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11-year-old Paraguay rape victim has baby, stokes abortion debate

August 14, 2015

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ASUNCION (Reuters) An 11-year-old rape victim gave birth in Paraguay on Thursday after being denied termination of her pregnancy by doctors and judicial officials, stoking the debate over abortion in the overwhelmingly Catholic country.

The former partner of the girl's mother is accused of the rape.

In Parguay, two girls aged 10 to 14 give birth every day. The cases are often linked to sexual violence.

Thursday's birth came by way of a programmed cesarean section, Dr. Mario Villalba, director of the Red Cross hospital where the operation took place, told local radio.

"A baby girl, weighing 3.5 kilos (7.7 pounds), was born without any complications or anomalies," Villalba said. "The post-operative recovery is going very well."

Paraguayan law permits abortion if a mother's life is endangered. In this instance, a panel including medical doctors, psychologists and judicial officials determined that the life of the girl was not at risk.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, part of the 35-member Organization of American States, asked in June that the Paraguayan government allow an abortion, saying the girl was four times more likely to die in childbirth than an adult.

"Only time will tell the true extent of the physical and psychological consequences of her tragic ordeal," Erika Guevara, Americas director at Amnesty International, said on Thursday.

"It is terrifying that her story will remain all too common unless Paraguay does more to protect victims of sexual violence, decriminalize abortion and guarantee the availability of modern contraceptives and access to information about sexual and reproductive rights," Guevara said in a statement.

(Reporting by Mariel Cristaldo; Editing by Leslie Adler)


  1. I like the statement: “the former partner of the girl’s mother is accused of the rape.” So we go from the headlines of “Rape victim,” and quickly find out that the girl was in a relationship, but that she was underage. Boy, how deceiving that is. As usual, those who play with fire get burned. And to switch gears, actually, it is likely that Mary herself was very young when she was “betrothed” to Joseph, and had Jesus. So we need to read stories like these with scrutiny. And … it seems as though Paraguay is one of the few remaining countries that is Pro-Life, and not Anti-Life.

  2. What? Please read: it said ‘the former partner of the GIRL’S MOTHER’–not ‘the girl’s former partner’. The kid’s mother’s boyfriend raped the kid. This is, as it were, step-incest–not the result of a relationship gone sour between a guy and a 10-year-old child. The girl wasn’t in relationship–the girl’s mother was.

  3. Holy crap! Its bad enough he completely misread the facts of the article, but then makes a case that an 11 year old is capable of consenting to sexual relations. How much of a fanatical fool does none have to be where one can write such things with a straight face to support a position?

  4. Annually: 47,000 women die from complications of unsafe abortion. “8.5 million women experience complications from unsafe abortion that require medical attention, and three million do not receive the care they need.” “If every woman who wanted birth control had access to it, annually there would be 150,000 fewer maternal deaths. 640,000 fewer newborn deaths, 600,000 fewer children becoming motherless.” “For the global poor, access to contraception can mean the difference between starvation and nourishment, poverty and stability, illness and health, death and life. (See “Dear Pope Frances: Women’s Lives Matter” fro citations.)

  5. The issue here is less abortion and moreso rape. What happened to the heartless man who is the one at fault here? I wish the story would have covered this at least briefly.
    How many rapes occur without resulting in pregnancy? How many young women and girls are traumatized as a result, even without a pregnancy.
    Rapists need excessive penalties and the legal follow-through. The perpetrator here should be tarred and feathered to the full extent of the law, be put to forced labor to support the child he unilaterally created as well as finance counseling for the girl …at the very least.

  6. Ummmm….




  7. Must have been half asleep. Good thing somebody’s awake. But it does highlight one thing: if the mother was married to the girl’s father, none of this would probably have ever happened; we are living in a very promiscuous world these days.

  8. You were trying to find a way to make an 11 year old engaging in sexual relations appear acceptable. You should really stop digging that hole. You are in way too deep. To throw additional blame because the mother and rapist weren’t married is just compounding your prior ridiculous posts.

    I can’t even pretend you have a POV which should be taken seriously.

  9. These are two statistics that have not changed in 40 years: 1) fully half of child sexual molestation is committed by the father, stepfather, or father surrogate. 2) Another 25% of the time, it is committed by someone known to the child.

    you can google “fathers molesting their children” and get 12 MILLION HITS. Being married opt the mother of the victim also has no effect.

    TWO WORDS, GREG: Josh Duggar. Being either a Good Christian (TM) or a relative had no effect.

  10. This type of incident is rare, and the Catholic Church should not be vilified for its ban on contraception or abortion because of this. The problem is the family this poor child lives in. A human life being created even under egregious circumstances is still a human life. Contraception will not stop the rapes, nor will abortion erase the tragedy….so Catholicism has nothing to be blamed for here.

  11. Mary was not a 10-year-old. Or an 11-year old, for that matter. So, you justify the rape and the birth by saying that Mary was as young as this. Again, this child was not in a relationship with the rapist — she was RAPED BY HIM.

  12. The level of frequency of an incident is no comment on whether it was right or not.

    Of course the Catholic Church should be vilified here! Its their influence which led to Paraguay’s harsh arbitrary and ridiculous anti-abortion laws. Behind every claim that the anti-abortion crowd is reasonable, there is the reality which proves otherwise. The idea that someone can find an excuse and reason for an 11 year old rape victim to be forced to risk their life to give birth is repugnant.

    More proof that the anti-abortion crowd simply has no regard for women whatsoever. They are absent in their rhetoric except to be vilified and s1utshamed. Abortion will not erase the tragedy, but forcing the birth certainly compounds it.

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