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Popular Christian author Eric Metaxas stands by Donald Trump

President Barack Obama listens to author Eric Metaxas deliver the keynote message at the 60th annual National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton hotel in Washington on Feb. 2, 2012. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Larry Downing *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-METAXAS-TRUMP, originally transmitted on Oct. 12, 2016.
U.S. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama listen to author Eric Metaxas, far right, deliver the keynote message at the 60th annual National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton hotel in Washington on February 2, 2012. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Larry Downing *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-METAXAS-TRUMP, originally transmitted on October 12, 2016.

President Barack Obama listens to author Eric Metaxas deliver the keynote message at the 60th annual National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton hotel in Washington on Feb. 2, 2012. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Larry Downing *Editors: This photo may only be republished with RNS-METAXAS-TRUMP, originally transmitted on Oct. 12, 2016.

(RNS) The popular Christian author and media personality Eric Metaxas has been one of the most vigorous defenders of voting for Donald Trump, to the point that Metaxas initially made light of the ugly video that emerged last week of the GOP nominee bragging about sexually harassing women.

In the wake of repeated criticisms of his stance, Metaxas promised to clarify his position on Trump, and he did so forcefully on Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 12), saying “God will not hold us guiltless” if Hillary Clinton is elected.

His remarks represent the latest sign that top conservative Christians are sticking with the Republican nominee even as there are indications that the rank and file are not.

“For many of us, this is very painful, pulling the lever for someone many think odious,” Metaxas concluded in a column posted at The Wall Street Journal and timed to coincide with an announcement on his daily radio show.

“But please consider this: A vote for Donald Trump is not necessarily a vote for Donald Trump himself. It is a vote for those who will be affected by the results of this election. Not to vote is to vote. God will not hold us guiltless.”

Metaxas began by calling Trump’s comments from the 2005 video “especially horrifying.”

“Can there be any question we should denounce them with flailing arms and screeching volume?” he said.

But then he went on to catalog a list of conservative criticisms against Clinton, saying her husband, Bill, was a sexual predator whom she protected, and that as a young lawyer she defended a man who raped a 12-year-old girl.

He harshly criticized the Clinton Foundation and her use of a private email account as secretary of state and said she was responsible for creating ISIS; those who do not vote for Trump and thus abet her election would be complicit, he said.

He added that her support for abortion rights, for “selling baby parts” and for curtailing religious liberty in favor of gay rights would also be enshrined in her Supreme Court picks.

Last Friday, after the clip of Trump talking to “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush about grabbing women’s genitals and forcing himself on them became public, Metaxas initially seemed to dismiss the furor, posting a snarky tweet that said:

“BREAKING: Trump caught using foul language, combing his hair oddly. Could this be the end of his campaign?”

He later deleted that, and in response to another tweet by the Christian writer Rachel Held Evans he condemned Trump’s language, writing:

“Absolutely correct. Can there be any question? Not from where I stand. Ugly stuff. God bless you.”

But his refusal to say whether he still backed Trump sparked ongoing criticism, leading to Wednesday’s announcement.

In an email to RNS later Wednesday, Metaxas rejected the characterization that he has strongly backed Trump, saying his support “has always been tepid and tremendously qualified.”

He also said it was “flat-out untrue” that he dismissed the Trump tape in his initial tweet, saying he wrote that comment before he had seen or heard the tape. It was not until the next day, he said, that he actually heard Trump’s statements.

“I immediately said I’d make a mistake and was regrouping and going off Twitter,” Metaxas wrote. “I had no idea he had made those comments and did not watch the video and simply would never ever have made light of such horrors.”

A number of prominent evangelicals have backed away from or reiterated their opposition to Trump since the release of the video. Just before Sunday’s debate, popular evangelical theologian Wayne Grudem withdrew his support of the candidate.

“I previously called Donald Trump a ‘good candidate with flaws’ and a ‘flawed candidate’ but I now regret that I did not more strongly condemn his moral character,” Grudem wrote, and he called on the candidate to withdraw from the race.

James MacDonald, pastor of the Chicago-area megachurch Harvest Bible Chapel and a member of Trump’s evangelical advisory board, also withdrew his support after the video aired, calling the candidate “lecherous and worthless.”

But several other leading evangelicals have remained staunchly behind Trump, including Robert Jeffress, Ralph Reed, Tony Perkins, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Dr. James Dobson.

