Pope Francis speaks to journalists on his flight back to Rome from Sweden on Nov. 1, 2016. Photo courtesy REUTERS/Ettore Ferrari/Pool

Pope Francis reminds Donald Trump not to forget the poor

Pope Francis speaks to journalists on his flight back to Rome, Italy November 1, 2016. Photo courtesy REUTERS/Ettore Ferrari/Pool

Pope Francis speaks to journalists on his flight back to Rome from Sweden on Nov. 1, 2016. Photo courtesy REUTERS/Ettore Ferrari/Pool

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis has urged Donald Trump not to forget the poor and marginalized in his first comments on the president-elect to be published after the Republican’s stunning election win.

In an interview conducted Monday (Nov. 7) on the eve of the election and published Friday by an Italian daily, the Argentine pope declined to make any judgment about Trump.

“I do not judge people or politicians,” the pope told Eugenio Scalfari of La Repubblica when asked what he thought of Trump. “I only want to understand what suffering their behavior causes to the poor and the excluded.”

Throughout the interview the pope reinforced his concern for the disadvantaged and said his greatest worry was for migrants and refugees who were forced to flee their countries and the poor in wealthy countries afraid to accept them.

“These are measures that are opposed by the people who fear losing their jobs and seeing their salaries reduced," Francis said, giving his view on a dynamic that was believed to play a major role in the U.S. presidential race.

"Money is against the poor and against immigrants and refugees but there are also the poor within rich countries, who fear the arrival of those who are like them from poor countries," Francis continued.

"It is a perverse vicious circle and it needs to be stopped. We need to knock down the walls that divide us: try to boost well-being and make it more widespread but in order to achieve this, we need to knock down walls and build bridges that can lessen inequality and boost freedom and rights … What we want is a fight against inequality, this is the biggest evil that exists in the world today."

Earlier this year, the pope provoked an angry response from Trump when he questioned his stance on immigration and his pledge to build a wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico to stop migrants.

"A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel," Francis said after an official visit to Mexico.

According to the Pew Research Center, Catholics and evangelical Christians played a critical role in Trump’s election -- 52 percent of Catholics voted for the real estate mogul and neophyte candidate.

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In the La Repubblica interview, Francis spoke of his admiration for civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., saying that love alone is capable of breaking the cycle of hatred and evil.

He also dismissed suggestions he was a communist. “My response has always been, if anything, is that there are communists who think like Christians.

“Christ spoke of a society where the poor, the weak and the excluded are there to decide. Not the demagogues.”

On Saturday the pope gave a speech in which he urged social justice activists from around the world not to give into the politics of fear.

“Because fear -- as well as being a good deal for the merchants of arms and death -- weakens and destabilizes us, destroys our psychological and spiritual defenses, numbs us to the suffering of others,” he said. “In the end it makes us cruel.”

(Josephine McKenna covers the Vatican for RNS)


  1. Don’t forget, your people ordered all American Catholics to vote for him. All his hate and violence, any blood he spills is on your hands and those of your bishops, PaDRE. Own it, boy.

  2. Telling Donald Trump not to forget the poor?

    Frank, you are such a card!

  3. I believe Donald Trump is offering a more positive message for the poor than the pope. The poor are among the “forgotten ones” who will be forgotten no more. Trump promises them a better tomorrow through better jobs and education reform–altogether a better pathway to opportunities for all to rise in this world.

    Conversely the Catholic Church, which shuns birth control, teaches it’s members that poverty is indeed blessed. The pope has had the moxy to step out into secular areas that his predecessors avoided. He could easily use his considerable influence to push the poor countries to offer job training that would lead to better employment and increased trade with the US and Europe. A rising tide lifts all boats.

    The Pope could encourage entrepreneurship to increase wealth in families. Even Fr. Gustavo Guitierrez, the Latin American priest who founded liberation theology, has come around to supporting the Peruvian economist Hernando DeSoto’s work legitimizing the informal underground economies that provide upwards of 50% of the goods and services in these poor Latin American countries. When their assets and gains are protected by law, Thriving on hard work and efficiency these dynamic small enterprises do more to lift the poor out of poverty, than do all the poverty programs in the world.

