Supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump cheer at a campaign rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., on Oct. 10, 2016. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Mike Segar

Trump’s conspiracy theory smells like anti-Semitism

(RNS) It happened in West Palm Beach, Fla. -- in the shadow of condo developments and gated communities that are as demographically Jewish as Warsaw was before World War II.

Which is to say: a lot.

Here is what Donald Trump chose to say to his supporters about his opponent at a rally:

“Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plan the destruction of global sovereignty in order to enrich these global interest powers, her special interest friends and her donors.”

And Trump's supporters applauded -- wildly.

Many political observers have commented on Trump's odd and ambiguous relationship with the Jews. I have defended him against charges of anti-Semitism, saying that he grew up in Jamaica Estates, Queens, in a Jewish area, and that he has many Jewish friends and associates.

(Fun fact: Some years ago, I found an old dinner dance journal from 1943, from the Jamaica Jewish Center, in which Donald's father, the similarly controversial Fred Trump, took out a full page ad "in honor of my friends at Jamaica Jewish Center.")

Many have pointed to his daughter Ivanka's conversion to Orthodox Judaism, and Trump's Jewish grandchildren, as proof that he cannot be anti-Semitic.

But then, there were those "hmmm ... " moments -- and they have been mounting.

  • There were Trump's remarks before the Republican Jewish Coalition: "I know why you're not going to support me. You're not going to support me because I don't want your money. ... Look, I'm a negotiator like you folks ... "

And some said: Oh, he was just trying to be folksy and familiar.

  • Then, there was: "Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day."

And, some said: Oh, he was paying Jews a compliment for their business acumen.

  • Then, there was that business about Hillary Clinton and the Star of David.

And some said: Oh, that was just a six-pointed star -- like a sheriff's badge.

  • Remember how Trump referred to comedian Jon Stewart? "I promise you that I'm much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz - I mean Jon Stewart @TheDailyShow. Who, by the way, is totally overrated."

And, some Jews said to me: Trump was actually castigating Stewart for changing his name -- for being an assimilationist.

(Yeah, right. Donald Trump as the defender of Jewish identity against the forces of modernity.)

But, now the anti-Semitic needle starts to go into the red zone.

  • There has been the constant barrage of  anti-Semitic tweets and attacks on reporters who happen to be Jewish who have criticized Trump.
  • There have been anti-Semitic attacks on New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for his attention to the Trump Foundation.

No more apologies. No more forced explanations. No more convoluted rationalizations.

When you talk about global conspiracies, and when you use terms like "international banks," you are talking about the Jews.

Because there has never been another people in the history of the world that has been accused of global conspiracy.

It goes back to the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the forged czarist document that purports to uncover the Jewish scheme for world dominion. In this country, no less a person than Henry Ford was responsible for the dissemination of that horrific souvenir of anti-Jewish paranoia.

In fact, the very notion of "conspiracy" could not exist without the Jews. Take the word "cabal," which means a secretive group that works behind the scenes, usually for nefarious purposes.

"Cabal" comes from the word "kabbalah," the secret doctrine of Jewish mysticism, which anti-Semites considered so secretive that they were sure it contained hidden codes for Jewish domination.

I am still not accusing Trump of being anti-Semitic. I don't know what is going on inside his heart and soul.

But, all along, Trump has been sending anti-Semitic dog whistles -- the red meat of hatred that he has been throwing to many of his supporters.

At the risk of being uncivil in the midst of a campaign that has had no surplus of civility, their ideology is deplorable.

The dog whistle that Trump just sent -- the international Jewish conspiracy theme -- is the oldest one, and historically, it has been the most dangerous one.

If Trump doesn't know what he just said, he is not as smart as he thinks.

And if he does know what he just said, he is far worse than we had thought.

(Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin is the spiritual leader of Temple Solel in Hollywood, Fla., and writes the Martini Judaism blog for RNS)


  1. What paranoia?

    Trump is the first Republican candidate in the last 80 years who has the “endorsement of figures in the KKK. I am still not seeing any disavowal of the David Duke endorsement, nor any Neo-Nazi figures who have pledged support either.

