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Monday's Religion News Roundup: Sleepy pope * Gun scholarship * Yoffie's war

Our own Adelle Banks has a growing roundup of religious groups that were caught up in the IRS dragnet of conservative nonprofits; we'll keep adding to it, and let us know if there's someone we're missing.

WaPo reports on the growing number of seminary grads who have no intention of ever going into the pulpit.

Image of bedtime prayers via Shutterstock (

Image of bedtime prayers via Shutterstock (

From the Dept. of So It's Not Just Me, Pope Francis admits he sometimes falls asleep while saying his bedtime prayers. "But (God) understands."

Thinking of bringing a couple of shotguns onto school property? That could get you in trouble with the principal, but it could also get you a scholarship to Liberty University.

Christian rocker Matt Maher has a growing following among evangelicals -- even though he's a cradle Catholic.

In almost June, which means wedding season is in high swing. But that doesn't mean you need to have God on the invite list. And if it's a gay wedding, don't forget the Xanax.

Remember the "ethical kosher" movement? Four years later, the Forward reports, it's gone nowhere.

Francis also used Pentecost Sunday to remind his flock that they should resist the urge to become "barricaded in transient structures which have lost their capacity for openness to what is new." In other words, get ready for things to get shaken up.

A Ph.D. student (and ordained minister) is on a hunger strike in solidarity with the Gitmo detainees.

Condolences to Mormon president Thomas Monson, who lost his wife, Frances, after nearly 65 years of marriage.

Too soon? Westminster Abbey is already planning to involve other faiths in the next coronation of the British monarch (Elizabeth II is still very much alive) but insists it won't be a "multifaith" event.

Rabbi Eric Yoffie, former president of the Reform movement, has a message for the ultra-Orthodox forces who don't want women to pray at the Western Wall: Bring it on.

After a long and tortuous debate, gay and lesbian couples can now get married in France. Maybe that's where Stefon and Coop were headed on Saturday night.

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