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Rethinking Our Drinking + Sarah Bessey

Katelyn and Roxy examine their relationships with alcohol and are joined by Sarah Bessey, a self-described 'evangelist' for the sober life.

Let’s get a drink sometime!

New York’s a drinking town. Happy hours. Boozy brunches. Martinis and oysters. The city’s social life revolves around artisan cocktails and bubbly toasts and late night dive bars. And while the pandemic may have put a screeching halt to the social side of that life, it didn’t stop the flow of booze. Restaurants offered craft cocktails to go, the sidewalks became open carry and delivery drinks were an app away. Drinking went from social to solo and it was during that time that both Katelyn and Roxy began to wonder if all this imbibing was really OK.

On this episode, we examine our relationships with alcohol and the changes we’ve made since the pandemic. We’re joined by Sarah Bessey — a self-described “evangelist” for the sober life — who gave up drinking a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since.


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