Anti-abortion activists march toward the U.S. Supreme Court during the annual March for Life in Washington on Jan. 18, 2019. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Seeing each other in the public square: The lessons of Covington Catholic

(RNS) — A Jesuit friend of mine is the president of St. George's College, a Jesuit high school in Zimbabwe. He tells me that when African locals outside the urban areas meet each other along a path or roadway, one says "I see you" and the other replies "I am here."

I see you, I am here. To be recognized, to be noticed. It means we are not alone. As far back as we can trace human history, women and men want to know they belong, that they have value, that they are seen. Don't we all want to stand up sometimes and shout "I am here"? Notice me, recognize me for who I am. I am a man. I am a woman. I am here.

The problem is that not everyone in this crazy, wonderful human family of ours sees all who are there. Not everyone wants to hear some others say "I am here, recognize me for who I am."

So we call attention to those who are not seen, who don't know they belong, who do not have a voice to stand up and shout "I am here."

That's what the March for Life, the annual pro-life rally on the National Mall, is all about: that all be seen, recognized, noticed, and that all belong to our crazy and wonderful human family. All of us created in the image of God ("Male and female he created them and saw that it was very good"). All of us created in the image of God, from the baby in the womb to the dementia patient taking a last breath.

The March for Life calls attention to babies in the womb. On World Leprosy Day, Jan. 27, we might call attention to the diseased who do not have health care. We keep calling attention. We keep saying "I see you" so that the other can say "I am here."

That includes politicians debating what's best for the common good. It includes the homeless person on the sidewalk and the philanthropist setting up a foundation to help people. I see you, I am here. Black, white, brown, straight, gay, trans, Republican, Democrat, independent. Tall, short, big, small, educated, illiterate. Refugee. Migrant. Stranger. I see you, I am here.

It also includes teenagers looking to make a difference in our world, like the Covington Catholic High School students who have been so much in the news this week. Their teachers must have hoped that the March for Life would be an opportunity for these young men to get beyond their school environment to learn to balance social and political points of view, to see others and be seen, to participate in discourse that leads, if not to agreement, then to mutual respect and a desire for reconciliation.

A video of Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, left, and Native American activist Nathan Phillips went viral after their encounter in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 18, 2019. Screenshot via YouTube

 This image is available for web publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

At least that was likely the plan. Instead, as the march ended, the students from Covington found themselves in an awkward moment with an Omaha Nation elder and a group identifying itself as black Hebrew Israelites. I wasn’t there and have only the news reports. I do know that these awkward moments create a tension that too often leads to violence, so I'm grateful there was no physical violence. But we always do violence when we do not recognize each other as other selves.

As a Catholic educator, I find myself wondering whether the students were unprepared: Did they not know that the mall that day would be buzzing with countermessages from women's rights groups, as well as unrelated demonstrations and protests going on at what has become our nation's semiofficial public square? Did their chaperones not counsel them on how to deal with confrontation?

Or were they perhaps too prepared for confrontation — did they don their MAGA caps purposely to provoke others? Did they think they had sanction to take a divisive stance?

These questions lead me to wonder where their chaperones were. In the photos I've seen, the Omaha Nation elder and the Hebrew Israelites seem to be the only adults present.

The upshot of Catholic schooling is for our young people to be alert to the context and experience of the culture around them, reflect on that context and experience, and then respond in a way that, over time, will help them match their talents to the needs of their times.

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The Covington students certainly had a cultural experience. I sure hope the faculty at Covington will now sit with them and listen to what they experienced and ask them what they might have done differently.

We should all take a lesson from this episode, students and adults. We need to ask how we model good human behavior. Can we see ourselves in the other? Can we treat the other as myself? Racial insensitivity, intolerance and hatred are threads woven through our American history, but those threads seem woven more tightly the last couple of years.

This is why we march, after all. Demonstrations like the March for Life offer participants and onlookers alike the chance to confront differences with a view to a common ground to stand on. The education of the whole person requires engagement with those we agree with and those we don’t agree with — to say "I see you, I am here."

(The Rev. William Muller, a Roman Catholic priest, is executive director of the Jesuit Schools Network. The views expressed in this commentary do not necessarily represent those of Religion News Service.)


  1. I actually think the drum was meant to provoke; after all, that’s what toddlers do to get attention.
    The Indian agitator is having a bad week; stolen valor accusations, tried to disrupt mass at the Washington basilica and has been caught lying in multiple interviews.
    You are 24 to 36 hours behind the blackface narrative; as adults and former student have debunked that attack.
    It just shows how bigoted spuddie, the left and the media is – going to all lengths to paint these kids as super genius racists.

  2. No doubt a Raven or Giant or Patriot or Philly or Oriole ball cap would also be potential issues in Red Skin/ Nationals land. So give these kids a break!!

    And more importantly to these teenagers and their Jesuit et. al. teachers, some 21st century reality for their next religion class:

    The Apostles’ Creed 2019: (updated by yours truly and based on the studies of historians and theologians of the past 200 years)

    Should I believe in a god whose existence cannot be proven
    and said god if he/she/it exists resides in an unproven,
    human-created, spirit state of bliss called heaven??

    I believe there was a 1st century CE, Jewish, simple,
    preacher-man who was conceived by a Jewish carpenter
    named Joseph living in Nazareth and born of a young Jewish
    girl named Mary. (Some say he was a mamzer.)