At the same time, polls indicate that Trump is not garnering the kind of support among the white evangelical community that he needs.

Traditionally, the GOP standard-bearer can expect the votes of about 80 percent of white evangelical Protestants. In this campaign, about 65 percent to 70 percent have expressed support for Trump.

And it could get worse as news of the video sinks in.

Polls in Wisconsin, a key battleground state, show Trump’s support among evangelicals cratered over the weekend, dropping from 64 percent to 47 percent.

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  • It amazes me that these conservative christian men, knowing Trumps character, knowing his lust for money, women and power and his disdain for the little people, can continue to say that he is God’s choice. They believe, with little evidence, that Trump will stay true to them and their agenda. How naive can they be? Or perhaps it is not naivete, but rather, their own desire for influence and power.

    As for the argument that God can use evil men, indeed God can. It appears, however, that they don’t believe that God can use the Hillary Clinton who is, from their vantage point, the essence of evil. Obviously, the Clintons wield much power, but they seem to believe they are more powerful than God.

    Personally, I am not voting for either candidate. I cannot in good conscious do so. I just find it amusing how these conservative religious leaders can contort themselves and proclaim Trump God’s candidate. Why don’t they just say, “We hate Hillary Clinton so much, we would vote for anyone else, even Satan,” Oh, wait, they can’t say that because they have demonized Hillary to the point where she has become Satan in their minds.

    Yes, Eric Metaxas, you are right God will not hold us guiltless, NONE of us.

  • Metaxas stands by 2Rump. Of course he does. Power money and dominion. And God loves him his Immoral 2rumpians.

    And God will punish us if we vote for Mrs. CLinton? Ain’t it amazing how God always agree with the loudmouths who speak for him! Why, just a week ago, the more unhinged of the local deity’s representatives were claiming that God was gonna punish gay living Orlando with hurricane Matthew. It hit St. Augustine instead, and leveled god fearing Haiti.

    God is such a joker.

  • “I hate Hillary Clinton so much, I would vote for anyone else, even Satan, Oh, wait, they can’t say that because they have demonized Hillary to the point where she has become Satan in their minds.”

    Did you read what you wrote?

  • Why is everybody quoted as supporting or not a man, baring one person referenced in a reply? There are a number of well known Christian speakers and leaders who happen to be women who don’t support Trump anymore and have said so. Why were only men mentioned?

  • Then we should be talking about Beth Moore and Jen Hatmaker. Popular evangelical women who have come out strongly against Trump.

  • In other words, Gapaul just wrecked your bigoted anti-evangelical stereotype with two specific examples, but you’d rather not acknowledge that you were wrong.

  • If you “are not voting for either candidate”, then you ARE voting for Hillary Clinton, and thereby you ARE voting “to continue Obama’s policies”, as she has publically promised.

    You are also voting for HILLARY’s choices for the U.S. Supreme Court, and every single one of them will fully support Gay Marriage and fully oppose Religious Freedom (if it involves a refusal to participate or affirm a Gay Marriage).

    Lots of people will be voting for Hillary, of course. She may well win the election.

    I’m just saying that the fiction about somehow “not voting for either candidate” DOES automatically translates into a vote for whichever candidate is ahead in the polls. That would be good old Hillary.

  • No, doc. I agreed with him. but in docworld, up is down, trump is moral, and pigs don’t make bacon.

  • I should have added Rachel Held Evans, my favorite. She still identifies as an evangelical, but might be considered too open minded to be respected in certain circles. She’s smart, and a great writer.

    And for the interested, Slate has an article about evangelical women who oppose Trump. Let’s be clear, Metaxas and Falwell do not speak for all evangelicals – men or women. There are plenty of petitions and op eds and bloggers writing against Trump.

  • Things are obviously getting loopy when a preacher states that “God will not hold us guiltless” if Hillary Clinton is elected.


    On what authority does he make this extraordinary statement?

  • Metasas is reputed to be a smart person. However, when he says dumb things like Hillary “was responsible for creating ISIS” I can only assume he is an avid watcher and believer of any propaganda Fox News puts forth. That leaves me to believe that his “smartness” is highly over-rated.

  • Well, you gotta give Evangelicals like Eric Metaxas credit for finally coming clean on the lie that they care about the moral character of political candidates. They don’t. It’s about raw political power for Evangelicals, not morality. If Hillary Clinton had made a promise of a seat at the political table to Evangelicals, Eric and the other Evangelicals would be praising her and urging people to vote for her.

