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First fully-female voiced NLT audio Bible helps women connect to the Word of God

Courage for Life free app fills void in women’s ministry

MARIETTA, Ga. — Extensive research and clinical experience prove that the best way to help at-risk women and girls heal from substance abuse, trauma and mental health issues is through gender-specific programs. Because females tend to be a more nurturing gender by nature, their voices are often perceived as more compassionate, understanding and non-threatening.

Knowing this research and recognizing the unique ministry opportunity presented, Courage for Life has partnered with two-time Grammy-nominated artist Amik Byram to develop the first female-narrated New Living Translation (NLT) audio Bible available now through a free app.

“There is comfort in hearing your mother, best friend or grandmother tell you a story,” said Ann White, founder of Courage for Life. “In the same way, the Courage for Life all-female narrated Bible delivers God’s word in a comforting, friendly voice.”

Narrated by experienced voice actors, this NLT audio Bible provides a soothing listening experience void of any dramatic sound bites, off-putting background music or overly dramatic deliveries. Through the Courage for Life women’s audio Bible, listeners are immersed into the Scriptures by voices only, which read the Word with the passion and purpose it represents.

The Courage for Life women’s audio Bible is a vision of the ministry’s founder, author and speaker Ann White. Courage for Life is dedicated to providing resources that help individuals move from a life that is fear-based to faith-based. In addition to Bible studies, devotions and books, a large portion of Courage for Life’s ministry includes training leaders to minister to women who have been neglected, abused and incarcerated.

White’s vision for the all-female audio version of the Bible is to help make Scripture accessible and welcoming to all women, especially those who are at-risk or may have abuse in their history. Courage for Life has already partnered with two state prison systems to make the women’s audio Bible available on all prison-provided tablets.

“Women in jail are the fastest growing correctional population in the country,” said White. “Not only that, but domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness among women and children. We want to fill a void in the women’s recovery space and reach as many women in crisis as possible with the encouragement, inspiration and hope that they can find in God’s Word—without ever turning a page.”

The Courage for Life Bible app is available now for download and contains the full New Testament. The ministry is currently fundraising to complete the recording of the Old Testament with a goal to begin making select books available this summer.

For more information, visit courageforlife.org/app/

About Courage for Life
Courage for Life, founded by Ann White, provides Bible studies, devotionals, books and now an audio Bible, all in the name of helping individuals to thrive and experience courage in all aspects of life. For more information, visit courageforlife.org.



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