U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi speak to the press aboard a plane en route to a campaign event in Piedmont, South Carolina on February 2, 2016. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Eric Thayer *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-FEA-COLUMN, originally transmitted on Feb. 4, 2016.

Ted Cruz's campaign is fueled by a dominionist vision for America (COMMENTARY)

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and his wife Heidi speak to the press aboard a plane en route to a campaign event in Piedmont, South Carolina on February 2, 2016. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Eric Thayer *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-FEA-COLUMN, originally transmitted on Feb. 4, 2016.

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi, speak to the press aboard a plane en route to a campaign event in Piedmont, S.C., on Feb. 2, 2016. Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Eric Thayer
*Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-FEA-COLUMN, originally transmitted on Feb. 4, 2016.

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(RNS) Now that Ted Cruz has an Iowa victory under his belt, it is time to take a deeper look at his Christian approach to politics. What is his real vision for America? Cruz likes to talk about “taking back” or “reclaiming” the United States. What does he mean by this?

Many Americans -- Christian or otherwise -- may find the answers to these questions disturbing.

Cruz’s shoe leather campaign in Iowa targeted the state’s large number of evangelical Christians. But not all evangelicals are the same.

Donald Trump appeals mostly to those connected with the Christian prosperity movement, a form of evangelicalism that celebrates the accumulation of wealth as a sign of God’s blessing.

Marco Rubio appeals to suburban, educated, middle- and upper-middle-class evangelicals. These evangelicals normally avoid the Pentecostal prayer meetings of the prosperity crowd and change the channel when televangelists show up on their big screens.

Cruz resonates with the evangelical culture warriors. He mixes what New York Times columnist David Brooks describes as political “brutalism” with a belief that he is engaged in a fight with the devil for the soul of the nation. It is only a matter of time before Cruz assumes the role of the Old Testament prophet Elijah and tries to cast down fire from heaven to destroy the “prophets of Baal” who oppose his campaign.

When Cruz says he wants to “reclaim” or “restore” America, he does not only have the Obama administration in mind. This agenda takes him much deeper into the American past. Cruz wants to “restore” the United States to what he believes is its original identity: a Christian nation.

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But before he can bring the country back to its Christian roots, Cruz needs to prove that Christian ideals were indeed important to the American founding. That is why he has David Barton on his side.

For several decades Barton has been a GOP activist with a political mission to make the United States a Christian nation again. He runs “Keep the Promise,” a multimillion-dollar Cruz super-PAC.  He’s one of Cruz’s most trusted advisers.

Barton is the founder and president of WallBuilders, a Christian ministry based in his hometown of Aledo, Texas. He writes books and hosts radio and television shows designed to convince evangelicals and anyone else who will listen that America was once a Christian nation and needs to be one again.

But his work on the history of the American founding has been discredited by historians, many of whom are his fellow evangelicals. This does not seem to stop him. His 2012 book, "The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson," was roundly condemned for its historical inaccuracies and its attempt to turn the third president of the United States into a member of the 20th-century Christian right.

Thomas Nelson, the book's publisher, pulled it from print. Through it all, Barton defended his portrayal of Jefferson. Earlier this year, the right-wing website World Net Daily republished the book, claiming that Thomas Nelson bowed to the gods of political correctness when it decided to stop publication.

Barton’s work is an important part of Cruz’s larger theological and political campaign to take back America. If Barton can prove that the United States was once a Christian republic, then Cruz will have the historical argument he needs to sustain his narrative of American decline.

Cruz wants Americans to believe the country has fallen away from its spiritual founding and he, with God’s help, is the man who can bring it back.

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Anyone who has watched Cruz on the stump knows that he often references the important role that his father, traveling evangelist Rafael Cruz, has played in his life. During a 2012 sermon at New Beginnings Church in Bedford, Texas, Rafael Cruz described his son’s political campaign as a direct fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

The elder Cruz told the congregation that God would anoint Christian “kings” to preside over an “end-time transfer of wealth” from the wicked to the righteous. After this sermon, Larry Huch, the pastor of New Beginnings, claimed Cruz’s recent election to the U.S. Senate was a sign that he was one of these kings.

According to his father and Huch, Ted Cruz is anointed by God to help Christians in their effort to “go to the marketplace and occupy the land … and take dominion” over it.  This “end-time transfer of wealth” will relieve Christians of all financial woes, allowing true believers to ascend to a position of political and cultural power in which they can build a Christian civilization. When this Christian nation is in place (or back in place), Jesus will return.

Rafael Cruz and Larry Huch preach a brand of evangelical theology called Seven Mountains Dominionism. They believe Christians must take dominion over seven aspects of culture:  family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business and government. The name of the movement comes from Isaiah 2:2: “Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the Lord’s house shall be established on the top of the mountains.”

Barton’s Christian nationalism is a product of this theological approach to culture.  Back in 2011, Barton said that if Christians were going to successfully “take the culture” they would need to control these seven areas. “If you can have those seven areas,” Barton told his listeners to his radio show, “you can shape and control whatever takes place in nations, continents and even the world.”

Seven Mountains Dominionism is the spiritual fuel that motors Cruz’s campaign for president.

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Cruz wants to defund Planned Parenthood because it threatens the traditional Christian understanding of the family, one of the seven “mountains.”

When Cruz talks about the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, he almost always discusses it in the context of persecution against Christians, such as Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis.

He is not interested in crafting new models of American pluralism to respond to the country’s ever-growing religious diversity. Rather, religious liberty is a code word for defending the right of Christians to continue to hold cultural authority and privilege.

John Fea teaches American history at Messiah College. He is the author of "Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? A Historical Introduction" and most recently "The Bible Cause: A History of the American Bible Society." Photo courtesy of Messiah College.

John Fea teaches American history at Messiah College. He is the author of "Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? A Historical Introduction" and most recently "The Bible Cause: A History of the American Bible Society." Photo courtesy of Messiah College.

