1. You must realize, people like the Koch brothers are unable to even think that there is anything they cannot buy, whether it’s oil or mansions or protectors or politicians or women or Catholic Universities! They have been born and bred into that mentality. They are mental throwbacks distinct from the physical evolutionary process. Their bodies have evolved, but not their minds or their morals.

    That whould be a wise consideration as we celebrate Charles Darwin’s birthday. Not all minds evolved in equal measure with their bodies. Just consider our lazy and ignorant electorate and the bold practitioners of politics like Ayn Rand, the Koch brothers, the Romneys, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, John Kasich, the “Tea Party,” and all the other misfits of the Republican Party.

  2. The real question is who are the political” misfits”–those in the conservative wing of the Republican Party— or those in the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.
    Considering, after all, there are as many- or more millionaires throwing around their financial weight in the Democratic Party than in the Republican Party. Some researchers even claim that the Democratic Party has become solely owned by George Soros whose sleazy business dealings drove him from Europe. A few years ago Soros got a Democratic Party debate canceled by threatening financial revenge against any Democrat who took part in a Fox sponsored debate. One by one most Democrats dropped out of the debate
    And calling people one disagrees with– or maybe hates–“mental throwbacks” doesn’t exactly help along civilized debate. Or is that just George Soros talking????

  3. Right wing fascism loves the Christian establishment
    like gasoline loves a box of matches.

    Of course Charles Koch is throwing his money behind the irrational, anti-science, anti-democratic, submissive ‘flock’. The purpose is transparent.
    Shame on the Catholics who think has anything to do with ‘love’ or ‘compassion’.

  4. “there are as many- or more millionaires throwing around their financial weight in the Democratic Party than in the Republican Party.”

    cite please, with link… [includie pac’s run by millionares by party]

    “Some researchers even claim that the Democratic Party has become solely owned by George Soros…”

    cite please, with link

  5. You’re a joke. These “Catholics” have no problem with baby-murderers but the fact that the Kochs have different ideas than Leftist “Catholics” about how to build toward the future and cleaner technologies makes them untouchable? PUHHHLLLEEEAAAASSEEE!!

  6. Just Google “George Soros millionaire Democratic Donor” and” Democratic Party Millionaires” and you’ll find a long list of stories under both headings. Incidentally, 7 of 10 wealthiest members of Congress are Democrats.

  7. Geez, all this to do over a million bucks? I can only paraphrase Moynihan’s famous quip: the reason fights at Catholic universities are so vicious is because the stakes are so low. Harvard probably spends this amount of money on hors d’ouevres for its fund raising events. The Kochs are not so terrible. All you sanctimonious liberals: hold your noses and take their money.

  8. Only an ignorant person would characterize the Catholic Church as anti-science.

  9. Bullocks… social justice “catholics” arent Catholic. They support baby murder, sodomites, and use “climate change” as a bullwart for population control.
    They support diobolical groups like planned parenthood who have been spreading their Margaret Sanger eugenicsunder the bannar of “wwomen’s health”.

  10. Planned parenthood gives more to baby killer democrats than the Koch brothers.

  11. Don’t forget about the fake Catholic groups that Soros started. Catholics in alliance for the common good being one of them, and the millions Soros gives to catholics for choice… both dissident groups

  12. no cites, no links…nothing that backs either of your claims…

    “some researchers…” ranks with “some astrologers” in the credibility sweepstakes

  13. Mike,
    I am not ignorant.

    The Catholic church may be the most open-minded of all religions when it comes to evolution and astronomy NOW. But you must not forget what they did to Galileo and countless other scientists over the centuries – jailing them, persecuting them and even killing them – for discoveries which countered church doctrine.

    Today millions of Catholics will walk into old buildings, chant incantations toward the ceiling and upon doing so believe that a cracker on a dish has become the literal body of a man who died 2000 years ago.
    They leave the building with their delusions reinforced; among them the delusion that facts are not really ‘facts’ at all.

    That is anti-science.

