so little importance to you? 

    Not to mention, this “march for life” violates another of his teachings, which is his prohibition against public piety (see e.g. Mt 6:1-6). If you’re “marching for life” for Jesus, you actually shouldn’t want press coverage! 

    Yes, I’m aware this places you in a logical vise. Your religious beliefs tell you to change the world to suit your own subjective wishes, but at the same time your Jesus ordered you not to express your religion publicly. This is a contradiction I can’t resolve for you. What I can tell you is, this conundrum was created solely by Christians themselves! So it’s up to you as a Christian to resolve it. Until you do, I refuse to ignore it simply because it’s inconvenient for you or makes you look bad. “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” didn’t work in The Wizard of Oz, and it doesn’t work in the real world either. 

    Speaking of looking bad … what was it, again, that all that taunting of a Native American had to do with “marching for life”? You still haven’t explained the connection. 

  125. The sad reality is adolescents are not adults.

    Beyond that … nothing to see here, move along.

  126. “You haven’t explained what the kids’ taunting had to do with their ‘march for life.'”

    Neither have you.

    That was his point.

  127. But but but … Obama “Change We Can Believe In”, and “Hope”, and “Obámanos!”, and “Forever”, “Obamacare Saves “Lives” t-shirts – all “NOT OK”, too, then? Why not?

    “Obama Is Still MY President”, and “4 More Years”, and “Make America Obama Again” hats – all “NOT OK”, too, then? Why not?

  128. And a commenter above underlines the fact that these kids were not there without supervision. There is no evidence that supervising adults were making efforts to stop the changing as soon as it started or were trying to get the boys out of there as soon as the misbehavior started. This indicates that the adults were condoning this behavior. Like many teenagers, Catholic school kids are really good at knowing how far adults will let them go.

  129. Every Native American should line up and spank that kid for being disruptive until he can’t sit down. That would whip that kids smirk off that face. And spank the parents too for razing a little mini them. I’m sure the parents are just like that kid. Maybe They should be kicked out of the USA sense there not reAl native Americans.

  130. “And a commenter above underlines the fact that these kids were not there without supervision.”

    Or, correctly, a commenter above alleges these kids were supervised.

    The evidence that these imaginary adults condoned any behavior is, like their existence, imaginary.

    Let’s cut to the chase – your on-line persona is as a critic of the Catholic Church, and that’s the long, the short, and the in-between of it.

  131. “the victims of the harrassment”.
    – O.G.G.921, January 20, 2019.

    that cleared, i couldn’t care less that “goodbye forever” has your name written all over it, beast-in!

    easton least-in God & Jesus’ kingdom = “goodbye forever”!

  132. So?
    That is true.
    Doesn’t mean I hate’ Catholics.
    I don’t care about anyone’s religion.
    I don’t care if someone believes in God or Allah or the holy Wombat
    I DO care when they hide behind God or Allah or the holy Wombat in order to hurt others.
    I hate fundamentalism.
    There is no God in fundamentalism.
    There is only toxic ego.
    And if you had any cojones you wouldn’t hide your comments.

  133. “[Anthony Cavanagh does] see no problem with [Eastern Michigan University students] harrasing a veteran, who served his country, unlike so many [liberal, progressive & nones-sensical] chicken hawkes.No respect for [his] elders, no respect for veterans, that is todays [BBQ Chicken] wing America.”

  134. So, if I read your first and third paragraph correctly, what you’re saying is: If you don’t like the biased, left-wing media in this country, then leave. You don’t get to voice your opinion on blogs, or anywhere else, for that matter, about the disservice their editorial bias does to the country. You just must accept it. Got it!

    I must have misread the First Amendment that clearly spells out their freedom of the press trumps my freedom of speech.

    Are there any other Constitutional rights you’d like to deprive me of?

  135. “Chicken Hawkes” is slang from a particular milieu.

    What country, btw, are you posting from?

  136. Speaking of looking bad … shouldn’t you stop posting?

  137. Your low opinion of Catholics and Catholicism are a matter of record, sport.

  138. Better that way than “you hav[ing] all the [sound bite] of a [th]ug”, HeinousToupee.

  139. “Taitano said the whole incident started when the teens and four young African-Americans, who’d been preaching about the Bible nearby, started yelling and calling each other names.”

    Nothing like a sectarian conflict. That’s a problem with believing without a basis in evidence. Any dispute is intractable.

  140. No sense abusing any kid. It’s counterproductive. And kids can’t help who their parents are.

  141. Considering the school has been forced to apologize to like the whole world and has had to shut down all forms of communication and basically go Blackwater because of these wankers, one suspects the repercussions will be more than just butt-kicks.
    No say nothing of what is going on internally between the Trumpenwaffen parents & the basically decent parents and the hapless administration..and the local diocese and the Guv and and. and…
    Oh, to be a fly on the wall…
    But perhaps the little thugs will simply be ‘transferred to another parish’…


    FOX2: “Why did [you, Nathan] Phillips go over to the fence? Why not just walk away?”

    NATHAN PHILLIPS: “[Eastern Michigan University] had little feathers on … They had their face painted. … Then started whooping and hollering … For me just to walk by and have a blind eye to it. Something just didn’t allow me to do it.”

  143. I have a low opinion of their voting record.
    I have an equally low opinion of my next-door-neighbor’s voting record .

    But I adore him, even though he’s as pertwitzed as a cockaloony bird.

  144. easton, beast-in. hence least-in God & Jesus’ kingdom. never made it.

    these “Kentucky … cousin … kids … [with, according to beast-in a.k.a. least-in] IQ … up to 100”, though? they shall be counted among the born-from-above, fired-up and die-hard followers of THE Christ Jesus of the gospels, epistles and revelation!


  145. The Women’s March which was fraught with controversey and (in the typical demlibprogsortaway) disorder amidst its various groups may not have gone as well as some would have liked but IT got a fuckton of ink–because women JOOZ control the media?

  146. Covington Cath-O-Lick says that their school in NO WAY endorses, approves, sanctions, etc. There WILL be expulsions if warranted* by their in-house investigation’s findings.

    * Any of the yutes that don’t got full-fare paying parents (expeshly the ones that build liberries and shit) will be getting the boot–unless they’re AWESOME athletes.

  147. “I have a low opinion of their (Catholic) voting record.”

    Catholics have a voting record?

    Let’s cut the cr-p.

    You have a low opinion of people who believe in God, oppose abortion, oppose same sex marriage, and don’t keep their religion in their home and synagogue, mosque, church, or temple.

    In short, you have a low opinion of those who disagree with you if that disagreement has a religious basis.

    In short, you’re just one more bigot.

  148. Today we call it ANTIFA.

    In the 1930s we called it “Brownshirts”.

  149. The school was not “forced” to do anything.

    “But perhaps the little thugs will simply be ‘transferred to another parish’…”

    You just can’t hide that anti-Catholicism – it’s part of who and what you are.

  150. You’re just cranky because they won’t support your personal vice.

  151. You ought to see the disputes between the atheists.

  152. “And kids can’t help who their parents are.”

    Is that your excuse?

  153. HOWEVER:

    (1) According to Stephen LeDrew, an atheist himself (cf. The Evolution of Atheism: The Politics of a Modern Movement, Oxford University Press, 2016): Atheists are vested in the “defense of the position of the white middle-class Western male [who is] under threat by a swirling concoction of religious ignorance, epistemic relativism, identity politics, and cultural pluralism.”

    (2) And according to CJ Werleman, an atheist himself (cf. The New Atheist Threat: The Dangerous Rise of Secular Extremists, Dangerous Little Books, 2016): Atheists are part of “a pro-white supremacy movement … peddl[ing] fear, suspicion, and hate. … [They can’t even] see Palestinians beyond their Muslimness … [Their] road to broader public acceptance … does travel through the persecution of another minority”.

    (3) And according to Sikivu Hutchinson, an atheist herself (cf. Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars, Infidel Books, 2011): Each one of atheist “critiques of organized religion … preserves and reproduces the status quo of white supremacy in its arrogant insularity. In this universe, oppressed minorities are more imperiled by their own investment in organized religion than [by] white supremacy.”

  154. Nonsense! Most of your posts are brimming with hate.

  155. stop bloody excusing bull shit behaviour on the part of the school who didn’t stop the behaviour and the little punks who’s behaviour is blatantly disgusting adult child or senior Trump or no Trump this is UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOUR and there should be punishment for that kind of behaviour to send the message BS will not be tolerated

  156. HOW DARE YOU call the Indigenous Peoples Movement “populist nationalism. Formerly, fascism.”

  157. There was only one martyr, hon, and you aint’ Him.

  158. BETTER LISTEN UP, ASHIESTS, TO YOUR OWN! They’re all talking about CAMION GREASY here!

    (1) “As an atheist myself, I’ve found ‘new atheist’ writers to be an embarrassment. … Like the late Madalyn Murray O’Hair, they come across as narrow-minded and ill-informed bigots whose only purpose is to antagonize religious people.”
    – Noam Chomsky, Attack the System, March 11, 2012.

    (2) “People in this movement … adopt a New Atheist kind of position on religion because they don’t have other critical frameworks for understanding it or for articulating their intuitions, so they wind up just saying that religion is stupid and religious people are ignorant”.
    – Stephen LeDrew, Positivism, December 10, 2015.

    (3) Some atheists are “just looking for flaws in theism or religious people’s behavior out of some animus … prejudice or malice. … Some atheists really do seem to have gotten into this movement to indulge in their feelings of superiority to those they pitilessly disparage as ‘stupid’ or wicked. … They are just in this to throw rocks at the ‘retards’. I have no sympathies with such people and am ashamed that they’re associated with me.”
    – Daniel Fincke, Camels with Hammers, June 17, 2013.

