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Rob Bell is back

*Update: An editor at HarperOne, the publisher of Rob's book, has explained to me that the video posted below is NOT the official trailer: "That was simply a behind-the-scenes video ...

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Study offers view of religious life behind prison walls

WASHINGTON (RNS) Behind high walls and barbed wire, the inmates of Muslim and pagan faiths are most likely to have extreme religious views and be the least assisted by religious volunteers, according to a snapshot of how chaplains view religious life behind bars released Thursday (March 22). By Adelle M. Banks.

COMMENTARY: Upon this stubborn rock

(RNS) I don't think any enterprise has done more huffing, more blocking, bickering and begging for time than Christianity. We are the case study for trying to stand still in a rapidly moving stream, getting swept away, and still claiming the moral high ground while we drown. By Tom Ehrich.

Newt's Problem

Demagogue's intellectual that he is, Newt Gingrich has a way of putting his finger on a problem that creates a problem for himself. To wit, here's what he had to ...

Hot off the press!

Copies of our new book arrived today, and if you order right away you can get it for 25 percent off. You can think of it as kind of the ...

The God Strategy

David Domke and Kevin Coe have teamed up to publish a new book, The God Strategy: How Religion Became a Political Weapon in America. The book highlights the increase of ...