Report: One in three in UK say Islam threatens British culture

People hold up a banner during a 'Unity Vigil' against racism and Islamophobia, backdropped by the gates of Downing Street in London, on March 24, 2017. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

(RNS) — A new report finds that about 35 percent of British people think that Islam is a threat to the British way of life in the wake of 2017 terrorist attacks and that anti-Semitism on the political left is an increasing issue in the U.K.

The anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate’s annual “The State of Hate” report, published Monday (Feb. 18), based on a survey of 10,383 Brits conducted in July last year, found that anti-Muslim prejudice has hardened in the past eight years and, among far-right groups, supplanted fears of increasing immigration.

Among Britons who voted for the center-right governing Conservative Party in 2017, nearly half — about 49 percent — agreed that Islam threatens British culture in the more recent study. About 22 percent of those who support Britain’s main opposition Labour Party agreed.

“Do you think Islam is generally compatible with the British way of life or generally a threat to British way of life?” Graphic courtesy of Hope Not Hate

“Unless the Conservatives have chosen to cynically abandon the Muslim vote in upcoming elections to solidify their hold on anti-Muslim supporters, they must stop signalling to voters they find Islamophobia acceptable within its ranks and visibly address the growing problem,” the report’s authors warned.

About 32 percent of English people also believe Britain has “no-go areas” where non-Muslims cannot enter and where Shariah law rules. Among Conservative voters, that number is 47 percent.

“It’s important to call out these false narratives of  ‘no-go zones,'” said Todd Green, an expert on Islamophobia who visits the so-called zones as part of teaching his Luther College students about Islam in Europe. “It’s been debunked repeatedly by mainstream media reports and other law enforcement sources, but in far-right circles and in tabloid news articles, the narrative persists.”

Hope Not Hate’s survey found that attitudes toward Muslims in Britain had generally become more positive between 2011 and 2016, but a string of terror attacks in the U.K. in 2017 turned the tide.

Hope Not Hate noted that conspiracy theories gained traction in British society. Graphic courtesy of Hope Not Hate

A 2017 poll by the group showed that 42 percent of English people said their suspicions of Muslims in Britain had increased as a result of the recent terror attacks; a quarter said Islam is “a dangerous religion that incites violence,” and over half said Islam poses a serious threat to Western civilization.

“The 2017 terrorist attacks in Britain — the London Bridge attack, the Westminster attack, and the Manchester attack — reinforced the dominant narrative that Islam is prone to violence and therefore Muslims are a suspect population who represent a threat to the British way of life,” Green explained.

British Muslims told Religion News Service they found the new report to be “worrying.”

“As Muslims we are taught from a very young age to show loyalty to the nation we live in and to be pragmatic and contributing members of society,” said Imam Mansoor Clarke, who lives in London. “As a young British Caucasian imam myself I see being British and being Muslim as two integral parts of my identity where one complements the other.”

The group also found a continued increase in traffic to far-right websites and followers of far-right social media accounts spreading hate and misinformation.

The report also pinpointed left-wing anti-Semitism, particularly in the Labour Party, as a critical problem. The authors cited conspiracy theories and tropes about undue levels of Jewish power, even subconscious ones, as well as dismissing allegations of liberal anti-Semitism as a right-wing or Zionist plot. The report points to an increase in anti-Semitic Google searches.

Thirteen percent of the country agreed that Jewish people have an unhealthy control over the world’s banking system. Almost half of people surveyed said it was a false statement, and about 41 percent said they did not know.

British Jews have accused Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, a frequent critic of Israel, of anti-Semitism several times since he became leader of his party, and last year seven elected Labour representatives were suspended or resigned over anti-Semitic comments. Just today, seven more Labour lawmakers announced that they were leaving the party over what one member called an “institutionally antisemitic” culture.

Hope Not Hate’s report also predicted a rise in support for Islamist extremist group Al-Muhajiroun after its leader, the controversial preacher Anjem Choudary, was released from prison in 2018. The influential radical was jailed for pledging allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist group and urging others to support it.

The group has been linked to about half of British terror attacks in the past two decades. Among the group’s supporters are those responsible for the 7/7 London bombings, the 2017 Westminster Bridge and London Bridge attacks.

“The stats show that a substantive number of people think that Islam and British Muslims are some form of threat,” noted Iman Atta, director of the Tell MAMA project to document anti-Muslim incidents in the U.K. “The reality is that Islamist extremists, who are the problem, threaten us all, Muslims and non-Muslims, and it is our collective duty to stand firm and counter them.”

About the author

Aysha Khan

Aysha Khan is a Boston-based journalist reporting on American Muslims and millennial faith for RNS. Her newsletter, Creeping Sharia, curates news coverage of Muslim communities in the U.S. Previously, she was the social media editor at RNS.


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  • Islam threatens all cultures that are not Muslim theocracies. But there is an easy solution:

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  • The influx into England of poorly educated conservative Muslims from underdeveloped countries will have a negative impact , in my opinion.

  • It is. It’s the people who hate it who are causing the problems here. OMG there might be the presence of people of color and of a minority faith in your midst. Get the fainting couch and clutching pearls.

  • You have largely misread the situation.

    The impact is no more than the countless refugee waves the US has absorbed for a century and a half. The UK, unlike most of Continental Europe has sane naturalization laws and citizenship by birth. Their system absorbs and integrates immigrants far more easily. Much like the US system.