    Of course someone who writes posts like:

    “I am really pizzed off at some Jews within organizations such as AIPAC and others who have interfered with the American political process and are traitorous Israel firsters. They should all be sent to Israel and Israel should learn to live on its own without being a bloodsucker to the American taxpayer. “


    “If you want to know why Hitler came to power just look at Ruth Bader Ginsburg.”

    is not in any position to comment on anti-semitism other than to serve as an example of it.

  2. Re: “I am still not accusing Donald Trump of being anti-Semitic…. But, all along, Trump has been sending anti-Semitic dog whistles — the red meat of hatred that he has been throwing to many of his supporters.”

    Given his use of those “dog whistles” (and I agree, that’s precisely what little Donnie has been doing), does it really matter all that much if he is or isn’t a genuine anti-Semite? I mean, think about it: What’s worse, an anti-Semite, or someone who willingly caters to anti-Semites? That could be answered any number of ways, but I contend, none of those answers are any good. They’re certainly not things one would want to see in a major-party presidential candidate, at the very least.

  3. Mr. Silk, as a Jew, I like your column. I think the dog whistles are there, though a bit more subtle than usual. It may not be the 2Rump is bigoted, but I am certain that large numbers of his followers are, and he knows how to appeal to them.

    I will disagree with one statement, though. There has been another people accused of a global conspiracy, though not to the extent that we Jews have been accused. But the slanders are the same, the rhetoric is the same, and the predicted consequences are the same.

    Gay people.

    There is the gaystapo, the gay mafia, the gay lobby in the Vatican. (Actually the whole place is pretty gay, not just the lobby, but that is another story). The secret cabal that controls everything.

    There is the myth that gays want to recruit your children into the death style of homosexuality, they’re coming for your children. Another iteration of the blood libel leveled against Jews.

    Gays control the worlds of art and culture, just like to Jews control the financial world AND the world of art and culture.

    Gays reject Jesus just like the Jews reject Jesus. But on the brighter side, we’re not usually accused of killing the baby Jesus and making him cry.

    If the Great GAy Conspiracy isn’t stopped by the righteous, they cause the downfall of western civilization. Hitler always wanted to stop the Jews for the same reasoning, and was willing to destroy western civilization to do it. Irony of ironies.

    Jews are a mongrel race that destroys civilization. Gays are just mongrels that destroy civilization.

    I’m sure if I put my mind to it, I could come up with a few more parallels. I wrote a paper on it once some 40 years ago, but I can’t find it.

  4. Blaming everything on the Hebrew people became more inconvenient once Pope Benedict XVI said they weren’t to blame for the death of Jesus. Really, the shift had been years in the making, though. A generation even, probably starting in 1973 & or maybe when the DSM-III was actually released in 1980. These things tend to be generational-based & it was time for a new demon since most of the young kids no longer had direct experience with Jews as actual demons. Also, the CRA of 1964 & all the derivative effects that took a decade to have impact.
    Don’t worry; once LGBT people are granted some sort of suspect class status, a new group will be found in the decade that follows. After all, a new generation of minds and hearts will need to be captured to keep the hate machines running and funded…

  5. All of that is true, up to a point. In my youth, the 50’s and even into the ’60’s, I heard plenty of anti-Semitic garbage. F. Baily smith, former president of the southern baptist convention, proudly announced in 1978 or so that “god almighty doesn’t hear the prayer of a Jew.”

    Anti Semitic is still there, and won’t be going away soon. But it has become unacceptable since smith to be quite so loud and proud about it, it’s what the anti-gay bigots who really don’t want to be called antigay bigots are referring to when they say that “disagreement isn’t hate”, “you’re intolerant me my intolerance”, and their favorite bugaboo, political correctness.

    Right now, it appear mooslims and meskins are the new go-to’s for bigotry. But homobigotry is too engraved in our culture to disappear any time soon

  6. I wonder if maybe the old / prior targets never get dropped as that would imply the “movement” to protect the speaker’s way of life might have been…mistaken (read: bigots). But just like with any other marketing, it’s important to make the product new & exciting every now and then so new groups for the new generation must always be sought out?

  7. I think you are being paranoid but of course its simply your point of view versus myself and others. So you can interpret it any way you want. Its still a free country at least until Hillary is possibly elected. and then she will take over SCOTUS and guaranteed people such as myself will be put in jail simply for voicing my opinion especially about Israel and the Israeli lobby.