  4. The choice was between Trump’s fascist policies and a woman who supports the ongoing murder of 1,000,000 unborn children every year. Catholics were offered a pretty horrible choice in this election.

  5. “It’s not “…daily bread.””

    Teach your children well, and then teach them even better.

    Google: “Epiousios”

  6. I do not forsee help for those who are struggling in the pres-elect’s plan. While he did talk about it, I doubt he’ll follow through. I certainly hope I’m wrong.

  7. Not forget the poor? Fat chance! Trump never knew they existed!

    No more refugees or poor immigrants into the USA, only the rich and non-Muslim can apply!

  8. Care to offer some facts to refute your derision of what I’ve offered above? Obviously you can’t. Go study the work of Hernando deSoto. He’s written a great book, “The Mystery of Capital.” When the capital is owned by individuals, they take better care of everything. They are more efficient and they build for the long term because their legal right to the money they earn is protected by law.

    Hahahahaha right back atcha!

  9. HA HA HA HA!!!
    Talk to the contractors he has bankrupted and shorted lately? They sued for services rendered and he beat them down with mediation…to their detriment.

  10. Well I don’t believe he did any of that LATELY, if he ever did! You’re a Trump-hater so you chose to believe it happened and worse, As someone who’s well aware of the half-truths that get thrown around in political campaigns, I choose to believe the desparate Clinton campaign threw everything but the kitchen sink at Trump in the effort to render him undesirable as a presidential candidate.

    In truth, neither of us can with any degree of certainty, say what he did. I’ve worked as a contractor while also contracting the services of others. It’s more likely he was just late paying his subs, because he was waiting to be paid by others. BlueNavy, it will amaze you just how many innocent explanations you can see when you peel off those hate-sunglasses!

  11. Fittipaldi’s “Avarice: Papers that Reveal Wealth, Scandals and Secrets in the Church of Francis” and Nuzzi’s “Merchants in the Temple” give proof that of the 378 million euro given to the pope in 2013 for his “charitable works” only 20% was given to the poor. In charitable bank accounts in the Vatican bank, out of hundreds of thousands of euros, the amount was miniscule or nothing.
    On Sept. 1, the pope said,”“Migrants should be treated according to certain rules, because migration is a right, but one which is highly regulated” and “if a country is only able to integrate 20 [refugess], let’s say, then it should only accept that many.”

  12. Why not celebrate the fact that Trump wants Peace with Russia. And what exactly do you want Pope Francis? Open borders? Are you a globalist?

  13. I save my hate for people I’ve actually met.
    Anyway, here’s some light reading from a credible journalist. http://www.newsweek.com/authors/kurt-eichenwald-0

    It’s been a while and I’m not sure if it’s still available under a Freedom Of Information Act but look up the financial mess Trump created when he defaulted on the junk bonds he floated to build the Taj Mahal. Junk bonds at 14% because banks were tired of him fucking them over…foreign banks. He fucked over so many employees and contractors defaulting on those junk bonds that it crippled the city and wiped out hundreds of supporting business. Now get this, when all the Vegas casino magnets are raking in billions and advising Trump on how to keep all three (self competing) casinos solvent, he told them to fuck off.

  14. And another thing, this fool doesn’t understand how a blind trust functions either. That’s on record too.

  15. Which fool are you speaking of, the pope or Mr. Trump?!

  16. The Vatican now has an American in charge of finances and reorganizing.

    My former affluent parish gave most of its proceeds to non Catholic social agencies serving everyone.

    You cannot just go to one source. A Baptist friend told me to go the internet and see how the Vatican owns the Bank of America………..

  17. Yet it is Trump who admits he spends more time talking with ordinary people than with his competitors and speaks issues that resonate with the marginalized in this country who see the economic destruction coming from poor management and ideology.