    The UKs Muslim population is also older and more established than most of Europe’s. Mostly from post colonial Aourh Asia.

  • No discussion at all of how many liberal (not left-wing) Muslim newspaper columnists there are in the UK.

  • Said anyone who isn’t a white supremacist derp.

    I did Nazi that kind of reaction coming from you. You are better than that.

  • The British Isles have suffered enough from Islamists.

    They have a right to defend their indigenous ways against cultural imperialism and worse.

  • It’s a nonsense term unless it is part of actual imperialism.

    It’s conpletely silly in this context.

    Besides, the UK never had a history of being a homogeneous culture. They are the most obviously heterogeneous culture in Europe. Mostly by design. Your entire argument is silly. It was just a coded call for racism.

  • The Chinuoe Achebe novel or the reference to the WB Yeats poem? 😛

    Funny. But still a hysterical panicky premise unmoored from reality.

  • Let me put this in terms your pathetic hipster mind can hopefully wrapped itself around. There are countries in South America the US has never sent a soldier to where even the remotest tribes can quote from American movies.

    Go ahead and tell me that’s not cultural imperialism.

  • We expect your comments to be intelligent and you mostly fail us! Yours are lots of dumbass retorts with no merit.

  • Please name three of the remotest So Am tribes that can quote from US movies. And provide the links to their quotes.

    You made up that supposed ttruth claim from whole cloth in your own mind.

  • It isn’t.

    You have been badly misusing a term you think you heard somewhere but obviously missed the point.

    You are not describing imperialism you are describing the free market. People consume what they enjoy. We live in a globalized culture.

    We even have Russian trollbots on our discussion boards 😋

  • I find it incredulous that the people most opposed to immigration from Muslim countries are white conservatives who are least compatible with living in modern diverse societies. They oppose muslims, oppose climate change, environmentalism multiculturalism, abortion, saying ‘happy holidays’ etc. Muslims are just a manifestation of their other hatreds towards a changing society. As their numbers decline it’ll get worse. Send them away from minority areas please!

  • Can you imagine an honest Islamist taking the British Citizenship Oath of Allegiance: I… swear by Almighty God that, on becoming a British citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors according to law.
    The US Oath of Allegiance: I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God (Allah).

  • Just for balance, Christian conquers flying the flags of Catholic Kings came to New World and claimed it for themselves, while decimating native populations. Then came hundreds of years of African slave trading, of which the Church of England has taken most of the responsibility. Then came the colonizing of half the world.

    Just for more balance: Egyptians were not Arabs, nor did they speak Arabic. Syrians (Assyrians) were not Arabs, nor did they speak Arabic, Moroccans (Berbers) were not Arabs, nor did they speak Arabic, Iraqis (Assyrians, Turkmen, Shabakis, Yazidis, Armenians, Mandeans, Circassians, and Kawliya) were not Arabs not did they speak Arabic, Libya was not Arab, nor did they speak Arabic, the Sudan (tribal Africa) was not Arab, nor did they speak Arabic, Tunisia was not Arab, nor did they speak Arabic. Why are they all called Arab Countries, belong to the League of “Arab” Nations, and have to live under some form of Islamic Sharia, which is Arabian?

    Thankfully in the developed Western world, we have evolved to “separation of Church and State”.

  • The banner of Islam flies over 99.9% of the Middle East and North African land mass. Let a non-Muslim try to enter the holies cities of Mecca and Medina. No even an Arab Christian can enter, or can they gain citizenship in Saudi Arabia, the land of their ancestors. I do not hear anyone complaining about that giant unbalanced scale.

  • Cultural Imperialism: Egyptians were not Arabs, nor did they speak Arabic. Syrians (Assyrians) were not Arabs, nor did they speak Arabic, Moroccans (Berbers) were not Arabs, nor did they speak Arabic, Iraqis (Assyrians, Turkmen, Shabakis, Yazidis, Armenians, Mandeans, Circassians, and Kawliya) were not Arabs not did they speak Arabic, Libya was not Arab, nor did they speak Arabic, the Sudan (tribal Africa) was not Arab, nor did they speak Arabic, Tunisia was not Arab, nor did they speak Arabic. Why are they all called Arab Countries, belong to the League of “Arab” Nations, and have to live under some form of Islamic Sharia, which is Arabian

  • And…? Cultural imperialism is just plain old imperialism. As I said.

    This has to do with immigrants and long standing communities of a minority faith in a democratic nation in what way? It doesn’t.

  • Sorry buddy, but any argument saying “___ religion is evil and we must attack its followers” is inherently garbage. Regardless of the religion.

    Funny thing is the banner of the British Empire and French Empire also used to fly above those very nations. Those Muslim immigrants Used to be colonial subjects. Go figure.

    That was useless.

  • Yes. Because you are a bigot who equates extremists with an entire faith of 1.2 billion people using stereotypes and wildly broad generalizations. Who you consider an “honest Islamist” means zilch.

    Sorry buddy, but any argument saying “___ religion is evil and we must attack its followers” is inherently garbage. Regardless of the religion.

    I find people like you are afraid because you don’t actually respect freedom of religion and seek to dominate people of other faiths. So you expect it from others.