    Jesus was summarily crucified for being a temple rabble-rouser by
    the Roman troops in Jerusalem serving under Pontius Pilate,

    He was buried in an unmarked grave and still lies
    a-mouldering in the ground somewhere outside of

    Said Jesus’ story was embellished and “mythicized” by
    many semi-fiction writers. A descent into Hell, a bodily resurrection
    and ascension stories were promulgated to compete with the
    Caesar myths. Said stories were so popular that they
    grew into a religion known today as Catholicism/Christianity
    and featuring dark-age, daily wine to blood and bread to body rituals
    called the eucharistic sacrifice of the non-atoning Jesus.

    (references used are available upon request)

  3. Look at the mix – Native American rights / black rights / white privilege. Throw in a bunch of smart phones, and the recipe is complete.

  4. Sounds like it’s time to get off the “rights” bandwagon.

    You should go back and read your posts for examples of what NOT to say.

  5. It is a fair assumption the MAGA hats were there because the boys previously owned them and supported the Republican push to defund Planned Parenthood.

    It is now clear that the so-called Omaha Indian was a slacker in the Vietnam era and a provocateur against Catholics in recent years.

    Now THESE hats, on the other hand:

    It’s too bad that raised fist blocks your face, you could clip a piece and use it to replace the hot lizard avatar, although the existing avatar does comport with your posts in many ways.

  6. Spuddie is a bit behind because is still trying to figure out a narrative to save face.

  7. Yes. Where were the chaperones? And why would it be appropriate to wear MAGA hats in the aftermath of a Right to Life march?

  8. The chaperones have already reported where they were and what they saw and what they were doing.

    You need to start getting better news sources rather than relying on cr-p like:

    As to the MAGA hats:

    If I recall correctly, you were foursquare in favor of pussy hats.

    So, only expressions that match your beliefs are appropriate?

  9. William Muller’s first article and it reads like he should have waited until he had more facts.

    No, bringing in a ringer to try to put a fig leaf over the disaster that is now at 600 comments is not going to work.

    It’s time for the overdue corrections and retractions.


    Quick edit:

    A little investigation later I can report that Fr. Muller is one of THOSE Jesuits:

    Oh well.

  10. Check it out, people. NOT ONCE does William Muller say anything against the angry, cursing slobs who started the entire mess. Not one word of correction.

    So these Black Israelites get yet **another** free pass. Question is, Why?

  11. Because a single elderly man in a crowd of teenagers was such a clear and threatening act?

    There was the risk of cooties?

    It’s amazing how quickly the apologist counter narrative forms when the people in question are white and male. It was literally manufactured to order.

    What you are saying is that MAGA chud harassment has gone out in full force for a guy who dared besmirch the reputations of white private school students in a compromising position.

  12. The lesson here is that if you are a faithful Catholic Young Boy, who remained well-behaved in an awkward situation instigated&orchestrated by a well-known Left-wing Occupy Activist Nathan Phillips (from now on forever known as Chief Stolen Valor, since it has been conclusively demonstrated that he has been intentionally misleding everyone about his supposed Vietnam War Veteran status for decades) with a history of this sort of hoaxes, your supposed “betters” in the Hierarchy will side with your accuser without conducting even the most basic of investigations, throw your under the Fake News Media bus to be accused of being a Nazi racist fascist, and leave the fight against this demonic onslaught to just a few people on the internet (like this guy https://twitter.Com/AG_Conservative/status/1088067281085779969 ) who fought valiantly for Truth, AND even when all the facts become known, your Hierarchy will STILL pander to Leftwingers http://archive.Is/3qVh8

  13. So don’t wear your hat so you don’t provoke others to violence? As nasty as MAGA is (IMO) they have a right to wear that hat and we have to deal with it. We can’t steal their cap or hit them (these two incidents were in the news)

  14. Correct – I find your opposition to MAGA nasty, but I wouldn’t punch you in your (admittedly very punchable) face,

  15. The Indian is a professional. No different than ANTIFA. No different than BLM. No different than Linda Sarsour. Looking to provoke and spin the story for political gain.
    Again, had he gone face to face with one of the Harley riders during the annual freedom rally; he wudda got his ass kicked.
    I’m no longer surprised how quick liberals are to blame white people. First Columbus, next Washington and Jefferson; and finally parker12.

  16. “Because a single elderly man in a crowd”

    Um, he had a posse of about 2 dozen, his grandson was there too (he told the kids to go back to Europe), and they subsequently tried to crash the Mass,

    you are embarrassing yourself,

  17. It’s amazing how low-info people like “Spuddie” babble about things they have zero knowledge of,

  18. Now this really is a bad, bad look for the Catholic Church,

  19. Um no he didn’t. He wasn’t part of that crowd. Nor was that crowd much of a threat, some distance away. But it’s good to know that such facts never got in the way of manufactured excuses.

  20. “While Mass was being celebrated, “a group of approximately 50 individuals attempted to gain entrance to the basilica while chanting and hitting drums.

    “At this time, Mass was being celebrated in the upper church where the individuals attempted to enter,” the statement said.

    “In respect and reverence for the Mass, the individuals were not permitted to enter the Basilica due to the disruption it would have caused during the solemn Mass. The individuals were asked to leave the property after it was determined they did not intend to share in the celebration of Mass.”

    According to video footage of the event and eye-witness accounts, the group assembled across the road from the shrine before setting off toward its main entrance, chanting and playing drums.”