  18. He wants to repeal Obamacare because the ordinary people are seeing premiums hit the roof…just as Fox News said it would so many years back.

  19. St. Clement, a certain pope going back over a thousand years ago….may be 1700 years ago stated that affluence tends to destroy Christianity.

    And the Church’s outreach does not do hand outs but teaches people to help themselves.

    What we are seeing in this country is Marxist/Globalist infiltration into Social Justice programs of which I am no longer involved.

  20. True. The earliest Christians shared everything…but that model didn’t work.

  21. You are in contradiction.

    We were instructed to vote for the sanctity of human life.

    What about the 1 to 2 billion unborn who sacrificed their lives for free sex?

  22. Because our candidates reflect the malaise among us that is already here.

    Our country is one that has lost its moral compass and is looked down upon by many countries in the world because of it.

  23. That is not universal Christianity…The Catholic/Orthodox Church.

  24. All human life matters, and also those who have different sexual orientation.

    We have no right to mistreat or condemn another human being.

  25. Trump may be on same page more or less….considering jobs are going global and better ones IT and those with college degrees…..

    NPR commentators who know stated they are looking at the model of restoring small businesses….local industries….rather than the large industries and corporations where individual workers were simply looked at as cogs in a machine.

  26. Will he replace it with something that works? What might that be?

  27. Well Julie-Babe, Clement was wrong! Christianity is still thriving in America, the most affluent country the world has ever known!

  28. . . . .as the 100-year world-wide experiment with Marxism/Communism amply proved! I believe that Christians are wise to live simply, and donate to great Christian causes that are devoted to making sure others can simply live!

  29. When Trump lowers the tax rate to 15% to achieve parity with Europe and other developed countries, and gives those companies now headquartered off shore credit for the taxes they’ve already paid abroad, two things will happen: 1. billions of dollars will start to be repatriated to US gov’t coffers, and 2. More of those international companies who have moved their headquarters off shore to avoid paying high US taxes, will be willling to consider moving back here, now that there’s no tax advantage to being located off shore.

    Trump is smart enough to know that large US corporations act out of self interest, and like all other countries, will give them reason to staying here in the US.

  30. No….I am talking about living the Standard of the Cross….I am referring in particular to Middle East and Orthodox Christians who have suffered the worst persecutions and suffer every day…even in ‘peace times’….because they are always being told from someone to leave and hand over their hard earned possessions and properties to them.

    You didn’t get the time frame…I wasn’t too clear…think it was a pope Clement around the 300’s or so….

    And although Christianity is the greatest voting block in the country, it is irrelevant because we likewise have the greatest number of factions and divisions…and…I remember reading a comment from the Russian, Solyietzen…spelling, sorry… who wrote ‘The Gulag’ and experienced God much more in prison and persecution than he did living in Canada.

    Our goal should be together to in enter into the life of the Holy Trinity, this communion our source of unity.

    Somehow I don’t equate affluence necessarily with profound spirituality considering how the monastics live secluded, with little, but full of Christ.

  31. Agree…I look at the world and think we are also coming to end of the corporation. Was just speaking to a machinist who developed a new improved part for my car, is a religious and spiritual person, who runs his business out of his home and has employees…he is living the vision of tomorrow.

  32. First, I think it terrible that single young men are now having to spend so much for others when they should be preparing for a family…and that touches as well the future of our country.

    They are looking at health saving accounts. I have one.

    I was listening to Ryan today but he says it is complex but already has something set up.

    We all are on the same page our people have proper insurance and health care.

    I also wonder if they will do anything to bring down the cost of pharmaceuticals…particularly as we average American people are no longer affluent. We pay 17% over.

    I do home health and am starting diabetic coaching. Great need to go into homes to help people be healthier, eat better, exercise….volunteer….get involved.

    Trump was truly relating to the common people who pretty much have carried the brunt of other administrations’ decisions….this going back to the late 60’s. But we will have a changed culture. To survive, we will have to develop more local economies….and more communitarianism…without violating people’s free choice to determine what work they want to do….