 This image is available for web and print publication. For questions, contact Sally Morrow.

Cruz’s constant complaints about the liberal media also reflect this dominionist battle. The media are controlled by the forces of evil. The media must be taken over by Christians.

Cruz’s approach to politics is inseparable from this theology. His goal is to lead a Christian occupation of the culture and then wait for the Second Coming of Christ.

He's also a good politician. He knows the theological affirmations of his father, Barton or Huch might be too much for some Americans to swallow. He does not use the terms “dominionism” or “seven mountains” when he is campaigning. But it is also worth noting that he has never publicly rejected these beliefs.

Cruz’s campaign may be less about the White House and more about the white horses that will usher in the God’s Kingdom in the New Testament book of Revelation, Chapter 19.

(John Fea teaches American history at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pa. He is the author of "Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? A Historical Introduction" and most recently "The Bible Cause: A History of the American Bible Society")



  1. Re: your comments on gay marriage – would you also support a law making it illegal for anyone to have sex outside marriage? If not, why not? Why make a difference between the two when your interpretation of the Bible also rejects that? If so, then why aren’t ppl like Cruz and you pushing for that as well?

  2. Fran, caught you at your deceptions again. Your deadly death cult/ponzi scheme has predicted the end of times and the kingdom of your awful god repeatedly before and has been wrong every time.

    We’ve been over this before, the last 20+ times you were caught dumping the same spam content here. There is not a single valid prophecy in your bible with specific recent dates and other event details in it, that was later shown to have happened with those details on the specified date. Anyone can predict that “bad stuff is gonna happen” and eventually enough malaise happens in the world that they will eventually be right. That’s not prophecy. It’s pure con artistry, at best and to be polite. Your “downward spiral” line is rubbish, because for the most part we have far better standard of living than in centuries before.

    Please stop your bible spam. We’ve been over all this about your deadly ponzi scheme before and it is unfortunate that we have to keep catching you at it.

  3. I am a Christian who is absolutely NOT a dominionist, and considers it idolatrous, and a retread of the Caesaropapism that blended church and state into an unholy alliance. When church and state get into bed together, they turn each other into whores. Jesus did not command his followers to seize the levers of political power and impose their theology with the power of the state. He called us to love graciously, serve humbly, to demonstrate compassion and integrity. If Jesus had advocated a dominionist approach, he would have sought political dominance. He didn’t. He renounced that approach and took on the form of a servant. I believe that Christians have every right and obligation to provide and support political leadership that seeks justice and mercy for all. But, in walking humbly with our God, we don’t seek the power to dictate. People who claim they “want their country back” tend to mean they want their power back…because they believe they’re divinely entitled to…

  4. Fran,

    “The entire world is spiraling downward . . .”

    Not true. Only the rabidly religious parts of the world are spiraling downward.

  5. David Barton, for the record, has never once uttered a public statement that was shown to be true. EVERY comment he has ever made in a public setting, from being a Russian translator, to playing on Oral Roberts basketball team, to the hundreds of deliberately made up, false ‘quotes’ attributed to the Founding Fathers, have all been unquestionably refuted. But he couldn’t care less.
    His behavior has shown him to be one of the most astonishingly sociopathic, pathological liars in recent memory.
    Despite being exposed countless times by both secular and conservative Christian fact checkers, he has never once admitted to a single error, and simply keeps right on deceiving those who believe that a good sounding lie is better than the truth.
    He is, without question, one of the most dangerous fanatics in politics, a man who thinks that lying for Jesus is the greatest testament to ones faith, and a surefire recipe for financial success.
    Sadly, it has been just that for him.

  6. Why are American evangelicals so prone to perverse forms of nationalism? Because they have a weak ecclesiology. Because they have no real doctrine of the church, they cannot make sense of all of the biblical emphasis on God’s People without substituting some other socio-political entity, either America or the modern nation-state of Israel, NEITHER of which can be regarded as being in a covenantal relationship with the Lord our God.

  7. Christian fundamentalism daily moves closer to Islamic fundamentalism. We MUST watch them closely to insure they do not violate the rights of others. They are already attempting to rewrite US history to lean more towards their religious beliefs. They are daily working to destroy the Constitution and implement a Christian theocracy on the rest of us. We must protect the Constitution and our right to practice the religion of our choice and for some the right to practice no religion! Ted Cruz, if elected President, could destroy our Country and our Constitution!

  8. Some clarification is necessary and there’s a lot of overlap within the following groups.

    “Reconstructionism” or Theonomy, as they call themselves, is a small but powerful movement of fundamentalist Christians who want to impose all Old Testament civil laws on the population.

    “Seven Mountains” Dominionism, known amongst each other as the Apostolic Reformation, is a separate hyper-charismatic movement who want to impose their selective set of scriptures through government decrees. They are different from Reconstructionism in that they are picky about which Bible laws to impose and which ones to ignore. There are probably a couple million true Apostolic Dominionists”

    Reconstructionists have little respect for the Apostolic movement even though they have common goals.

    Then there’s Christian Nationalism, also a world view that Christians should dominate politics. They are not charismatic nor do they wish for total Old Testament laws to be enacted. They number in the…

  9. I have no problem with any belief systems or their writings. I have a problem only with people who presume to “trump” (or “cruz”, or “rubio”, or “carson”, or “bush”, etc., etc.) other people and their personal, private, and proprietary spiritual/existential beliefs.

    Although I know most people, religious or not, are really pretty nice & respectful people, I wish the behaviors of the few busybullies who disrespect others’ lives and beliefs were roundly and soundly condemned by their respective respectful leaders and/or peers.

    And I wish this would become the cultural norm.

    It’s all about how we treat each other, and the Golden rule applies.

  10. My impression of GOP politicians is that all of these seven mountains have no value beyond their usefulness in gaining political advantage.