  159. I think I, and perhaps others have been stampeded. Watch this clip carefully. Nowhere does the young man who is taking most of the beating for the insult to the native singer do anything beyond hold his position, and smile. He was approached by the singer, and merely stood quietly where he was. When the singer stood close to him and continued, the young man listened and smiled. If you watch long enough, you will see that the singer and the young man were looking directly into each other’s eyes.

    I stand down from my condemnation of the young fellow and wait for his explanation, as I should have done initially.

  160. “We are excited to announce the 2019 March for Life theme: UNIQUE FROM DAY ONE.

    “Being pro-life is not in opposition to science. It’s quite the opposite in fact! Medical and technological advancements continue to reaffirm the science behind the pro-life cause – that life begins at fertilization, or day one, when egg meets sperm and a new, unique, human embryo is created.

    “From the moment of fertilization, our DNA is present, whether it’s 23 pairs of chromosomes or 22.

    “The unique fingerprint that each of us has – distinguishing us from any other human on the planet, is determined by that DNA at day one! Right from the beginning of life, you are becoming the unique, incredible, unrepeatable person that you are!”

  161. TRUE OR FALSE: “People dont believe in the church and religion anymore.”

    FALSE. As per these reports:

    (1) “Evangelicals Once Again Dominate List of Top-growing Large UM Congregations”, Juicy Ecumenism”, November 20, 2018.

    (2) “Some U.S. Christian Groups May be Declining, But Not Evangelicals”, Facts and Trends, March 22, 2018.

    (3) “‘Mainline’ churches are emptying. The political effects could be huge”, Vox, July 14, 2017. Note: “[NOT ‘Evangelical’] churches are emptying”!]

    (4) “Liberal churches are dying. But conservative churches are thriving”, Washington Post, January 4, 2017.

  162. PsiCo The EggnogShtick “thought Mr Phillips was a Mexican. How stupid!”

  163. “It is hard for abused [Eastern Michigan University students] not to pass on hatred”?!

  164. “Every Native American should line up and spank [Eastern Michigan University students] for being disruptive until [they] can’t sit down?! That would whip [them] smirk off that face?! And spank the parents too for razing a little mini them?! I’m sure the parents are just like [them]?! Maybe They should be kicked out of the USA?!”

  165. No, I’m “proud of [Ajay 13 hours ago experiencing a rare sighting of, and locking on a night-visual on, a] Jesus from Alabama.”

  166. Re: “So, if I read your first and third paragraph correctly, what you’re saying is: If you don’t like the biased, left-wing media in this country, then leave.” 

    If you wish to control the media, then yes, that’s exactly what you need to do. They are private businesses with explicit First Amendment rights, and you don’t have the authority to order them around. You could, alternatively, establish your own media outlet to report the news however you see fit. Arguably, though, that’s what the Religious Right has already done

    So I’m not sure why that’s not good enough for you. But hey, what can this insolent, cynical, godless agnostic heathen possibly know about it. Right? 

    Re: “You don’t get to voice your opinion on blogs, or anywhere else, for that matter, about the disservice their editorial bias does to the country.” 

    You can have any opinion you want. What you cannot have, however, is the power to control the media. As for opinions, they’re like backsides … everyone’s got one and most of them stink. I find opinions unimpressive. I prefer facts. 

    Re: “I must have misread the First Amendment where it clearly spells out that their freedom of the press trumps my freedom of speech.” 

    It doesn’t. You still have that right. What you do not have, is the right to declare what is and what is not “newsworthy.” 

    Re: “Are there any other Constitutional rights you’d like to deprive me of?” 

    Nope! I’d never dream of depriving you of any rights. What I would like from you, is an explanation for the connection between “marching for life” and taunting a Native American. I’d love for you to provide a concise description of the exact mechanism for that. 

    Oh wait. I’ve asked for that twice already, but you’ve refused! Instead, you’ve sniveled and whined about me supposedly depriving you of rights or something. But I haven’t deprived you of anything. I don’t have that authority, but you on the other hand have arrogated to yourself the authority to control the media — which, curiously, would deprive them of their First Amendment rights. 

    So who here is depriving anyone of anything? You condemn me for depriving you of rights, when in truth, all I’ve done is call YOU out for YOUR effort to deprive the media of THEIR rights. That’s rank hypocrisy! 

    Curiously enough, that happens to be something your own Jesus explicitly and unambiguously forbid you ever to engage in. I’d be careful if I were you — according to your own religion, your eternal soul is on the line! 

  167. Re: “One wonders what these young people were taught.” 

    In Kentucky, they were taught Christofascism and white supremacy. 

  168. Can I loan the nuns at their school some yard sticks?

  169. Re: “The Women’s March which was fraught with controversey …” 

    Ah. A “controversy” that the mass media covered, right? I mean, no one would have known about that “controversy” otherwise … no? 

    Re: “… but IT got a fuckton of ink …” 

    Again, that’s not a decision anyone but a media outlet can make for itself. No one has any entitlement to press coverage. Such a right does not exist. Period. 

    Grow up already and deal with. Or not, if you prefer remaining infantile and sanctimoniously-entitled. 

  170. I knew you would display the highest level of your intelligence with exactly that comment. Your Christian pettiness is, once again, noticed.

    Way to go, sukka.

  171. Jumpin’JEEZUZ-in-a-gold-lame-snood–I thought I was still on Hemant’s blog–this place is GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I’ll be off.

    If you’re sticking around, lemme know if they delete my stuff–they tend to dislike opposing viewpoints, especially when they’re accurate.

  172. Perhaps those so rapidly condemning those kids here should take the time to search out the UNEDITED videos of the incident, which are just now being brought to light.

    They show that the kids, who were passing the time by singing some of their school chants, were actually aggressively approached by Nathan Phillips, who for several minutes beat his drum in their faces.

    The student stood around peacefully, asking themselves what that guy was doing.

    Then, one of Phillips’ companions starting cursing the students with f-bombs, cursing them as white people, telling them to “go back to Europe”, as “this isn’t your land”

    Right after that, member of a black radical cult called the “Black Hebrews” start verbally abusing the kids, yelling about “whites”, “sodomy” and “[email protected]”.

    Bet most people didn’t hear any of that in the highly edited version the news media was using to push its deceitful narrative yesterday.

    The real story seems to be one of some school kids being unprovokedly attacked by some radical activists, rather than the other way around.

  173. Maybe you should actually find out about the blatantly racist verbal attacks on the children by Nathan Philips and Co., and the Black Hebrews, which happened BEFORE the video clip used by the media – and which the media chose to edit out in order to promote their false narrative. And you fell for it.

  174. The school “issued a statement” BUT what have they actually done to discipline the Kids? Were they on a school sponsored bus trip? If so they should be denied the chance to go on any other school sponsored trips. Does the school plan to hold an educational talk about the issue? If not they are missing a valuable teaching lesson.

  175. You posted this an hour ago, The Black Hebrews themselves have posted a video, This incident was debunked this morning. The Hebrews were assaulting the boys who were waiting for their bus. They attended the “March for Life” rally. The Indian got between them to diffuse the situation – the boys originally thought he was chanting with them as they were doing school cheers. The kid with the smirk, merely stood his ground and did not move. I have no doubt that Mr. Smirk will be punished just so the school/diocese can avoid a PR nightmare. Having had a son who was tried in a school kangaroo court when he stood up for others, I can guarantee that it will happen. The shame here is on those rushing to judgement and reveling in the dopamine infused confirmation bias that white boy are trash in need of a Gillette.

  176. Oh that Catholic diocese must be so proud of the excellent education they have provided to these children. After 10 years of Catholic education they have become complete and utter assh*les and douches. Worth every penny of tuition. They can skip the apology and try to actually teach proper ethics.

  177. I think the full video does not support you narrative above…

  178. Pampered little conservative snobs pi$$ing on an elderly military veteran in public. What a disgrace!

  179. Not surprising. A garbage story to deflect attention from the even-more-garbage “bombshell” that has hastily dropped off the radar.

  180. Mr Smirk was “standing up” for whom? Smirking at the person who was trying to diffuse situation?

  181. you would ASSume wrong. I am a white man who married a Chinese woman so this is about as far away genetically that you can get. Having been to Kentucky I could easily detect the tell tale signs of generations of incest, look at those kids…look at their slackjawed expressions.

  182. You have always been annoying but coherent. Until recently. Are you OK? Time to block you, though.

  183. and you are a LIAR. the priest who supervised him deleted his twitter account after it was highlighted a number of his more reprehensible comments.
    you are a disgrace for not even attempting to look it any of it up.
    freaking Russian bots.
    would you apologize for not even doing the minimal amount of research? of course not, because you have ZERO moral character.

  184. According to a recent survey (discussed here) the Nones aren’t necessarily atheist/agnostic. A majority believe in ghosts, astrology, etc.

  185. Their dress code of dog-whistle racist hats is not acting out. That’s part of failed or warped adult supervison.
    Yes, I’m outraged. Cut your tepid defense of this display.

  186. I’m aware of the links. Are you blaming the Catholic Church? The school? None of you have shown how Catholicism is to blame or behind the young man’s racist actions.

  187. Total Russian Trollbot. Trump has done more to damage the country and its democracy in 2 years than any president in the last century has.
    The Trump era enables bigots of all stripes. Trump even enables mass murderers.

  188. So do ask right wing murderous groups to the same questions?

    So how many people have been murdered by ANTIFA? Zero since inception.

