How not to comfort the mourning: Hospital chaplain J.S. Park talks grief in new book

By Kathryn Post — April 16, 2024
(RNS) — ‘The biggest myth I see is that grief is a poison to get past,’ said Park.

Prominent New York church, sued for gender bias, moves forward with male pastor candidate

By Darren Sands — April 16, 2024
(AP) – Candidate Kevin R. Johnson, founding pastor of Dare to Imagine Church in Philadelphia, will be recommended for the congregation’s approval to lead the more than 200-year-old Abyssinian Baptist Church,

A London court rules against a Muslim girl who wanted to pray at a school known for strict rules

By Associated Press — April 16, 2024
LONDON (AP) — The fight was over a rule put in place last year by the Michaela Community School after a small group of students who began praying in the schoolyard caused divisions at the school that spread to the community and led to a bomb threat.

Salman Rushdie’s ‘Knife’ is unflinching about his brutal stabbing and uncanny in its vital spirit

By Hillel Italie — April 16, 2024
NEW YORK (AP) —At just over 200 pages, “Knife” is a brief work in the canon of Rushdie, among the most exuberant and expansive of contemporary novelists.

Tensions rise in Australia after a bishop and priest are wounded in a knife attack in a church

By Rod Mcguirk and Mark Baker — April 16, 2024
SYDNEY (AP) —Video of the attack spread quickly on social media and an angry mob converged on the church demanding vengeance.

Feud with ex-president leads to lawsuit, alleged threats of violence at Calvin University

By Bob Smietana — April 15, 2024
(RNS) — The prominent evangelical school hired a former business executive as president in hopes of turning around years of decline. But his tenure ended abruptly after the board alleged he'd sent inappropriate messages to a woman he was not married to.

Solar New Year celebrations unite religious groups across the South Asian diaspora

By Richa Karmarkar — April 15, 2024
(RNS) — This week, people of all South Asian backgrounds celebrated the Hindu Solar New Year in their unique, regional ways. But common threads between the holidays, many say, have the power to unite those living in the diaspora.

Pope Francis sides with Peruvian villagers who accused Catholic group of trying to steal their land

By Gabriela Molina — April 15, 2024
QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — On Saturday, Francis urged the Catacaos villagers to persist in their efforts to defend the land, where they raise cattle and produce honey.

Unfazed by danger and power, Guatemalan cardinal keeps up fight for migrants and the poor

By Giovanna Dell'orto — April 15, 2024
HUEHUETENANGO, Guatemala (AP) — Elevated by Pope Francis to the top hierarchy of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Álvaro Ramazzini has continued his unflinching focus on the poor, the Indigenous and the migrant.

As a landmark United Methodist gathering approaches, African churches weigh their future.

By Peter Smith — April 15, 2024
(AP) — Today, members from four continents vote at legislative gatherings, serve on boards together, go on mission trips to each others’ countries and are largely governed by the same rules.

Vatican complains after French court rules in favor of nun dismissed from religious order

By Nicole Winfield — April 15, 2024
ROME (AP) — The case is highly unusual, because it represented a secular civilian court essentially determining that the Vatican’s in-house canonical procedures grossly violated the nun’s fundamental rights.

Guilty plea by leader of polygamous sect near the Arizona-Utah border is at risk of being thrown out

By Associated Press — April 15, 2024
PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities say Bateman created a sprawling network spanning at least four states as he tried to start an offshoot of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

A memoir explores a shattering childhood and narrow escape

By Yonat Shimron — April 15, 2024
(RNS) — 'Between Two Trailers' is part of a growing genre describing in harrowing detail the abuse and neglect of parents caught in a maze of mental illness and religion.

Vatican document on gender theory, surrogacy puzzles critics and advocates

By Claire Giangravé — April 15, 2024
(RNS) — Experts question whether the pope will leave hot-button issues for his successor to decide or if he is paving the way for doctrinal reform.

An Episcopal seminary found a solution to its fiscal woes. Then 7 bishops intervened.

By Bob Smietana — April 12, 2024
(RNS) — A group of seven New York-area bishops have objected to a long-term lease for General Episcopal Seminary, saying the lessee, a Catholic school, has a donor that does not support rights for gay, transgender and queer people.
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