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We’re STILL Deprogramming from ’90s Diet Culture + Cole Arthur Riley

Katelyn and Roxy are joined by Cole Arthur Riley as we explore the ways the body ideals of our teen years still inform how we see our adult bodies.

But did the era of heroin chic ever really end?

Low rise jeans are trying to make a comeback — does that mean the bodies that look good in them must too? (Aka: teensy tiny itty bitty very flat stomach bodies.)

On this episode, Katelyn and Roxy explore how the body ideals promoted during our teen years are still informing the way we see our adult bodies. We look at how some things have changed — because there has been some progress! — and how others have stayed frustratingly toxic. Plus, we’re joined by Cole Arthur Riley for a lovely conversation on how attending to our flesh and blood bodies can help us heal inside and out.




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