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Naila Inayat

Naila Inayat is an author at Religion News Service.

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New Pakistani leader’s education aims may include reining in religious schools

By Naila Inayat — March 5, 2019
LAHORE, Pakistan (RNS) — Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's plans to introduce a nationwide curriculum for all his country's schools, including its 38,000 madrassas, is viewed skeptically by religious leaders.

Muslim clerics resist Pakistan’s efforts to end child marriage

By Naila Inayat — May 16, 2014
LAHORE, Pakistan (RNS) In March, the Council of Islamic Ideology ruled that laws related to the minimum age of marriage were against the teachings of the Quran and that children of any age could get married if they had reached puberty.

In Pakistan, valentines are exchanged in secret

By Naila Inayat — February 13, 2014
LAHORE, Pakistan (RNS) In a devout Muslim society where public displays of love are forbidden, the young are increasingly using Valentine's Day as a form of rebellion.
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