  14. The true coin of religion is ‘control of others’ and you just put it perfectly.
    “Keep government away from me…
    But stick it in everybody else’s bedroom”

    Your position is completely unimpeded by any thought process.
    Ancient nonsense.

  15. “Baby killer democrats” is a disgusting, ignorant slander.

    There would be far fewer abortions if Religion would stop impeding the distribution of contraceptives.

    Your position is heartless, impractical and cruel.

  16. Jim,
    “Only a million bucks”
    Where was that generous attitude when food stamps were being obliterated by congress? “Sanctimonious” is apparently only what you call your opposition.

  17. If Catholic University wants to whore themselves out to the Koch’s so be it. Just don’t pretend to act with any kind of moral authority in doing so. Expect people to be upset and deal with it. Taking the Koch’s money means taking the criticism that one gets for associating with them.

  18. One of the biggest modern problems religious believers have had with science is the bigotry of some who claim to be speaking for science.
    Historically, any new ideas–even today–generally meet with some opposition.
    Yet Copernicus was a Polish priest, the “father” of genetics was Gregor Mendel–a monk, the Big Bang Theory that virtually all scientists ascribe to today was propounded by a Jesuit priest. His biggest problem in getting his theory accepted was atheist scientists whose bigotry blinded them to the truth of his work.
    Some should read “Galileo’s Mistake” by Wade Rowland (whose book was the basis of a PBS Nova).
    The whole issue revolving around Galileo was not as simplistic as atheist bigots against religion would have it.
    And consider the “country-club”” incarceration” Galileo received. Compare that to the brutality that atheists meted out to millions of people in the 2oth Century.Communist Gulags, Nazi Dachaus (filled with clergy –many of whom were executed (like the heroic Dietrich Bonhoffer who did more to oppose Nazism than any atheist.

    “Dietrich Bonhoffer who did more to oppose Nazism than any atheist.”

    Oh, my is that rich!

    The Vatican Concordat of April 26, 1933 was the first peace treaty ever signed with Adolph Hitler.

    Why? Perhaps because Hitler had a favorite parable in ‘The 12 Minas’:

    “And as for these enemies of mine who didn’t want me to be their king–bring them in and EXECUTE THEM right here in front of me.’” – JESUS, (Luke 19:27)

    “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”
    -Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

    Don’t bring up Nazis unless you want to highlight Christian atrocities.
    At least Atheists don’t have a holy book which implores terror with “Gott Mit Uns”


    Science is the inquiry into the unknown.

    Religion however is a fossilized, unchanging ancient philosophy asserting countless claims upon human activities in the name of unquantifiable beings and unsupportable facts asserted to be eternally true and unchanging which cannot be proven, demonstrated or shown to exist – all for the worship of an invisible, unprovable, logically impossible being called a god or Gods.

    Religion and science are not compatible. Unless religion willingly admits it is nothing more than a man-made enterprise of poetry, myth, ancient fables and attempts to interpret human suffering it must die off.

    God as myth is fine. But God is unsustainable as a ‘fact’.

    Sorry but it took an atheist to end WW2.
    Einstein. We couldn’t have done it without him.

  22. I googled a number of sites to get information on Einstein’s religious beliefs. and came across this Einstein statement: “I cannot prove to you there is no personal God.” In fact, he specifically refused to accept EITHER label “:atheist” or “believer”, but much of what he said about his attitude toward religion borders on what some religious people call mysticism.


    “I received your letter of June 10th. I have never talked to a Jesuit priest in my life and I am astonished by the audacity to tell such lies about me. From the viewpoint of a Jesuit preist I am, of course, and always have been an Atheist.”
    – Albert Einstein, Letter to Guy H. Raner Jr., July 2, 1945


  24. Its all politics, not religious. As has been stipulated before, there are a lot of liberals who infest the Catholic Church, and I’d guess even more so on “Catholic” campusses.

    The Koch Bros are conservatives and GOP supporters, and these so-called “Catholic activists” are probably leftwingers, Catholics in name only (CINO’s) and THAT is the reason they don’t like the university taking the money. The whole Jew/Catholic thing I am quite sure has nothing to do with all the hubbub.

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