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The United States Postal Service 2014 Christmas Magi stamp.

Pope Francis demands just distribution of the world’s wealth, telling a U.N. conference that access to food is a basic human right.


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By the way, the mayor of Detroit has written to the Vatican inviting the pope to add a stop there after his September 2015 visit to Philadelphia. But we think there are several cities where Francis might want to make a call — and highlight his vision for the church. Vote on the cities you’d like to add to his itinerary.

What’s the world’s most generous country? The United States comes in second to (wait for it…) Burma. “Indeed, the practice of charitable giving or dana is integral to religious observance amongst Theravada Buddhists, with it being one of the key paths to earning good merit,” a report says.

Christian, Jewish, Muslim clergy plead for interfaith tolerance at a news conference near synagogue attacked earlier this week.

In the long reads department: The Protestant Mainline Goes to Washington (Religion & Politics) or Kids are inheriting their parents’ trauma. Can science stop it? (The New Republic).

Need to know how to ship a church? Pastor Jerel Keene of Louisiana Church needed a permanent church building for his Southern Baptist congregation. He found one in a 200-year-old Anglican church whose dwindling number of parishioners had put it up for sale in rural Nova Scotia. The church was disassembled and shipped over 2,000 miles, and now it is being rebuilt by the Louisiana church.

At least ten magistrates in North Carolina have resigned or taken early retirement because of their opposition to performing same-sex marriages.

For some humor, The New Yorker offers some Bible system updates. 6.12 “God” feature removed entirely. Replaced with “The Cloud.”

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  • I loved the beautiful video and story of the Anglican church’s move to a Baptist congregation in Louisiana.