    How many people have been murdered by the groups ANTIFA opposes?
    About 60 since Trump took office

  189. Maybe you should search out the real story and the full video, not the one the media edited to promote their bogus narrative.

    The kids were aggressively approached and subjected to verbal attacks consisting of cursing and racist taunting by two groups, all of which was edited out by the media.

    The students were more the victims here than the adults. They were the real disgrace!

  190. I’ve never seen so much Trump hate and pro life hate, not to mention disinformation. The students were in DC to participate in a March for Life demonstration. The students had already been confronted by a group of blacks, probably anti-white and anti-Trump racists. Then, this man who was beating a drum confronted and got in the face of one of the students. The students turned the situation into fun. I thought that they handled the situation well. The students confronted no one. An apology should not have been made, especially for another fake news story.

  191. Either you have not seen it, have seen it and are lying, or are just plain dumb.

  192. I am a catholic
    Hitler was a horrorshow of a human being
    to Mark Connelly that is mutually exclusive because????
    like I said, you are a disgrace.
    I never claimed to be a saint but let me ask you one question
    What have you EVER done for the least of our brethren?
    I spent 15 years in 3rd world working to improve the living standards of the poor among us, I only came back because I wanted my children to not have to suffer privation on my own accord.
    I guarantee that YOU have NEVER truly carried the cross for anyone (other than a family member…hence in a self interested act).
    Faith without works is dead…kind of like your soul is.

  193. The police. The predatory local justice system which used petty offenses as a source of usurious income. Shaking down people of color, murdering unarmed youth with impunity. Funny thing is if any of those people sported firearms you would call them terrorists in an instant. But white supremacists arming themselves to intimidate police and threaten violence is somehow “peaceful protest” to your crowd. Go figure.

    Who taught white supremacists to MURDER?

    Trump encourages them and conservatives deliberately ignore their mayhem.

  194. They are really desperate. And many fell for it and are still foaming at the mouth (as we see in so many comments here.).

  195. Sorry Buddy but reality is biased against Trump. As also against fetus worship. Neither has any use for facts and love to inspire bad behavior against others

    “Anti-white” is a euphemism for racists being annoyed at being called out for their obnoxious behavior.

    “The students turned the situation into fun”

    If harassing people is fun for you. If any sort of similar action were taken against you or people you know, you would be threatening violence or murder in retaliation. You are a scumbag of the most obvious sort.

  196. Yes, this was another fake news hit piece. And the usual suspects fell for it.

    All things considered, the kids did handle the situation well.

  197. By harassing a person in an obvious and bigoted manner. If you think that sort of thing is correct, you are probably a Trump supporter.

  198. Yes, Nathan Phillips, his companions, and the Black Hebrews cultists did aggressively approach and harass the kids in a bigoted manner, hurling racist and homophobic hate at them. I do not think that sort of thing is correct.

    If you do think it is correct, you are probably a hated-filled leftist yourself.

  199. Hardly. There appears to be a canned phony counter narrative to the obvious story of teens surrounding and harassing the man under the supervision and guidance of school chaparones.
    Your version of the story is not reported by any actual news sources.

    Wingnut sources are all abound. People likely to use silly terms like “anti-white” or “leftist mobs”

  200. Jack Jenkins needs to go back and review all the available videos from this incident and report it more accurately and fairly.

    The “black Israelites” — an extremist group denounced even by the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center, heckled from the Native American march, then turned on the white boys from the Catholic school. The Native American drummer — a seasoned activist who had provoked incidents with kids he disliked before in 2015, and was in the Dakota Pipeline demonstrations and who sang an AIM song for a movie — led the march with the “black Israelites” on the boys — possibly unaware that they had moments before been harassing *his* people saying they deserved to have their land taken away from them because they “worshipped false gods.”

    When you suspend your prejudices against white Catholic boys from the south for a moment, you might be able to see that hard-core urban activists set on them because they were a ripe target. Their behaviour isn’t justified — but the kid in the MAGA hat in fact merely smirks and stares and says nothing. Other kids who may or may not have chanted “Build the Wall” did so after they were heckled as “school shooters” and whites who should “go back to Europe”.

    Cover *all* the religions please, Jack. All of them.

  201. You have adequately described every Democrat-run city. Murder, mayhem, racism, incompetence.

  202. No. I took care in my original comment to not even mention “Catholic”, even though that is in the reporting. I blamed Religion, realizing that this sort of event could just as easily have taken place with kids taught the narrow-mindedness of religious conservatism in a Protestant school. Personally, I think anybody from any religion that puts (or permits) a Trumpian hat on a kid is completely crazy.

    For me, the kids, the hats, that march and any church school are four things that should not in any manner be put together. Now, maybe the event with the boys and the older Native-Americans is a happenstance with teenagers just being dumba$$, as kids can be. Maybe the school is great and has a few bad apples. I am not blaming “The Catholic Church” for this. I AM having a conniption fit about any parent encouraging any kid to celebrate any aspect of Trumpism, including from the “pro-life” angle if that means wearing the gear promoted by Donald Trump or even the Republican Party. Mixing this junk into kids’ heads is a regrettable crime against humanity.

  203. Nice whataboutism and stupidly partisan response. Most cities are Democrat run even in “Red States” because Republicans make little to no effort to appeal to any groups other than rural or suburban populations. Republican run states are generally the ones lurking at the bottom of quality of life stats in the country.

    But the history of shaking down the local black population in Ferguson is well documented and the well justified gripes against it. (but you won’t read it)
    The DOJ studied and acknowledged Fergeson’s syst

  204. Did they learn that at Catholic school or from their Catholic parents? The MAGA hat, the 21st century substitute for a pointed white hood with a swastika symbol emblazoned on the front.

  205. Love this new lib word of the day when presented with facts: whataboutism. Everyone uses it now. You sound like the sheep, er, I mean, individuals that you claim to be.

  206. If you give me a “Soros” and a “fake news” I can complete my Conservative Nonsense Buzzwords Bingo card. Come on, you can do it.

    You asked a question you clearly did not want an answer to. I guess you prefer echo chambers and flinging poo to reasonable dialogue.

    Whatevs. You want to defend a bunch of rowdy teens harassing an elderly man, that’s on you. At this point you aren’t going to impress me with your current display of intelligence or moral fiber.

  207. Independant – has long been “at the center of controversy” due to its journalistic output.

    Also identified by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) as an employer where “bullying” and “lack of support” was rampant.

    Hardly a reputable source, but one that might appeal to your biases.

  208. Not likely to see balanced coverage here on RNS.

    This ship lists to Port.

  209. Funny, I always thought “the 21st century substitute for a pointed white hood with a swastika emblazoned on the front was the rainbow flag so beloved of the totalitarian progressive left.

  210. The statement, “Several clips of the encounter circulating on social media show a small group of Native American drummers, who were in Washington for the Indigenous People’s March, being surrounded by a much larger band of teenagers.”in the second paragraph of this story is incorrect and misleading. The links provided in the paragraph do not respond to my clicks. The videos that do show the event show the Native American group approaching the students. Nathan Phillips and others walk voluntarily toward and into the group of students, while Phillips beats a drum and chants. The students chant, some laugh. But there is no pushing, no confinement of Phillips or the other drum-playing Native American. The woman who says “You guys are acting like a mob” is standing, clearly in no distress, near Phillips. The drum beating and chanting go on for several minutes, and there is no indication that Phillips, etal, are uncomfortable. They are unrestricted and free to leave at any time, but choose to stay. Eventually the students leave. From the several videos I was able to find online, which include audio, and the videos in this article, I see no reason for the school to apologize, and no basis for disciplinary action. I do wonder about the wisdom, prudence or intentions of an adult who would walk toward and into a group of teens if he believed them, rightly or wrongly, to be taunting, confrontational, or “acting like a mob.” But its a free country, and as it turns out the teens were fine, from the available video evidence.

  211. Send Left-Wing, masked, armed thugs after Right-Wing thugs. Great solution.

    You want to punish the whole state for the actions of these students?

  212. That still doesn’t justify these masked antifa thugs showing up expecting and anticipating violent confrontation. There’s a high road that can be taken.

  213. The students seem to not understand their arrogance. This is on their parents as well as their teachers. The smirker confronting Nathan Phillips, thinks he knows it all. The red hat proves otherwise.

  214. What was their purpose joining the rally of Nathan Phillips?

  215. Yes, you are a “catholic”.

    Your condemnation of others and your touting of your achievements tells us you’re not a Catholic.

  216. Yes, you have your panties in a twist.

    That’s because you’re a card carrying yellow dog, not because of anything else.

    You’ve gotten your script, and facts be damned.

  217. I hope you realize:

    Your url leads to one’s Disqus Inbox when clicked;

    The “Russian bots” comment identifies you as a mindless automaton in the Great Hillary Should Have Won lemmings race;

    Moral character typically involves getting your facts straight first.

  218. So, it’s okay because others do it? That is exactly the problem in this situation.

  219. “Having been to Kentucky I could easily detect the tell tale signs of
    generations of incest, look at those kids…look at their slackjawed

    A, just the kind of person Nancy Pelosi counts on.

  220. Obviously your favorite “poisonous fucks” are your fellow “poisonous fucks” at Friendly Atheist.

    You just swung by to throw much with the other folks from there and JoeMyGod who stopped by.

  221. Thanks for the nonsense from your favorite anti-religious propaganda pit.

    I bookmarked to provide some examples of how mindless it is.

  222. The sadder reality is that these adolescents will become adults.

  223. You didn’t see the comment coming an inch from your nose.

    Pointing out buffoonery is hardly “Christian pettiness”.

