The Rise of Christian Lady Influencers + Hannah Anderson

Roxy and Katelyn are back for a four-part summer series on celebrity! First up: Hannah Anderson on why Christian women are flocking to Instagram to influence the heck out of you.

On booty photos followed by Bible verses…

It’s never been easier for women with massive talent to share their work and build a community around it. Social media have democratized the work of teaching and preaching. Instagram, with its aesthetic, aspirational vibes, has proven to be the most popular social media platform for Christian women influencers.

In the first episode of a four-part summer series on celebrity in the church (also the topic of Katelyn’s new book), Roxy and Katelyn are joined by author Hannah Anderson to chat about the platform that’s equally fun and frustrating. Anderson helps unpack the unspoken rules that Christian women must follow to wield authority online. We’re tempted to roll our eyes at some of the rules (such as the ubiquity of beachy waves), but there’s a lot more at play: what Hannah Anderson calls women’s ‘superpower’ in building communities of women for good causes.


Hannah Anderson is author of several books on spirituality, including the most recent All That’s Good: Recovering the Lost Art of Discernment. She is cohost of the Persuasion podcast, a great “thought leader” Twitter follow, and lives with her family in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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