    The hilarious thing is how gullible Evangelicals are. They really believe that Trump is gonna deliver on his promises to them. If he got in office he’d never take their phone calls. He’s just using them to get elected. Trump’s life has been one of selfish hedonism. Everything he’s done is for his own advancement, not to help others. Eric and his fellow Evangelicals are in for bitter disappointment.

  • Please stop saying “Top Evangelicals” are supporting Trump as if all are. There are MANY evangelical leaders who are NOT and never have.

    Mohler, Moore, and Lucado are just 3 examples off the top of my head.
    Metaxas writes books. How does that make him a top leader? I know plenty of evangelicals who don’t even know who he is.

  • Wow. Hard to imagine a guy who talks like you acting as the arbiter of what is legitimately Christian.

  • Some top evangelicals are supporting Trump, and some aren’t.

    The ones that aren’t, are really considered and thoughtful about it, but they are totally unable to provide evangelicals with **any** reason to allow HILLARY (either via staying home, or via voting for Hillary, or via wasting a third-party vote) to get a free ride to the White House.
    Anti-Trump evangelicals like Mohler and Moore clearly concede that Hillary is WRONG for both evangelicals and America, but then they just drop the issue, for they have no solutions.

    There’s plenty wrong with BOTH Trump and Hillary, they BOTH have more than enough sins to go around. But Hillary has visibly lost whatever centrist Methodist morals she used to at least **mention** in her Pre-Obama days. Now she radically opposes what she used to halfway believe, and she will make sure the Supreme Court enforces that opposition for generations to come.

    So as bad as both candidates are, Hillary IS far worse for Christians and for America. Evangelicals need to hold their noses and vote for Trump NOW, if they don’t want to swallow what Hillary’s got cooking for them next year. Hillary is brewing Poison-Dioxide for evangelicals.

  • Evan McMullin. Maybe if people would stop believing the LIE that we can only choose between Trump and Clinton, we could actually vote for someone worth voting for and see them win.

    What if all the evangelicals and other conservatives who don’t want to vote for either voted for McMullin?

    Maybe he wins. Maybe Hillary wins. Either way, Trump isn’t going to. And at least we don’t have to sacrifice our values or integrity.

  • Trump in that video confessed to committing sexual assault on multiple women. Apparently they are coming out of the woodwork, having not said anything against the wealthy and powerful man for fear of lawsuits He seems to sue people at the drop of his name.

  • Metaxas has always been a David Barton-lite. A professional liar about history and mouthpiece for Dominionism. Metaxas’s endorsement of Trump is a good sign that honest, moral people should stay away.

  • But interestingly enough he tends to settle the lawsuits concerning sexual conduct quickly. The lawsuits where he is refusing to pay his vendors for work done are ones where he drags them out to outspend the plaintiffs.

  • There are some, of course. Those who don’t serve the Prince of This World, if I believed in such a thing.

    But as a gay man, on the receiving end of fundelibangelsist garbage for the 45 years I’ve been in the fight, or the 1900 years my people have been, I tend to be quite wary of them in general.

  • The evangelical big shots siding with Trump give Christianity a bad name. And they seem to know or care about real religious liberty. — Edd Doerr

  • For those who think of Eric Metaxas as some sort of evangelical Christian intellectual and historian, perhaps it would be more accurate to see Eric as an evangelical Christian spin doctor and conservative apologist. Aiding the campaign of telling the evangelical public what they want to hear (instead of what the truth actually is) can be the path to fame, wealth, and power, but it can also be the road to hell. Perhaps Eric’s promotion of Donald Trump is similar to Eric’s biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which is reportedly an attempt to make that theologian more palatable to evangelicals since Bonhoeffer was not an evangelical.

  • Doc doesn’t care about sacrificing values or integrity. Rabidly antigay, rabidly right wing republican, rabidly fundamentalist, that’s really all that matters to him.

  • I like that he cites clearly disproven stories about HRC as his basis for supporting trump. Ever heard of Politifact Eric?

  • I hope this election not only shakes up the establishment in Washington, but the “establishment” of religious leaders too. Their methods, which reflects NOTHING of Jesus, are only repulsing non-believers. They are in danger of radicalizing our faith too.

  • He is a living example of why it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for an “evangelical” to know Jesus the Christ and the Kingdom of God.