  224. You may want to first get all your facts straight.

  225. Thank you for presenting the facts, which the pile-on of LGBT folks from JoeMyGod, anti-religionists and anti-Catholics from Friendly Atheist and Alternet, and pro-abortionists from at least five other discussion groups very carefully avoid dealing with.

    It interferes with their script.

  226. Are under some impression the school handed out the MAGA hats?

  227. I see the word got out among the usual suspects who infect the Hill comments.

  228. your refusal to condemn racism and racist acts shows you are yourself a low life pos racist. I asked you what have you ever done for anyone, but you deflect because you have never done anything.
    you are, in fact, not worthy of a second more of my time.
    and yes, I went to parochial school, know far more about real Catholicism than you ever could (and am more than willing to admit I am very, very far from a saint, but I recognize evil when I see it and you are evil)
    stay stupid and racist. your choice.

  229. There would be no ANTIFA if there is no FA to anti.

    The reaction against them is far out of proportion to their size, influence and effect. Manufactured for the purposes of diversion and whataboutism arguments. They are being conflated for the purposes of pretending there is an equivalence to the long standing nastiness of white supremacists here.

  230. and you are a low life racist, just the kind of person Trump counts on.
    so I win. I am happy to have Nancy count on me. keep on being a racist chuckles.

  231. this guy is just a troll out to provoke people, just block him…let him screech his hatred and bigotry to the void.

  232. I am sure you and Nancy will do well together.

    She also thinks she’s a Catholic.

  233. Lets see what Media Bias/Fact Check says about them:
    The Independent

    Overall we rate the The Independent Left-Center Biased due to story selection that moderately favors the left and High for factual reporting based on proper sourcing of information and a clean fact check record.

    A factual search reveals they have not failed a fact check.

    Calling them “fake news” or accusing them of using an intentionally false story does not jive with their long running record.

    Your opinion as to reputable sources leaves much to be desired. I am at least bothering to source my assertions of fact here. You have not.

    The people reporting your version of the story come from sources with heavy biases and much worse reputations for fact checking.

  234. They had already had their little rally/protest against women’s rights. Why bother Nathan Phillips?

  235. Facts, my butt. That’s racist spin. Come out of your echo chamber and learn the difference. Your brain is in a twist.

  236. That’s because you are naïve, gullible, profoundly ignorant and intolerant.

  237. Understand what happened:

    – a false account of the events was transmitted to a wide variety of the usual suspect media;

    – the word got out on a variety of discussion fora – so far I have identified the Hill, Friendly Atheist, JoeMyGod, and couple of others – that there was a pile-on at RNS;

    – the usual suspects plus a number of folks who have NEVER posted at RNS joined in with the usual anti-Catholic, anti-Trump, anti-abortion slogans and claptrap.

    It did not work – the facts are now out there and they don’t support their inane biased account or their faked moral dudgeon.

    And then they dissipate.

  238. Where did you read all of that in my post? I’m not conflating or talking about equivalence but you sure are minimizing, whatabouting and defending instead of condemning. I’ve seen various videos. They’re often dressed in black, face covered and billy clubs in hand. I’ve seen the rioting and damage. I have nothing but contempt for the White Supremacists but antifa is just as wrong when they resort to violence.

  239. You’re trying to confuse her with facts and reality.

    It has been fairly well established that she does neither.

  240. We’ll put you in the truth and facts hurt column.

  241. I suggest, if you haven’t done so yet, you view the 1:46 video on YouTube. It tells a different story. I watched a non-stop racist, homophobic diatribe from some group identified as Black Hebrews. They harassed the Native American group as well as the students. I didn’t see or hear anything bad on the part of the students. Actually one of the Native Americans told the students to go back to Europe – but no animosity.

  242. Please don’t refer to Spuddie as a she. Your level of disrespect is saddening.

  243. It has been well established here and elsewhere Spuddie is in fact a she.

  244. ANTIFA is a very minor organization whose reputation appears to be largely inflated by right wing extremists. They are barely worth the kind of full scale demonization done to them. More image than reality.

    Considering their origin and stated purpose is to keep right wing extremists in check, people who are known to commit murder in public rallies, I won’t get into a tizzy about the masks or billy clubs. Especially given the long history of police assisting or participating with right wing extremists in many places. ANTIFA’s violence is more reputation and minor league nonsense than reports suggest.

  245. See below.

    The youtube is selectively edited and unrelated to the incident
    “Amid claims online that Mr Phillips had himself participated in harassing the boys, the same video shows the moment he arrived at the scene of the confrontation. The 64-year-old can be seen interposing himself between the two groups, apparently ending a few yards away from both, before the students approach him and begin chanting.”

    Phillips was actually trying to defuse the situation when the teens harassed him.

    “I didn’t see or hear anything bad on the part of the students.”

    Try this one

  246. I’ve seen those clips. The long video captures the mood and events prior to and after the confrontation. Have you seen it all? If not, watch it. Try to be objective if you can.

  247. The long video omits a good deal of the action of the students and shows the black hebrews were acting separately. Philips was interceding between the groups and got harassed and subject to rude actions by the teenagers. He does not deserve to be treated like a wrongdoer here.

  248. The Catholic students don’t deserve to be treated like wrongdoers here.

  249. I saw them. There is not much there to exonerate the students or shift blame to Phillips. Phillips was getting between two groups, being the adult in the situation. The boys acted badly.

  250. Nah, I’m just not brainwashed by drinking all that progressive leftist kool aid.

    Reject the popular pc easy answers. Learn to think for yourself man. Set your mind free.

  251. WATCH NATHAN PHILLIPS PLAYING THE MARTYR at 1:12 mark here – – and how yet again Atheists & Progressives around here have been played and fooled by the religious arm of mainstream media.

    For according to Max Mogren, “What Really Happened During Covington Catholic, Black Israelites, Nathan Phillips Situation”, YouTube, January 20, 2019:

    “The kids were meeting there to wait for their buses to arrive and behaving like high school kids tend to … moblike. … This video shows the kids chanting and laughing and clapping along, but are they really doing or saying anything obviously racist? If you do hear them chanting, ‘Build the wall’, or saying racist stuff, please comment with timestamp and what you heard said. The ‘Black Israelites’ were obviously saying nasty, racist, inflammatory things throughout the video. It’s interesting how the mainstream media [INCLUDING R.N.S.] doesn’t focus on their contributions at all. Around the 1:12 mark Omaha Elder Nathan Phillips and a crew from the Indigenous Peoples March came along and got into the mix. The headlines that these kids ‘mobbed’ and ‘surrounded’ Mr. Phillips simply are not true. They certainly seemed simulated by his presence, but it is quite clear that he put himself there and had several allies in tow.”

  252. Thank you, Jim Johnson.

    Your comment led me to Max Mogren, “What Really Happened During Covington Catholic, Black Israelites, Nathan Phillips Situation”, YouTube, January 20, 2019.


    “The [Eastern Michigan University] students seem to not understand their arrogance. This is on their parents as well as their teachers. The smirker confronting Nathan Phillips, thinks he knows it all. The [Obama blue] hat proves otherwise.”



  254. More truths coming out, all giving the lie to this RNS article

  255. No, it’s the “Obama Is Still MY President”, and “4 More Years”, and “Make America Obama Again” hats that are “the 21st century substitute for a pointed white hood with a swastika symbol emblazoned on the front”!

  256. Mark Connelly is a troll. Do not expect an honest or sane conversation from him. He is not worth your time or effort.

  257. Then I’ll personally put you in the lie and fake news calumny column.

  258. Watched a much longer video at
    Black Hebrew’s running their mouths while the Catholic kids were hanging out on the steps.
    The black Hebrews and Catholic kids start jawing at one another.
    The Indian (and a few others) is banging his drum; walk in between the two groups. It didn’t seem like the Indian communicated with the Catholic kids. If he was there to help – banging on a drum and chanting seems to be an odd way of demonstrating it. Why didn’t he say something? Or was he there to agitate?
    The Catholic kids were still out of line doing the Atlanta Braves/Florida State fight song; but to say they threatened the Indian is a lie.
    Just wondering where all the commentary from the homosexual and athiest community is regarding the black Hebrews – they seemed to be the real instigators.

  259. Now see, no, that can’t be, dim-mussel. Your mom told me that it’s “you [who] are naïve, gullible, profoundly ignorant and intolerant.” From day one, she added.

  260. Still doesn’t show anything. Why is the Indian there anyway? If he wanted to help, why didn’t he say something?
    Normal people talk to diffuse a situation; children bang on drums.
    The Indian is an additional agitator.

  261. The Indian was an agitator. Shudda kept walking and minded his own business.

  262. A LOT of new accounts on this thread….
    Not that I care; but the ad revenue on some of the other lefty sites are going to take a revenue hit.

  263. JJ @ his bestest

    Don’t know about Emily McFarlan Miller, though

  264. Hear hear

    Then again it’d be a miracle for having hearing ears & seeing eyes around here

    Better journalists have left RNS

  265. Hardly. He was interceding to avoid mayhem. The Native American Rally has used that date for 45 years. He had his own thing going on

    You shoulda been smacked upside your head for that post.

  266. There was a Native American Rally on the same day. They have been doing it on that day for a while.

    Both teens and Black Hebrews are known for being stupid in public.


    “Oh that [Eastern Michigan University] must be so proud of the excellent education they have provided to these [college kids]. After … years of [EMU] education they have become complete and utter assh*les and douches. Worth every penny of tuition. [The EMU board & administrators] can skip the apology and try to actually teach proper ethics.”



