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Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine in Illinois raising funds to repair arson damage

By Alejandra Molina — May 25, 2023
(RNS) — A fire Tuesday damaged several statues, art pieces and the outdoor Chapel of the Resurrected Christ, also known as the “Altar of Miracles."

Vatican takes climate activists to court on Laudato Si’ anniversary

By Claire Giangravé — May 24, 2023
(RNS) — The trial takes place on the eighth anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical promoting the care of creation and the environment, "Laudato Si'."

Priest killed in Mexico; 9th slain in country in past 4 years

By Associated Press — May 24, 2023
MEXICO CITY (AP) — The priest had been assigned to the Capacho parish in Huandacareo just one month earlier.

In rare move, Vatican official chastised Texas Bishop Strickland at conference

By Jack Jenkins — May 23, 2023
WASHINGTON (RNS) — Texas Bishop Joseph Strickland did not deny that he was confronted by the papal nuncio at a bishops conference in November 2021.

Pope Francis taps Italian Cardinal Zuppi to lead peace mission in Ukraine

By Claire Giangravé — May 23, 2023
VATICAN CITY (RNS) — The appointment is the latest effort by Pope Francis and the Vatican to mediate a peace between Russia and Ukraine.

Playing chicken over debt and spending bills

By Thomas Reese — May 23, 2023
(RNS) — Would that Congress could look seriously at government programs to make them better and more efficient rather than grandstanding for the media and their partisan base.

Catholic clergy sexually abused Illinois kids far more often than church acknowledged, state finds

By Michael Tarm and Kathleen Foody — May 23, 2023
CHICAGO (AP) — 'The preliminary stages of this investigation have already demonstrated that the Catholic Church cannot police itself.'

New Mexican Spanish, a unique American dialect, survives mostly in prayers

By Giovanna Dell'orto — May 23, 2023
HOLMAN, N.M. (AP) — The historic, endangered dialect is as central to these communities as their iconic adobe churches.

A new documentary takes a deep dive into the ancient and modern practice of Sabbath

By Yonat Shimron — May 22, 2023
(RNS) — Martin Doblmeier's latest documentary takes viewers to various religious communities to illustrate their Sabbath practices.

Last Generation climate change activists to stand trial at the Vatican

By Claire Giangravé — May 22, 2023
VATICAN CITY (RNS) — The activists did not attend the first hearing, claiming Vatican lawyers are too expensive.

Anger management and guns

By Phyllis Zagano — May 18, 2023
(RNS) — Anger is clearly at the root of our mass shootings.

Dodgers remove ‘queer and trans nuns’ from Pride Night amid Catholic pushback

By Alejandra Molina — May 18, 2023
LOS ANGELES (RNS) — The LA chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence said it was saddened that the team succumbed ‘to pressure from persons outside of the State of California and outside of our community.’

New head of Vatican charity Caritas looks to future after papal firings

By Nicole Winfield — May 17, 2023
VATICAN CITY (AP) — 'I know the past is there, but we really haven’t dwelt on it', Dutton said, referring to the sudden dismissal of his predecessor by the pope. 'We’ve been trying to look now to the future.'

Poll: Religious attendance is shrinking but those who remain are happy

By Yonat Shimron — May 16, 2023
(RNS) — In the PRRI study, 57% of Americans say they seldom or never attend religious services. Among those who do, 89% said they were proud to be associated with their congregation.

EWTN, once ‘the work of the devil,’ now gets blessing from pope

By Thomas Reese — May 16, 2023
(RNS)— Critics of EWTN, even the pope, need to be nuanced.
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