  11. I potentially had Cruz for VP choice for Ben Carson, but after the dirty politics his campaign pulled in Iowa, I have doubts about his claims of being a true Christian. You shall know them by their fruit. Dr. Carson may be the ONLY candidate who will NOT stoop to this level. Remember,Romans 13:1; God is ULTIMATELY in charge!

  12. I don’t know…Gov. John Kasich seems to me to be a pretty sincere fellow…He believes the Bible commands us to care for the poor and that we’ll be in trouble in the afterlife if we do not. I have been reading up on him and viewing videos of him and am growing rather impressed. I wish he would win!

  13. That is the problem with Cruz’s philosophy. Regardless of my personal moral opinions, I don’t want to go back to the days of slavery, back alley abortions. gay bashing, no social security, welfare, medicare, and women and children being chattel. You remember those days when we were “truly a christian nation”. Do we really want to trust Ted to determine what is christian and what ain’t. Don’t think so.

  14. Very good. You just gave a rather succinct description of the teachings of Jesus and Buddha.

  15. No offense, but I’ve reading articles for years that throw around terms like “dominionist” and I have a hard time believing any of those authors have a solid grasp on things. Theonomists are a small, small subset of Reformed Christians who are a minority within the larger Christian world.

    Ted Cruz as far as I can tell, believes in the 10th amendment.

    I don’t see any theocracies on the horizon.

  16. I don’t see any theocracies from sea to shining sea, either.

    Only theocratic states, solidly grasped by a small, small subset of Reformed Christians who are a very very vocal theonomist minority, against which very, very few politicians — and very, very few respectful Christians — seem willing to take a stand.

    I certainly agree: Cruz does seem to believe the 10th amendment.

  17. Dr. Fea, do you have a source/link for this information in your article? I would love to find some primary sources for this: “During a 2012 sermon at New Beginnings Church in Bedford, Texas, Rafael Cruz described his son’s political campaign as a direct fulfillment of biblical prophecy. The elder Cruz told the congregation that God would anoint Christian “kings” to preside over an “end-time transfer of wealth” from the wicked to the righteous. After this sermon, Larry Huch, the pastor of New Beginnings, claimed Cruz’s recent election to the U.S. Senate was a sign that he was one of these kings.”

  18. This is an exceptional article, the best I have seen regarding Ted Cruz, David Barton, and dominionism. My congratulations to Dr. Fea.

    If Cruz wins the presidency he will populate the bureacracy and courts with fellow dominionist believers. This makes him a threat to everyone with differing views, including most Christians.

  19. Thanks for the help. Listening to the other side always helps clear out the cobwebs. I had begun to question Cruz and you’ve helped shore up my confidence in him. He’s flawed and a bit of a heretic but he’s still the best we’ve got. I knew about his problematic theology and still voted enthusiastically for him for Senator.

    I’ll be voting on SEC Tuesday. The only reason I wouldn’t vote for Cruz is if a vote for Rubio would better serve the goal of defeating first Trump and second any Democrat.

    On the other hand if Bernie really does materialize as viable threat to Hillary in the next 3 primaries I may be in a quandary. I’m in an open primary state and Operation Chaos 2016 may be in full swing. If Trump already has it wrapped up I might have to go get in the other line like I did in 2008. The downside to an operation chaos scenario for me is that in our county the Republican primary pretty much decides who the county commissioners and sheriff and state rep will be.

  20. End time transfer of wealth from the wicked to the righteous?

    So it really is all about the dinero in the end. Quelle surprise.

  21. Regarding so-called “dirty tricks”: I love Ben and would trust him with the lives of my children. However, his own incompetent people did that to him. Why in the world did someone put out ANY release to CNN two hours before the caucuses started? The report by CNN could reasonably only be construed as Ben’s suspending his campaign. This stupid release should at least have included the date when Ben would be in New Hampshire. It never mentioned New Hampshire or South Carolina. It said he was going home to rest and then go to DC. Ben has had problems with his campaign leaders resulting in major changes just a couple months ago, and he’s showing that he is a novice at picking advisers. This doesn’t bode well for how he would choose his people as president. THIS WAS A SELF-INFLICTED WOUND! Don’t blame Cruz’s people for running with it. It was a major screwup by Ben’s people.

  22. Millions?

    Dominionists like Barton have been influenced by or else come to conclusions similar to Theonomists/Reconstructionists like Rushdoony. Julie Ingersoll discusses this in her book, Building God’s Kingdom.

  23. Ted Cruz, smart fellow that he is, soon should be looking to the esteemed scientists at his first alma matter (and elsewhere) for their input on the climate change issue.

    Ted is a brilliant debater, but he needs to learn some of the background material that the experts here have to offer
    Their News page contains some articles that are good even for a layperson to start from on the subject. Time to crack those books again, Ted team.

  24. Me: “Although I know most people, religious or not, are really pretty nice & respectful people, I wish the behaviors of the few busybullies who disrespect others’ lives and beliefs were roundly and soundly condemned by their respective respectful leaders and/or peers.”

    You: “Thanks for the help. Listening to the other side always helps clear out the cobwebs. I had begun to question Cruz and you’ve helped shore up my confidence in him.”


  25. Global warming (I guess it’s climate change this week) has been proven to be a hoax by many reputable scientists looking at the facts, including temperature readings from weather balloons. They show that global temperatures haven’t changed in 19 years. This inconvenient truth is called “the pause” by hoaxers who can’t admit that their vaunted computer models are not predictive of anything. They have based their whole APG religion on anecdotal evidence refuted by facts and these hopelessly simplistic models which have proven to 100% wrong 100% of the time. The earth’s climate is too complex with too many unknown variables for any “scientist” to model. Flawed computer models are not and can never be the basis of true science. Nothing in climate “science” is testable or repeatable, and the theory is so malleable that it is not falsifiable. IT IS NOT SCIENCE. IT IS A PRETEXT FOR OBTAINING GOV’T GRANTS AND FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF OUR INDUSTRY TO TRANSFER WEALTH TO OTHERS. POWER…

  26. If you believe you are a Christian first and American second, you are a Theocrat, like Cruz, Huckabee, Kim Davis, Osama bin Laden, etc

  27. Global warning has been proven by far more reputable scientists than those who would like to disprove it. Meaning, it’s true.