  • Umm, it turns out that you DO have to sacrifice some major Christian values to vote for McMullin. A vote for McMullin is a vote to totally give up and let Legalized Gay Marriage rule our nation permanently (or until our nation falls into divine judgment).

    “McMullin has stated that although he believes in “traditional marriage between a man and a woman”, he “respects” the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges and thinks it is “time to move on” from the issue of same-sex marriage. He also stated that he would not make appointments to the Supreme Court with the intent of overturning Obergefell.” — Wikipedia.

    So this guy has already ***100 percent caved-in*** on Legalized Gay Marriage. A total wash-out. And he’s not even able to compete with Libertarian Gary Johnson or Green-Party Jill Stein. He’s not even on the radar anymore.

  • Then refute Metaxas’ argument there. Don’t just duck it, destroy it.

    But let’s be honest. You are totally unable, unequipped, unprepared, to do so.

    The End.

  • You can always vote for McMullin, Ben. He’s already surrendered to your favorite idolatrous religion, so he won’t give you no trouble.

  • Don’t mind doc, or Floyd. What he lacks in morals, he more than makes up for in a lack of principles.

  • Thanks, but nothing to apologize for. You aren’t them, they aren’t the rabid fundelibangelists.???

  • My dear sir, when dealing with irrationality exhibited by this “evangelical” carnival barker rationality does not apply except in the analysis of his rantings.

  • We can all sarcastically feel sorry for each other Ellen.

    “Poor, poor Ben”, “Poor, poor Ellen.” Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

    To me, such sound-bites don’t carry much meat on them. But it’s no big deal. To each poster, their own tone.

    The facts on McMullin have been exposed, that’s the important thing.

  • Yes yes, you hate Eric Metaxas’s guts. Got it. You think he’s a carnival barker (and apparently you also think that carnival barkers aren’t rational people). Got it.

    But I don’t see any rational refutations here that actually addresses the SPECIFICS of what Metaxas is offering. Metaxas promised a “clarification”, and he has clearly put paid to his promise. In response, there’s only these 10-cent one-liner “I hate Eric” sentiments that you and others are putting forth.

    Which is surely entertaining, I do enjoy the comic relief from you guys, but people do want to get past all the “fluff and guff” after a while, and hear some REAL refutations up in this carnival forum.

  • I said nothing about being any “last word” on the issue. But it’s clear that Edd Doerr is woefully inadequate (or just plain woeful period!) on this one.

    Here’s an example. Consider a huge point that Metaxas made against Hillary Clinton (who obviously will win if Trump loses):

    “(Metaxas) added that her support for abortion rights, for “selling baby parts” and for curtailing religious liberty in favor of gay rights, would also be enshrined in her Supreme Court picks.”

    What refutation can Edd Doerr (or even yourself) offer against THAT point? We all know Metaxas is telling the truth; Hillary herself has made it clear. That’s something that Christians of all flavors need to think about before Election Day gets here.

    Trump’s bad but so is Hillary, and Hillary’s GUARANTEED to be worse. Disprove?

  • Doc, why would I vote for McMullen? He isn’t even a Christian.

    Besides, I can’t wait to see your face when Mrs. Clinton wins. Of course, I won’t actually see it, but I can imagine it. And the look on your face will be…


    But you are all set for it, aren’t you? If trumpelstiltskin wins, God will save America through the man that violates every value you claim to hold dear. If trumpelstiltskin loses, God will punish amErica in accord with every value you hold dear.

  • Actually Ben, my position is that neither Hillary nor Trump can save America at this juncture. If America doesn’t repent and go back to God, (and soon!), the bottom will seriously drop out somewhere, **regardless** of who wins.

    You and I don’t even need a Bible to prove that point, for the public record clearly shows the massive failures, sins and inadequacies of BOTH candidates. They both stink, and neither one has a Magic Solution for America’s problems.

    People already understand that there’s not going to be any big “Hopey-Changey” miracle fantasies, there AREN’T going to be any real solutions to the bad economy or North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

    It’s going to be the same old economic mess, the same old Layoff Announcements, the same old protesting and violence, the same old slow-motion-unraveling of the American Dream.

    I believe that Trump (not Hillary) can buy America a little more time to repent and return to God, but ONLY if he really keeps his religious liberty promises.
    But only God can heal America now, Ben. You already know that.

