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We Ditched Purity Culture. But What’s Next? +Christine Emba

Modern ideas of liberated sex often seem just as damaging as restrictive purity codes.

We’re not looking for a rebound.

We’ve talked a lot — both on and off the podcast — about purity culture. We’ve critiqued the way it treated our bodies, our sexuality and even our futures. It’s taken work (and some therapy!) to untangle many of the deeply toxic lessons of purity culture from our views on sex. But here’s the thing: after purity culture, we’re not totally sure where to turn for a better alternative. Mainstream sexual ethics are confusing, without a script and quickly changing. 

On this episode, Katelyn and Roxy are joined once again by author Christine Emba. Christine came on during season one as we took a hard look at purity culture. Since then, she’s thought a lot about sex! (Because she wrote a book on it.) And how modern ideas of liberated sex can be just as damaging as restrictive purity codes.