Black Voices Matter: with Jemar Tisby, Pastor Tyler Burns, and RNS guest host national reporter Adelle Banks

We are sincerely grateful for the time and consideration that our two guests, Jemar Tisby and Pastor Tyler Burns, gave to this podcast, and how they so carefully gave us something to listen to and think on. (Check out Jemar's recent Opinion piece for RNS here.) 

In this episode, Tisby and Burns talk about the exhaustion they are feeling in this moment in time, and the balance of fury and calm they must present. They talk about the trauma to the hearts and bodies that black people endure, and they discuss looking for ways to translate the feeling to a white gaze. This is a foundational year – one that will never fade. As we enter into our second week of protests, the question of what’s next is on everyone’s mind.

Tisby and Burns know how to craft a tale - their incredibly successful and riveting podcast Pass the Mic is a must-listen. They are from The Witness - A Black Christian Collective. Be sure to go check them out. Our show is moderated by Adelle Banks, who gave a ton of love to this piece with not a ton of time. There aren't words to describe how important the time these three spend in conversation with us is here.  

Beliefs is counting itself among the organizations and publications that are left wondering if we've ever done enough as an institution, as a podcast, to elevate the voices of people of color. To tell and listen to the stories that can challenge how you think about yourself and about others. 

Beliefs will be trying new things and reaching out to you in new ways in the coming months - we hope you'll listen for us! Share with your friends! And get in touch when you have something to say.

Pastor Tyler Burns at a George Floyd mural and memorial in Pensacola, Florida.
Photo by Max Petion