  • No, I don’t know anything like that.
    Given the evangelical support for four-times bankrupt Thievin’ Donnie, three times married Adulterousfornicating Donnie, Two Corinthians Religious Donnie, and one-hand grabbing Donnie, I would suggest that it is fundelibangelist religion that has brought us to this point.
    But morality was never your strong point.

  • You can list Trump’s sins if you want to; I can list Hillary’s sins if I want to.

    Which merely proves that “the public record clearly shows the massive failures, sins and inadequacies of BOTH candidates.”

    That’s why I said that neither Trump nor Hillary can save America, Ben.

    If America doesn’t repent and really get back to God soon, there really WILL be a major breakdown or unsolvable crisis (either domestic or foreign) appearing soon, somewhere down the road. The nation that we both live in, Ben, IS in trouble.

  • “We all know Metaxas is telling the truth”

    Any relation Metaxas has ever had to the truth, at least in print, has been purely coincidental. The guy is a professional liar by trade.

    “Eric Metaxas Keeps On Lying”

    “Eric Metaxas Blows Off Historical Errors in His New Book”
    “The question lies with whether he tried to intentionally deceive evangelicals into believing Bonhoeffer was someone he wasn’t. Is his book being used by dominionists to help fuel the radicalism needed to pull off the next artificial move of God – and essentially lead the Church back to Rome? We’ll have to see how the Metaxas spin will have an effect.”

  • It is good, actually ,to see Metaxas still stand beside Trump. Atleast someone is seeing past the video.

  • Metaxas? He has always intrigued me. I know he is not that religious as he makes out to be and appears fake sometimes, but he has wit, and now, as I see a backbone.

  • Past the video. And the other video. And all those other videos and recordings. And the assaults. And the voyeurism. And the slut shaming of a woman he insulted. AND the lying about the slut shaming. And the continued attacks on women for their looks. Plus all the failure to pay people what he owes . . .

    I don’t think he’s “seeing” anything. More like wandering around with his eyes closed, hands over his ears , chanting “Trump or Die”.

  • There is absolutely no evidence to show that Trump will deliver a conservative Supreme Court nor make a change in foreign policy that will be acceptable to Congress or the American public. He is now in free fall, and isn’t afraid to take others with him. Metaxas better hope his parachute is folded properly.

  • Poor man I do not hate anyone but I do not have time or interest or inclination to attempt a rational conversation let alone dialogue with a person who ideologically believes in a flat earth and a seven day creation myth from whom all nonsense flows. Your non sequitur about carnival barkers is priceless. Peace

  • It’s amazing how so-called “Christian” defenders of Donald Trump seem to think that God is so senile that he will overlook all of Donald Trump’s adulteries, in defiance of the teaching of his own son that it is adultery for any man to set aside his first wife in order to bed another, newer model, which numerous leading Republicans like Donald Trump, and Newt Gingrich, and Rush Limbaugh, and Rudy Giuliani have all done -not just once, but twice, so far in their lives? –

    Have you ever noticed how this “grace” deal never seems to work, in the minds of Christian conservatives, for the benefit of liberals or Democrats?
    While there is nothing that CAN’T be forgiven when it comes to conservatives or Republicans, there’s nothing that CAN be forgiven when it comes to liberals or Democrats!

  • What are we up to now – 11 women who’ve come forward and talked about Trump making unwanted sexual advances to them? Jerry Falwell, Jr. is claiming there’s some giant conspiracy. Eric and his fellow Evangelicals have succumbed to mass delusion on Trump. I swear there could be a tape of Trump raping someone and Eric and his fellow Evangelicals would find a way to excuse it.

    I’m just a plain old heathen and even I can see that Trump is an hedonistic pervert. Remember when the Evangelicals were having a holy fit over Bill Clinton’s infidelity and calling on him to resign? Now that it’s one of their own, they’ve lost their moral courage. Eric and his fellow Evangelicals have become the very thing they denounced: moral relativists.

  • No response, no refute, for the specific Metaxas quotation I offered? Hmm. Didn’t think there would be one.

    And THAT’s why it’s indeed “The End”, Ellen.

    No, not because I happened to say the phrase, but because when we start checking out specific points offered by Metaxas, YOU folks run clean outta gas on the spot. (Just like you did right there.) Therefore, The End.

  • JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED. To err is human, to forgive is divine. YE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE. So many men are not without sexual sin, either through their words, their actions, their viewings, etc.