  8. Hmm. I hadn’t seen your comment. When I posted mine there were only 2 comments, neither by you. I just saw yours; well said.

  9. And you had the nerve to call the Mr. Salkin paranoid. Jeez, projection much?

    Guess what Sparky? Nobody is going to jail for voicing an opinion on the israel lobby no matter who gets elected. 8 years of Obama and you are free to speak your mind. 4-8 years of Hillary you will be doing the same. Stephen Walt, and the people at BDS have been milking that one for professional purposes (grifting) for years. No end in sight. Plus you are talking about a woman who kissed Yassir Arafat and his wife in public. So you really have no clue what you are talking about.

    Trump on the other hand wants to loosen libel laws to make it easy for rich people to silence critics by miring them into lawsuits. The guy loves abusing litigation.

  10. Its quite extensive the push by Jewish groups to shut down any criticism of Israel. And I’m not just referring to AIPAC and B’nai Brith.One merely has to do some research on the issue.
    And Hillary ? She would side with anyone with a big pocketbook as she has proven even Americas enemies.

  11. So you are annoyed that your POV is not as popular as you hope and that others don’t respond to it the same way you do. You obviously have no problem expressing your views online, and no doubt in public when given the chance.

    I have seen your posting history. Some of it is pretty vile stuff. But you aren’t being prevented from expressing yourself. So pardon me if I think you are not only paranoid, but projecting here.

    I have no desire to continue a conversation with you. I am not preventing you from speaking further. I just don’t have much of an interest in your POV in general.

  12. I don’t think Trump is anti-Semitic, and that may be the best thing I can say about him, be he is most certainly politically tone deaf, at least as regards the supreme political attribute of nuance. This can be amusing and refreshing to a point, but he has moved well beyond that point…He is no longer amusing and his tone deafness surpasses the staleness of 3 day old bread.

  13. donald trump is referring to the Bilderberg group,

    this jump to it being anti semitism is an attempt to stop members of the public looking into the true meaning of trumps comments.

    Also considering hilarys wiki emails showing that she is planning essentially to infiltrate the church and change it into something else im surprised this website isnt covering that story more.

  14. Bigots often need to justify their hatred by inventing horror stories about the group. I proudly belong to another group who are universally despised – atheists. We have no morals because, well, you can’t be moral without religion. We are probably communists, too.

  15. Infiltrate the church? Which church? whose church?

    I just love the smell of brewing coffee in tin foil hats In The morning.

  16. Of course, because people who wear tinfoil hats never project their own stuff onto other people, never want to put people in jail.

    Did Obama come for your guns yet? HAve gay men redecorated your apartment against your will?

  17. Thanks. I was really only saying we tend to think alike.

  18. That would imply that bigotry is a conscious decision,which I’m sure it often is, but not for everyone.

  19. Perhaps, while individual bigotry can be learned without realizing it, the more institutionalized or organized forms – ones on which people make a living, such as churches and NPO’s – are most certainly intentional. And they tend to be the driving force in some subcultures.

  20. One need look no further than the millions of Trump supporters on Twitter who say the most ghastly things. The sheer volume of toxic anti-Semitic slurs, “cartoons”, and actual threats is overwhelming and horrifying in the extreme. Has Trump spoken out against any of them? Certainly not. He gives them all tacit approval and encouragement. I’m sure the FBI is working overtime following up on the threats.

  21. “donald trump is referring to the Bilderberg group”

    And there are very few references to them outside of the tinfoil hat crowd and anti-semitic screeds

    “Bilderberg leaders are said to be members of the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations — groups which themselves are often central players in far-right conspiracy theories of secret efforts at domination of the world’s political and financial institutions and the press. Such charges about the Bilderberg group were a regular feature in The Spotlight, the recently-defunct weekly tabloid of the far-right, anti-Semitic Liberty Lobby.”

  22. This is also one of the most sexits psst I’ve ever scene.

  23. Re: “Its quite extensive the push by Jewish groups to shut down any criticism of Israel.”

    Interestingly enough — if I may point out the obvious — you, and many others, seem able to criticize Israel freely. I see a lot of it out there. It goes on, and on, and on, just fine. Have you heard, for example, of the “BDS movement”? It’s alive and well, I’ll have you know. And that’s merely one example. I could cite hundreds of others — but won’t, because it’s unnecessary.