  21. He was already there for his own march . One done for the last 45 years at that time. Again it was one elderly man surrounded by a bunch of teenagers. Trying to put blame on him to exonerate the kids is just silly. Again no credible threat. But obviously the whatsboutism and harassment machine is in full force against him. How dare he get jeered on video, thus besmirching the cream of white Christian manhood!?!?

  22. “He was already there for his own march”

    No, the Indigenous Rights March was over,

  23. “Again it was one elderly man surrounded by a bunch of teenagers. ”

    No, he was the one who entered their space, they did not surround him,

  24. “the cream of white Christian manhood!?!?”

    Aaand we have the real racist here,

  25. Is this “Spuddie” character always coming across as extremely stupid,

  26. Chief “Stolen Valor”:

    “In a previous interview with Phillips, he told Indian Country Today that returning from Vietnam was not easy as a veteran. “People called me a baby killer and a hippie girl spit on me.” “


    John Rambo: and I come back to the world and i see all dose maggots at the airport protesting me spitting calling me baby killer and all kinds of crap


  27. Apparently this is your first time encountering her.

    She’s been an RNS fixture for some time.

    I certainly would NOT argue with you.

  28. The lying Indian had MSM help throughout his life, REBECCA BENGAL from VOGUE lied like a mangy dog too (now we know he was not a Vietnam War Veteran):


    “Born to an Omaha Nation family in Nebraska, Phillips was separated from his mother around age 5 and raised by a white family until he was 17, when he joined the Marines and served as an infantryman in the Vietnam War.”

    Also stealth-edited later – no “Editor’s note” explaining why the Vietnam line was removed http://archive.Fo/LLZ1H

  29. Oh it’s a she, I’m so sorry I misgendered the Madame,

  30. “The lessons of Covington Catholic”?! NOT “The lessons of Indigenous Peoples”?! NOT EVEN “The lessons of Black Israelites”?!

    Dear “The Rev. William Muller, … Roman Catholic priest, … executive director of the Jesuit Schools Network”:

    OPEN YOUR EYES DUDE! – and do some serious “Seeing [Covington Catholic High Schoolers] in the public square”! If I were Catholic, I’d be so proud – hand to heart! – of them right now. SO WHAT’S WITH YOU, MAN?!

  31. His permit was for 3 miles away.
    Just admit it – he wanted to mix it up.

  32. The march had ended some time before he confronted some minors.

    But your whatsboutism (“elderly man” for a guy who has black hair) does stand out.

  33. Not that I would ever wear a MAGA hat, just because the narrative of progressives have deemed it racist does not make it so. Just like any other word or phrase, MAGA means something different to those who proclaim it. And for the low informed in society, the reason the progressives/liberals have deemed it racist is to discredit the president. So it is a political label they have attached to a repulsive label thereby trying to shame anyone who wears it. What are their, progressive, rallying cries Love trumps hate? Well that has to be the oxymoron statement of the 21st century.

  34. OK. A couple of things

    In general, people have the right to wear what they will. The rights of students to wear certain types of clothing may be circumscribed. It’s not clear to me why Catholic school students on a school field trip, to a different part of the country, would be wearing those hats.

    The other thing is this: just because someone has the right to do something, does not meant that it ought to be done. It’s true that the Black Israelites certainly should not have been shouting slurs at the kids and/ or at the native Americans. However, there were no adult chaperone to supervise them. But the Covington High kids did have chaperones, who apparently chose not to supervise and guide.

  35. Nathan Phillips did “free[ly] pass” them by, so why not this William Muller too. I think RNS’ Damage Control is out of control as a result of Jack Jenkins letting “Black Israelites get yet **another** free pass for what they did.” No way RNS can save face now. Supposedly THE Catholic to the rescue, William Muller only botches things up further.

  36. This is what was happening to innocent children (not even connected to Covington High) while the Diocese sided with the accuser (now we know that this Chief “Stolen Valor” is a life-long Left-wing Activist and a liar),

    Look at this person: William Salyers

    Affiliation AFTRA, SAG, AEA

    About Bill is a VO actor living in Los Angeles with his wife and stepson. He has voiced lead roles in the the CN series “Regular Show” and “Moral Orel”, and video games such as Sims 3, Mass Effect 2 and 3, Skyrim, and Medal of Honor 5.


    In his irrational, baseless rage, he called for doxxing THE WRONG CHILD,

    here’s another of his tweets: http://archive.Is/RHfDP

    Here is the ordeal Michael Hodge’s family went through because of garbage people like William Salyers:


  37. Yeah, the other day it was “a Vietnam vet” [clutching pearls].

  38. Extremely concerned about things such as “slut-shaming” and the possibility of “A Handmaid’s Tale” coming to life in 2019 America. 😀

  39. To watch the Church so stupidly&cowardly side with such a garbage person against its own faithful boys – boys who remained well-behaved in the face of outrageous slander coming both from Black Hebrew Israelites and Native American Activists – was painful indeed,

  40. You can almost imagine the scene at RNS:

    “Hey, Fr. Reese, you want to tackle this?”

    “Heck no, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot crucifix.”

    “So, do you know a Jebbie looking for something to do, wants a couple of bucks, who has no reputation to lose?”

    “Well, there’s this guy down in DC …..”

  41. “Their teachers must have hoped that the March for Life would be an opportunity for these young men to get beyond their school environment to learn to balance social and political points of view,….