  • So he lies about the. Last important thing in the world, his faith in God, and that somehow makes everything all right?

    Glad to hear that his morality doesnt bother you any more to you than it does it him.

  • Its RELIGIOUS FREEDOM , that’s important, you won’t get that with Hillary and the liberals, you should know that.

  • Npet must be kidding. Hillary and the Democrats favor religious liberty and our American heritage of church-state separation. They strongly support women’s rights of conscience and religious freedom on abortion decisions. They oppose forcing taxpayers to support special interest church-run private schools through vouchers.

    It is the Republicans — especially “losers” like Pence — who are on the wrong side. It is they who have gone all out to deny women freedom of conscience and religious liberty on abortion. It is they who work incessantly to siphon public funds, extracted from all taxpayers, to church/-run private schools. It is they who are working to destroy the public schools that serve 90% of our kids. It is they who are striving to undermine the constitutional separation of church and state that our country’s Founders developed to protect our religious freedom.

    This year’s election is crucial. The Republican ticket from top to bottom needs to be halted in its tracks.

    Edd Doerr

  • I like that the fundies pick a section from Leviticus that is in the Old Testament. First of all the New Testament invalidates the Old. That is why Christ is a redeemer and we are not beholden to the old laws. Second of all, based on Leviticus if you wear a shirt that is of two different fibers you sinned too. All the fundies do is pick and choose who to hate.

  • The issue for me concerns whether I can vote for a man in good conscience who has spent his entire life worshiping false idols (money) as we can clearly see in his speech and deeds.

  • A close friend challenged me this way (don’t bother replying unless you are actually read the entire excerpt of a letter he wrote me):

    (These are excerpts from his letter to me)
    ….I have to assume, by process of elimination, that for evangelicals this is ultimately about two issues: opposition to gay marriage and advocacy for pro-life. As I have considered with bewilderment for the past year, it seems that gay marriage and protection for
    unborn children can be the only possible causes for which evangelical voters, the same ones who were urged to remember that “Character Matters” when the right allied against Hillary’s husband not so long ago, could jettison all integrity for some perceived higher good.

    So let me risk a bold statement: It is time for voting “Christians” to stop treacherously defining morality by only these 2 issues.

    I am pro-life. I strongly agree that unborn babies should be protected. I agree that they too, like the women and immigrants and minorities that Donald Trump speaks so crassly about, are made in the image of God.

    But I am also pro-whole-life, and am convinced that we are faced with a hideous question:

    “Are unborn children more precious in God’s sight than those already born?”

    To the evangelical church, whose claim is to follow Jesus and seek first His Kingdom, I challenge you to consider the 65 million refugees who have names, 11 million immigrants without documents, 45 million US citizens living in true poverty, 28 million US residents who don’t have health care, millions of children who don’t have access to a quality education, thousands of voters who are discouraged from voting, the advocacy for people from all races by our nation’s leaders, and the tens of thousands of families who
    are forever affected by gun violence.

    If we are voting for a platform, shouldn’t the church care just as much about these injustices as they do about sexual orientation
    and abortion?

    I too wish abortion was illegal, in most cases. But more than that, I wish that most women didn’t have a reason to want to end their pregnancies. 75% of abortions are enacted by women who make less than $23,000/year, and 50% by women who make less than
    $11,000/year (Guttmacher, 2016) Abortion rates have dropped significantly in the past 10 years, and in equal rates in states with highly restrictive anti-abortion laws and those without such laws; this is largely attributed to increased access to birth control and
    greatly reduced teen pregnancy.

    If we really want to reduce abortion in the USA, shouldn’t we put as much energy into reducing the factors that lead to it (significantly,
    poverty) as we invest in promoting laws that block it?

    If the Old Testament is any indicator, a law isn’t very effective at changing hearts anyway.

    In the case of this election, I am personally tired of the evangelical church trading every other inkling of morality, justice, compassion, and goodness to protect heterosexual marriage and pro-life policies….

    – Anonymous Friend

  • It has been quite some time but let me say this-
    Do you really want any of the Conservatives or Republican or anyone for that matter, Christian or otherwise to judge Trump on these? Let me tell you no one of us loves Trump but people this time won’t let this opportunity slip by and I will tell you why.