    It’s possible, I suppose, that these evil, invisible agents and cabals have (as you say) expended a great deal of money, in hopes of “[shutting] down any criticism of Israel” … but if so, they’ve gotten a staggeringly poor return on their investment. As in, no return on it, at all. None. Not a bit.

    Maybe — just maybe! — it’s time to put away the irrational conspiratorial thinking? It doesn’t seem to be working for you. Just a thought.

  24. Yes you are right there are groups like BDS and many people like myself stating the obvious. And the reason for that is because the western media is largely pro Israel and refuses to do complete unbiased reporting on Israel or pro Israel groups in the US. You are free to say what you like and so am I.

  25. Re: “Yes you are right there are groups like BDS and many people like myself stating the obvious.”

    Thank you for conceding you haven’t been silenced. Which puts the lie to your contention that invisible Israelite lobbies are silencing you. You know it’s not true, so why did you say it?

    Re: “And the reason for that is because the western media is largely pro Israel and refuses to do complete unbiased reporting on Israel or pro Israel groups in the US.”

    I see. So — for example — all those reports, in multiple media outlets around the world, about the devastating effects of the Gaza war on Palestinians in that district, were never filed or published? Reports that included potential atrocities committed by the IDF? Got it. I can’t really say I agree, though … I mean, obviously I saw and read them, whereas you say they were never released and I can’t (therefore) have done so.

  26. No people on the internet have not been silenced at least not yet. But certainly groups such as B’nai Brith and others have tried to silence people speaking out in universities across America. BDS arose to counter this academic censorship.
    So why are you so concerned about people speaking out from the other point of view concerning Israel ?

    And which reports would that be about Gaza ?

  27. Re: “No people on the internet have not been silenced at least not yet.”

    It’s not only on the Internet that they haven’t been silenced. They haven’t been silenced in “the real world,” either. Hence, things like the BDS movement which I mentioned and which you conceded exists. So, I will ask again, and this time, expect an answer: Why did you claim — contrary to what you have, yourself, admitted is the truth — that Israel’s critics have been silenced? Have you the courage to admit you lied, and explain why you did? Or are you going to try to snivel and whine your way out of it?

    Re: “So why are you so concerned about people speaking out from the other point of view concerning Israel ?”

    I’m not. I don’t care if people criticize Israel or not. What I object to are paranoid, conspiratorial lies. Like the one you told — and which you, yourself, admitted you know is not true. Criticize away! Just don’t whine and gripe that there’s some nefarious effort to silence you — because that’s a lie.

    Re: “And which reports would that be about Gaza ?”

    There have been many. Unfortunately I can’t link to anything in this comment because RNS will torpedo it (for some reason I can’t fathom). A search on “israeli atrocities in gaza” will turn up many mass media articles on the subject. Here’s one example: “U.N. Report on Gaza Finds Evidence of War Crimes by Israel and by Palestinian Militants” by the New York Times dated 6/22/2015. An obfuscated link is: http://www nytimes com/2015/06/23/world/middleeast/israel-gaza-report.html

    I hope you’ll be able to rework that link so you can view the article you say does not exist. After you’ve read it, I expect you to tell me why you lied when you said “the western media is largely pro Israel and refuses to do complete unbiased reporting on Israel.” Again, this is my challenge to you: Have you the courage to answer my question about why you knowingly lie about this nefarious Israeli conspiracy to silence you and prevent the occidental media from reporting anything unflattering about Israel?

    To date I’ve never met one of your type who has the courage to explain his/her lies. I don’t expect you will either … but I suppose you might surprise me.

    Again, to be clear: I don’t object to criticizing Israel. Not at all. I have no dog in this fight. What I do object to, though, is when people lie and repeat counter-factual canards in the name of propping up their persecutorial delusions.

  28. So do you change your religious identity often? First you identify as being jewish and then an atheist. Why don’t be truthful and state I was born to Jewish parents/family and now am an atheist. Or is it like dual citizenship?