    If you defended religious freedom, you would not fear such things

  • Religion between you and your God is one thing, a religious movement can be a very power and aggressive instrument. This is the 21st century and there are now 57 declared Muslim States at the United Nations, all members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the largest voting bloc at the UN General Assembly. This is why, in a world full of dictators and totalitarian governments, Israel gets the lion’s share of UN General Assembly resolutions against them.

    And in the Middle East— The League of Arab Nations Charter, ARTICLE VIII: 
”Each member-state shall respect the systems of government established in the other member-states and regard them as exclusive concerns of those states. Each shall pledge to abstain from any action calculated to change established systems of government.”
    Again, even genocide is not a cause for Arab League intervention.

    How can Arab Countries ever vote objectively at the United Nations if they have taken a pledge and signed a Charter that they will never interfere in the actions of member Arab States?

  • Sorry buddy, but you are just rehashing what every sectarian bigot says about a religion they despise.

    No different from neo nazis describing “Zionists”, Evangelicals about Mormons, JWs and “Whore of Babylon” Catholic Church….

    There is no argument if this type which can be taken seriously. Period

    All sectarian bigots claim to be experts on the faiths they despise. They all use the same sorry arguments and “proof”. I couldn’t care less what garbage you rehash from hate sites. It makes no difference what religion one speaks of. The argument is always crap.

  • Notice I made a clear distinction between Islamists and every good Muslims who are just trying to make a life for their families. No one suffers more from islamism than everyday good Muslims. I would not trade my Muslim neighbors for anyone. It was my Muslim neighbors, both Shia and Sunni, that were the first to bring me some good home cooking when I came home from the hospital last year, and they know what a devout atheist I am.

  • If you call facts, relative to this conversation, bigotry, then so be it. If I quoted the Bible, you would probably say the same thing. All you did was dodge a very simple question, because you cannot handle the truth. Calling me a bigot does not change the facts, it only shows how weak your argument is.

  • You aren’t making such a distinction here or elsewhere. Save the excuses.

    You are again following a sectarian bigotry argument employed by neo Nazis. “I don’t hate Jews only Zionist oppression”. But in reality it’s just an excuse for broad ridiculous generalizations. Not a very honest one.

  • Definition: Islamism, also known as Political Islam, is an Islamic revival movement often characterized by moral conservatism, and the attempt “to implement Islamic values in all spheres of life.”

  • No you aren’t. You are just trying to demonize 1.2 billion people. Giving your take on what they all allegedly believe. Just like every other sectarian bigot who claims expertise on the religion they despise.

    It’s funny how your type of argument mirror Neo Nazis almost exactly. Even down to the same responses and delusions of knowledge.

    Which is precisely why simply swapping out the religion in question doesn’t change the kind of garbage being flung here by you.

  • Islamism, also known as Political Islam, is an Islamic revival movement often characterized by moral conservatism, and the attempt “to implement Islamic values in all spheres of life.”

    The main factor that made it possible for one religious and ethnic minority in the Middle East (the Jews), to achieve their present status and affluence, free of the persecution and discrimination to which they were subjected in the past are some of the strongest reasons that justify a different stance in Israel’s case. Can you name another religious or ethnic minority in the Middle East that has the full right of self determination? –Please do not dodge the question

  • A definition which you are claiming fits all Muslims at all times. Making it complete garbage.

    Btw Islamicism only dates back to 1979. Your prior attempt to claim it is the basis of Islam’s expansion in antiquity was a complete falsehood.

  • Hitler wrote the superior race doctrine. He was raised in a strict Catholic house. Ironically, 50 million white Christians died in WWII Europe, in which the Vatican remained neutral.

  • Neo Nazis adopt the sane arguments and tactics as yourself.

    There is never going to be an argument “___ religion is evil “ that won’t be any more than an expression of sectarian bigotry.

    At no point can you possibly be considered someone who is speaking from knowledge or even making rational statements. Repeating what you read on here sites does not give you insight to the people you are hating.

    Why do you hate freedom of religion so much?

  • Nonsense distinction you are claiming covers the entirety of 1.2 billion Muslims. Akin to claiming Dominionists are the entirety of Christian belief.

    Garbage argument. Nothing more than expression of sectarian bigotry for the spineless. Every bigot claims their belief is rational. It does not make it so.

  • You can go to any history website of your choosing to confirm the facts that I have sited.

    Religions have a track record, and when exposed, people like yourself call it “hate”.

  • I asked you a simple question and you dodged it again. –Other than the Jews of Israel, can you name another religious or ethnic minority in the Middle East that has the full right of self determination?

  • The facts should never be a problem, they should be part of the solution. If you had a better argument, you have give it.

  • Fact is your argument and similar ones in form are nothing but an expression of sectarian animosity. They cannot be taken seriously by their nature.

  • Your question was leading garbage to make a nonsensical point. Not ever going to bother treating it as a serious argument. . You are clearly trying to demonize an entire religion and it’s adherents despite your feeble denials. .

    Can you find minority faiths treated well in any developing world nation? Especially dictatorships? No. It has nothing to do with the given religion. You are a dishonest bigot applying selective nonsense appeals.

  • When I quoted– The League of Arab Nations Charter, ARTICLE VIII: 
”Each member-state shall respect the systems of government established in the other member-states and regard them as exclusive concerns of those states. Each shall pledge to abstain from any action calculated to change established systems of government.” –Again, even genocide is not a cause for Arab League intervention.