  28. Not a Cruz supporter, BUT no matter what his beliefs/ideals are, HE’S STILL FAR BETTER CHOICE FOR PREZ THEN CLINTON, OR SANDERS!!!

  29. The only “dirty tricks” being used here which were out of the ordinary is that Cruz knows how to play the ground game. He went out to “press the flesh”, make personal appearances and make his presence in Iowa known. Neither Carson nor Trump really know how to run a campaign. Cruz is a politician. He knew what to do to boost his numbers beyond mere polling figures.

    It is the difference between a professional and amateur in the political campaign game.

  30. “Cruz does seem to believe the 10th amendment”

    He just doesn’t believe in the 1st or 14th Amendments.

  31. This is a poorly-written article. It’s not accurate to stereotype, for example, that Trump supporters come from the “prosperity movement” side of Christianity, while more sedate and thoughtful Protestants prefer Rubio. Such subtle polling about voter demographics has yet to be done. There have always been, and continue to be, orthodox Christians who believe that the central truth of history — Jesus Christ is God and Man, sacrificed for our sins — certainly affects our daily lives, which includes government, society, and culture. Unfortunately, Cruz’s associates like Larry and Tiz Huch muddy the water for other Christians with their whacky charismatic “prophecies,” “seasons of blessing,” “fresh anointings,” “blood moons,” using Jewish props like menorahs and prayer shawls etc. People considering presidential candidates should bear in mind that charismatics believe in secondary revelation to the Bible. So of course, Cruz is convinced he is “anointed,” because Larry Huch…

  32. There’s a 3rd qualifier, Corey Mondello:

    If you believe you are a Christian first and American second and you speak & seek to impose your beliefs over other-believers and their beliefs third (but really first or, less convincingly, second) you are a Theocrat, like Cruz, Huckabee, Kim Davis, Osama bin Laden, etc.

    It’s all about how we treat each other, and the Golden Rule applies.

  33. Only to people who don’t understand how ideas are adopted in a scientific field and are unaware of the peer review process.

  34. a bunch of opinionistic rhetoric is what I call this piece of garbage. No doubt the one writing has no spiritual clue. And are the Pharisees of our day. And we know what Christ thought of them don’t we. Traitors to the cause for their own gain.

  35. Tell me when has Religion ever saved anyone ONLY Christ can. This publication is from those who are spiritually dead. United Church of Christ and Wesleyan….please. Religous Pharisees

  36. I am a Christian who also is a theocrat, but I only have faith and trust in God’s kingdom or heavenly government (Daniel 2:44), which I am a citizen of.

  37. I sure wish there were a button for “report abuse” on the actual article.

    Where are the references to these insights into the mind of Ted Cruz? Did you interview him? Where did you get the quotes from his father? Are you just giving us your interruption of what you think is going on? Because, you are displaying your opinions as facts.

    What has become of educational and journalistic integrity?

    Being an American History teacher and an author, you should know by now that you always site your sources.

  38. Antonia, I assume you are past the age of child bearing and have no grown daughters you love. Otherwise, you might like to look into Gov. Kasich’s record re women’s health. All of the candidates from that side of the aisle consider young women’s lives worthless.

  39. Most people have already decided whether they will vote for the Democrat or the Republican. Should Trump and/or Sanders form additional parties, that might change a few minds, but I would be surprised if that happened. As it is, what Democrat, especially female Democrat would vote for any of the Republicans? Even the moderate male non-religious Republicans, you know, conservatives, I know would not vote for them.

  40. David Barton is very far from being an objective historian, but pseudo-Jack’s diatribe on him is way over the top. The truth about America’s beginnings and early years is somewhere in between Barton’s pro-Christian gloss and pseudo-Jack’s anti-Christian mythology. America emerged out of the creative interplay of at least two forces — the English and Scottish Enlightenment and the rise of the post-Reformation evangelical sects which helped colonize much of early America. That’s why both sides of the culture wars can argue forever, back and forth, over which Founder or Framer was or was not a Christian. If nothing else, the Founders and Framers were mostly an eclectic bunch when it came to religion, neither purely deistic not purely biblical, but somewhere between the two poles.

  41. You put,thus better and more concisely than anything I have ever read. Thank you.

  42. Posted too quickly.

    Should read “You put this better . . .”

    Don’t see any way to edit.

  43. common guys let the Utube link through already it is the actual Ted Cruz anointment… It makes the point that a few seems to be doubting… ONE more time….TED CRUZ ‘s get’s annointed to be king to recieve the end of time tranfer of wealth: the link HERE I HOPE:

  44. Very well written post. Although I am an athiest, i have a lot of respect for christians such as yourself who follow the positive aspects of the bible and denounce theocratic dominionists like cruz that threaten our constitutions establishment clause. Although not of the same caliber of islamic fundamentalists, christian fundamentalist are almost an equal threat to our country for the hatred and intolerance they preach.

  45. Dear Cleo Sheppard. There are still many Cobwebs left to clear.Besides the ” problematic theology you mention” recognize that it is his wacko theology that TED is ” HELL BENT” on imposing on us all into our laws and into our real Constitution. I have done a huge amount of Study on Mr Rafael E. Cruz JR. ( a.k.a) TED. The more I learn the more I recognize how dangerous this man is to our entire American system. If fact I really do not care who else becomes president as long as it is NOT TED CRUZ. Are you in favor of a THEOCRACY? That is How the Islamic State was born. I’m not sure who the ” we” you refer to are. You say Ted is “flawed” by which you must recognize that TED is a dishonest ,sleazy , a bald faced smiling lier, rewriting both science and history for political advantage a typical money grubbing politician, a pawn of big money, and a never did anything positive in his life or his time as a no show- just say “NO” senator”. NO “WE” as collective AMERICA…

  46. Observer, it’s striking that Mr. Koernig provided a reference from a highly respected institute to look at, but all you offered was unsupported, and rather crazy, conjectures.