  29. I think you have that backwards, it is the left who constantly bullies the Jewish/Israeli people. They are the ones who belong to groups that want nothing more than Israel to disappear from the map. They are the ones who use divestment to punish them, they are the ones who call Israel the new South Africa (apartheid), they are the ones who blame Israel for hostilities, and now they have declared through UNESCO that the Jewish people/nation has no claim to Jerusalem even though they built the city. So before you start with the false narratives about Trump supporters, at least know your subject matter.

  30. I would guess that you don’t, either. except that I do.

  31. Oh you have no kelev in the fight ? Oh sure I really believe that one. You dont even have the guts to use your real name. Mine is James Ginn and you will find it on many mesageboards.And I have lied about nothing. And its not an Israeli conspiracy its the pro Israel groups within the US who attempt to stymie criticism of Israel. I’m sure you know who those groups are.

    The Israeli stranglehold on CNN

    Commentary by Khalid Amayreh

    In 1978, the famous American Jewish author Alfred Lilienthal wrote his masterpiece book “the Zionist connection: what price peace?”, in which he described in great detail the Jewish-Zionist stranglehold on the American media, especially the so-called agenda-setters.

    Lilienthal, who died two years ago, knew what he was talking about. He explained that the Zionist cabal controlling the American media had only one mantra to invoke, one cause to serve, and one goal to achieve, namely Israel. Every other consideration, whether professional ethics or simple honesty, was subject to Zionist expediency.

    Lilienthal used strong terms to describe the Zionist-Jewish octopus plaguing the American media discourse. I have no doubt that he would have cited the sacking by CNN this week of its senior editor for Middle Eastern affairs, Octavia Nasr, as a classical and scandalous example of how the American media is decidedly at Israel’s beck and call.

    Nasr was sacked after she published a twitter message saying that she respected the Shiite cleric the Grand Ayatollah Muhammed Hussein Fadlullah, who died on Sunday.

    She reportedly wrote in her twitter message “Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlullah … One of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot.”

    Fadlullah was a man of dignity who enjoyed a lot of respect throughout the Middle East and the Muslim world. He didn’t hesitate to call the spade a spade, which earned him the hostility of many parties, including Israel and some extremist pseudo Islamic groups.

    A religious moderate, Fadlullah supported the just Palestinian struggle against Israeli Nazism, arguing that supporting the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice was a paramount moral duty incumbent upon all Muslims.

    In the mid 1980s, Fadlullah narrowly escaped death when CIA-agents detonated a huge-car-bomb at the Bir al Abd neighborhood in southern Beirut, killing dozens of innocent people.

    However, the attempted assassination of Shiite scholar didn’t succeed in silencing the Sheikh, who continued to speak up against Israeli Nazism and America’s embrace of it. In fact, it was largely thanks to Fadllullah’s preaching that Lebanon didn’t become the American-Israeli colony that influential Zionist circles in Washington and elsewhere had been planning for decades.

    The decision by the CNN administration to fire Octavia Nasr, a secular and thoroughly westernize woman, underscores the ethical bankruptcy of the leading American media, especially its harsh intolerance of non-conformist perceptions and convictions.

    We all know that had Nasr voiced admiration for Meir Kahana, the notorious racist American Jewish rabbi, or Ariel Sharon, the certified Israeli war criminal, or other Judeo-Nazi thugs, no measure would have been taken against her.

    Needless to say, in a healthy democratic atmosphere, people may freely sincerely and thoughtfully express their views and feelings. This is what Nasr exactly did. In so doing, she was only voicing the feelings of millions of people around the globe.

    To CNN, her views may be viewed as controversial or non-conformist or even repugnant. However, her right to express her views, however objectionable, via a twitter message, not CNN screen, is absolute. In the final analysis, freedom of speech is a fundamental human right for all people, including CNN journalists. Even CNN’s own employment charter doesn’t stipulate that applicants must be dedicated Islamophobes or firm believers in Israeli Nazism and in the legitimacy of Israel’s Nazi-like occupation of Palestinian land.

    But the problem at CNN is neither philosophical nor academic, but rather ideological and political. Israel is CNN’s ultimate idol-god. And any shred of thought, or view, or gesture that can be construed to imply criticism of Israel will not be tolerated. Ultimately, a pro-Israeli slant is the ultimate qualification that overrides any other qualification.

