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Russian Orthodox Church calls boycotted Crete council ‘an important event’

By Tom Heneghan — July 20, 2016
(RNS) The Russian synod also said the summit in Crete could not be called “pan-Orthodox” because four of the 14 independent Orthodox member churches did not attend.

Shy Russian student a suspect in Istanbul attack

By RNS staff — July 12, 2016
IKON-KHALK, Russia -- When Rahim Bulgarov graduated from college in southern Russia with a diploma in tourism, his teacher expected him to go on to further study, or fulfill his dream of opening a car repair shop.

Pope Francis meets Putin for a diplomatically difficult talk

By Rosie Scammell — June 10, 2015
VATICAN CITY (RNS) Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived more than an hour late at the Vatican on Wednesday (June 10) to meet Pope Francis, with pressure mounting on the pontiff to take a hard line on Moscow’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict.

Russia’s Putin to visit Pope Francis at the Vatican on June 10 amid global tensions

By Rosie Scammell — June 4, 2015
VATICAN CITY (RNS) Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet Pope Francis on Wednesday (June 10), with pressure on the pontiff to speak up about the Kremlin’s role in the Ukraine conflict.

With persecution now ended, Protestants in Russia sputter along, pastor says

By Heidi Hall — October 8, 2014
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RNS) After perestroika, Russians couldn't get enough evangelical preaching. These days, Ignatenkov said, people are indifferent.

World War I at 100: New books examine the battle of beliefs behind the ‘Great War’

By Kimberly Winston — July 18, 2014
(RNS) “If you do not understand the messianic and apocalyptic imagery used by all sides, and how wide-ranging those images were among all classes, all groups, all nations, you cannot hope to understand the war," scholar Philip Jenkins says.

Franklin Graham: Putin is better on gay issues than Obama

By Kevin Eckstrom — March 14, 2014
(RNS) "Isn’t it sad, though, that America’s own morality has fallen so far that on this issue -- protecting children from any homosexual agenda or propaganda -- Russia’s standard is higher than our own?" evangelist Franklin Graham wrote.

COMMENTARY: Between repression and freedom

By Tom Ehrich — February 11, 2014
(RNS) When bigots attacked Coca Cola after the Super Bowl airing, the company could have backed down. But they did the better thing: repeating the ad and making it 50 percent longer. Good for them.

Racy Orthodox Calendar pushes gay rights ahead of Russian Olympics

By Kimberly Winston — January 15, 2014
(RNS) While there have been other collections of religious pin-up men, the Orthodox Calendar aims to make a political point against the Orthodox churches that the creators say are complicit in trying to keep gays and lesbians in the closet.

Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin hold ‘constructive’ talks

By Eric J. Lyman — November 25, 2013
VATICAN CITY (RNS) despite what Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, termed a "constructive" and "cordial" meeting, there were no announced follow-up dialogues planned, and "no discussion whatsoever" of a papal visit to Russia.

Expectations are high for summit between Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin

By Eric J. Lyman — November 20, 2013
ROME (RNS) Because of the period of reform Francis has ushered in at the Vatican, and a list of priorities that range from Syria to a desire to strengthen ties between one of the world's largest countries and one of the smallest, the Nov. 25 closed-door encounter will take on a dramatically increased importance.

Al Jazeera Video: Orthodox corruption?

By Sally Morrow — February 27, 2013
Video courtesy Al Jazeera After decades of suppression, the Russian Orthodox Church appears to be back in favour with the country’s leadership.

Report highlights Islam’s global diversity

By Chris Lisee — August 13, 2012

(RNS) A new report draws on 38,000 face-to-face interviews in 39 countries to find that Muslims differ sharply over questions of faith like who counts as a Muslim and what spiritual practices are acceptable. By Christopher Lisee.

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