    It is also bring back the focus to grassroots…bringing government back to the local level where people’s needs are served.

  33. I’m sorry but you are getting your information from unreliable sources. No American is “in charge” of finances and reorganizing. The Vatican may own shares, but they do not own Bank of American. They have their own bank. My comments were based on multiple sources which I have found over the years to be accurate.

  34. The problem with your argument is that capital never stays under the control of individuals forever. Over time, it becomes more and more heavily concentrated into the hands of corporate executives and commercial bankers. In a world where everything is controlled by a corporations and banks, the only way to put power in the hands of the people is through cooperative ownership. We need a global movement to give corporate employees the legal right to start employee stock ownership plans, to guarantee that they have a voice in the decisions that affect them, and have the leverage to negotiate better pay and working conditions.

  35. That’s your response?! Catholic orthodoxy is directly responsible for genocide on this very continent. Get them born so “we” can kill ’em for not converting. What happens at the dawning of the 21st century in Catholicism? The massive, systemic sexual abuse was exposed to the globe. The massive, systemic victim blaming became the result as the enabling Catholic autocracy circled their wagons to further protect the blackness of their collective souls. Universal, independent, cult Christianity are ALL THE SAME as they use the same rule book to inflict grievous harm upon the innocent.

  36. I wonder what sources you are reading. I worked in the Catholic missions, have worked closely with priests my entire life. Nothing of the d emonic you are projecting.

    Sexual deviancy enters into any human institution. It is about 3 to 4%. Consider the massive sex obsession and aberrations, the destruction of innocence by the American sex revolution…..aka the Frankfurt School that likewise worked to have eventual globalization into former Judeo C hristian cultures so to further weaken faith and bring a totalitarian mindset as we see.

    There is a new book out on the 10 myths regarding the Catholic Church put out by a PhD non-Catholic who began exonerating the Jews and then saw some of the same issues and false narratives put on the Catholic Church.

    It is the Catholic Church that stood up to the Turkish genocide of Christians, the faced the Communists and Nazis.

    So the deviancy in the American priesthood is at 5%, and taking into consideration our sex obsessed culture, the destruction of the family, the perversion of identity, it is understandable.

    Sorry…you are repeating the same old stuff.

    Catholicism is the most humanizing force in the world.

  37. You didn’t get the pun.

    I am referring to the good Christian folks who believe anything about the Catholic Church.

    We focus on the deposit of faith in Christ. If a pope speaks politics, that is his personal opinion. We follow when he repeats what is in our faith. Catechism most clear and concise….and Scriptural references.

  38. So now they will have no insurance. That’s much better.
    As for premiums hitting the roof, it was that way before Obamacare. Now we get to see how trumpcare will make things all better,

  39. People definitely have different perceptions and it is hard to get through it.

    Trump spoke emotionally to the experience of the common people who are more independent. Don’t want all the restrictions and impediments of a huge, far away bureaucracy…nobody to blame…it is the reality everywhere of living in the West. Everywhere and all institutions.

    I have read people’s experiences in every day life running into him, and noted his charity.

    Really, best people not flaunt their charity.

  40. There is still a very devious and dangerous partition within Russia.

    It is very rich in resources, but the people don’t have management skills to develop them.

    Hopefully our new government can help in this area.

    Alot to pray for.

  41. No.

    Again, Ryan has the entire financial program.

    The issue with Obamacare was the intensely rising costs that would come about now. Fox News broadcasting but most not listening. Alot of people cannot grasp finance well.

    Other issue with Obamacare was the intense regulations, Dr’s having to go through so many pages of code…and alot considering getting out of the practice and retiring early….know a dr who did so.

    The new model is already there.

    Trump is speaking to them and he is consistent regarding how our every day people who don’t listen to one side, in how they have been totally ignored.

    Nobody wants the Republican Golf Club. But alot of them are so work driven, they don’t have time to extend socially to people outside their network.