    If you can’t back up your claims with citations, I think we can safely consider them unsupportable, and retracted. So, citations please. You might have a lot of thoughts, el Thoughtful one, but that doesn’t make them correct thoughts.

  47. A CLIMATE CHANGE HOAX??? so about 3,50 0 individual scientist from over 200 nations both rich and poor all got together for this?? I AM SCREAMING AT THE IGNORANCE that would go into such a comment… SEE Now this is exactly the SORT OF NON FACT THAT Has actually only RECENTLY INVENTED. Just as David BARTON has tried to reinvent history there are a few non- science authors and non-science sites that have been disseminating this total misinformation. Hey and this comes from a person who actually listened to TED CRUZ”S anti climate change hearings, And I could throw you pages of the REAL SCIENCE DATA, including the actual papers ( which are not based on weather balloons) which the ” pause theory ” came from. The actual Authors conclude that not only is the change real ( it’s effect is best measured by Ocean temps).The Authors conclude. That the amount of heat that has been absorbed by the Oceans is far greater than has been measured by atmopheric means. And We should be…

  48. That’s giving Christianity credit where it deserves blame. America rose IN SPITE OF Christianity, not because of it. Our constitution represents a righteous and courageous attempt to keep religious lunacy at bay.

  49. Well, it’s also pretty hard to have a relationship with a god that doesn’t exist, so they’ve got that problem too.

  50. Just Re posting this FOR any one how thinks they are for Cruz… NEEDS TO LISTEN TO WHAT IS SAID DURING HIS ANOINTING as King to recive the wealth at the end of days…. LINK HERE (cut and paste it they seem not to do hyperlinks here). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNa5w9js48s

  51. I am a Trump supporter and a college educated evangelical Christian and most of us do NOT buy into the prosperity gospel. You didn’t do a very good job researching the differences between the various Christian groups which makes your article not credible at all !

  52. I had no idea that Osama bin Laden was a Christian. I’m sure his followers will be surprised too. Thank you so much for informing us!

  53. America was founded on Biblical principles – A government designed to be subservient to the governed – As a reflection of the teachings of a “Biblical Patriarchy” God – Family – Country – FREE WILL is a huge part of the Bibles overall message. Our founders did subscribe to a philosophy of submission to the Creator – as is evident by their constant references to God and the Bible. But, had they desired a “Theocracy” we would not have a Constitutional Republic with Democratic elections to choose our own leader. Dominion Theology is a form of Theocracy – Not what Americans believe in. Rafael Edward Cruz “Ted” needs to be called out publicly on whether or not he advocates for a Dominion Theology Theocracy… That is the question that deserves his answer – Will anyone ask it? Publicly? Don’t hold your breath!

  54. It is amazing how this writer knows all these mystical truths about Cruz and Rubio…lol . He probably does not even know where he himself stands on religion … It is as if the liberal left thinks Christians are somehow ignorant and believing in God and his Son Jesus Christ is equivalent to believing in the tooth fairy … This writer did not know who was going to win Iowa much less how the voters were thinking about Cruz or Rubio… or Trump for that matter …

  55. People who understand who Antonio Gramsci was, and is in relationship to our present day social-political situation, would immediately see the “institutions” he alluded to with the understanding of the necessity of a long march, through those institutions, changing them from within. Gramsci identified Christianity as the main reason for the “Workers” failure to unite and bring about institutionalized Communism. These institutions, the Church, Hollywood, Academia, Family, The Democratic party, all were to be laid siege upon, and corrupted from within through the efforts of placed ideological plants. McCarthy understood their positions in the movie making industry and had no problem seeing the dangerous change they could impose, incrementally with unnoticed baby steps. Today 95% of all American studio movies are completely steeped in Marxist coercion and intent. It’s always the evil American corporation of The Manchurian candidate, or the evil American CIA agents, or the evil…

  56. Calvary of Dancing with Wolves. implanting to all who take in this infected culture the false narrative they wish to force to weaken our national community and resolve. The institutions of Family and Church are viciously attacked form all sides. Feminism attacks Male authority within the Nuclear Family and attacks it starting as early as kindergarten. The leftist intent for abortion is destruction of the family’s necessity, with a bonus attack on the morality of the Church. Gay Marriage attacks both dominions concurrently. Leftist intent in our schools is removal of moral standards, removal of male pathology, historical revision, removal of cultural traditions,,, Christmas which coincides with the attack on the Church. Marxist Professors teach the doctrine of ecological terrorism against the institutionalized capitalist, free market, economy, and Ward Churchill compares innocent peoples at work in the World Trade center to Adolph Eichmann. This Marxist intent is verified through

  57. the recognition of Professor Bill Ayers, Herbert Marcuse.. even President Obama gave a shout out to the Marxist professors he hang out with. Our justice system is turned upside down with the victimhood of Tawana Brawley placed over the actual victims of her crime because of the oppression of her committed 130 years prior to her birthdate, by the criminal acts not committed against her by the innocents she chose to indict. She is still considered to hold valid victimhood status… and the white kid she falsely accused is still guilty of a crime he didn’t commit now, or a hundred years in the past. what else….. American imperialism and the rape of the third world, backed by the evil intent of the entirety of our Armed Forces, baby killing, oil thieving, institution of murderous oppression of dark skinned indigeous peoples anywhere value can be removed at the point of a machine gun… Now complete with female soldiers who are allowed lesser standards for admittance to show their equal

  58. status as valid, legitimate, the equal to every man in every way, warfighter. A warfighter who is allowed to have a man carry her god awful heavy machine gun in the name of fairness and equality… Willi Meutzenburg… I’m spelling a German Marxist’s name from memory so… ?? Willi made the claim stating the new intent and goal for the Frankfurt School Marxists upon concluding that Western Man was to happy and content to allow for the fundamental transformation into Socialism was: “To make the West so corrupt that it stinks” I can see why this religious, tea party type movement is doing what they do and saying what they say. Because they fully understand the nature of the Marxist threat still undermining every foundational structure our culture stands on. Understand and identify the motions, maneuverings, and manipulations to weaken our national character, and power of will. Understand it here: https://www.facebook.com/brokenfight

  59. Ted Cruz scares the he11 out of me… and I am an Atheist. Cruz will pack his adminstration with like-minded totalitarian theocrats. He is, after all, one of the Seven Anointed Kings charged by his Dominionist Prosperity Gospel father with “seizing the wealth of the wicked to give it to the priests.”