    Your response was– “you are just rehashing what every sectarian bigot says about a religion they despise.” That makes you irrational!

  • And I can point to similar events with other religions as well. You are a bigot selectively choosing what is relevant here. Your argument will
    always be crap because it makes no difference what religion one speaks of in such a manner.

    You are not knowledgeable on the subject and I don’t have to pretend you are. Tough luck.

  • Other than the Jews of Israel, can you name another religious or ethnic minority in the Middle East that has the full right of self determination? Honest answer please! I do not think that you know the meaning of a balanced scale.

  • Still not getting it, because you are being selectively indignant. Show me a single religious minority in a developing world dictatorship treated justly.

    Sorry buddy. Not going to follow your clearly scripted argument. You can be indignant all you want. Not going to play along with your ridiculous question.

  • You followed the exact script neo Nazis use when describing Jews.

    Broad generalizations to claim collective guilt, fake selective denial, dishonest pretending to claim what an entire religion believes, selective quotes from famous figures and religious text, NO SIGN WHATSOEVER that you have ever even had contact with those of a given religion.

    You are nothing but a spineless bigot pretending to have a rational argument.

    Btw the Arab League has not been a significant body in all of its existence. It is simply a fairly defunct front for Saudi Arabia’s political ambitions. Your post was ignorant garbage.

    Stop quoting hate sites and pawning it off as knowledge. I am not going to be impressed.

  • You are still stuck trying to pretend the entire Islamic religion is evil using nonsensical arguments and forms common to all sectarian bigotry.

    Oh well.

  • Wrong again! Just the Islamic clerics and academics that teach a violent brand of Islam (Holy War against the infidels) and their followers–

    • Abdullah Azzam Brigades

    • Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas Forces

    • Abu Nidal Organization

    • Abu Sayyaf

    • Ajnad Misr

    • Al-Abbas Fighting Division

    • Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades

    • Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya

    • Al-Ghalibun

    • Al-Muhajiroun in East Africa

    • Al-Muhajirun

    • Al-Mulathamun Battalion

    • Al-Qaeda

    • Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

    • Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

    • Al-Qassam Brigades

    • Al-Shabaab

    • Ansar al-Dine

    • Ansar al-Islam

    • Ansar al-Sharia (Libya)

    • Ansar al-Sharia (Tunisia)

    • Ansar Allah al-Awfiya

    • Ansar Bait al-Maqdis

    • Ansaru

    • Arab Mujahideen in Chechnya

    • Army of Islam

    • Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq

    • Badr Organization

    • Boko Haram

    • Caucasus Emirate

    • Fatah al-Islam

    • Fawj al-Imam al-Hujja

    • Faylaq al-Karar

    • Faylaq al-Wa’ad al-Sadiq

    • Green Battalion

    • Hamas

    • Harakat al-Abdal

    • Harakat al-Nujaba

    • Harakat al-Sabireen

    • Harakat al-Shaheed al-Awal

    • Harakat Ansar Allah (Yemen)

    • Harakat Fajr al-Sham al-Islamiya

    • Harakat Sham al-Islam

    • Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami

    • Harkat-ul-Mujahideen

    • Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham

    • Hezbollah

    • Hezbollah al-Abrar

    • Hezbollah al-Ghalibun

    • Hezbollah al-Tha’irun

    • Hezbollah the Mujahideen in Iraq

    • Hezbollah- The Islamic Revolution in Iraq

    • Hizb-ut-Tahrir

    • Imam Ali Fighting Division

    • Imam Bukhari Battalion

    • Indian Mujahideen

    • Islamic Army in Iraq

    • Islamic Jihad Union

    • Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan

    • Islamic Muthanna Movement

    • Islamic State

    • Ja’afari Force

    • Jabhat al-Nusra

    • Jabhat Ansar al-Din

    • Jabhat Fatah al-Sham

    • Jaish-e-Mohammed

    • Jamaat al-Itisam bil-Kitab wa al-Sunna

    • Jamaat al-Murabiteen

    • Jamaat Bait al-Maqdis al-Islamiya

    • Jamaat Jund al-Islam

    • Jamaat Jund al-Qawqaz

    • Jamaat Jund al-Sham

    • Jaysh al-Jihad

    • Jaysh al-Mu’ammal

    • Jaysh al-Muhajireen wa al-Ansar

    • Jaysh al-Mukhtar

    • Jaysh al-Ummah fi Aknaf Bayt al-Maqdis

    • Jaysh Muhammad in Bilad al-Sham

    • Jaysh Wilayat al-Faqih

    • Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid

    • Jemaah Islamiyah

    • Jund al-Aqsa

    • Jundallah (Iran)

    • Junud al-Mahdi

    • Junud al-Sham

    • Kata’ib A’imat al-Baqi’