    Nice try at warm fuzzy language, but you don’t learn to “balance social and political points of view” by going anywhere in MAGA gear. You are wearing a sign that literally invites other people to oppose you—-a very inappropriate way to place children on the leading edge of serious adult political controversy. The adult leaders and sponsors were completely out to lunch in allowing their kids’ extended involvement in the subject confrontation. I’m glad this author got around to wondering where the chaperones were.

  42. ♫ Trolls trolls row your boats, circling down the drain, Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Trump Drove You Insane ♫

  43. OK, a couple of things:

    You have no particular right to know why these Catholic school students on their own dimes would be wearing those hats.

    They’re sold in DC as souvenirs all the time, and people get harassed for wearing them by Joisy types like yourself, young blacks, and pussy hat wearers.

    It’s unlikely coming from a town of 40,000 they ever encountered anything like it.

    You were fairly laudatory of the other hats when they were being discussed:

    It has been pointed out several times the chaperones have already spoken out and your narrative is false and now purposely so.

    And since they had every right to own and wear them, it’s probably NOYDB.

  44. So like, I’m going full-on now with this “Seeing each other in the public square”. I’m wearing now the Obama “Change We Can Believe In” t-shirt and putting on the “Obama Is Still MY President” hat. … Uh-oh somebody is approaching me … I mean Yippee Kay … (whatever Bruce Willis said) somebody handdrumming toward my face and the MAGA cap’s on the guy … Where O where is my chaperone?! And where is that KFC-bound bus?! … Hey keep your distance there, Buddy, OK?

  45. The chaperones spoke out publicly a couple of days ago.

    You ought to read more at better places.

  46. As a point of fact, the hierarchy to this point has stayed out of it.

  47. But not concerned about getting any facts in order.

  48. It’s not our call. If it triggers us, it’s our problem.

  49. MAGA is four letters.

    The opponents of it can recognize it by the look-see method.

    Your slogans have FIVE words each, three of which have more than one syllable.

    You’ll have them coming up to you and asking what they say.

  50. Oh, he was NOT with his grandson and the others from his area who went to DC with him.

    Do you even know what a fact is?

  51. And the indigenous march had been held THREE MILES AWAY.

  52. The fact that a MAGA hat is a political statement would make it a sufficient reason not to let the students wear them on their school field trip to participate in the Right to Life march. The fact that it is perceived by many as being racist would make it another reason not to let those students wear it on a school trip.

  53. Beautiful image. That’s how it looked to me last week, and how it’s looked for the last 11 years.

  54. It is the job of chaperones to ensure that students do not behave in ways that may cause conflict or cause problems. Besides, wearing those hats is making a statement that is not necessarily concurrent with Catholic values. Thee boys were there representing a Catholic high school.

  55. I’d suggest you take your ditty to random people on the street who either punch your lights out or call the cops. Me? I don’t permit you in my face either in person or online. You’re blocked on your first run at me. Bye.

  56. It’s so amazingly stupid, this entire fake MSM narrative, but the crazy thing is that it would’ve worked once Washington Post opened the first fake salvo, if not for the person who originally uploaded the longer video, and then people who mirrored it & analyzed it to get to the truth,

  57. I do believe you have banged your drum in the face of someone who is far more thin-skinned than Nick Sandmann. 😀

  58. One of the things that’s happening is that the other side is nearly 100% predictable.

    Once you know what they do and how they do it, combating it gets easier and easier.

    As Nancy Pelosi is about to find out.

  59. Yes, and the school.

    But both have retracted an apologized.

  60. Well yes but they did side with the Grifter Accuser,

    “Statement on the actions of Covington Catholic High School students 19 Jan

    The Diocese of Covington and Covington Catholic High School have issued the following statement:

    We condemn the actions of the Covington Catholic High School students towards Nathan Phillips specifically, and Native Americans in general, Jan. 18, after the March for Life, in Washington, D.C. We extend our deepest apologies to Mr. Phillips. This behavior is opposed to the Church’s teachings on the dignity and respect of the human person.
    The matter is being investigated and we will take appropriate action, up to and including expulsion.

    We know this incident also has tainted the entire witness of the March for Life and express our most sincere apologies to all those who attended the March and all those who support the pro-life movement.”

    So cowardly,

  61. As a result of new law, we need to pray for the people of New York, their politicians and the human life that will be prematurely ended up until the moment of birth:

    Ave Maria, gratia plena…

  62. Well yes obviously, but my point was that while the online mob was getting unhinged, they betrayed the children,

  63. That’s what you do until you learn their game.

    Then you smile and say “No airplane for you.”

  64. Imagine our friend “FriendlyGoat” facing the Freon Ranger Chief “Stolen Valor” and his posse, I mean it would’ve been like another Wounded Knee

  65. Why would an anti-abortion march be a place to learn “balance” on political points of view?

    The march was in favor of a position, not a balance.

  66. To be fair, “Goat” is quoting this word salad from the article,

  67. The article, especially coming from a Catholic priest, is a genuine embarrassment.

  68. Now you are just making stuff up to fill out the lame excuses. Evidently teenagers are extremely threatened by old people acting oddly. Such delicate deneanors they have.

