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R. Albert Mohler Jr.

R. Albert Mohler Jr. is an author at Religion News Service.

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Have Americans really changed their minds on same-sex marriage? (COMMENTARY)

By R. Albert Mohler Jr. — November 3, 2015
(RNS) I suspect that the support for same-sex marriage is evidence of what millions of Americans think they are supposed to say, rather than what they really believe.

Atlanta is burning: A new and ominous threat to religious liberty (COMMENTARY)

By R. Albert Mohler Jr. — January 21, 2015
(RNS) If one’s religious beliefs are to be punished with (among other things) loss of employment, you don't need a vivid imagination to guess where such logic may lead.

Al Mohler responds: The evangelical unease over contraception

By R. Albert Mohler Jr. — January 8, 2014
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (RNS) Our concern is to raise an alarm about the entire edifice of modern sexual morality, and to acknowledge that millions of evangelicals have unwittingly aided and abetted that moral revolution by an unreflective and unfaithful embrace of the contraceptive revolution.
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