    I am glad that the tight enslavement of the American information consumers by such Zionist-run outlets as CNN is beginning to disintegrate. Thanks to the proliferation of the Internet, people around the world, including millions of Americans, are discovering the truth which the likes of CNN had made tremendous efforts to obfuscate and hide. Indeed, it was thanks to the largely silly, superficial and ignorant discourse adopted by the agenda-setter media in the US that the bulk of the American people became thoroughly ignorant and shamefully misinformed about foreign affairs. And when it comes to Israel-Palestine, the enormity of ignorance and stupidity is conspicuous.

    It is this enormity of ignorance and naivety that has allowed successive US administrations to beguile the American public by waging wanton and unnecessary wars that destroyed entire nations and claimed the lives of millions of victims, including tens of thousands of Americans.

    This is why the American people and other western people do need an alternative media to tell them the real facts, not the facts according to the Zionist robber barons in New York and London.

    In the final analysis, how can the American people, who are thoroughly preoccupied with their daily affairs and making a decent living, know the truth about what is going in Gaza, for example, when major American media networks, such as CNN, refuse to report on Israeli atrocities in the coastal enclave or in southern Lebanon on the ground that the scenes are too gruesome for the viewers’ feelings?

    Knowing what goes on in Gaza, for example, may seem a secondary preoccupation for many Americans. However, with the US waging two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and with Israel constantly instigating the US to wage total war against the entire Muslim world, mainly in order to promote Jewish territorial aggrandizement in Palestine, knowing the truth about Israeli Nazism may play a key role in saving the lives of thousands of would-be victims, Americans and non-Americans alike.

    After all, Americans have a right, indeed a duty, to prevent Israel and its agents at the US arena, from leading their government to wage stupid and disastrous wars for Israel. And there is no reason why America’s young must die a painful death for the sake of Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank.

    One more thing. The American media claims independence from government. However, the latest scandal involving CNN shows that the American media nearly sheepishly follows the government line, which shows that freedom and US media are an oxymoron.

    The shipyard dogs of Zionism, who constantly seek more and more control over the information industry in the West, would bark uncontrollably when their designs are exposed.

    However, when a journalist working in “the land of liberty” is fired from her job for merely saying she respected an elderly man, who had just died, and who happened to be a critic of Israel and the US policies , one is prompted to feel that the “Nazi experiment” can and may experience a certain reincarnation, somehow, somewhere.

  32. Re: “There is an effort to silence Israels critics …”

    No, there isn’t, if people are free to criticize Israel.

  33. In defense of Ben, I was always given the impression that being Jewish can be considered simply an ethnic group, like being Chinese or German, and doesn’t necessarily have to do with whether one is an atheist or not…am I wrong here Ben? I mean, I’m an African-American Protestant, but there are African-American atheists(God only knows why, LOL! ?.) So…

  34. Now THAT’S what you call a genuine conspiracy theory, Ben! ?—“infiltrate the church”, indeed…with all due respect,Kenny Ok, what color is the sky in YOUR world?? ?.

  35. It’s more of a cultural thing. I am an atheist, true. But I was raised as a Jew, and experienced a great deal of anti Semitism growing up. That experience is a part of my life, and a part of my identity. I don’t claim to be a believing Jew.

    Likewise, though I nearly became a Christian in my late teens, I didn’t actually become one. So I don’t identify that way at all.

    Thanks for your support. ?

  36. You know what’s funny?

    The very same person who refers to others as”human bacilli ravaging the body politic” also calls himself a decent person.

  37. Why, quelle surprise.

    Scratch an old bigot, and find a shiny new bigot underneath.

    Honey, you have issues.

  38. Seriously, what the hell are you doing outside of 4Chan?

  39. I am done trolling you. How do you keep a raging dillhole in suspense?

  40. Google translate won’t translate it. Is it that bad, not that I expect less from this bundle o’ charm?

  41. Sounds like 2Rump, rMoney, and the Koch heads.

  42. My thing in German was “the killer joke” from Monty Python (pure gibberish) and an insult in Japanese.

  43. Why, thank you. You do have some purpose after all.

  44. Gadamer (cf Truth & Method) reveals the importance of one’s own prior experience in the interpretive matrix shaping how we hear, evaluate and assign meaning to our external world, in this case Mr. Trump’s comments. I would suggest that this author hearing “anti-Semitic dog whistles” speaks more to the author’s state of mind and angst rather than the intended meaning of Trump.

