• Larry

    Talk about laziness in the workplace!

    Priests have ONE job, usually only on ONE day of the week.

    How difficult is it to mess that one up?

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  • jim

    so, when’s the last time you saw a priest sitting around doing nothing for 6 days a week?

  • jim

    “… not a personal celebration where one can capriciously introduce something to get the attention of the people.”…..maybe, just maybe it DOES need something to get the attention of the people.

  • Suspended for hovering? If you hover, are you not already suspended?

    Surely if Thomas Aquinas could fly without trickery, today’s clergy should be able to do likewise…

  • Larry


    Its a fairly low pressure profession.

    They work as hard as they chose to. Meeting with parishioners, performing personal ceremonies (weddings, funerals, baptisms…) are generally pretty discretionary. They do the jobs they have the time for.

    When was the last time you saw a priest rush to do something job-related?

  • michael klewinski


  • Juan Di Tamad

    The future is here! This priest is so cool. Good way to attract more youth to come to church.

  • Michael Barsness

    Ok, so you really don’t know much about what priests do. Many priests work many more hours a week than most people. My pastor, the one in charge of the parish has a large staff, both parish and school staff with parish and school meetings, finance board, pastoral council, as well as meetings with individual staff, diocesan meetings. Home visits, school events, penance services, confessions every day, oh and only takes one day off a week on Monday.

  • Well, what I find interesting after reading the comments is how many people really believe that the majority of clergy on “work” one day a week. My suggestion
    to those who think so ask to follow one around for a week. That being said, the
    priest on the “hover board” may attract and or anger people accordingly. Humor
    has it’s place and perhaps this was neither the time nor place but still I would say that at least he is “for real.” There is a video going around with a priest singing
    to the bride and groom and it is tastefully done and very moving, so that is
    something which I would agree was appropriate and a nice addition to that
    particular wedding.

  • Larry

    So this pastor is as busy as he wants to be in taking on such a large parish. And if he falls behind on such duties, how likely will be fired from the profession? Not at all. People do not get drummed out of the clergy for administrative incompetence.

    If a priest is overworked, they simply get to step away while a replacement takes on the duties.Your average civil servant or office worker is under far greater pressures in the workplace.

  • Larry

    A priest can literally screw up any part of their duties during the course of the week with little to no consequences on their continued ability to work as a priest. But mess up a Mass, in a public way, and things get dicey.

  • virginia

    Priest do not work only once a week. Catholic Churches have daily Mass every morning. They also have responsibilities to their communities including visiting prisons, hospitals, members of the church, old people’s homes, and some teach math and science and other classes. it was christmas, i think it’s cool he was doing something special. how is riding a hover board messing anything up anyway? it was christmas eve, the same night santa comes to many catholic churches passing out candy canes, chill, it’s christmas.

  • JIM


  • JIM

    was that Sunday’s gospel the story of Jesus walking on water? …maybe HE was not so much walking on the water, as hovering over the water?

  • So Priests can rape kids and not lose their jobs.
    Cardinal Bernie Law ran a network of pedophiles and he still gets a cushy home in the Vatican.

    But hover boards are a problem? Now we know where the standards are.