    • Kata’ib Ahrar al-Iraq

    • Kata’ib al-Ahad al-Sadiq al-Jadid

    • Kata’ib al-Aqila Zainab

    • Kata’ib al-Difa’ al-Muqaddas

    • Kata’ib al-Fatah al-Mubin

    • Kata’ib al-Ghadab

    • Kata’ib al-Imam al-Gha’ib

    • Kata’ib al-Imam al-Hussein

    • Kata’ib al-Imam Ali

    • Kata’ib al-Imam Musa bin Ja’afar

    • Kata’ib al-Jaysh al-Fatimi

    • Kata’ib al-Muqawama al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq

    • Kata’ib al-Qiyam al-Husseini

    • Kata’ib al-Sabirun

    • Kata’ib al-Shaheed al-Awal

    • Kata’ib al-Shaheed al-Awal: Quwat al-Buraq

    • Kata’ib al-Shaheed Zayd al-Tha’ir

    • Kata’ib al-Tayyar al-Risali

    • Kata’ib al-Zahara’

    • Kata’ib Ansar al-Hijja

    • Kata’ib Ansar al-Hijja (2)

    • Kata’ib Ansar al-Madhhab

    • Kata’ib Ansar al-Wilaya

    • Kata’ib Ansar Allah

    • Kata’ib Assad Allah al-Ghalib

    • Kata’ib Assad Allah in Iraq

    • Kata’ib Dir’ al-Wilaya

    • Kata’ib Hezbollah

    • Kata’ib Jund al-Imam

    • Kata’ib Jund Allah al-Ghalibun

    • Kata’ib Rayat al-Huda

    • Kata’ib Rijal Allah al-Ghalibun

    • Kata’ib Ruh Allah

    • Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada

    • Kata’ib Thawrat al-Abbas

    • Kata’ib Zaynab al-Kubra

    • Katibat al-Tawhid wa al-Jihad

    • Katibat Jabal al-Islam

    • Lashkar-e-Jhangvi

    • Lashkar-e-Taiba

    • Libyan Islamic Fighting Group

    • Lions of the Caliphate

    • Liwa Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas

    • Liwa Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas: Iraq Formation

    • Liwa al-Baqir

    • Liwa al-Fatemiyoun

    • Liwa al-Imam al-Hussein

    • Liwa al-Imam al-Mahdi

    • Liwa al-Imam al-Qa’im

    • Liwa al-Imam Muhammad al-Jawad al-Awal

    • Liwa al-Imam Zain al-Abidin

    • Liwa al-Karama

    • Liwa al-Mu’ammal

    • Liwa al-Muntaẓar

    • Liwa al-Qa’im

    • Liwa al-Sadiqeen

    • Liwa al-Shabab al-Risali

    • Liwa al-Shahada

    • Liwa al-Tawheed

    • Liwa al-Youm al-Maw’ud

    • Liwa Ali al-Akbar

    • Liwa Ansar al-Marja’iyya

    • Liwa Assad Allah al-Ghalib

    • Liwa Assad Allah al-Ghalib (Iraq)

    • Liwa Dhu al-Fiqar

    • Liwa Fatyan Bani Hashim

    • Liwa Shuhada al-Yarmouk

    • Liwa Youm al-Qa’im

    • Liwa Zainebiyoun

    • Majlis Shura al-Mujahideen (Gaza-Sinai)

    • Manẓamat Ansar Allah

    • Martyr Sadr Forces

    • Martyr Sadr Forces Formations

    • Moro Islamic Liberation Front

    • Mujahideen Army (Iraq)

    • Mujahideen of Iraq Brigade

    • Muslim Brotherhood

    • Naqshbandi Army

    • National Ideological Resistance in Syria

    • Palestine Liberation Front

    • Palestinian Islamic Jihad

    • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

    • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — General Command

    • Quwat al-Kadhimain al-Qitaliya

    • Quwat al-Ridha

    • Quwat Zaynab al-Kubra

    • Rapid Intervention Regiment

    • Saraya al-Ashtar

    • Saraya al-Imam

    • Saraya al-Jihad

    • Saraya al-Khorasani

    • Saraya al-Mukhtar

    • Saraya al-Salam

    • Saraya Ansar al-Aqeeda

    • Saraya Aqa’idiyun

    • Saraya Ashura

    • Suqur al-Izz

    • Taliban

    • Tanẓim Ansar al-Tawheed fi Bilad al-Hind

    • Tashkil al-Hussein al-Tha’ir

    • Tashkilat Asad Baghdad

    • Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan

    • Turkestan Islamic Party

  • The Nazis called the Jews an inferior semitic race, hence anti-semitism.

    The League of Arab States, or Arab League, was formed in Cairo March 22, 1945, for the purpose of securing Arab unity. Because of inter-Arab rivalries, the League has generally been unable to pursue a consistent agenda beyond general opposition to Israel. Even that issue became a source of tension when Egypt signed its peace treaty with Israel in 1979. The League suspended Egypt’s membership and moved its headquarters from Cairo to Tunis. In 1989, Egypt was readmitted and Cairo again became the League’s base of operations.

  • You can cut and paste from a hate site. Not impressing me at all here.You are doing exactly what I said you were doing. Pretending extremists speak for an entire religion of 1.2 billion people.

    Since nobody but you was bringing up specifically Islamicism, the entire purpose of your spiel was to attack all Muslims and pretend they are associated with terrorism and violent people.

    You can stop trying to pretend you have anything worthwhile to say here. Your whole argument was to pretend Islam and all of its adherents are evil. You are doing exactly what every sectarian bigot does when trying to make the same point.

