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Kathy Gannon

Kathy Gannon is an author at Religion News Service.

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Taliban divisions deepen as Afghan women defy veil edict

By Kathy Gannon — May 8, 2022
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) —Hardliners and pragmatists among the Islamist rulers have avoided open confrontation but sharper restrictions, such as a recent decree that all women must be entirely covered, are deepening divisions.

Muslims mark Eid al-Fitr holiday with joy, worry

By Kathy Gannon, Mariam Fam, and Niniek Karmini — May 2, 2022
CAIRO (AP) — This year, Muslims around the world are observing Eid al-Fitr in the shadow of a surge in global food prices exacerbated by the war in Ukraine.

Taliban hard-liners turning back the clock in Afghanistan

By Kathy Gannon — March 28, 2022
ISLAMABAD (AP) — Since the Taliban seized control of the country, the international community has been concerned they would impose the same strict laws as when they previously ruled Afghanistan.

IS claims Pakistan bombing that kills 56 at Shiite mosque

By Riaz Khan and Kathy Gannon — March 4, 2022
PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — Scores of victims were peppered with shrapnel, several had limbs amputated and others were injured by flying debris.

Radicalization’s path: In case studies, finding similarities

By Eric Tucker, Heather Hollingsworth, and Kathy Gannon — November 4, 2021
In the months before he was charged with storming the Capitol, Doug Jensen was sharing conspiracy theories he’d consumed online. But it hadn’t always been that way, says his brother, who recalls how he once posted the sort of family and vacation photos familiar to nearly all social media users. A world away, Wahab hadn’t […]

Taliban say they won’t work with US to contain Islamic State

By Kathy Gannon — October 11, 2021
Senior Taliban officials and U.S. representatives are meeting this weekend in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Officials from both sides have said issues include reining in extremist groups and the evacuation of foreign citizens and Afghans from the country.

Taliban: Women can study in gender-segregated universities

By Kathy Gannon — September 13, 2021
KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Classrooms will be gender-segregated and Islamic dress is compulsory, the Taliban government's new higher education minister said Sunday.

Brutal killing spotlights violence against women in Pakistan

By Kathy Gannon — July 30, 2021
ISLAMABAD (AP) — 'The epidemic of sexual crimes and violence against women in Pakistan is a silent epidemic. No one sees it. No one is talking about it.'
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