    America is not that moral nation in that regards. Trump’s video is vulgar but do you really think we should show selective outrage at the nation where porn is consumed in obscene amounts, where people love Miley twerking in front of teens, where most songs are about sex, bitches, drugs and alchol, filled with cuss words? And voyeurism? When you have a topless movement going on? When people resent a Mayor’s action of removing prostitutes from street that let men touch their breasts for money in center of streets. Or a reputed newspaper featuring a topless photo and getting praise for that. And slut shaming when many women are proud of being sluts? About verbal attacks, I am thankful Eric and Trump are not PC.

    The only two valid criticisms are assault and that pay thing. Have they been proved? It might be very well that they are fake, right?

    So, in net the only bad thing in your comment, I can think of many more about him personally, is that his business record is not good. To me personally it is very bad. But not as bad as Hillary.

  • Freedom of conscience to kill human. Wow! Dems and religious freedom go as much together as sky and earth. They seem to meet but that is an illusion.

  • Abortion does not kill human persons. Well over 99% of abortions are performed before fetal brain function permits consciousness and personhood some time after 2,8-32 weeks of gestation. That’s is where science stands, and the Bible (Gen 1:27 ans 2:7) puts personhood as beginning at birth, the first breath. Democrats generally support women’s rights of conscience and religious liberty while GOPers usually do not.

  • Denying value/humanity of some humans have always been the principle of Dems. No wonder they were pro-slavery.

    Isn’t it ironic that people who take Scientific position do not know that Science stands on the side that a fetus, no matter in which stage is a human life. It has human DNA and it performs functions of living beings.
    It is great GOPers do not support it because that is not freedom of conscience and neither religious liberty. Religious liberty and freedom of conscience is that you don’t have to at least pay so a woman can get someone killed and Dems do not have a good record there.

  • When under LBJ the Dems stood up for civil rights, the South jumped ship and became Republican. You can see the results.

    Fetuses are human life, but without a functioning brain, at some time after 28-32 weeks of gestation, it is not yet a person. That’s science AND the Bible. Read Gen 1:27 and 2:7. Also note that the Bible does not condemn abortion and Jesus is not on record as having done so.

    Believe as you like, but government has no business imposing your opinions on all women. Males should simply butt out of what is a matter for a women to decide for herself.

  • This is one of the most evasive comment that I have heard. It is true that many southerners joined Republican Party. But was there any pro-slavery effect afterwards that sustained from Republican side? No. Just because some racist people join a party does not make the party itself racist. When Dems were racist, they were racist as whole and justified it by their party ideology.

    Also it is not in the realm of Science as when a person is person. There is no quantifier for that and as much you want it to be otherwise, there are differing opinions on that. So yes you are killing a human. At one time they called blacks to be not person but lower class animals or having less value. So I guess subjective opinions are good reason to kill a human in your opinion.

    Oh! I would love that govt. do not impose opinions on us. So when you stand for me that I do not have to pay taxes, can drive on the other side of the road, can zoom above speed limit and can hunt endangered species of animals, I will talk, Till then, no.

  • The South switched from Dem to GOP because the Dems had gotten over the old racism while the GOP picked it up.

    As for fetuses, you should be aware that about half of fertilized eggs to not implant or survive. Does that mean that God does not care? One third of all US women will have had an abortion at some point, while worldwide there are 57 million abortions per year. If you are so upset by abortion, why aren’t you active in seeing that contraception and sex ed are universally available?

    Believe as you like, but you are on the wrong side from science, the Bible and public opinion. And what gives you the right to dictate morality to any woman?

  • And did GOP strive to pass any pro-slavery laws? Your point shows your narrow-mindedness. Are you suggesting that all people in GOP were racist? If not and they also did not pass any pro-slavery laws, then sorry, what you are crying is that some racist people got into a party. As far as I know, Constitution of USA does not bar that.

    A. Abortion – the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks

    So try again.

    B. So,you really want to bring God in it? Well God does not care about murdered people then. Lets legalise murder.

    C. Do you know what better works than contraception and sex-ed? Can you guess? And by the way, you never say that we will keep murder legal until we can solve issue of povery. You first ban murder and then tackle reasons for it.

    Well, the same right that allows any government to impose any law on me that is decided by people other than me. Opt for Anarchy and then we will hear you out.

  • John overlooks the fact that, while slavery was gone, the GOP supported segregation.

    Abortions: 90% during first 13 weeks, 99% by 20 weeks. Those after only for serious medical reasons. Will John argue with MDs?