    Do I sound insane for saying this? Well, see it on their own damned video!


  60. The basic teachings of Jesus Christ were to help the poor and the sick and the downtrodden. Bernie Sanders has done this his whole life!

    ALL the republican candidates are multi-millionaires, Jesus said, “It’s harder for a rich man to enter Heaven, than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle.”

  61. Very well said! Spot on!

    It was the Providence of God that brought about the founding of this nation upon the broad foundation of civil and religious liberty, an asylum from royal oppression and priestly intolerance. These principles were ever the secret of its power and prosperity. The oppressed and down-trodden throughout Christendom have turned to this land with interest and hope. Millions have sought its shores, and the United States has risen to a place among the most powerful nations of the earth. When our leaders cease to be a protector of men and begin trampling upon the rights of conscience, for which their ancestors endured the fiercest persecution, they are fighting against God and choosing a course that will end only in national ruin. “It is time for Thee, Lord, to work: for they have made void Thy law.” They are working in blindness. They do not see that if our government sacrifices the principles that have made them a free, independent nation, and through…

  62. Your remarks are well said and spot on. I would like to see them on Facebook. How can we get them there?

  63. Incorrect. Without God, who determines the boundaries of all nations, and is sovereign, the United States would not have been as blessed as it is. Unfortunately, due to it’s moral decline, it is deteriorating rapidly. As Hank Hanegraaff has said, The United States is halfway down Niagara Falls.”

  64. I believe you have that wrong. It is Communism, Marxism, Socialism, etc, that are the Fundamentalists who are working to destroy the US from within. All with Satan’s blessings of course. Repent!

  65. ‘Ol Adolph was a Eugenecist, Totalitarianist, and served the Dark Kingdom. No “Light” in his mind or heart.

  66. Christians are suppose to be “Christ like”, or followers of Christ. Jesus did not try and overthrow the government, force people to believe or follow him. He offered himself as a servant not dictator. God gave us free choice with consequences for those choices.
    The Bible is interperated many ways, but the life of Christ is clear. The Bible teaches a separation of church and state. It teaches to obey the laws unless they violate your religious beliefs. Faith is a personal issues. Live in peace with all to the extent that your personal beliefs are not violated. No true follower of Christ would force you to believe as they do.

  67. Interesting comment. Doesn’t our Constitution guarantee freedom of and from religion? Citizen Cruz wants to forcibly impose a Christian theocracy on America and make Christianity the state religion. Isn’t this what the founding fathers came here to get away from? We are and always have been a secular nation and getting more secular everyday. Look at all the polls [esp. the PEW poll of last year] that disclose Christianity is declining in America. Some of the pollsters were surprised it’s declining as fast as it is. Who are these theocrats playing to? The young have pretty much lost interest in God as have many adults. Why? There is too much knowledge now for people to worship God with a straight face. God belongs in the hearts and minds of the faithful, not in the public forum and certainly not as a terrorist arm of the government. Citizen Cruz is the greatest joke around. Who will rid us of this meddlesome senator? The intelligence of the people.

  68. I am an atheist also and agree with your comment. My oldest daughter i9s heavily involved with the Lutheran church and I support her believes even just as I would anyone like Robert Morwell.

  69. Jesus tooth fairy, about the same equivalent. Believe as you wish, just don’t expect me to conform to your Christian theology. If you do you will have a battle on your hands, as will the Crudz Dominionist’s

  70. No one will ever force Christianity on you. It’s between you and Jesus Christ, and it’s your choice to believe or not. Jimmy carter was a good Christian man, but one of the worst presidents ever. I’m not voting for a pastor for my church, I’m voting for the man I feel is best to bring our country back! Jesus is no fairytale though.

  71. Being an agnostic (formerly being brow beat in the Southern Baptist Church), I find your Christian views insightful and refreshing. From what I am reading of Dominionism, the USA will become a dangerous Christian theocracy that is no better than non-Christian theocracies in the Levent.

    No separation of church and state. The church will be the state. And Armeggedon self-fulfilled. The hard-right Christians want the same results as the extremist Muslims! And this is all is about brags of who has the “true God” and the resulting power.

    Just sad and disgusting for us as a species. “Dust in the Wind”.

  72. I could be wrong but I think that reconstructionists are Calvinists, rather than fundamentalists. R.J. Rushdoony, founder of Reconstructionism was a hyper Calvinist.

  73. “Dominionism” is a CULT! Ted’s father states that the “Holy Spirit”(HS) came to Ted. That it directed Ted to run for POTUS. I’m a little confused right now. HS came to me; telling me that it NEVER SPOKE to Ted! I believe that a whole lot of you guys out there got the same message!

  74. I always thought that Kenneth Copeland was a “little out there”. Seeing him, involved with anointing Rafael Cruz, was just too much. Maybe Kenneth was really practicing an Exorcism on Rafael.

  75. Christian extremists/fundies are more dangerous that Islamic extremists because the Islamic fundies come right out and tell the world what they want and what they will do, while the Christian extremists hide in fancy rhetoric like Cruz and Co try to do! Beware of these dangerous people!

