Demons! Demons Everywhere!

Fall festivals! Hell Houses! Satanic Panic! Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Tyler Huckabee as they dredge up some ghosts of evangelical Halloween's past.

Don’t panic … but it’s Satan’s holiday!

A parade of ghouls, ghosts and ghastly horrors, Halloween is viewed as more trick than treat by many evangelicals. It’s the devil’s play day, after all, and the demonic is no joke.

Katelyn and Roxy take a spin down memory lane, recalling childhood fall festivals, teenage Hell Houses and the ever present threat of The Rapture. Oh, and what was up with that whole Satanic Panic thing? Tyler Huckabee joins in on the nostalgia, dredging up a few of his own ghosts of evangelical Halloween’s past. 

And we wonder: Maybe seeing demons around every corner isn’t a super healthy way to live?


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