  45. Or the fact that legions of organized antisemites and white supremacists support Trump and make up a key voting base for him.

  46. Thank you for providing yourself as an example.

  47. Amen, Jeff. Just Amen. Nobody knows what’s going on in that head.

  48. You are the one who is being tedious, repetitive and uninformed. You will never be put one jail for your opinions about anything.

  49. Despite running off a litany of anti-semitic conspirational BS, nobody is silencing you, nor any of your sources cited, nor the people referenced. Those people may have experienced negative outcomes for expressing their views in public, but that is the nature of such things.

    Bigotry and wingnut conspiracy theories do not have social acceptability in general. People react badly to them. You are more annoyed that people did not share your opinion than anything else. That is not being silenced, that is being whiny.

  50. Evidently you are still not silenced despite your claims to the contrary.


    You also demonstrated that nobody is really paying attention to your views except to show disapproval.

  51. No not yet and that is a good thing. But there have been attempts at introducing laws making it a crime to critize Israel in both Europe and in Canada.
    There are millions of people who agree with ‘my views’ in Europe and North America so you are just whistling in the dark. The very fact that there is no real criticism of Israel in the main stream media in Canada or the US is proof enough of what I state.

  52. See, you are still ranting away with nobody bothering to stop you. Your junk hasn’t even been flagged as inappropriate (which although tasteless, fact free BS, it would still be within community standards).

    You aren’t being silenced. You are being ignored. There is a difference. Its not that you have no ability to express your opinion. Its most people don’t care what you are saying. No amount of whining will make you more interesting or appear sane.

    “There are millions of people who agree with ‘my views’ in Europe and North America so you are just whistling in the dark.”

    Now you are dealing in fantasy on top of fictional conspiracy arguments. My guess is they are far fewer in number than you think they are. Delusion seems to be a major component to your spiel. A belief your views are far more sane than reality is permitting.

    “The very fact that there is no real criticism of Israel in the main
    stream media in Canada or the US is proof enough of what I state.”

    Again you overestimate the sanity and veracity of your arguments. Plenty of people are talking. Few people feel the need to give them the time of day. You are annoyed your POV is not as wildly popular as you think. Boo hoo.

    Truth is, nobody wants to bother with fact free bigoted nonsense wingnut conspiracy theories unless one of its proponents does something anti-social and stupid in public.

  53. I have 5 millennial grandchildren. If they are any example, homophobia AND religion are on their way out….

  54. From your mouth to the Flying Spagheti Monster’s ears, as they say. ?

  55. That’s a really sad old trick, to cry racism/anti-Semitism whenever someone disagrees with your political position! Barak Obama was a big beneficiary of that old ploy during his first term and much of his second. It was better than Teflon . . . the few honest media people held back on asking hard questions of Obamacare or pointing out the obvious lie, “If you like your insurance/doctor, you can keep your insurance/doctor!” It was more than proportional, as his half-blackness made him completely immune from criticism or hard questions from the mainstream media.

    Obama was smart in a self-serving way: he built on that with rhetoric that showed his delusion of being the conscience of the whole world. At first the Europeans cheered, before growing tired of the hot air and finally calling him a little wind-bag. (Bush was considered an idiot, but during his tenure we held a better place in the world, particularly among our sworn enemies, out to destroy us.) All the high-sounding rhetoric hid a gutlessness by this little utopian idealogue who was clueless about the projection of American power in the world. Thank God his tenure is coming to an end. Regardless of who is elected America will be lucky to ever recover the place we once held in the world in the next 10 years–if ever.

  56. I think you should try tolerance. The world would be a better place.

  57. Hey, Jeff…it’s time to realize that the drugs aren’t really working anymore, O.K.? Now hie yourself down to rehab and re-join the real world where coherent thought actually holds sway, buddy…?

  58. Isn’t it fascinating how haters’ minds work? There can hardly be a more fetid, toxic swamp than the putrid mind of a dedicated hater…YUCK!! ??.

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