In Mauritius, transgender women fight prejudice and find themselves

By Martine Luchmun — December 23, 2017
PORT LOUIS, Mauritius (RNS) -- Fear of losing one's job or being ridiculed by friends and family often pushes transgender people to hide their feelings and identities on the African island nation.

Gay and lesbian Nigerians seeking deliverance find mental health anguish instead

By Wana Udobang — December 31, 2016
Distrust of Nigeria’s mental health system prevents many sexual and gender minorities from seeking professional help when coming to terms with their faith and sexuality.

For gays and lesbians in Mombasa, coming out cuts both ways

By Mkamburi Mwawasi — December 30, 2016
Members of Mombasa’s LGBTI community discuss the pain and pleasure of coming out to friends, family and society at large.

Clergy counselors stoke LGBT fears at Ghana high schools

By Prince Appiah — December 29, 2016
In Ghana, LGBT students are expelled for “sexual misconduct” or silenced for fear of being demonized by school counselors who double as religious leaders.

Nigerian megachurch’s claim to ‘pray the gay away’ bristles LGBT activists

By Anthony Akaeze — December 28, 2016
Megachurch pastor and televangelist T.B. Joshua's Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) claims to “drive demons” out of sexual minorities on live television. LGBT activists and psychologists say the practice can bring about new harms.

Cameroon’s outlawed sexual and gender minorities face a ‘cemetery peace’

By Mbom Sixtus — December 25, 2016
“Some people may think LGBTI+ people live in peace in Cameroon. Their lives can only be compared to the peace and serenity of a graveyard. They are silent but live in distress.”

Zambia’s LGBT Community Pushes For Official Recognition In HIV Fight

By Paul Monde Shalala — December 22, 2016
A consortium of Zambian civil society organizations championing the rights of LGBT people has embarked on a campaign to advance their rights in the soon-to-be-launched 2016 – 2019 Zambia National AIDS Strategic Framework.

Striking out in South Africa, anti-gay American pastor Steven Anderson brings his message to Malawi

By Edwin Nyirongo — December 18, 2016
The Arizona-based pastor, known for his hate speech against sexual and gender minorities, says homosexuality is a crime worthy of death and is trying to spread this message in Southern Africa.

In Uganda, parents seek controversial genital surgery for intersex babies

By Yasin Kakande — December 18, 2016
An intersex rights group says operations carried out in Uganda are unnecessary and sometimes botched, advising parents to wait until after children have reached puberty before making any decisions on surgery.

Namibian Christians vest hopes in ‘pray the gay away’ tactic

By guest — December 16, 2016
WINDHOEK, Namibia (RNS) Judgmental attitudes towards gays and lesbians are common in the nation’s Christian churches.

Church condom restrictions in rural Zimbabwe linked to rise in teen pregnancies

By Ray Mwareya — December 15, 2016
With Zimbabwe's government deep in debt, churches play a critical role in providing free or subsidized sexual health clinics, maternity homes, and schools. Their support comes at a price.

LGBT Malawians face homophobia and discrimination at public health facilities

By Mirriam Kaliza — December 15, 2016
Activists say the religious beliefs and affiliations of health workers and their institutions often contribute to anti-LGBT discrimination.

Kenyan rights groups and churches spar over third gender option

By Winnie Kamau — December 6, 2016
Ryan Muiruri is an intersex activist fighting for the official recognition of a third gender option in Kenya. Church leaders across the country oppose the campaign.

Queer-inclusive prayer spaces in Cape Town

By Cara Mazzola — December 3, 2016
Even in Africa’s “gay capital,” sexual and gender minorities can feel invalidated or rejected by religious communities. Here are three inclusive prayer spaces in Cape Town that work to reconcile rifts between faith, sexuality and gender identity.

Uganda’s LGBT faith leaders say God’s love is unconditional

By Barigye Ambrose — November 29, 2016
Ugandan human rights activist Barigye Ambrose profiles religious LGBTI Ugandans and their allies who have stood firm in the face of local homophobia.
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