  268. True that

    RNS regulars have all been played


    So easy, these Progressives & Atheists

  269. The Buzzfeed “bombshell”?

    The Black Israelites “bombshell”?

    What, please.

  270. Yup

    But oh what damage this RNS has done

    Still an all-around smashing success, though

    And that’s what counts


  271. I was thinking about that today. In a rush to put out a story, the author and RNS didn’t fully investigate.
    This seems to happen quite often with the MSM as they look for gotcha stories.
    It will be interesting to see if there is a follow up story tomorrow.

  272. Agree. I’ve been to DC on business when multiple rallies are occurring.
    Some people mind there business while others look for trouble.

  273. Why didn’t he say anything then?
    How stupid of him and his group to bang on a drum.
    If he was trying to de-escalate; he should’ve went up to the catholic kids and said – hey, those black Hebrew guys are no good; be better people and ignore them.
    But no, he walks in the middle of a hornets nest and doesn’t say anything?!
    Nope, not buying it buddy. Not this time.

  274. Specifically the Buzzfeed one — which the libs suddenly don’t want to talk about.

    I think even Ben understands now why I laughed at his cite to a Buzzfeed story about a week ago. It will be a very long time before Buzzfeed gets anything but laughs.

  275. The only evidence that mediabiasfactcheck is reliable is that they say they are.

    Buzzfeed says it’s reliable, too. Pfft.

  276. I wish the students (fully-accountable adults) at Berkeley had been half as restrained as these kiddos when Milo Yiannopoulos came to town. It would have been a lot less expensive.

  277. How is this even related? Do you know the difference between college and primary/secondary school? Difference between religious schools and colleges? Sorry your comment exposes a ton of ignorance on your part.

  278. Did you watch right before 1:12? Just curious if you saw the kids mocking the native dancing and chants. Philip peacefully walks over between the whites and blacks. Sorry, the kids seem stupid still.

  279. The Native American walked between the group of kids and the black hebrews. As one can see in every video the native group was quickly surrounded by the kids. Very weird and scary historical recreation. Didn’t seem like the hebrews or the kids were very good at words. Beating the drum is as good a method as any to diffuse the situation. sort of calls everyone to stop their antics.

  280. This article is 100% fake news. Go watch the full video on YouTube and you’ll see. it’s completely different than what these leftwing authors are representing. The Catholic Church should also be taken to task for not getting their facts right before making a statement. This is the perform storm of stupid.

  281. Someone must have p-ssed in your Colorado Springs.

  282. YOU calling someone else a troll?


  283. The Church did not make a statement.

    Their school made a statement, and it was both an act of moral cowardice and a good example of throwing someone under a bus.

  284. The boys were acting as boys in the big city encountering for the first time the DC loonies.

  285. So, you, teens, and the Black Hebrews have something in common.

  286. “Most cities are Democrat run even in “Red States” because Republicans
    make little to no effort to appeal to any groups other than rural or
    suburban populations.”

    Most large cities are run by Democrats because Republicans make little to no effort to give away free sh-t, pander to pressure groups, or hobble their police forces.

  287. You appear to be part-owner of the “canned phony … narrative to the obvious story of teens surrounding and harassing the man under the supervision and guidance of school chaparones”.

    Gullible, it’s your modus operandi.

  288. Ah got it.

    Even Dispatches for the Culture Wars had to write up another spin to, that’s right, spin their way out of initially endorsing that Buzz Bird Feed Ad full-on.

    This Ben, though, is now in Phase 2 of sorts. Spending more time elsewhere where he belongs. The likes of Friendly Atheist.

    Then again RNS quality control has pretty much gone the way of the grocery store tabloids. So can’t blame anyone for shopping around for a better deal of fake news.

    Be strong in Jesus, redeeming the time!

  289. Nathan Phillips did it before. What he did to Eastern Michigan University students during the Obama Era, he’s now, during the Trump Era, doing to these Covington Catholic high schoolers. His M.O. is the same, as demonstrated from the 1:12 mark of this video – – and as inquired upon in

    FOX2: “Why did [you, Nathan] Phillips go over to the fence? Why not just walk away?”

    NATHAN PHILLIPS: “For me just to walk by and have a blind eye to it. Something just didn’t allow me to do it.”

  290. The “Hard Death of Journalism” – yup.

    Estimated Time of Death: Since after the U.S. defeat in the Vietnam War.

  291. Right. He walks toward them – NOT past them.
    The only person who thinks a drum diffuses a situation is a toddler.
    Try again.

  292. Yup. I learned journalistic objectivity was dead about 25 years ago. Back in the day of the morning paper, I would get annoyed at the uber-liberal editoria board spewing garbage. Then the articles replaced facts with opinions; I soon cancelled the paper. had an article on the normal political affiliation of certain professions. No surprise that “journalists” and those in academia are liberal.

  293. Thanks for the longer video. It does better explain how the situation evolved. While my opinion has shifted toward viewing some of what happen here as just improperly supervised sophomoric activity, the students are not blameless. As a Catholic, I don’t expect to see Catholic HS students attending a Pro-Life rally wearing Trumpian MAGA hats and sweat shirts. These symbols are now closely associated with the activity of racists. When they put them on, the students and their supervisors fully intended to project the non-Catholic racist sentiment which this political dress has come to represent. It gave them a confrontational demeanor that led to escalation.

  294. Unfortunately the default position at RNS became vaguely anti-religious and decidedly anti-Catholic over a number of years, tracking Religion Dispatches – which managed to dispatch itself when it became a blatant anti-Catholic propaganda mill.

    Current management is trying to correct that, but it is dealing with an entrenched mentality.

  295. “As a Catholic, I don’t expect to see Catholic HS students attending a
    Pro-Life rally wearing Trumpian MAGA hats and sweat shirts.”

    No, that won’t save any face.

    The Catholic Church and the American Episcopal Conference have not opined that either Trump or MAGA violate any moral or ethical standards for Catholics.

    So, let’s scrap “As a Catholic” and insert “As someone who voted for Hillary” and just cut the cr-p.

  296. I think the young lad’s demeanor was far more admirable, given that Phillips walked into the lad’s space began banging a drum. Here, a hardened experienced (to spectacles before) “Vietnam Veteran” goes up against a 16 year old and the boy is emotionless. Marvelous composure.

    This guy brings his own lawyer to such events.

  297. No looking at the Congressional lily white guy Republican Congress who are afraid of Trump’s intolerant base and their support for the national orange embarrassment clown and his phony racist crisis and vanity wall.

  298. Odd – the President never mentioned “race”.

    That came from the Democrats.

    Odd – the entire BS story being commented on turned out to be a fabrication for lefties.

    Basically you’re a sucker.

    gullible – adjective

    Easily persuaded to believe something; credulous.

  299. We all saw it, sans your lame attempt to excuse it. Again the red MAGA hat, the phony border crisis, the racist vanity wall, a Republican Congress afraid of Trump’s cultivated 20% to 25% base of the nations intolerant voters all symbolic of who the majority Republican Party purposely is and has been, the Party of intolerance since the mid ’60’s.

  300. Well, I don’t agree that wearing MAGA hats is a symbol of racism. That said, I don’t wear any partisan political messaging on anything, and I’ve never put a bumper sticker on my car or a sign on my front lawn.

    If I was supervising the group, I would have asked them to remove all such symbols, to include MAGA, Bernie, Hope & Change, Hillary, etc. Stick to the message (pro life), and don’t dilute it by advocating for one politician or another.

  301. The school is going to need to issue another apology, to their students that they slandered. Here’s a report by Robby Soave of what he saw in the full almost two-hour video ( ), with the personal account of the student that Phillips got in the face of appended. Anyone that wants to watch the video can find it here ( ), Phillips enters at the 1:12 mark. He seems to have completely misread the situation according to his own biases.

  302. Actually you are a hapless naïve, gullible, intolerant moon-eyed lemming and mark, conned by a N Y life long flimflam man, grifter, and con-artist.

  303. You have an aversion to people doing the right thing I suppose. Those anti-native American college and high schools students are heroes in your mind.

  304. I assume having found out this was fake news, and that the students did nothing, you will be deleting your comment?

  305. Don’t expect any apologies from the LGBT lefty atheist commenters, though.

  306. Banging a drum.
    Being annoying.
    Not minding his business.
    Got the attention he wanted.
    Media now reporting he’s a “professional” protester.
    I’ll hang up now and wait for your; and the other trump/catholic haters to apologize.

  307. Been thinking about that too.
    I’ve been posting her for short of a year – I think.
    In that time, I swear there has not been ONE positive article on the RCC or Christianity in general.
    Maybe; just maybe this is the darkest time in church history where there is nothing positive to write about – but there HAS to be something good that Christians are doing somewhere….

  308. RNS long ago was left of center but fairly accurate.

  309. Waiting for my good friend spuddie to correct herself and apologize.
    Also waiting for the locusts to return to retract their venomous attacks.
    My normal nemesis’s on this page are/were quick to attack yesterday. Quick to attack Catholics/trump supporters/ Christians in general; They yelled the words “uncivilized”, “intolerance”, “hateful”, “disrespectful”; yet the facts showed that those who constantly cry about being disrespected and marginalized were the worst offenders.
    The fact that new commentators appeared (those who’s accounts were only created yesterday) to bash and offend speaks volumes of how unrighteousness and intolerant they really are.