    John’s comment re murder makes no sense.

    Then John comes up with abstinence though he does not use the word. Well, that just doesn’t work out in the real world. John can stick with his defiance of science, the Bible, the Constitution, the Supreme Court, and public opinion.

  • Segregation is not racial discrimination.

    Age of fetus cannot validate abortion if age of child does not validate his murder.

    Of course abstinence does not work, I guess, you can get pregnant if you do not have sex. Not if that is in Bible though. LOL

    God kills humans – Wrong
    Women kill humans – Right and a right

    Your outrage to OT is only as real as mirage in a desert and your love of Science is only till the time it serves your needs. Then you can kill humans under personal opinion of who is a person and who has value.

  • Segregation may not be slavery, but its motive is very similar.

    John is just out of touch with reality. The Nov 1 NY Times article on the Zika epidemic in Brazil and Colombia makes the point that abortion for reasons of maternal physical and mental health is legal in Colombia, which is the most Catholic country in Latin America. (I used to teach school there.).

    John is free disregard science, the Bible, the Constitution, the SCOTUS, history (abortion in the US was legal throughout the lives of the Founders), common sense, and public opinion. And since he cannot get pregnant, does it matter what he thinks?

  • It is funny how you correct your points and still possess an air that you are right that you talk not to me but to some third party. LOL

    So you are also hypocrite I guess. Do you know homosexuality was also illegal throughout the lives of Founders, and such was upheld in Baker vs. Nelson?

    Of course, I know your friends here, who visit the site spamming their pro-homo views and calling others bigot if they do not agree with them but hey, yes, Bible, SCOTUS, when you can kill unborn. You guys are so pathetic, it is hillarious.

    No, sir, Bible, Science, public opinion is with me. And of course you are sexist for trying to silence my opinion because of my gender.

    In a nutshell, you are bad by both conservative and liberal standards. It is an achievement if you ask me.

  • Fights bigotry, calls half of America immoral.

    Do you know what I find funny about LGBTQ movement? No matter how much I want to believe otherwise, you people always convince me that what a fundie at the altar says, is 100% true.

  • Then you should check him out Metaxas, Linda. The people here will only try to misguide you. Metaxas is not a man that I will call genuine, but he has a spine. And he is smart. But do you know what is best about him, he has a knack for standing for things he considers right or makes us believe so (LOL)

  • Southern Democrats were racist. Northern Democrats, by and large, were not. Was Adlai Stevenson a racist? Was Hubert Humphrey a racist? Were the Kennedys racist?

    By the way, the traditional view of when a fetus becomes human was when it received a soul, which as I remember was 45 days for a boy and 90 days for a girl.

  • “Segregation is not racial discrimination.”
    That is not what the Supreme Court said in 1954. When a black person cannot use the library or swimming pool his taxes pay for, has to sit at the back of the bus, cannot vote or serve on a jury that IS racial discrimination.

    God kills people all the time: earthquakes, hurricanes, and other “acts of God.”

  • “as a young lawyer she defended a man who raped a 12-year-old girl.”

    As a young lawyer she defended a man who was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. He was innocent until proven guilty and eventually pleaded to a lesser charge.

  • Religious freedom has come to be defined as the freedom to discriminate homosexuals. Something like 60% of Americans now support gay marriage, and most of the rest have little to do with marriage ceremonies. So very few people lose anything.

  • _”When a black person cannot use the library or swimming pool his taxes pay for”_

    I am not sure you understand what segregation means. It just means people living apart from each other.
    If a black person cannot access library his taxes pay for,that is not segregation but racial discrimination.
    If blacks have their own library and whites their own, this is segregation.

  • I am not sure you understand it. Democrats argued for racism and based it on their party ideology, formally.

    And your last comment is just hillarious.

  • “As early as the time of Tertullian
    in the third century, Christianity had absorbed the Pythagorean Greek
    view that the soul was infused at the moment of conception.”

  • “Religious freedom has come to be defined as the freedom to discriminate homosexuals.”

    The only ones that are defining it that way are those that are not very pro religious freedom.

    “Something like 60% of Americans now support gay marriage, and most of
    the rest have little to do with marriage ceremonies. So very few people
    lose anything.”

    Almost all Americans are non-racist. So if we make a law that one day, we have to eat at Asian Restaurant, one day at Chinese and one day at Mexican, that will be fine, right?