  • Neo-Nazis cite the scriptures selectively to claim Jews want to take over the world and the entire religion is evil. They engage in collective guilt tactics to claim every bad act by someone of the group is a sign of the entire group being evil. They all pretend to only hate a selective group of people and not the entire religion.,

    You have done THE EXACT SAME THING.

    The Arab League stopped being relevant decades ago, when the Iran/Saudi Cold War really became more apparent. Your example was old, stale and ridiculous on its face.

  • This is 2019 and other than the Jews of Israel, can you name another religious or ethnic minority in the Middle East that has the full right of self determination? You are still dodging! Christian Arabs cannot even enter Mecca or Medina, nor can they gain citizenship in Saudi Arabia, the land of their ancestors.

  • I could cut and paste Constitution and it would not make it any less valid. Those names are not fabricated.

    It is the Islamic groups that I have listed that are murdering mostly Muslims.

    Since you cannot defend your position, your only stock in the store is personal attacks.

  • Nazism only lasted ten years as a political entity, and over 50 million Europeans died as a result, Germany was devastated, and Hitler shot himself in the head. Because of Nazism, five million Germans starved to death in occupied Germany after the war, and another two million died in labor camps. Millions of Germans died as a result of ethnic cleansing carried out by, Russians, Poles, Czechs, and Serbs according to the former German Prime Minister Konrad Adenauer.

  • Way to deliberately avoid the point being made. That was useless.

    What I find is bigots use the same kinds of arguments regardless of the subjects of their animus.

  • You could do that but it is clear you never understood any of its concepts. Those names are an irrelevance. Only bigots engage in collective guilt and panic mongering by claiming extremists represent an entire religion as you have.

    Your point continues to be a ridiculous expression of sectarian bigotry that is no different from every other expression of sectarian bigotry.

  • Its 2019 but you recycle arguments used in the last century or so to demonize a variety of religions. How very retrograde of you.

    Its not dodging. It is just not following your script. Thinking for one’s self as opposed to regurgitating silly canned talking points which btw do not make you sound knowledgeable on the subject or intelligent here.

  • So who are the Islamicists in this article? There are none to speak of.

    The article speaks of Islam, the entire religion of over a billion people.

  • You keep bringing up Nazis when this article is clearly about Islam threatening British culture. You are deliberately avoiding the point.

  • The article does not say Muslims threaten British culture, it says Islam threatens British culture. Just like most Christians do not walk the path of Jesus, most Muslims are not walking in the path of Muhammad– something that Trump supporters do not get.

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) June 14, 2016— New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is calling it “ironic” that some NYPD officers assigned to a security detail at Trump Tower are Muslim.

    Bratton has said Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric calling for a ban on Muslims entering the country hurts that effort.

    Bratton said the 36,000-officer NYPD has roughly 1,000 Muslim officers. He said some have been posted outside the midtown Manhattan skyscraper where Trump lives to help protect the Republican as he runs for president.

  • The article says Islam is seen as a threat. The entire religion. You are a bigot, plain and simple. Your excuses are weak. Thanks for playing, bye bye.

  • You keep saying that, even though it is not true. You do not know the difference between an everyday Muslim and Islamists. When you figure it out, let me know.

  • LOL someone’s afraid to watch the videos so they’re just going to to spout lies and hope that something sticks.

  • Dude you gave the game away.

    Besides I don’t watch ANY YouTube videos posted on this board unless it involves cats or sports injuries. Hard and fast rule. Don’t take it personally.

  • If you had any contradictory arguments to anything I have posted, you would have posted it, instead of repeating bigot over and over and over again. I understand that you are a little deficient, but please think before you post.

  • Natterings like yours, ones attacking all members of a given faith, equating all of them with extremists, are exactly the kind of garbage which enables terrorists and attacks the values of a free society. Your posts are unintelligent canned garbage

    I call you a bigot because you are employing the arguments of a bigot. Broad generalizations and collective guilt for an entire people based your views of its most extreme elements.

    I can understand why you are annoyed at being called a bigot. Its not a nice term. But it describes your position and arguments. You have done nothing to refute such claims. Your arguments are indistinguishable from any other sectarian prejudice. You even take the same kinds and forms of arguments used by Neo-nazis.

  • You are left flinging poo. Oh well.

    ISIS loves stooges like you. Your nonsense is great for their recruiting efforts. Mentally deficient people such as yourself attack freedom of religion and parrot the same propaganda as extremists.

    You are not the first raging freedom hating bigot who has come along with the same exact type of argument and you won’t be the last. But at no point is it ever the sign of an intelligent person.

  • Definition: Evangelism, also known as Political Christianity, is a Christian revival movement often characterized by moral conservatism, and the attempt “to implement Christian values in all spheres of life.”

    What’s the difference? As long as it is peaceful and legal.

  • You, you, you, bigot, bigot, bigot, Nazi, Nazi, Nazi is your only stock in store, because you having nothing what so ever to add to this article, just week attempts to block legitimate input. If you were not deficient you would have some of value to counter with.

  • Did you actually expect any?

    This entire thread has been a hilarious pot of cheesy Tater soup, sans seasoning.

  • Not really.

    Someone who thinks Law&Crime and

    Superhero Hype are worth participating is not a candidate for anything intelligent to say.