  310. This had nothing to do with President Trump. You are stupid.

  311. No need to apologize here… he is a protester…so what?

  312. In the Trump era of pathological proven serial lying the FACTS and Truth cannot be repeated enough. Again the red MAGA hat, the phony border crisis, the racist vanity wall, a Republican Congress afraid of Dirty Donny’s personally cultivated 20% to 25% base of the nations intolerant voters all symbolic of who the majority Republican Party purposely is and has been, the Party of intolerance since the mid ’60’s. You are part of quite the group of the intolerant, naïve, and gullible, hapless moon eyed lemmings easily conned victims of the lifelong intolerant N Y conman, grifter, and flimflam artist.

  313. In the Trump era of pathological proven serial lying the FACTS and TRUTH cannot be repeated enough. Again the red MAGA hat, the phony border crisis, the racist vanity wall, a Republican Congress afraid of Dirty Donny’s personally cultivated 20% to 25% base of the nations intolerant voters all symbolic of who the majority Republican Party purposely is and has been, the Party of intolerance since the mid ’60’s. You are part of quite the group of the intolerant, naïve, and gullible, hapless moon eyed lemmings easily conned victims of the lifelong intolerant N Y conman, grifter, and flimflam artist.

  314. Too dumb to think up your own replay that you have to repeat mine? How about this? In the Trump era of pathological proven serial lying the FACTS and TRUTH cannot be repeated enough. Again the red MAGA hat, the phony border crisis, the racist vanity wall, a Republican Congress afraid of Dirty Donny’s personally cultivated 20% to 25% base of the nations intolerant voters all symbolic of who the majority Republican Party purposely is and has been, the Party of intolerance since the mid ’60’s. You are part of quite the group of the intolerant, naïve, and gullible, hapless moon eyed lemmings easily conned victims of the lifelong intolerant N Y conman, grifter, and flimflam artist.

  315. Spoiled bratty liberal students wearing “MAGA” hats. ALL phony politics, to denigrate native Americans and our President. Shame on
    democrats. TRUMP PENCE 2020!!

  316. Also, how is it anti catholic or anti trump to point out the despicable behavior of the kids? It is not anti black to point out the stupid behavior of the black Hebrews. Despicable behavior is just what it is…and to defend it seems the trend these days. It does just so happen that Catholics and trump defend despicable behavior regularly, that is true! But criticizing the students here has nothing to do with their religion or trump.

  317. Is this the same RNS who publishes Reese and Silk’s articles? Come on, your dramatics fail to even come close to the truth. Anti-catholic? What a joke… lol

  318. A known racist needs to conform it every time, we all understand who he was proved to be and remains, check he and his families N Y history In the Trump era of pathological proven serial lying the FACTS and TRUTH cannot be repeated enough. Again the red MAGA hat, the phony border crisis, the racist vanity wall, a Republican Congress afraid of Dirty Donny’s personally cultivated 20% to 25% base of the nations intolerant voters all symbolic of who the majority Republican Party purposely is and has been, the Party of intolerance since the mid ’60’s. You are part of quite the group of the intolerant, naïve, and gullible, hapless moon eyed lemmings easily conned victims of the lifelong intolerant N Y conman, grifter, and flimflam artist.

  319. In the Trump era of pathological proven serial lying the FACTS and TRUTH cannot be repeated enough. Again the red MAGA hat, the phony border crisis, the racist vanity wall, a Republican Congress afraid of Dirty Donny’s personally cultivated 20% to 25% base of the nations intolerant voters all symbolic of who the majority Republican Party purposely is and has been, the Party of intolerance since the mid ’60’s. You are part of quite the group of the intolerant, naïve, and gullible, hapless moon eyed lemmings easily conned victims of the lifelong intolerant N Y conman, grifter, and flimflam artist.

  320. Nancy and Chuck stand at 56% approval, Trump’s racist wall at 36%, who’s winning? In the Trump era of pathological proven serial lying the FACTS and TRUTH cannot be repeated enough. Again the red MAGA hat, the phony border crisis, the racist vanity wall, a Republican Congress afraid of Dirty Donny’s personally cultivated 20% to 25% base of the nations intolerant voters all symbolic of who the majority Republican Party purposely is and has been, the Party of intolerance since the mid ’60’s. You are part of quite the group of the intolerant, naïve, and gullible, hapless moon eyed lemmings easily conned victims of the lifelong intolerant N Y conman, grifter, and flimflam artist. at

  321. Jack,

    I guess you have not seen the entire video?

    This story is a complete joke.

  322. Well it seem certain folks believe fiction if it suits their political agenda. There are still people running around with “hands up don’t shoot”.

    Jack, what you wrote didn’t happen.

  323. The kids acted pretty good. They are HS kids after all. So Jack is upset because some guy gets in their face, not the Black Israelites,. and beats a drum one inch from their face and they don’t bow down to him?

    Jack listen to the video and then tell me honestly that the kids instigated anything.

    HS me and my friends would have not just laughed and tomahawk chopped the guy. He would have backed off or we would have tossed him. Literally,.

  324. Aside from the Atlanta Braves songs; specifically, what did they do?
    Which I might add, IF, it is so hurtful toward American Indians; why do liberals do it each day during the baseball season?
    Led at one time by uber-liberals ted turner and Hanoi Jane?

  325. Hitler at one time stood at 63% approval in Germany.

    Apparently you believe that being in the herd of lemmings heading for the cliff makes you immune to reality.

    It certainly seems to shield your thought processes from reality.

  326. You don’t even know me. I have reported you to the administrators on this site.

  327. “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei is a very minor organization whose reputation appears to be largely inflated by left wing extremists. They are barely worth the kind of full scale demonization done to them. More image than reality.”

    Germany, 1932

  328. Take some deep breaths, jim.

    Sit quietly for a while.

    There, feel better?

    Now try switching to decaf.

    Lay off the bong.

    And try thinking for yourself.

    All helpful in overcoming Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  329. No, these days being a Leftist means never having to say you’re sorry. Oddly enough, the best statement on the art of journalism I’ve read was in a comic:

    “This is a strange world, son, and there are lots of weird things in it. That makes us, as a newspaper, vulnerable. Other newspapers may go out there with sensational stories, screaming headlines that turn out to be a mistake, and they end up looking like moneys. Not us. Here at the Rocket we print what we can prove. Sometimes it’s spectacular, sometimes it isn’t, but our readers count on us. And they know, if they read it in the Rocket, it’s the truth.”

    It’s too bad that the MSM(D) has abandoned that.

  330. Kids being kids – so what?

    Reports now indicate the protestor intentionally engaged the kids. One of the Indians told the kids that they took “their” land.

    The more the facts come out, the more the Indian should feel grateful he didn’t get his ass kicked.

  331. No idea what you’re talking about. Finding many of you cons have difficulty carrying on a conversation or discussion. I guess when you’re losing an argument so frequently you just change topics over and over…

  332. Kids being kids? Really? That is the defense? In MAGA hats? Lmfao. When I was a kid we would have gotten smacked for acting like these kids. BY THE NUNS THEMSELVES!

  333. Specifically-based upon the new information- did the kids do wrong?!
    I will tell you what I think they did wrong after you respond.

  334. They taunted and surrounded a handful of elder native Americans.

  335. Still waiting for jack and Emily to provide a correction.

  336. Now we know the whole story was Wrongly portrayed against the young Catholic students.
    Grown Men were harassing Them !
    I WILL expect the school to apologize to these young men for jumping the gun. They showed restraint with what was occurring by the Racist black Men.and Indian went into their group They did not surround him fix this with the truth .

  337. Yeah, that was funny.

    Miserable atheists who spend a big chunk of every day on religion boards trash-talking faith and trying to make trouble are the very definition of “troll.”

    Some evangelical boards at Patheos are infested with them as well, although not to the extent that this one is. I think the mods let them stay as examples to be pitied and the posters simply talk around them.

  338. “Waiting for my good friend spuddie to correct herself and apologize.” Nah, she’ll just claim the videos are “deceptively edited,” like the PP videos that the 5th Circuit just pronounced authentic the other day.

  339. Re: “Now we know the whole story was Wrongly portrayed against the young Catholic students.” 

    Actually we don’t “know” that at all. It’s more complicated, yes, but knowing that doesn’t really help all that much. The Black Hebrew Israelites had been haranguing the kids, but Phillips wasn’t with them, and whatever antagonism may have passed between those two groups doesn’t explain why Phillips was specifically harassed. 

    It simply doesn’t. To say it does, is to lie about it. 

  340. This troll has posted the same paragraph of lefty-babble SEVEN TIMES over the past two hours. Block him already.

  341. Haven’t seen any of the locusts that were here on Saturday come back to edit their comments or; cough, cough – apologize.

  342. What were the taunts? Please cite what was said and when.
    Also, please cite what members of the Indians group said to the students.
    I’ll wait.

  343. Do not hold your breath for that. I could not upvote you if you were not here.

  344. Spuddie is not really to blame. There is a lot of fake news out there, and she was having a discussion with me on PP and Margaret Sanger, on the Pro-Life March article.

  345. The children were targeted by radical activists. Harassed and called names. And now the leftist activists are threatening their lives for their MAGA hats.

  346. Do you think the school will apologize? I saw some headline that they’re going to expel him?

  347. I think we just saw the beginning of the clash of Titans for the 2020 election, even though it’s just the start of 2019. One Good thing is that Kamala Harris’ bid is being upstaged.