    He is also pointing to a new economic society…that will depend on communitarianism, small business…which every day are folding up with so many regulations and employers cannot afford to pay such high medical premiums.

    The big transnational corporations are those without a country. Read a Harvard study that if you compare the combined income of working and middle class…it is a small blip on the screen. The author was going to come back and identify the individuals behind all of this…and it never came out…………They are extremely rich and you know, they pay out for cheap labor overseas.

    It is also about bringing back grassroots civil involvement, iradicating ideological labelling and stereotyping, thinking objectively instead, helping one another, and not letting far away people run everything with no accountability. You have this in the rural and ‘red’ counties across the country where people know each other better vs the totalitarian metro areas.

  42. “So the deviancy in the American priesthood is at 5%, and taking into consideration our sex obsessed culture, the destruction of the family, the perversion of identity, it is understandable.”
    What a foul and lame excuse for a religion seeking to establish global superiority.

    Well let’s see. I’ve read the 14th century accounts of the Spanish and Portuguese invaders of this continent. I’ve read of the Reconquista. When in California I read deeply on the interactions of the invading Catholic missions who set about abusive practices to covert thriving Native American tribes. I’ve read of the systemic rape and abuse of deaf children in Wisconsin at a Catholic school for the Deaf. Don’t get me going on the children stripped from their mothers because they happened to be unmarried.
    I’m reading modern dogma spewed from the likes of Cardinal Dolan, another leading abuse enabler, the dangerous misogyny and xenophobia of Cardinal Burke, the confessions of a sexual predator are not required to be reported because they took place in a confessional setting, a recent Louisiana court decision…so much for the victims in that state. BTW, what if anything is this authoritarian hierarchy doing for the innocent victimized by the church? Shaming them to silence and shunning them when they speak out?
    Shall I touch upon the ostentatious display of shameless wealth and vainglorious piety when dioceses are stumbling under really shitty economic conditions?

    And this one is a doozy:
    A 2014 report by The U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child called on the Church to overcome all the barriers and taboos surrounding adolescent sexuality that hinder their access to sexual and reproductive information, including on family planning and contraceptives.

    Womens Religious of the Catholic monolith are the TRUE practitioners. The male dominant autocracy has crippled and is still crippling many parts of the world. How is it that a massive agency relegates more than half it’s followers to dealing with some of the most atrocious conditions of the world while the false superiority of males entitles them to comfort and security?

  43. That sounds a wee bit patronising to the Russians. They have many very qualified people. They were the first people to ever get into space and their nuclear technology is more advanced than the U.S today. The only thing really damaging the Russian economy at the mo is U.S sanctions which are not justified. Yes there is a lot to pray for. One very important thing to pray for is for the Pope that he stays true to the faith and does not succumb to the masons and their liberal leftist agenda.

  44. This Pope needs to stay out of Politics, it’s becoming more and more clear he doesn’t have a clue. Stick to the script Pope Francis, preach about Jesus, the sacraments, the rosary and faith. Zip it about politics and in particular globalism. If we get even another sniff that your a globalist there will be an internal revolution in the Church. People are already very concerned with some of your comments.

  45. Julie, my choice for health care is single payer. The George W Bush law that forbade negotiating medication costs needs to be repealed. I think it applied to Medicare. Of course if Ryan destroys Medicare that opportunity to reduce med costs will be lost because individuals will have zero clout with the multinational pharmaceutical corporations.

    I agree with what you said about teaching people how to live healthier lives. Those who have such minimal income from unskilled jobs won’t be able to put any $ in an HSA. In addition, I’ve worked for many years with disabled people. My client with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome lives in public housing on $675/month and uses Medicare for her health care. She’s not capable of managing an HSA and will lose most of her county support if more cuts are made to social services. I doubt she’d survive. Those are the people I worry about most.

    As far as local economies, that’s happening in cities already. In Minneapolis co-ops, community gardens and clothing reuse shops are proliferating. I think that’s a very good plan. It doesn’t meet all the needs, but it truly helps.