  69. Yup, people who generally wear MAGA hats and black face.

  70. Oh those poor teens were so endangered by the old guy as seen in their expressions and behavior. /s

  71. The only one “making stuff up” on here is you, sweetie, and you’re about as successful at it as Nathan “Chief Stolen Valor” Phillips is,

  72. Multiple responses to the same post is rude. Typical troll behavior. You are not refuting what brought him there. Oh no,terns were so shocked and threatened by an old guy acting strangely. Their delicate sensibilities at risk!

  73. ^ This must be a troll, nobody can actually be this dumb,

  74. And this was relevant to the story because….? You want to deflect and shift blame with this incident.

  75. Because, sweetie, it demonstrates why the grifter was there,

  76. Im not sure that’s the word for it. I just don’t understand people that so proudly celebrate their ability to end life.
    It’s as if they’re lustfully consumed with their ability to end life without consequence (to themselves) or remorse.
    I feel pity for them as they have willfully surrendered their souls to evil.

  77. The only deflection here is yours, who tried lying that it wasn’t him, saying “He wasn’t part of that crowd.”

  78. The Left are religious zealots and abortion is their highest sacrament,

    once you see it, it all becomes clear,

  79. “black face.”

    Another one of your lies, which was debunked instantly,

  80. Alexandra, you really are quite amazing.

    If someone wearing a pussy hat had been accosted, you’d be demanding the scalp of the accoster(s).

    The boys were doing and did NOTHING WRONG.

    Well, back to Bilgrimage for you.

  81. Must be a troll getting a kick out of this, I mean can someone actually be as dumb as this “Alexandra”,

  82. That was hilarious. The kind of thing you read and think, surely a Poe troll. But apparently not.

  83. No, the blame shifted once the facts were known.

  84. No, she’s a mental health professional.

    That explains a lot, eh?

  85. I have to walk away, I mean it’s infuriating to know that we share this planet with people like that, lmao,

  86. One who gets the vapors from someone responding to his posts, vs. one who can only take on teenagers.

    The buffalo would have won the west.

  87. You’re right, Parker. Some years ago I participated in an online discussion about artificial wombs and how they might affect the abortion issue in the future — when pregnancy might be ended without killing the child. I was struck by how troubled the pro-abortion side was at the prospect. Clearly what was desired was not the right to end a pregnancy but the right to secure the death of another.

    One comment stands out in my memory — “Men get to make life and death decisions all the time. Why shouldn’t women get to do the same?”


    But it does shed a bit of light on pre-christian civilizations where child sacrifice was sacred and opposition to infanticide was “perverse and disgusting.”

  88. I don’t know, Uncle Tom. Why don’t you tell us?

  89. It seems the manufactured harassment machine is running on all cylinders. All to protect the reputation of white christian manhood!

  90. Conversely, the only thing we know for a fact isn’t running on any cylinders here is your brain,

  91. There was zero ridicule towards the worthless Grifter Chief “Stolen Valor”, sweetie, as video evidence conclusively demonstrated,

  92. No, that moronic SJW talking point was instantly debunked, and “blackout” themes are pervasive in HS sports,

    why are you so dumb,

  93. Liar is trying to pretend the videos don’t exist. So what is the proof of “stolen valor”? Oh right, nothing at all that has any credibility.

    The MAGA Chud PR committee apparently is fast at work defaming this guy for “forcing white male Christians to embarrass themselves on video for the world to see”.

    You came to this board just to spam it on this subject. I see no need to pretend you need to be taken seriously.

    BTW Phillips wasn’t the only person harassed by the Covington Catholic Miscreant team

  94. ♫ Trolltard Spuddie up the shitcreek in a chicken wire boat, Merrily pursued by Trump the Two-Term All-Time G.O.A.T. ♫ ,

  95. ♫ Trolltard Spuddie up the shit-creek in a chicken wire boat,Merrily pursued by Trump the Two-Term All-Time G.O.A.T. ♫ ,

  96. Yes you are a troll. Eyebrows raised in recognition. You won’t be around for any other stories but this one. You just came here to spam away. Pure trollbot.

  97. ♫ Trolls trolls row your boats, circling down the drain, Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Trump Drove You Insane ♫

  98. Well there’s a first time for everything, sweetie,

  99. By the way, sweetie, you look marvelous in your selfie,

  100. Thanks, but it’s not nearly as cute as your amazing selfie,

  101. Do you and Chief Stolen Valor use the same dentist, sweetie,

  102. Actually the boys wearing hats were in violation of the school dress code for out of uniform days – no hats allowed. They may have owned them because they lived in staunch Republican families but certainly as juniors, not able to vote. As representatives of the school participating in a school sanctioned event, such hats should not have been allowed.

  103. According to school dress code, they shouldn’t have been wearing any hats.

  104. They were NOT on a “uniform day” at school. They were out-of-town hundreds of miles away from school in the nation’s capitol.

    The phrase “Make America Great Again” should only offend people with some reason to wish that America NOT be great.

    The event they attended had concluded some time earlier.

    These sad attempts to resurrect and/or justify these outrageously false narrative and condemnation of boys who were minding their own business are becoming even more offensive than the original false narrative and condemnation.

  105. They were NOT on a “uniform day” at school. They were out-of-town hundreds of miles away from school in the nation’s capitol.

    These sad attempts to resurrect and/or justify these outrageously false narrative and condemnation of boys who were minding their own business are becoming even more offensive than the original false narrative and condemnation.