  76. The I say your God is insane. Mine is not. Power, money and control have no place in religion. I say your Prophets are false, and these men are idolaters standing on the plains low beneath the golden cow.

  77. Freedom of religion in the US Constitution is guaranteed by these words, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion nor prohibit the free exercise thereof. How the right to “exercise” religion is guaranteed is by Congress not making any law that favors any “true” religion over any other “true” religion. I do not believe that Jesus Christ risen from the dead is still dead and not able to expose “false” religion on this earth. Our government is established to eliminate colonization by and taxation by an unrepresentative government superimposing itself upon the unalienable rights established by God. Government is not God. Big government, just like British colonization means little God; too much Caesar means too little God. It is refreshing to see a courageous man, Ted Cruz, standing on the freedoms that made America Great, especially freedom to render unto God that which is God’s and to render unto Caesar only as Caesar is under God. It’s Western…

  78. I agree, except you left out all the other wrong ways. How about the Diversity Religion?

  79. “freedom of” and the term “congress” refers to the national or federal government, not states.
    It was a balance, a compromise between statists and federalists.
    They had just escaped from a place where the king decreed the religion, how and where to worship, etc.
    They wanted to ensure that no central government would ever do that again.
    It is not reference to the states for some states at that time had pseudo-official religion, or at least “defacto” standard religion. It was aimed directly at the feds, “congress” for at that time, that’s all that congress referred to.
    It was nothing more, nothing less. Doesn’t apply to states, cities, counties and doesn’t mean there can’t be a cross or statue or display. Just that they can’t promote, push, enforce a central approved religion from the federal level.

  80. Many of the founders were religious people, but we can’t say it was founded on Christian principals, but by and for those who wanted a place where they were not persecuted for their religious beliefs, and the CENTRAL or FEDERAL government could pass no law preventing them from believing or worshiping as they saw fit. They had just come from a place where the king told them what to believe, where and how to worship.
    As I recall, there was 1 Christian signature on the Declaration of Independence. The constitution was a compromise between those who wanted a strong federal government and those who feared such a thing and thus insisted on state rights. Congress was thus not allowed to pass a law but the states were free to do whatever, and in fact some did have sort of official religions. But it was more on God and religion, basics, and not so much Christians. They were not all Christians, and they varied in their walks of life, wealth (though many were pretty well off, even wealthy…)

  81. My take was that Jesus kept politics apart from what He was talking of.
    His quote about paying taxes – “give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” indicates that while on this earth we have to get along and follow man’s laws, but that there were greater laws to be followed and that should be the end goal.
    I could be wrong, but I sure don’t recall Jesus saying “you should run for governor and rule the nations”. It was more like do what you need to follow the law and keep your head but more important are God’s laws.
    So that being said – Ted Cruz is not reading the same book I am.
    Where does it say that Jesus refused to eat with, serve, help/aid or talk to any certain people? Where did Jesus say you need to shun, avoid and bully certain groups? He was all-inclusive. So a TRUE Christian would sit next to, even hire a gay person and not replace God as the judge.
    I want to say – I thought being Christian meant following Jesus and yet to judge, attack and bully is sort of…

  82. Ted Cruz is exactly what is wrong with this country. He fully believes that his religion is the only one. He believes anyone and everyone else’s constitutional right is only guaranteed for those that he deems worthy.
    This should immediately, and unequivocally disqualify him from becoming president of our United States.
    Ted Cruz is also the creepiest, weirdest, example of a human person.

  83. if hes such a christian why is it so easy for him to lie cheat and steal of vote against helping women of domestic abuse and trafficking or throwing american small business owners out when he was a lawyer working for the rich chineses,seems his values and religion are a subset of christanity like isis is of islam

  84. He also tried to ban sex toys in Texas. Who does this?
    It says more about him than those who may use sex toys.
    Yet he is all for “smaller government, keep government out of our homes.”
    I’m not for or against sex toys, but I am all for US citizens retaining the right to choose to make up their own minds.
    I hope this is brought up in the election cycle.
    This alone is one of the creepiest things he has done.
    #tedcruzfeels threatened by plastic penis

  85. Scripture is against the bigot, Cruz, especially when he touts his religion over another. Peter stated in Acts: “I most certainly understand, now, that God is not one to show partiality, but in every nation, the man who fears Him, and does what is right, is welcome to Him”. I can quote at least nine or ten other verses that states the same thing, that God is not partial to any religion.

    Cruz has never read the Federalist Papers, to which Hamilton, Madison, and Jay state that any church has a right to operate, and anyone has a right to their own religion, but that they should and would be kept out of politics. Cruz and his ilk perverts the truth of the founding fathers of the US, and lies about the intent of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which is the Constitution’s addendum. Of course, it has been shown, many times, that the truth is not in the Pentecostal dominionist movement, from their clear lack of education, or out of malice.

  86. If one is a disciple of Christ, they will, of course believe Jesus is the Messiah and believe Him in John 14:6 when Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. Your assertion that Cruz believes constitutional rights are only for those the Senator deems worthy is a silly one, but your opinion, none the less. Immediately and unequivocally disqualifying him from the presidency, on the basis of your opinion, seems to be missing from the constitution. Perhaps you find him so creepy and weird, because, he is so much more intelligent than you? Or perhaps it is because of this whole left-wing effort to convince people, Republicans are diligently working to create a theocracy. Most Christians agree, the world would be a better place if everyone enjoyed the many blessings that come with a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ. I am quite certain that while Christians (with the courage to do so), are pleased to participate in the great commission to share the Gospel; not many would go against Christ’s suggestion to not throw their pearls to swine and to dust their sandals off at the gate and leave. Free will is a prominent theme within the Bible. A forced theocracy is, well… anti-Christian and thus very unlikely. Cheers!