    I will be very happily surprised if any of the pres-elect’s really help the middle and low income folks.

  46. Agree with you….I also work with both disabled through my state as well as those through my nursing agency…work for both.

    I would say my state’s Dept of Social and Health Services is the best if not near the best in the country, and the disabled have everyone’s sympathy.

    Yes, understand the whole issue with the disabled….and many others. Some of them do have very high medical costs as well…had a client one time who had to take 2 shots a month, total, $ 1600.

    The one I have been with for 7 years, all work to take care of her and keep expenses down.

    I see a huge paradigm shift coming, considering the trillions of debt we are in. I hope and pray for more civic involvement at the local level for the country, although where I am, was told we are the best around.

    Keep you and yours in prayer….we need to pray alot.

  47. I refer to a client’s father who came from Crimea, became communist to have some opportunity, and was able to come here and started an open market downtown many years ago.

    Yes there are very intelligent people there….but I am also concerned about their obsession with our country, the negativity and put downs….watch rt.com….

    The pope wasn’t really known that well to the cardinals. Have a friend who attended several fraternal gatherings before he was elected….didn’t talk much, just observed.

  48. What a lame excuse for….disregarding statistics.

    Considering what kind of culture we live in, an additional 1% of deviancy….is not reflecting the sweeping condemnation you profess in your obvious hatred of the Universal Church.

    There is more sex abuse within Protestant and Jewish congregations, and the public schools are hundreds of % higher….but it is the hated Catholic Church in our country that is always ridiculed, maligned, etc….

    You are repeating the same old English Reformation nationalists’ spin that are on the same level of the KGB.

    You don’t know any priests or have ever worked with any. Look at any parish and see how many are involved in serving, both men and women, and you are forgetting the male religious as well.

    Are you a Christian?

    Anyway….my Church will go on. Persecution and slander…I refer to the 95% who are decent, wholesome and serve the Lord well….you are maligning so many, so many.

    Yes, we know of the abuse. But look at the other religions, and public institutions for that matter. The Lavendar Network is well known….but it is very hard to eradicate.

    So I guess you believe in the millions killed in the Inquisition….there weren’t that many people living in those times either.

    You don’t know statistics, and you cannot separate truth from false.

    That is not the movement of the Holy Spirit.

  49. “Catholic orthodoxy is directly responsible for genocide on this very continent.”
    What a bizarre assertion. Do you want to back that up with some facts?

    “The massive, systemic sexual abuse was exposed to the globe. ”
    The sexual abuse in recent decades was horrible. However, your statement makes it seem like sexual abuse happens more in the Catholic Church than elsewhere. This isn’t true, because the rate of sexual abuse is higher in other places, for instance, in California public schools. The reason Catholic abuse got more media attention is because it’s particularly heinous, because it was perpetrated by men who should have been leaders in charity and holiness.

  50. Your church and all its tendency toward authoritarianism has the right to instill fear and manipulate the lives to all who chose to submit themselves to the male dominated hierarchy. Where I draw the line and begin to hate organized religion is when it attempts to twist public policy as a means of obtaining power over the populace.
    My atheism is label as having no morals or foundation for establishing one. I chose not to step & fetch it according to an ancient many authored manuscript that has been bastardized for two millennia. It won’t be long before your church begins to sell dispensations from the Vatican. Probably after Pope Francis dies. All religions should atone publicly and repeatedly for the ills it has inflicted upon society and the globe.