  106. It does display the dishonesty and malice of the left in sharp relief. So, sad for them.

    When you hate the president so much that it makes you libel and attack a group of harmless kids waiting for their bus, wishing assault and opprobrium and even death on them and their parents…one doesn’t know whether to laugh at you or cry for you. And the ones now continuing it KNOWINGLY are the most culpable of all.

  107. Nearly every publication or media source which values its integrity has retracted all or part of their original reporting – except RNS.

    A goodly portion of the media have provided the new information, noted the retractions by the school and the diocese of Covington – except RNS.

    Instead we get “A Jesuit friend of mine is the president of St. George’s College, a Jesuit high school in Zimbabwe.”


    The likes of Potato, BiO, and so on one expects.

    They are not interested in facts, they hate Catholics, they love abortion, and they are completely agenda-driven.

    All of this is coming to a head in this country.

  108. Inside Every Liberal Is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out.

  109. You just can’t make stuff like this up. Yesterday he was a poor Vietnam vet. Today he’s a poor elderly man. Are we really THAT desperate to find some peeeetiful group to file this guy into — all to make the outright harassment and defamation of children look less sordid than it clearly is??? Instead of simply admitting, yes we screwed up and we’re sorry.

    But of course that would involve way too much class and integrity…

  110. People like “Spuddie” are garbage, this is who they are making excuses for – a liar & a grifter,

    New Video Surfaces of Liar Nathan Phillips ONCE AGAIN Claiming to Be a ‘Vietnam Vet’ — NOT a ‘Vietnam Times’ Vet

  111. Or a de minimus ability to separate reality from imagination.

    Some of our commenters and at least two of the RNS pundits seem to be lacking in that area.

  112. ” I am here” What a lovely thought. TOO bad this guy and the Right to Lifers don’t practice it.

    Until they can look at the woman seeking an abortion OR family planning services and see hat “she is also here” AND that means she has reasons, and issues of her own that they seem incapable of understanding their words are hollow and hypocritical!

  113. Too bad the murdered “fetuses” can never utter those words either….

  114. What is “too bad” is that women find themselves in a position where their BEST or ONLY option is an abortion. IF they had free access to birth control and honest sex education and women and children had access to health care and a social safety net many abortions would no longer happen! If the Right to Lifers really believe what their name implies they would concern themselves with these issues–doing something that actually solves the problem!

  115. Rev. Muller speaks for the Catholic bishops, not the majority of Catholic people, who are pro-choice.

  116. The absolute arrogance on the face of the little snot is there for all to see. The group using the tomahawk chop is a clear sign of their bigotry. It should come as no surprise a group from an all boys school in 2019 is full of bigots as they are not exposed to our multicultural society.

  117. The best or only option would be to place the children up for adoption; that way Americans who can’t have children, but want one, wouldn’t have to go to Russia with a suitcase of cash in sequentially ordered 100 dollar bills.
    I live in an extremely large city. There are free health clinics for lower / no income individuals throughout the city.
    The problem is; and always will be the issue of personal responsibility.
    Even if every man and women have access to contraceptives; that doesn’t mean they will have it handy; nor use it at all.
    On a side note; what psychological support does an abortionist provide to the woman after the “procedure”?

  118. The opening salvo of Fake News campaign of hate, a complete lie by Washington Post:

    “MAGA supporters surround a Native-American man and chant “Build that wall.””

    they did not surround Chief Stolen Valor, the fake “Vietnam War Veteran” approached them with his posse,

    – they did not chant “build the wall”,

    And instantly, a shameful betrayal by the Diocese:

  119. The lying Native American Left-wing Occupy Activist is now exposed as a complete fraud:

    “Conclusion: He never was in Vietnam, he never was a “recon ranger” He was just a refrigerator mechanic and discharged as a private.” After being AWOL multiple times,

    He lied MANY times about being a “Vietnam Veteran”,

  120. He lied in Print too,

    “The elder is Nathan Phillips, an Omaha elder who is also a Vietnam Veteran and former director of the Native Youth Alliance. He is also a keeper of a sacred pipe and holds an annual ceremony honoring Native American veterans in the Arlington National Cemetery.

    Phillips is also the subject of a previous racially-based incident when he was taunted and harassed by Eastern Michigan University students who were dressed stereo-typically as Native Americans. As reported in FOX 2 News, he was yelled at and hit by a thrown beer can.

    In a previous interview with Phillips, he told Indian Country Today that returning from Vietnam was not easy as a veteran. “People called me a baby killer and a hippie girl spit on me.” “

    And here:

    “Phillips also described coming back to the U.S. as a veteran from Vietnam. “People called me a baby killer and a hippie girl spit on me.””

    REBECCA BENGAL from VOGUE lied like a mangy dog too:

    “Born to an Omaha Nation family in Nebraska, Phillips was separated from his mother around age 5 and raised by a white family until he was 17, when he joined the Marines and served as an infantryman in the Vietnam War.”

    Also stealth-edited later – no “Editor’s note” explaining why the Vietnam line was removed

  121. Well done. There were people in that space with different purposes. And each was there to make a particular point.

    Were the students unprepared or too prepared? Perfect question. And so is this the right answer: “The Covington students certainly had a cultural experience. I sure hope the faculty at Covington will now sit with them and listen to what they experienced and ask them what they might have done differently.”

    These are young people. They can learn how to handle situations like the one they experienced in Washington. But they won’t learn if they are expelled. They need to be allowed to tell their story, they need to be listened to, but they also need to think about and listen to alternative ways to deal with similar situations.