  87. Thank you for quoting bible scripture. That is great if that is your truth.
    However your argument is false, and based not of FACTS
    your assuming I’m not a fellow bible thumping Christian, why is that?
    You assume that he is much more intelligent than me, yet you never met either of us.
    Sounds a lot like judgment you are casting, how closely you follow your bible? Are you my judge? Do you know of my intelligence?
    Second, I am basing my statement off of Ted Cruz’s own remarks. Words taken directly from his mouth (not mine).
    Case in point: he wants to spy on fellow Americans who practice a different religion. Do you not enjoy a constitutional right to practice whatever form of religion you believe in without fear of government intrusion?
    Does this constitutional right only extend to your religion?
    I think you know the answer to this question.
    Therefore Ted Cruz, who by his own words, touts himself a constitutionalist is therefore false.
    Second: his own words: his is about faith first, America second, conservative, than republican.
    This gives rise to him disqualifying himself from the presidency.
    You cannot run a democratic republic second to your chosen religion.
    Hypothetically, what if a Muslim was our president? Would you prefer that person to act on behalf of the American people above his own religious beliefs?
    And if he cannot do that, than he should not be President or seek the presidency.
    I will take your reply as more scripture, judgement, suppositions, assumptions, and rhetoric.
    False profit.
    If you are going to quote scripture, try practicing the tenants of your religion.
    Don’t judge for you will be judged harshly.
    Speak facts. Leave your beliefs at home especially if you don’t honor your own faith the way you do.

  88. You have misrepresented the verse you are trying to use in making your point. It is not a matter of religion but ethnicity or background Peter was speaking about. Or to be more to the point he was speaking about Jew or Gentile. Christ died for all. So in the context you speak of, it sounds like you think Peter was saying if you are a Hindu or muslim thats cool. You are wrong if that was your intent. Read to the end of the chapter if you don’t believe me.

  89. Lie! Cruz did not try to ban sex toys. If you would take the time to read what really happened you would see that it was his job to uphold the laws that were on the books in Texas at the time. A law that I believe was enacted by a demoncrat but challenged in federal court. Regardless of his personal views of the law which he was not tasked with, he did his job. Instead as solicitor general it was his job to defend the law that was on the books at the time. Regardless of his personal view he had to square the meaning of the law with the 14th amendment to the constitution, which was the challenge. He doesn’t just make it up as you go like some. This shows his integrity which is more than I can say about those that would use this case as a means to damage his presidential chances.

  90. Cruz is lucifer in the flesh

  91. If you don’t understand God’s grace then you wind up with religion, which is man’s way (human ideas, human opinions) of trying to get to God. There is only one way; through Christ. God only accepts His own righteousness. He cannot and will not, accept anything of man’s design (religion). He is only interested in our faith in His Son Jesus Christ. He wants to the character and person of His Son developed in us, and that cannot be accomplished through our own efforts. He has, however, given us volition, the right to make up our own minds who we will serve. He wants us to willingly accept the saving grace of His Son, so that we can use His power to live the spiritual life designed by Him, and demonstrated through Christ who introduced it through the power of the Holy Spirit. You want my advice? Stay as far away as you can from any form of religion. Learn all you can about grace, sanctification, abiding in Christ, faith in Christ, God’s redemption solution for mankind, the importance of confession of sin, propitiation, and expiation. In Romans 13, nowhere does Paul say anything about Christians taking over government. He, as Peter 2: 13 says to obey every human institution. However, We are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, in other words put God first in every area of our lives. Put your faith in God, not in man. If it is written in the word of God, believe it not. God does not force Himself on us, but offers us His saving grace if we will accept it. Christians are not without sinning, so when those seven mountain things are mentioned, you’re looking at human nature, that tendency that exists inside us all to act independently of God, you’re looking at greed and all that follows. We’re only separated from it through death, if you have faith in Christ. So, we’ll never be perfect. And, no one knows when Christ will return Acts 2:7.

  92. Check Politifact to find out how much of a habitual liar Ted Cruz is. According to them, he is a close 2nd to Donald T. in todays world of politics. Evidently, in his version of “Christianity”, mendacity is righteous in the pursuit of political power. 7 Mountains Dominionism is to Christianity what ISIS and the Taliban are to Islam is a great analogy, in multiple ways. 7 Mountains Dominionism also claims a basis in the oxymoronic “prosperity gospel”, only this end times transfer of wealth from their version of who are sinners (which will include most Evangelicals) to whom they claim are the righteous (themselves) will presumably (as their kingpins acknowledge) need to be done by force. In our present society, this is known as robbery, a felony.

  93. You should google Ted Cruz and 7 mountains dominionism to get a better idea what Ted Cruz is about. Ted Cruz is definitely of superior intellect. Learn about 7 mountains dominionism to find out what makes him so creepy. A true-believer in 7 mountains dominionism in combination with his superior intellect makes him dangerous. Black-and-white thinking? Certainly not all repubs are trying to turn the US into a theocracy. This is only a fringe set of the repubs. More generally, the interests of the repubs who set policy are to legislate on behalf of a plutocracy and an oligarchy, and to end pluralism in American politics, and at times, to poison the well of anyone who may have issues with this agenda. To mix Christianity into this may interfere with their quest for wealth and power, except in the context of the prosperity gospel..

  94. If you believe Ted Cruz is an example of a Christian, then you are delusional. I listen to what he says and watch the things he does and all I see is evil.

  95. Demoncrat… is judgment not the job of god & god alone? In fact you are admonished NOT to judge, yet you call Democrats demons? You judge the majority of your fellow Americans to be demons? How unfortunate. Way to love your neighbor as thyself – forget that one too? Or is it like you zealots view the constitution… just pick & choose what you like or serves your agenda?
    “Just like you love the Bible, I’m sure, except certain parts… like don’t judge others & “love thy neighbor as you love thy self.” Modern Christians certainly don’t like the fact that they would get stoned to death for committing adultery, which based upon Jesus’s teachings the active divorce is equivalent to adultery, therefore subject to stoning. Jesus is very clear that the Old Testament must be followed. Sad!

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