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Philip Yancey on the Blessing of Deconstruction

Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Philip Yancey, whose books have long been a guide for the doubting, deconstructing Christian.

Philip Yancey was deconstructing before deconstructing was cool.

Much ado has been made in recent weeks about deconstruction — particularly from pastors and leaders who decry it as “trendy” or a slippery slope to sin. On this episode, Katelyn and Roxy discuss their own experiences questioning the Christian faith, the evangelical church and the teachings handed down to them from both pulpit and pen. They are joined by author Philip Yancey, something of an evangelical darling himself, whose books have long been a guide for the doubting Christian.

Plus: some thoughts from the Twitter hive mind on what pastors should know about why people deconstruct.


  • Philip Yancey is the author of 25 books, including “The Jesus I Never Knew,” “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” and his most recent book and first memoir: “Where the Light Fell.”

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