  122. I can’t help it if your agenda is bigoted, autocratic and dystopian in nature.

  123. Parker the problem with your comment is that people want white, healthy babies. They go to Russia because the babies are white!

    The problem isn’t just about personal responsibility. There are many issues involved. AND besides the woman who makes the difficult choice to get an abortion is accepting personal responsibility for her future.

  124. There are serious problems with this article. How naive can one man be. Dialogue, the chance for reconcilliation, does NOT occur in mobs. It happens within small groups!

  125. And, what of the woman who wants control over the decisions she makes about her life, the size of her family, her finances, her education, what happens in and to her own body? Do you see us? Do you hear us? Do your respect OUR life? Do you respect our moral agency and our ability to make moral decisions for ourselves?

    What you will not see, 99% of the time, is a man who steps up and says, “I’ll take responsibility. I’ll also put my life – my finances, my education, my ability to be promoted, my family, my future – on hold and at risk.”

    I guess some of us only look for what we want to see.

  126. Not taking it seriously. It’s insubstantial spew.

    Here lies Tater. She couldn’t help it.

  127. I guess they were hanging out with the wrong man. Shudda listened to their Dad.

  128. “What is “too bad” is that women find themselves in a position where their BEST or ONLY option is an abortion.”

    The notion that it is the best or only option is a slogan, it is propaganda, it is simply BS.

  129. AND besides the woman who makes this immoral choice to get an abortion ends the future of her unborn child.

    Your assemblage of slogans does not constitute an argument.

  130. Do you have a single thing to say on abortion that is not a slogan?

  131. Stan, I see you’re still keeping up on the news.

    The entire episode has been debunked.

  132. These were teenagers from a town of about 40,000 in a city filled with denizens, whackjobs, and lunatics who wander around accosting people.

    Why in the h-ll would you even ask “Were the students unprepared or too prepared?”


    Having received death threats to themselves and their families thanks to the loonies on the left, I am sure they think it’s time to skip the lofty nonsense and put this to bed.

  133. And we can’t help it if your agenda is ignorant, bigoted, autocratic and dystopian in nature.

  134. “And, what of the woman who wants control over the decisions she makes
    about her life, the size of her family, her finances, her education, what happens in and to her own body?”

    I would suggest she refrain from sex.

    What would you suggest?

  135. Notice responsibility never includes keeping her knees together.

  136. As I said, I would suggest men take as much responsibility in preventing pregnancy as women do – especially if her insurance doesn’t cover contraceptives and she can’t afford them. Although, that advice is good for healthy, heterosexual relationships. It’s different for women in domestic/partner abuse situations. Or, women who live in poverty and do not have easy access to affordable medical care. But, in general, men stepping up and sharing equal responsibility for contraception is a good first choice. And, if she gets pregnant, anyway? Then it’s her body, her life, her finances, her decision.

  137. Yup. I get it – shit happens.
    But just because the man is a turd doesn’t mean the women should be. The woman now has a greater purpose in life – to raise a human being.
    But, they don’t see it that way. Why?; because they don’t believe in anything greater than themselves.

  138. It is all about power, MY body, MY choice, MY MY MY.

    Of course you never hear about MY responsibility to be a moral person and a good citizen.

    It is hogwash.

  139. If her insurance doesn’t cover contraceptive and she can’t afford them, she should cease having sex.

    Or she should be an adult and accept the responsibility for her choices, not butcher a nascent life to avoid responsibility.

    Unless she has two heads, four arms, two sets of unique DNA, two hearts, and four legs it is NOT just her body.

  140. What if contraception is viewed as a woman’s health issue and is required to cover contraception in exactly the same way they cover drugs for the surprisingly prominent problem of erectile dysfunction? What if the man who wants to have sex with her pays for the contraception? What if he at least uses a condom with spermicidal jelly?

    If he’s not willing to share in the responsibility, he should cease having sex.

    Your other questions are hysterical and not meant to enter into mature, adult conversation, so I’ll not respond to them.

  141. “If he’s not willing to share in the responsibility, he should cease having sex.”

    I have no argument with that.

    “Your other questions are hysterical and not meant to enter into mature, adult conversation, so I’ll not respond to them.”

    First, they were not questions. They were statements.

    Second, the reason why you won’t rebut those statements is because you can’t.

    You don’t have the ammunition.

    What you have is slogans.

  142. Hi, Mark, I seem to remember having a conversation similar to this not too very long ago. I’ll be happy to continue to have this conversation in a few years, in the hopes that you will have matured by then, and have more to offer than testosterone-infused bravado and childish put-downs. Good luck. God bless.

  143. Well, that was certainly an immature childish way of putting your tail between your legs and exiting.

    You may want to go to your profile:

    and make it private. Otherwise folks, like myself, can scan the last seven plus years and not quite 100 posts and see nothing but slogans from a pro-LGBT Episcopalian individual who has memorized all the slogans (“…. that’s only if you believe that a cluster of cells is a ‘person’.) and apparently has zero actual knowledge.

    The word “person”, for example, is meaningless by itself.

    That may work in your milieu but in a real debate you’ll get your clock cleaned.

