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Jacob Lupfer

A contributing editor at RNS, Jacob Lupfer is a writer and consultant in Baltimore. His website is Follow him on Twitter at @jlupf. The views expressed in this commentary do not necessarily represent those of Religion News Service.

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J.D. Vance channels hate in Ohio Senate primary

By Jacob Lupfer — September 21, 2021
(RNS) — Seeking the Republican nomination, the empathetic author of ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ has changed — for the worse. But he won’t become awful enough to win.

After Dan Darling, truthful evangelicals look unemployable

By Jacob Lupfer — September 1, 2021
(RNS) — Behind the NRB’s PR disaster lies Trump discipleship instead of gospel principles.

At annual meeting, Southern Baptists ‘turn their hearts to the right’

By Jacob Lupfer — June 17, 2021
(RNS) — A new president offers clues to the denomination’s direction. It’s not as promising as it seems.

The countercultural drama of Ash Wednesday

By Jacob Lupfer — February 17, 2021
(RNS) — The day offers an opportunity for the devout, the skeptical and the merely curious to embrace the reality of sin.

2020, a good year for bad religion

By Jacob Lupfer — December 30, 2020
(RNS) — After a year that was a superspreader event for bad religion, American faith must become a public-spirited, prophetic force once again.

Albert Mohler reckons the cost of his Trump support

By Jacob Lupfer — November 3, 2020
(RNS) — In defending his endorsement of Trump, the next leader of the Southern Baptist Convention keeps alive the SBC’s past and future problems with race.

‘Pope’ Albert Mohler and the catholicization of conservative evangelicalism

By Jacob Lupfer — October 30, 2020
(RNS) — The pope's adoption of civil unions has sharply delineated a momentous shift from the Baptist battles of the last generation.

At St. John Paul II shrine, Trump’s use of religion goes from bad to ugly

By Jacob Lupfer — June 2, 2020
(RNS) — Disciples’ deliberate manipulation of religious settings, themes and objects revealed Trumpworld’s cynical and shameless approach to faith.

Can the religious right and left be more than a rubber stamp for their parties’ policies?

By Jacob Lupfer — May 23, 2019
(RNS) — Republicans and Democrats say they listen more than ever to the religious wings of their parties, but in truth both religious camps are more likely to follow than lead.

State-level abortion laws push compromise toward the impossible

By Jacob Lupfer — May 17, 2019
(RNS) — Even as we get a clearer view of what each side is ultimately advocating for, it's not likely that our divided political climate will allow either side to prevail decisively and indefinitely.

Shadows in the stained glass: Patterson and Pressler chapel windows come down

By Jacob Lupfer — April 11, 2019
(RNS) — With no fanfare, and to the secret relief of many, the windows of two of the heroes of the Southern Baptist Convention's conservative resurgence have been removed from a seminary chapel.

Indiana tax preparer shows limits and liberties of our post-Masterpiece Cakeshop world

By Jacob Lupfer — March 4, 2019
(RNS) — Four years after the raucous response to Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a mistaken claim of religious conscience shows how a promising consensus may be forming.

United Methodists should acknowledge reality that they are no longer united

By Jacob Lupfer — February 22, 2019
(RNS) — The divide between liberals and conservatives has been baked into the UMC from its inception in 1968. It's time to let go.

A Howard Schultz platform that could energize faith voters

By Jacob Lupfer — February 18, 2019
(RNS) — Any independent who wants to peel voters from the major parties in decent numbers should focus on religious voters who are economically progressive and socially conservative.

Why freaking out about Christian schools proves evangelicals’ irrational fears

By Jacob Lupfer — February 1, 2019
(RNS) — Unless we treat our neighbors who believe differently with grace and tolerance, we put our heritage as a pluralistic society at risk.
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