  • All the Countries of the Middle East, to include the Palestinian territory, with exception of Israel, are signatories to the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights:

    Article 19: “There shall be NO crime or punishment EXCEPT as provided for in the Sharia.”

    Article 24: “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Sharia.”

    Article 25: “The Islamic Sharia is the ONLY source of reference for the explanation or clarification of ANY of the articles of this Declaration.”

    How many dominate Christian countries impose religious laws and punishments? Please do not dodge the question.

  • Those who argue one religion is evil act virtually identically to those who argue another religion is evil. They are bigots regardless of which religion is being discussed.

    You don’t like the label, but it fits. Own it.

  • 🙂 Have fun serving ISIS

    The “Gray Zone” is the group’s name for any place where there is pluralism and multiculturalism. For Daesh’s apocalyptic ideology, a pluralistic and inclusive society is repulsive and must be destroyed. To further that goal, the group seeks to widen the differences which exist, by definition, in a pluralistic community.

    In other words, it’s a wedge strategy. And once the Islamic State can drive enough of a wedge between Muslims and non-Muslims, it can more easily radicalize and recruit.

  • Law&Crime — blech!

    But that’s a good place for taters. Most of their posters are about at Tater-level.

  • Your assumption that all people who enjoy a lone Rammstein song are “raging neo Nazi scumbag” prove you a bigot and your refusal to watch it proves you’re willfully ignorant.

    Go on now prove yet again that you really are one of those pathetic losers who think “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

  • Dylan Klebold killed it for you guys. Plus your posts prior to that were pure white supremacist silliness.

    Britons are perhaps the most assimilating people in Europe. Only neo Nazis have the delusion of a white Christian culture that is somehow endangered.

  • Wow kid you must really hate your grandma. After all she was a big fan of the beatles same as Charles Manson. In fact why don’t you go yell at her for her crimes?

  • Right now there’s a woman in the Congo trying to sell Mary Kay products. Per your Insanity that is a no sense cultural imperialism.

    And you’re right to stop talk about Rammstein you found out that they aren’t what you pretended they were and that I can’t be fooled by you LOL

  • There isn’t. You are still using the term incorrectly. Congo has been a victim of just plain imperialism for most of its existence. Including attempts by neighbors to carve out chunks of the country solely for plunder.

    BTW, Rammstein was still a dead giveaway as to your intended position. 🙂

    I can’t help it if you really ARE that obvious.

  • Your refusal to watch the music video is a dead giveaway for your willful ignorance run along back your qanon nonsense and leave reality to the adults kid.

  • Oh but there is in fact there have been for years now your ignorance preclude you from knowing this.

    and now you’re moving the goalposts America has never had troops in the Congo.

  • so 1/3 are rational Britons, 1/3 are atheist dhimmis and the other 1/3 are muslims, I take it?

  • >”Just like most Christians do not walk the path of Jesus, most Muslims
    are not walking in the path of Muhammad– something that Trump
    supporters do not get.”

    Hwat? Those committing crime, pillaging and enslaving others ARE following Mohammed’s doctrine. Jesus was the Son of God, not just a human, and taught that ALL HUMANS ARE FLAWED and born into sin, hence the message of forgiveness. They are not taught to do exactly what Jesus did. Mohammed was an illiterate lustful womanizing con artist.

  • so in short, conservatives are opposed to bad ideas. And uh, no. Maybe you need to read the Quran because Mohammed started this hatred 1400 years ago.

  • you do realize the only ‘values’ are primarily the Golden Rule and the Parable of the Good Samaritan and not to be stoning anyone, right? Islam is the complete opposite, down to rules about which foot you have to enter a bathroom with and punishment for plucking a single hair from an eyebrow

  • Jesus started this 2000 years ago when he told everyone to spread his name into all corners of the world and cut their arms off if they love their brother more than him. Since then it’s all been about invading the savages and forcing jesus upon them.
    If they refuse Jesus, harass, rape, bomb, harass, invade and kill them. Muslims won’t accept Jesus as Lord and must be tormented. Add white supremacy to christian fascism and you got horrible UK racism.

  • “cut their arms off”? Where does Jesus say that? Jesus taught to turn the other cheek and pretty much the whole message was that those who follow him will be likely persecuted. You’re conflating a time of European expansion after dealing with 300 years of Islamic invasion and occupation. Yes, there were zealot Catholics, and thankfully the printing press was invented so people could read about Jesus message of autonomy that the Catholic Church was hiding by keeping it in Latin. You do realize the fighting in the Middle East within the last 20 years was about us having to go in and stuff the Iran vs Saudi Arabia / Sunni vs Shia fighting and ambushing each others oil pipelines, right? And white supremacy? The worst that got lasted about 10 years. How about ISLAMIST SUPREMACY? After all, there’s no country in the world under a ‘white supremacy government’, yet there are many under a ‘islamic supremacy government’. So you tell me who the bigger threat is.

  • The Muslim world is defending its people and land. Christians are about invading, raping, converting, bombing, divide & conquer etc. Europeans before, now it’s led by American fanatics. Ask the North Sentinel Islanders today or Iraqis, Afghans, Native Tribes of South America..
    You don’t know violent verses from the Bible? That’s all its got LOL. That and poor science! Jesus was a glory hog btw.