  144. Wow. “Debate”???? Seriously? That’s what you think this is? Your ego is dangerously large. Compensates for other deficiencies, I understand. You do know where you are, right? I mean, this is the comment section of a progressive Religious News Service. In the grand scheme of things, it’s neither the place or “debate” nor the most important place to have one’s comments public. But, I suppose to someone with an ego as large as yours who needs to puff himself up and make veiled threats, its incredibly important. Egos that large are usually pretty fragile. So, because I am a devout, practicing Christian I will leave you so you can have even more room so you can fill it with more of your fragile, overinflated ego. In the future, when I leave a comment and you feel compelled to respond, don’t expect me to respond to you. Thanks. God Bless.

  145. Not in my world of school events – they were eligible for expulsion so they would have been deemed to be in school. Who knows the trip might have even been a credit. There is no correlation between Catholicism and being a Republican – some are and some aren’t. The hats were inappropriate given that the March for Life is not considered a political rally by the church..

  146. As it turns out, no one at the school or the Diocese of Covington agrees with you.

    I assume they’re familiar with their own rules and assume you’re guessing.

    There is no correlation between Catholicism and being a Democrat, other than the obvious problem of squaring the two when the Democratic Party calls abortion a basic human right.

    You don’t like the Republicans, don’t vote for them.

    Your dislike has zero to do with these boys, who were waiting for their bus, who had every right to buy souvenir hats and wear them, and who are already paying an inappropriate price for reasonable adolescent behavior.

  147. “Wow. “Debate”???? Seriously? That’s what you think this is?”

    No. I think you can’t debate and are wisely avoiding demonstrating why.

    Your ego is
    dangerously large. Compensates for other deficiencies, I understand.

    “I mean, this is the comment section of a
    progressive Religious News Service.”

    You might want to look for the word “progressive” in the founding documents or any other positional material at RNS.

    Religious News Service is a news bureau, not National Catholic Reporter II, that sells articles to the media.

    Pull yourself together.

  148. Both of you fully display your arrogance and ignorance, characteristics of full on trolls. You certainly cannot dispute what Spuddie and I post so you simply resort to character assignations.

  149. Stan, you seem to post nothing but opinions. Spuddie posts fake news.

    Does that read like a “character assignation” or an observation?

  150. Yes, there was “a city filled with denizens, whackjobs, and lunatics”. And a lot of people trying to end legal abortion. I consider some of then denizens, whackjobs, and lunatics and their attempt to control the uses of my body as an accosting my freedom.

    I think there was a very mixed and confusing situation going on. I think the students mistake was to attempt to match one kind of bullying with bullying of their own. I don’t want them expelled from school. I want them to have thoughtful adults who help them work through what happened, why they reacted as they did, what alternatives they had.

  151. The topic is young men accosted by denizens, whackjobs, and lunatics, not whether relative to those who oppose abortion you “consider some of then denizens, whackjobs, and lunatics”.

    And since you’re post child-bearing by a comfortable margin, the notion that they “attempt to control the uses of my body as an accosting my freedom” is patently ridiculous.

    There is zero indication the students attempted to match one kind of bullying with bullying of their own.

    There was not a “very mixed and confusing situation going on”.

    These students were standing waiting for their bus, minding their own business while being harassed by a group of “Hebrew Israelites” with obscenities.

    Into this strode what appeared to be lunatic beating a drum, who got right into the face of the tallest minor.

    In some jurisdictions that alone constitutes a crime.

    This young man did nothing and continued to wait for his bus.

    The only confusion is the fabricated story that hit the media first, which some of your very good friends are still clinging to:

    with eyes and ears covered as they remain in denial.

    Unfortunately for these boys they have become stand-ins for all the groups and positions these people hate: orthodox Catholicism, Republicans, anti-abortion, and so on.

    It is time to knock it off.

  152. Attempts to deny a woman the ability to decide if she wishes to have her womb used by another – is a denial of a woman’s right to make decisions about how her body is used. How would you like to be forced to give a kidney you don’t want to give or donate a seman sample you don’t want to donate?

    I do think the young school boys added to a tense situation and chose confrontation rather than retreat. I also think they were not being properly supervised by those responsible to be sure they didn’t get in trouble. That young man standing in the face of the drum player was wrong and confrontational in his behavior. BUT, I think this is a learning experience for them, not something that should cause them to be expelled from school.

  153. Once she becomes pregnant, the decision has already been made.

    The issue then – which you either don’t get or don’t wish to get – is that the discussion is NOT about denial of a woman’s right to make decision about how her body is used.

    It is about whether we as a society are going to rank lives in terms of which are more valuable than others, which are worth supporting, which are expendable.

    We have already seen where that sort of thing leads:

    The young fellows were waiting for a bus to pick them up, abiding by the law, in completely not tense situation. They did not confront, they simply stood there.

    They had to stand there to be picked up. Their chaperones advised them to stand there.

    That young man standing had the drum player walk about him and get in his face.

    In most jurisdictions that would be a misdemeanor on the part of the confronter in and of itself.

    In the District of Columbia it would stalking:

    § 22–3133. Stalking.

    (a) It is unlawful for a person to purposefully engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific individual:

    (1) With the intent to cause that individual to:

    (A) Fear for his or her safety or the safety of another person;

    (B) Feel seriously alarmed, disturbed, or frightened; or

    (C) Suffer emotional distress;

    (2) That the person knows would cause that individual reasonably to:

    (A) Fear for his or her safety or the safety of another person;

    (B) Feel seriously alarmed, disturbed, or frightened; or

    (C) Suffer emotional distress; …


    You may want to take this over to your friends at:

    where your position will be applauded loudly.

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