  348. So far we’ve only had one Hitler type despot racist, pathological proven serial liar comparison, Trump.

  349. The kid is going to be on fox at some point. I think a trip to see trump would be good too.

  350. Again, opposition to the wall 56%, approval of Trump’s racist vanity wall 36%, who’s winning? In the Trump era of pathological proven serial lying the FACTS and TRUTH cannot be repeated enough. Again the red MAGA hat, the phony border crisis, the racist vanity wall, a Republican Congress afraid of Dirty Donny’s personally cultivated 20% to 25% base of the nations intolerant voters all symbolic of who the majority Republican Party purposely is and has been, the Party of intolerance since the mid ’60’s. You are part of quite the group of the intolerant, naïve, and gullible, hapless moon eyed lemmings easily conned victims of the lifelong intolerant N Y conman, grifter, and flimflam artist.

  351. And as a Catholic high school teacher and administrator, I would have had you and your friends suspended or even expelled for your “tomahawk chop.”

    Yes, the whole account does somewhat mitigate the students’ actions; however, some questions:
    1. Where are the chaperones? They failed on many levels.
    2. What is the purpose of the MAGA hats? What do they have to do with a pro-life march? The Church is called to be non-partisan. That was definitely being violated. See #1 above.
    3. Students were definitely mocking a Native American and a Vietnam veteran. That is wrong, no matter the “provocation.”
    4. What does the chant, “Build the wall!” have to do with the Native American, or the pro-life march, or anything, for that matter? The students were violating the U.S. Bishops policy. So, they were at variance with Church policy.

  352. But today’s story, today’s video, DOES make it clear that you and I cannot trust the national media — not NBC, ABC, CBS, not even RNS — when they are reporting big racial incidents.

    Dramatic, professional photographs and headlines — you cannot trust that stuff, even if some school immediately offers a big apology (admission of guilt), and a big threat to expel the students involved.

    I accepted this RNS story and photo (and school apology) at face value, and I was wrong to do so. (Who knows? Maybe some of those MAGA-hat teenagers are yet guilty of bullying and mocking Phillips. )

    But it’s clear that we weren’t given the whole truth. It’s clear now that some vile, Trump-Hating “Black Israelites” (yes, I call them vile, and I dare any of them to show up in this forum), got away with something. The tragedy is that most media consumers will ONLY remember the first story, the dramatic photo of MAGA teenager Sandmann and Native American elder Phillips staring at each other.

  353. It is important to note that these kids were let off school and sent by their church school to Washington to participate in a demonstration against women’s rights of conscience and religious liberty. No public school would do a thing like that. And Trump, Pence, DeVos and GOP politicians want all taxpayers to foot thebill for these private schools. — Edd Doerr

  354. Thus spake the aspiring Grand Inquisutor and Great Poobah Mark/Bob.

  355. Let out of school and sent to Washington by their church to demonstrate against women’s rights.

  356. Re: “But today’s story, the new video, DOES make it clear that you and I cannot trust the national media …” 

    It does no such thing. It shows the Native American was taunted by the students, even though he hadn’t harassed them (since he wasn’t one of the Black Hebrew Israelites). The “new” video doesn’t show their taunting to be justified in any way, shape, or form. 

    You THINK it does because you’d like to think so. But it doesn’t. Period. 

    Re: “I accepted this RNS story & photo (and school apology) at face value, and I was wrong to do so.” 

    You weren’t. Phillips was, in fact, unjustifiably taunted by the students. 

    Re: “But it’s clear that we weren’t given the whole truth.” 

    You didn’t have extra video, but what you saw was clear, and the rest of it doesn’t change that the students had no reason to taunt Phillips, who had done nothing to them — regardless of whatever else had been going on. 

    Re: “It’s clear now that some vile, Trump-Hating “Black Israelites” (yes, I call them vile, and I dare any of them to show up in this forum), got away with something.” 

    I’m not sure how it is you think they “got away” with anything, given their behavior has been widely reported. But hey, you just go right ahead and say they “got away with it,” even though the very fact you know about it proves they didn’t! 

    Re: “The tragedy is that most media consumers will ONLY remember the first story …” 

    Cry baby, cry. Waaaaah wah waaah. 

  357. Again speaks the aspiring Grand Inquisitor Mark/Bob.

  358. Heavens! If he has threats now—!! Is this boy a minor? The media is going to have to do more, I think.

  359. I know you by your very STUPID comment. The site administrators will agree with me because you present NO FACTS to back up your false claim. STOP insulting the POTUS. DECENT, intelligent US Citizens love and support him.

  360. A human skin cell is human, but it is not a person. That requires a functioning brain, not possible until some time after 28-32 weeks of gestation. Pre-28 weeks fetuses are not persons under our constitution.

  361. that Catholic church sanctified brutal racist oppression of the native Americans back then. do you know anything of history at all? Roman Catholics throughout history have committed horrible crimes against humanity but they were acting contrary to the life and teaching of Christ. In modern times the church has changed (the basic dogma of the church has not) to root out the racism and bigotry of the past.
    why are you acting like it is still the 1950’s? I lived in Mexico for many years, where I lived there is a priest who runs a shelter for migrants making his way north and his life has been threatened countless times, have you ever gone down there and risked your life for the safety of a single migrant? I lived near La Bestia myself, I have met thousands of migrants on their way north. none of them gave a flying fig about Columbus (or Colon he is known)

  362. Quote source – the only article I found suggests that you are using it out of context following the 1930 election where they gained few votes. As far as I know the Antifa have not fielded a candidate or created an official political party or political platform.

  363. What a lunatic bogus narrative you are pushing.

    Reread my previous post, and apply the five steps.

    I can tell you haven’t tried any of them.

    In especially virulent cases of TDS, a sixth step is often recommended:

    To prevent ruining a good shirt, wear a bib while foaming at the mouth.

  364. It ain’t that simple anymore, PsiCop. Now that Nick Sandmann (the main teenager featured in the dramatic media photograph), has told the media his own version of what actually happened, things are clearly not how they were originally presented by the media. And that’s on top of the new video.

    It’s not even clear now that the “Main MAGA Teenager” is guilty of **anything** (although I still don’t like his smile or smirk.) The Trump-Hating “Black Israelite” face needs to be front & center in all the media photos.

    Things are certainly different than on January 19th, when this story appeared on RNS.

  365. Incredible! Just incredible.

    Lives at Santa Marta now!

  366. “Heroes?” No – just High School kids who were thrust into phony prominence by “fake news.”

  367. Fake news? Lol. I love that fake news now refers to facts in this country. We have fallen into an abyss.

  368. Re: “It ain’t that simple anymore, PsiCop.” 

    Actually, it pretty much is “that simple.” 

    Re: “Now that Nick Sandmann … has told the media his own version of what actually happened, things are clearly NOT how they were originally presented by the media.” 

    Actually, his account makes no sense to me — at all. 

    Re: “… although I still don’t like his smile or smirk …” 

    In my own part of the world, we call that a “s-eating grin.” And I do not, for one moment, believe he was praying at that time. 

    Re: “The Trump-Hating ‘Black Israelites’ need to be put upfront in all the media photos — but they won’t be.” 

    Well, their antics have been reported on — but please, if it makes you feel better to say they haven’t been, you just go right ahead and keep lying about that. Your personal feelings, after all, are the single most important thing in all the universe, and vastly more important than “facts.” 

    Re: “This white kid has every rational reason to be worried about being mis-represented and wrongly accused in a national-level news photo & article.” 

    That goes without saying, given he stood there with a s-eating grin on his face while his classmates taunted Phillips. A man who was NOT (repeat, NOT!) one of the Black Hebrew Israelites whose deplorable behavior HAS BEEN reported. 

    Re: “You and I would take it just as seriously, if it happened to us.” 

    If it were me, I’d ‘fess up. I’d say, “Hey, you know, we caught a bunch of s- from some Black Hebrew Israelites, and then this weird-looking man comes around drumming, so sure, we took out our frustrations on him.” I would also apologize for it. 

    But don’t look for that from any of these kids. They’re making themselves into martyrs, with the help of Right-wing media outlets and blogs and with the assistance of people like you who refuse to hold them accountable for what they did to Phillips, and instead act like persecuted Chrishuns. 

  369. No — that’s the bottomless pit of prejudice you’ve fallen into, mistaking it for the errors of your countrymen.

  370. The Progressives’ “Reality Check” just bounced.

  371. Floyd, you know teenage boys characteristically smile or “smirk” to mask nervousness or confusion.

    From what I saw, I surmise that the kid had no clue what this person was trying to do but had made a decision to not be either baited into a fight OR intimidated away.

    I wish more such restraint had been demonstrated at Trump’s inauguration, at Berkeley, etc.

    There had better be some apologies made, or there may be some lawsuits filed. And there might be some anyway.

  372. According to Wikipedia’s sources, however: “Even though under the Roman law the fetus was not a legal subject, it was a potential person whose property rights were protected after birth. … . In the Byzantine Empire, fetus was regarded as a natural person and could inherit alongside blood descendents and slaves. … In 1762, English jurist and judge William Blackstone wrote that an ‘infant in its mother’s womb’ could benefit from a legacy and receive an estate as if it were actually bom. The fetus was thus considered a person for purposes of inheritance. … In 1967, American Bar Association Journal noted ‘the modern trend of legal decisions that grant every property and personal right to the unborn child, including the right to life itself, from conception on’. … The American Convention on Human Rights which envisages the fetal right to life from the moment of conception … was ratified by twenty five countries of the Americas … in 1973–1993. … It effectively declares the fetus a person.”

  373. Most of you cons have me laughing out loud all day. Then I cry a bit by the stupidity of my fellow humans. You were granted so much potential at birth but choose to squander it 🙁

  374. I taught history and I lived and taught in South America, so don’t think I don’t know the area well.

  375. “Catholic high school teacher and administrator” – my foot! Analyze the evidences on videos and testimonial transcripts! Stop with your uncritical reception of fake news & propagandized spins!

