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Let’s talk about sex, baby (er, millennial Christians)

RNS' Jonathan Merritt and Sarah Pulliam Bailey interview popular pastor and author John Mark Comer as they explore this tricky topic. Comer believes sex is not just "play for grown-ups," but a "joining of body and self-giving love."

Conversations about sex, sexuality, and the meaning of marriage continue to captivate millennial Christians. They want to know when they should or shouldn’t have sex, when they should and shouldn’t marry, and how they should wade through the mysterious and murky waters surrounding sexual orientation and gender. [tweetable]When it comes to Christians and sex, difficult questions abound and pat answers have proven inadequate.[/tweetable]

Image courtesy of Zondervan

Image courtesy of Zondervan

In this video podcast, RNS National Correspondent Sarah Pulliam Bailey and I discuss how some Christians are currently discussing these issues right now. We also sit down with John Mark Comer, author of “Loveology: God. Love. Marriage. Sex. And the Never-Ending Story of Male and Female,” says sex is not just “play for grown-ups,” as many think about it, but a “joining of body and soul…in self-giving love.”

Here we raise many of the difficult questions many Christians are asking. Watch our conversation and then join it by leaving comments below.

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