  51. Hi Julie, you are aware Russia hasn’t been a communist country for almost 30 years now? You do know it’s a Christian country? In fact while Obama celebrates gay pride, Putin celebrates mass with the entire Russian country. Just go to YouTube and write in Putin’s Christianity in his own words, or Putin defends Christian culture. It might surprise you. As for RT, I watch RT as well as BBC, CNN, FOX etc and I can tell you unequivecly it’s the most balanced of all the news channels. I thank God for RT because if it wasn’t there I would only be hearing one side of the propaganda war and would be uninformed on so many issues. RT was much more balanced than any other news channel regarding Trump. RT gives coverage to whistleblowers like Ed Snowden and Julian Assange while western media ignores it. RT gives us much better coverage than any other news channel about the war in Syria and Yemen. The vast majority of RT anchors and hosts are American not Russian. In fact Julie I encourage you to watch it and make your own mind up about what they cover rather than listen to negative reports about it coming from the Washington establishment who fear it simply because it exposes inconvenient truths. Of course the U.S government hate it because it shows them up for what they are. As for Russian obsession with the U.S…..Clinton was obsessed by Russia throughout her campaign and blamed everything on the Russians with zero evidence to avert the attention from her corruption. The U.S government outright lies about Russia and Putin and tries to instil fear into the people regarding Russia. Truth is Putin has only ever wanted good relations with the U.S. He doesn’t want war. He has made it clear countless times he is not interested in expansionism. It’s the U.S who seem adamant to damage relations. Trump is well aware of this, hence why he will take a u turn regarding U.S Russian relations and wants to join forces with Russia in the fight against Isis.
    The U.S has over 1000 military bases outside American. Russia has 1 foreign base. The U.S has literally surrounded Russia with missiles and bases, yet you say Russia is obsessed with the U.S? Could you imagine if Russia had bases on the Mexican and Canadian borders?
    It’s the exact opposite of what you claim. It hasn’t been Russia invading countries, forcing regime change and making endless war. Julie, I’m sure your a lovely person, but like so many Americans you are extremely ilinformed. As RT news says, question more.

  52. I watch RT almost every day. Likewise, I am from Seattle and was watching the former Soviet Union preparing for war in the late 70’s to early 1980’s when the dictators began dropping like flies one after another, in the midst of military maneuvers along the Polish borders. Seattle had the second highest number of KGB’s next to Washington, DC. My uncle was a encryptologist who interpreted Russian and Chinese satellites, we not finding out until after his death. He liked to count to 10 in both languages for us kids back then.

    I worked overseas and saw a country become Marxist and the headlines first day….’AMERICA IS THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD’…with more emboldened lettering here. Fortunately the native people couldn’t adopt, but they suffered tremendously from 1975 up to some time in the 1990’s with millions who died.

    Who I am specifically referring to are those outside the 47% Russian Orthodox Christians.

    I spoke with a Russian Christian who is now fully converted into the Latin Church, formerly Russian Orthodox. He sees some of the same watering down of faith in both the Latin and Russian hierarchies.

    We don’t have American programs showing us every thing Russia is doing. That is where I am coming from. A native perspective, I watched a cooking show where the host travels around the world sampling different cultures and foods, and the KGB was already spying and monitoring him when he used his cell phone.

    This whole situation of Russia’s with the Ukraine is still not clear.

    About the Russian Orthodox Church, looking at the dismal level of faith here….I would to write to the Patriarch in Moscow to now begin praying for America and the West. We have been praying for the conversion of Russia so many years now…and am one of those who believe Russia will do much good.

    But for now, I am concerned about the other 53% in relation to Red China, North Korea…

    I hope the U S can get into good relationship with Russia in fighting militant Islam for now.

    Appreciate your input.

  53. Society keeps the poor far away. But Pope Francis puts them right on the stage for everyone to see, feel and act. The Pontiff is also the voice of the voiceless, the downtrodden, the marginalized and the weak.

  54. if pope francis cannot judge others then he has no authority to forgive sin, only jesus Christ the son of god can forgive sin . JHON 3:16 For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have ever lasting life. HE THAT BELIEVETH IS NOT CONDEMNED BUT HE THAT BELIEVETH NOT IS CONDEMNED ALREADY BECAUSE HE BELIEVETH NOT IN THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD. god sent his son into the world not to condemn the world but that the world through him might be saved.

  55. he is apostate, he writes his own bible with a pen an a telephone like obama

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