  • And yet you can’t quote one.. or let me guess, all you’ve got is from Judaism (Old Testament). Y’see Christians follow the New Testament, which is its own thing. Islam has been an expansionist ideology since its inception. Christianity’s Revelation predicts the AntiChrist’s ideology will spread and subjugate the Christians and eventually gain dominion on Earth for a century or two before the earth becomes a cinder. Islam claims there will be peace on earth once all of the Jews and Christians are subjugated and the world if under the complete ummah. They are the complete opposite. And it was MUSLIMS who enslaved Greece for 400 years. It was MUSLIMS who started the slave trade in Africa. It was MUSLIMS who slaughtered and raped the Yazidis. It was MUSLIMS who invaded and destroyed Tehran and the Zoroastrians.

  • and again, you’re talking about PRIMITIVE TRIBES! Most of those who allied with the Europeans BENEFITTED GREATLY. Seriously, would you give the internet up to live in a teepee having to hunt by hand? Do you want to sacrifice your child to the serpent god Quatzecoatl?

  • I used the word “most”. And God is just a concept, not a physical entity that controls the universe. The mythological Jesus is not the historical Jesus that spent 30 years as a carpenter with his earthly father in a very small town of Nazareth, where they only spoke a semitic language. Nothing was every written about Jesus in a semitic language. The Gospels were not written in Jesus time, nor in his town, nor in the language, he would have used to speak to [his people].

    Have you seen what 2000 years of Christian love looks like in Europe, with wars, inquisitions, genocides, slavery, and the decimation of native tribes in the New World and in Africa? All the conquerers of the New World were flying the flags of Catholic Kings with the authority of the Church. In WWII Europe, tens of millions of Christians killed each other while the Vatican remained neutral.

  • Slavery has been going on for thousands of years well before Islam. UK blacks and browns are the result of your history or white Christian slavery and colonialism in lands you raped and massacred for centuries. Don’t complain. Oh Yes, New Testament’s so good that all the Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, war criminals, abortion terrorists and other Christian bigots follow it! Now go burn down a mosque or beat up a woman in hijab you tolerant asswipes.

  • still waiting on that verse you can’t provide. And no, the Arab slave trade and the Dutch were doing the enslaving of Africans. You’re also confusing colonialism with Christianity, which is retarded. Maybe you shouldn’t complain since YOU weren’t around during those times. And No, Neo-Nazis follows Hitlerism and his doctrine of Mein Kampf in a white supremacist nature. White nationalist? As in Nationalists who are white? You’re confusing white nationalist with w white supremacist. War criminals? Now you’re just getting vague. ABORTION TERRORISTS?? That’s really going into a grey area, given that abortionists are killing living creatures. And hate to break it to you, but 95% of those ‘mosque attacks’ and ‘hijab attacks’ were discovered to be self-perpetuated hate HOAXES. Better luck next time, kooky!

  • WORLD WAR 2? YOU MEAN THE ONE WHERE THE DUTCH (GERMANS) WERE ALLIED WITH MUSLIM ARAB NATIONS??? And what the hell? Christianity teaches that PEACE IS IMPOSSIBLE on earth since humans are INHERENTLY flawed. The Crusades and Inquisition?!? You mean the retaliation to CENTURIES of Islamic Invasion and Occupation?!??! You do realize Greece was enslaved for 400 years by the Ottomans, right????

  • >”And God is just a concept, not a physical entity that controls the universe

    Where did I say it was a controller of the universe? Oh.. that’s what MUSLIMS believe, dhimmi. God the Father is the concept of ‘truths’ that are unwavering in order to found a society; God the Son is the ceoncept of aspiring to our full potential – and recognizing our flaws – in this carbon based existence, and God the Holy Spirit is the energy that fuels life into all carbon.

  • Sure all hoaxes like the edl, bnp, Britain first and other white trash terrorists groups are imaginary too. Still killing for God and country thanks to that Evil Bible. Your churches get burned down in Europe for good reasons bigots.

  • you’re only calling them bigots because they want to keep their own lands for themselves and stop YOUR desires for global conquest, jihadi. All of those groups you mentioned espouse sending muslims back to muslim countries, NOT about GOING and DESTROYING muslim nations. ISLAM ITSELF decrees global expansion, so it isn’t ‘bigotry’ if you are in opposition to an ideology that seeks your submission. WHO has Britain First killed? AND YES, if you WANT to put conflicting rivalries in the same area – the inevitable outcome is PHYSICAL CONFLICT and WAR which leads to DEATHS. Keep Islam in Islamic nations. Why doesn’t Christianity get the same sort of ‘tolerance for expansion’ in Muslim lands?

  • Who wrote the doctrines of Jesus? Muslims pray to God five times a day for favor and guidance. The banner of Islam flies over 99.9% of the Middle East for five hundred years. Is that God’s divine plan as well, or just in your Book?

    How about conquering the New World by ships flying the flags of Catholic Kings and then decimating native populations, take their land, and any wealth they possess. In the US, that was called “Manifest Destiny”. The term manifest destiny originated in the 1840s. It expressed the belief that it was Anglo-Saxon Americans’ providential mission to expand their civilization and institutions across North America.

  • Nice fantasy! And Saint Nicholas morphed into a jolly fat man in a red suit that lives at the North Pole and uses flying reindeer as transportation. Believe me, I am not giving up Santa Claus for anyone. He still visits my grandchildren every year.

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