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Eduardo Campos Lima

Eduardo Campos Lima is an author at Religion News Service.

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Christians represented significant faction of capital rioters in Brazil

By Eduardo Campos Lima — January 17, 2023
SÃO PAULO (RNS) — At least four evangelical pastors were among those arrested in the aftermath of the attack.

As their World Cup team advances, Argentines call on folk saints for help

By Eduardo Campos Lima — December 9, 2022
SÃO PAULO, Brazil (RNS) — One expert said that while official Catholic saints tend to be invoked in church, ‘folk saints tend to be more visible in public spaces, including soccer fields.’

Presidential standoff becomes a holy war in Brazil

By Eduardo Campos Lima — October 28, 2022
(RNS) — A runoff election in Latin America's largest country increasingly includes the religious culture-war tactics employed in US politics.

Padim Ciço, Brazil’s greatest folk saint, to be beatified

By Eduardo Campos Lima — September 7, 2022
SAO PAULO (RNS) — Almost 90 years after his death, the once excommunicated priest may officially become a saint.

Brazil’s Catholic bishops raise their voices against mining on Indigenous land

By Eduardo Campos Lima — May 16, 2022
SAO PAULO (RNS) — The damage from mining projects goes beyond deforestation, the bishops say. The effects include death from disease and higher rates of murder and sexual assault.

Bolsonaro’s education minister accused of doing bidding of Brazilian evangelicals

By Eduardo Campos Lima — March 25, 2022
(RNS) — While the evangelical bloc in the legislature is not calling for Ribeiro's dismissal, the scandal may cost Bolsonaro and his allies in fall elections.

André Mendonça, President Bolsonaro’s ‘terribly evangelical’ Supreme Court justice

By Eduardo Campos Lima — July 22, 2021
SÃO PAULO (RNS) — Mendonça’s nomination has been seen by many as a political maneuver by Bolsonaro to strengthen his ties with evangelicals, a significant and loyal voting bloc for him.

Maradona’s death boosts ‘Hand of God’ goal’s author to sainted status

By Eduardo Campos Lima — November 27, 2020
(RNS) — At its extreme, veneration of the soccer star gave birth to the Maradonian Church, a group of fans who pay homage to him with parody rituals.

Missionaries gain access to Amazon’s Indigenous peoples, despite pandemic

By Eduardo Campos Lima — August 13, 2020
SAO PAULO (RNS) — Indigenous rights groups now worry that the new law will prompt missionaries to enter their reservations, and spread coronavirus.

In Brazil, historic black lay Catholic ‘brotherhoods’ fight to survive

By Eduardo Campos Lima — December 6, 2019
(RNS) — After centuries resisting slavery, racism and inequality, dozens of black Catholic lay associations are hopeful that a new network and changes in the Church will extend their history.

Opposition to Amazon synod spurs new right-wing coalition in Brazil

By Eduardo Campos Lima — October 3, 2019
SÃO PAULO (RNS) — Its opposition to the Pan-Amazon synod's goals has given a group of conservative Catholic organizations new life as a wedge of the Brazilian president's populist base.

Amazon fires deepen a split between Brazil’s evangelicals and fellow Christians

By Eduardo Campos Lima — August 28, 2019
SAO PAOLO (RNS) — The apparently intentional escalation of fires in the Amazon rainforest has contributed to a growing political split between Catholics and some Protestant groups and President Jair Bolsonaro's evangelical supporters.

Celebrating new religious freedom law, Bolivian evangelicals push for more

By Eduardo Campos Lima — July 29, 2019
(RNS) — The new law marks a turning point for Protestant denominations that have historically tended to keep their distance from politics.

After centuries of persecution, ‘lost’ Brazilian Jews struggle to regain their place

By Eduardo Campos Lima — May 28, 2019
SÃO PAULO (RNS) — Thanks to new tools for the study of genealogy and the help of a welcoming rabbi, the Bnei Anusim, or 'children of the coerced,' have taken their first steps to be fully recognized as Jews again.

Practitioners of Afro-Brazilian religions fear increasing intolerance under Bolsonaro

By Eduardo Campos Lima — April 25, 2019
SAO PAULO (RNS) — During his campaign, Brazil's new president unapologetically dismissed the concerns of Afro-Brazilian communities, announcing at one point, 'The state is Christian and the minority will have to change.'
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