Oklahoma state Capitol, via Kool Cats Photography/Flickr.

Oklahoma top court agrees Ten Commandments stone at Capitol must go

Oklahoma state Capitol, via Kool Cats Photography/Flickr.

Oklahoma state Capitol, via Kool Cats Photography/Flickr.

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) Oklahoma's Supreme Court on Monday (July 27) said the state must remove a Ten Commandments stone monument first placed at its Capitol in 2012, rejecting an appeal to reconsider an earlier decision.

The justices denied a request by the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission to rethink the court's June 30 decision that the statue's placement violates the state constitution's ban on the use of state property for the benefit of religion.

Earlier in July, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, a Republican, had said she would keep the monument in place while lawmakers sought a way to block the decision.

The 6-foot-tall monument was paid for with private money and is supported by lawmakers in the socially conservative state. Some lawmakers had threatened to impeach the justices or amend the constitution.

"We carefully consider the arguments of the commission and find no merit warranting a grant of rehearing," Chief Justice John Reif wrote.

After the Ten Commandments monument went up, other groups including Satanists and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, applied to erect their own monuments on Capitol grounds to mark what they say are historical events.

The Satanic Temple unveiled its bronze Baphomet sculpture in Detroit on Saturday after failing to have it installed near Oklahoma's Ten Commandments monument.

Jex Blackmore, director of the Satanic Temple Detroit chapter, said members plan to ship the sculpture to Arkansas, where a law authorizing a Ten Commandments statue on capitol grounds was approved earlier in 2015.

A spokesman for Fallin said the state has not received a final order to remove the monument, which would come from district court.

"In the meantime, the state is reviewing what legal options are available for preserving the monument," spokesman Alex Weintz said.

(Reporting by Heide Brandes.)


  1. This is all too stupid. The Ten Commandments are so violated daily by even atheists, they are basically just slight irritants to almost the entire populace now. If they do not live in your heart and actions, they aren’t going to do any good placed in a disgusting political and justice system either.

    I notice that almost no one (actually NO ONE) has them prominently displayed on their front lawns.

    Who or what are these goofballs that keep trying to force the American justice business complex to endure the words of God they reject as a matter of choice and desire? America, like Europe, has proven its foundation is not set by the God of the Universe but rather the ruler of this world.

    It is much more accurate to reality to allow the church of satan their rightful place in our courts system.

  2. Frankly I am astonished that the Oklahoma high court is capable of such sober reasoning in concert with the First Amendment. Now if the same thing occurred in Alabama … Oh, wait, it did occur and at the hands of a justice of the state supreme court who was impeached and then reelected. Go figure.

  3. Christians should just resign themselves to the fact that America is NOT a Christian nation. Assign all of the atrocities committed in the name of “progress” to the godlessness of this country and move on to preach the Gospel to those that will accept it and allow Jesus to assign the eternal destiny to those that mock it.


  4. They didn’t exercise quite the sober reasoning for which you credit them. The decision wasn’t based on the First Amendment, but on Article 2 of the Oklahoma state constitution which is far less ambiguous. Article 2 says “No public … property shall ever be … used, directly or indirectly, for the…,benefit, or support of any … system of religion,

    They made the right decision, but they had no choice.

  5. In a way, I actually agree with you. The 10 Commandments had no place on the government property. Though not for the same reasons of course.

    It would have been fine if the OK legislature were not so intent on demonstrating their sectarian bias and denied various other monuments. Usually one can get away with religious displays on public property if there is a plethora of them from various faiths.

    The moment this nation made religious freedom a fundamental part of its character, you lost any hope of considering this nation in line with your religious views.

  6. “Christians should just resign themselves to the fact that America is NOT a Christian nation. ”

    Oh I wish they did. I really do. 🙂

  7. @Be Brave — I think you just saw the light! Separation of church and state ensures religious liberty. Thanks for catching on that this isn’t and never was a ‘Christian’ nation.

  8. I’ve never ever taught that America was or is a “Christian nation.” So, we can lay blame for the atrocities meted out to the African and Native Americans, the poor and the needy on the proper villains: the Godless.

    I notice with utter fascination, that the GOP supports the Ayn Rand scumbags.

    This country is a place where Satan has been running things for a very long time. The godless, of course, his powerful minions. The Christians? Still the enemy of the godless. Of course.

    There. History and actuality brought into perfect light.

  9. Larry,

    Yes I’m sure you do. Lot’s of little boys for your enjoyment.

    I see you now for what I’m sure you’ve always been.

  10. If you want to address a pedophile, please direct the conversations towards bqrq or go to your nearest church.

  11. Be “Brave”, your obsession with pedophilia says a lot about your personal interests.

  12. Actually Be Brave, colonists used Christianity as an excuse and as a reason for their mistreatment of Africans and Native Americans. They looked in the Bible to condone and permit slavery, and their mythology taught them that only Europeans had souls, so decimating the populations with violence, rape and disease was totally justified in their minds. It was the progressive and irreligious who spoke and continue to speak out against this evil.

  13. Until cities like San Francisco (sanctuary city for illegals), and states like Colorado (ignoring the nation’s drug laws), begin to follow federal law, then who cares what the Supreme Court has to say about anything? This used to be a nation of laws, but that was then, this is now. The Supreme Court has become simply a rubber stamp for the Leftists, even if there is nothing in the Constitution to justify their madness. Keep the Ten Commandments up and forget about the Court. In fact, let’s put a statue of the Ten Commandments in the City of San Francisco. They could use some Divine Guidance in that city.

  14. It wasn’t the leftists who proclaimed that money is speech, corporations are people, and that the health care of employees is subject to the religious whims of their employers, and a host of other truly bad decisions.

    Your failure– a generic you of the partisan variety– to see anything except in terms of left versus right is one of the reasons our country is going down hill.

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