  376. No support for the racist phony crisis or racist Trump vanity wall, a landslide 56% disapprove and only 36% approve, and then there’s the mid-term Republican wipe out with Demorat’s controlling the House and now the latest polls, adios Dumb Donny and your racist vanity wall.

  377. Since 1973 US law — and that of nearly all other advanced countries — have recognized that women have the right to decide to terminate a problem pregnancy. History has varied all over the place. Today;s science shows that human personhood is not possible before 28-32 weeks of gestation.

  378. JJ has done this before. One on Liberty University comes to mind.

  379. No JJ hasn’t and won’t. And still calls himself a reporter.

  380. It’s the perfect storm of reader prejudice and reportorial negligence — or, make that “malfeasance.”

  381. You appear to have some serious issues with reading comprehension.

  382. You forgot Barack Obama and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

  383. Have the integrity to admit you sucked on a fake news lemon.

  384. She’s more of an oppositionalist than a propositionalist — her opposition to Trump and her stand for “The Resistance” are the only things she has to commend her to voters. In order to build her appeal on a national level, she’d have to become someone (or at least appear to be someone) who is more moderate than her radical California-Progressive base would be willing to accept. Stumbled on the national stage by her own local success…tripped up by the very image she has fashioned for herself — how fitting!

  385. Sometime someone is going to tell the story of how Edd went from Catholic high school student to anti-Catholic with a distant relative a Catholic priest back home in Indiana.

    I think he should tell it, but he’s too busy running off at the mouth about matters he knows next to nothing about.

  386. Have the integrity to admit you swallowed a fabricated story hook, line, and sinker sucker.

  387. 1 – The chaperones have already spoken out, stating they’re proud of the way the students handled themselves.

    1a – The school and the Diocese of Covington have apologized for throwing the students under the bus.

    2 – You don’t want America To Be Great Again? Why, particularly?

    The Church is not called upon to be non-partisan. The Johnson Amendment to the IRC purports that if it or any component (e.g., a parish) is not, it could lose its tax exemption. One would hope the Church would take sides if one party is, for example, calling for another Holocaust.

    However, the students were on their own time, their own dime, and the March was over.

    3 – The current accounts and video support the conclusion they were not mocking a Native American and a Vietnam veteran. The Native American and Vietnam veteran, it turns out, has a record of being something of a provocateur at a wide range of public demonstrations.

    4 – See 2 above. What “U.S. Bishops policy” purports to restrict Catholics as citizens from speaking out?

    Your citation is to a committee statement.

    Only when the bishops speak as a body – the issue or issues or put to all of them – and 2/3 support a position is considered a teaching of the bishops of an episcopal conference.

    These committee statements rarely rise above the level of bird cage lining.

  388. Oh, knock it off and admit you bought a booger.

  389. First there has to be a discussion between them and the CEO.

  390. You really are not only history ignorant but a liar. However, Obama and Roosevelt do actually have something historically critically important each accomplished for our nation, Roosevelt engineered our way back on our feet from our worst Republican U S economic dislocation in our nations history “The Republican Great Depression”. Obama engineered our recovery from the 2nd greatest economic dislocation in our nations history “The Republican Great Recession”. Thanks for your false history and factual ignorance but reminding us why the nation is indebted to both of these great American Democrat Presidents for cleaning up these 2 singular horrific Republican abject economic failures.

  391. That is a very possible explanation Shawnie5, and it is consistent with Mr. Sandmann’s testimony. I’d also like to know Mr. Phillip’s rationale for heading directly for Mr. Sandmann. (And of course, it’s wonderful that somebody decided to update the original RNS story, isn’t it?)

    Indeed looking again at the top photo, the photo still seems to fit the RNS headline perfectly. If not for that 2nd video, and if not for Mr. Sandmann’s brave decision to speak up, it would seem an open-and-shut case.

    I’m thinking I owe Mr. Sandmann a full retraction and apology for my own initial posts, which I am quite willing to give. But don’t look for any apologies from Mr. Phillips and his marchers, and especiallly not those nameless, angry Black Israelites. They know they will get a free pass — a PC pass — on this one.

  392. if you were in Argentina or Chile they both have long period of pure fascist governments so not sure your point about that. Again, don’t lie that I was taught Columbus is a hero in my parochial school. I was not, and that was back in the 1970’s. My kids go to CCD now, they have sure as hell have never been told Columbus was a hero either.

    now are there Italian American Catholics who think that, absolutely, but so what.
    I DEFY you to show me one contemporary textbook used in Catholic schools that say what you claim that they do or show me one curriculum guideline issued by the church saying Columbus was a hero.

    In 1992 in Santo Domingo, on the 500th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus landing there, Pope John Paul II confessed and begged forgiveness for the sins of the Church in the Spanish conquest of America. He repeated a similar confession March 12, 2000 when, kneeling at the Holy Doors of the Great Jubilee, he begged forgiveness for Catholics who had violated “the rights of ethnic groups and peoples, and [for showing] contempt for their cultures and religious traditions.”

    Papal teaching on human rights, both for individuals and communities, has been pretty consistent since Pope John XXIII’s 1962 encyclical Pacem in Terris pointed toward the United Nations and its role in protecting human rights, said Jesuit Fr. Michael Stogre, author of That the World May Believe: The Development of Papal Social Thought on Aboriginal Rights.

    “Subsequent teaching, particularly from Vatican II on, has certainly abrogated that earlier teaching,” Stogre said.

    It really aggravates me when you say such a stupid thing as “most Catholics are taught” when it is utter bullshit. Are some…sure, you have a lot of racist Catholics but don’t LIE

  393. The University of Notre Dame covered a series of historic Christopher Columbus murals prominently displayed in a central building on campus. Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins announced Sunday that Columbus’s arrival to the new world “was nothing short of a catastrophe” for the native peoples.
    “Whatever else Columbus’s arrival brought, for these peoples it led to exploitation, expropriation of land, repression of vibrant cultures, enslavement, and new diseases causing epidemics that killed millions,” Jenkins stated.
    With that, the murals — painted on the walls of the Catholic university’s main building in 1884 — will be covered and a committee established to decide their longterm fate.

  394. It IS anti-Catholic (as part of a larger body of anti-Christian bigotry ) and anti-Trump (as part of a larger body of anti-conservative bigotry) “to point out the despicable behavior of the kids,” because the “despicable behavior” never happened. It’s a made up meme that tickles all your “triggers” — and you were quick to pull every one of them. The “despite” you’re whining about is 100% within your own mind…and it’s directed at the kids, because that’s the most efficient way to a) justify your own prejudice toward white, male, Southern, Christian, Conservative people in general, and b) simultaneously pat yourself on the back self-righteously for being such a morally perceptive and courageously outspoken person.

  395. So what you’re saying is that Trump’s midterm approval rating is about the same as Obama’s was? In other words, pretty average? And the midterm Congressional elections a little better than average, losing the House (normal), but making gains in the Senate (almost unheard of)? In other words, better than Obama? Yawn.

    Get a hold of yourself man, you’re losing it! LOL.

  396. Horrifying. They will have much to answer for, I’m afraid.

  397. The WHOLE story is a lie. The American Indian guy LIED. Go and look for yourself at the whole 2 hour video. The kids were just waiting on their bus. There were black guys calling them terrible names and making racist and homophobic slurs at these KIDS. And then the American Indian guy walked into the boys area and got right up into this kids face and was just beating a drum loudly right in the KID’S face.

    And you people, you DISGUSTING Catholics are so quick to condemn your OWN. You disgust me. You Catholics NEVER protect your kids. You didn’t protect your kids from rapist priests either! Disgusting.

  398. They did no such thing. The Native American ACTIVIST inserted himself INTO the gaggle of students assembled to wait for a chartered bus. And there was no “taunting” — that meme is a figment of highly selective video editing.

  399. Actually, the chaperones said they were PROUD of how the kids handled themselves, and the parish and diocese have apologized for rushing to judgement against the students.

    Do try to keep up. I’m not even Catholic, but you should try to get your facts straight and up to date before hurling your anti-Catholic invective.

  400. bullshit.
    they were supposed to be there representing their school, their faith, and Christ, there is absolutely nothing Christian about them. A March for Life should be non-partisan across all political spectrums and religious beliefs.
    This was nothing more than a white entitled mob
    and you are a genuine ahole.

  401. “Untreated PTSD”, Mark Connelly calls it. But maybe it’s a Martyr Complex? Might he have been hoping for a punch to his face through the hand drum?

  402. Ah science, right. What March for Life promoted last weekend, then. That “from the moment of fertilization, our DNA is present, whether it’s 23 pairs of chromosomes or 22”! That “medical and technological advancements continue to reaffirm the science behind the pro-life cause”!

  403. 1st ¶ Excellent!

    2nd ¶ Non sequitur!

    The high school PR should’ve been your target.

  404. This morning you were the harbinger of breaking good news with that link, ‘bro! Thank you!

    (By this afternoon, though, Hemant Mehta had already counter-spun that testimonial as per his usual Friendly-Atheist-to-Atheists-Only style.)

  405. You make it clearer and clearer your avatar is supremely appropriate.

    The boys were there as private citizens on their own dimes.

    That they were there and participated in the March was Christian.

    Any idea that when the Democratic Party has a platform that calls abortion a basic human right translates into “A March for Life should be non-partisan” involves DoubleThink and LSD.

    The notion that it “was nothing more than a white entitled mob” is now so debunked the Diocese of Covington apologized to the boys for its rush to judgment.

    Quick, go to your 12 Step program.