Pastor Paula White, spiritual adviser to President Trump, and pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Fla., speaks at the Religion News Association conference in Nashville, Tenn., on Sept. 9, 2017. RNS photo by Adelle M. Banks

Paula White: ‘Our president is not a racist’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (RNS) —“I can say 1,000 percent our president is not a racist.”

Paula White, President Trump's most prominent spiritual adviser, made the statement in front of a crowd of journalists Saturday (Sept. 9) at the Religion News Association's annual conference in Nashville.

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White also said she regretted saying last month on the PTL Network’s “The Jim Bakker Show” that the president is someone “authentically raised up by God.” But that's not because she doesn't believe what she said.

"I'm a preacher, and I got a little fired up, and I said some things that I wish I wouldn't have said and some things that could most definitely and have most definitely been taken out of context," she said.

The reason she regretted her comment, she said, was "because of the responsibility of the role that I have." That's something she still is learning, she noted, since the president called her a decade and a half ago after seeing her preach on TV and the two forged an unlikely relationship.

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Earlier this year, White became the first clergywoman to pray at a presidential inauguration and a leader among the evangelical advisers to the president who since have gathered for meetings, dinners, photo ops and conference calls.

Responding to a question from Think Progress' Jack Jenkins on her view that Trump was raised up by God, she said "I believe that for President Obama" as well. And had Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential race, White said she would have said the same thing about her.

Paula White, spiritual advisor to President Trump and pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Fla., speaks with RNS reporter Adelle Banks at a Religion News Association meeting in Nashville, Tenn., on Sept. 9, 2017. RNS photo by Jerome Socolovsky

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"I believe that authority is raised up by God, and I understand that I don't understand all things and what his purposes are," she said. "He's the sovereign God."

White also said that Trump "100 percent is a Christian who understands ... repentance," though, as his pastor, she said she wouldn't divulge what he has repented for.

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And in response to a question from freelance religion reporter Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons, she said there "absolutely" is a line Trump could cross that would cause her to criticize him publicly, though she also would not say what that line might be.

“Yes, there is a line with the president, or any line that if I felt was in extreme violation, I would publicly criticize,” she said. “We tend to privately criticize and publicly stay together because I believe that’s how within a family, within church, within leadership, that is how things should be handled."

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White and other evangelical advisers to the president have been criticized for not distancing themselves from the president after his response to a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va., that left one woman dead. After Trump adamantly condemned violence on "many sides," members of several business councils and the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities resigned.

One pastor, A.R. Bernard of Brooklyn, did formally resign from Trump's evangelical advisory board, though many have pointed out that board formally dissolved when the campaign ended and the evangelicals who now have the ear of the president are not part of any organized group.

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White, who pastors a largely African-American congregation at New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Fla., noted in response to a question about their views of the president's policies from Sarah Pulliam Bailey of The Washington Post: "For 33 years of my life, I've predominantly done work in the African-American community. I've been a bridge builder and one thing that I can say is 1,000 percent — and I know this is going to open up a lot — is that our president is not a racist.

"As a white person, I don't think any of us can fully understand what it is to be a black person in America today, so what I do know is that our nation has a lot of work to do and I believe it has to start with the community of faith."

New Destiny Christian Center church now is preparing to act as a shelter during Hurricane Irma, she said.

(RNS Managing Editor Lauren Markoe and writer Aysha Khan contributed to this report)


  1. We’re looking at the Kim Kardasian of the religious world. Famous for being famous.

  2. This business of Presidents” being raised up by God” is ridiculous magical thinking designed to fool the gullible. Mr. Trump won a narrow electoral college victory that a switch of some 77,000 votes in three states (Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania) would have reversed, while losing the popular vote by about three million votes. God had nothing to do with it. James Comey, Faux News, and Russian Hackers, as well as voter roll purges, created this result. God respects those who attain leadership for their position, but also admonishes them that of those for whom much was given, much is expected.
    Likewise the charlatans make claims regarding hurricanes, droughts, earthquakes and the like. Always right wing bull about things like New Orleans’ parties, but nothing about the crimes of political preachers in the areas affected. Despite the ravings of grifters like Anne Graham Lotz, God is letting this movie run unedited.

  3. I’ve been a bridge builder and one thing that I can say is 1,000 percent — and I know this is going to open up a lot — is that our president is not a racist.

    Correct. Trump is not a racist.

    He simply uses racist imagery and language.

  4. Anyone who says
    “one thing that I can say is 1,000 percent ………. is that ………………….”
    is not to be believed
    – not because they are lying but because they don’t understand the language they think they are using.

  5. I understand your line of thought, I think, but I think it begs the question to, so to speak. Trump has built good relationships with other entertainers who are African-American. He enjoys hanging out with other celebs, “sports guys,” and the like, and is not known to have treated the African-American ones any worse than those of other ethnicities. I think the argument can be made when he has close relationships with people, he doesn’t see color, in some sense – after all, his former rival for the nomination Ben Carson received a cabinet post, albeit one for which he was spectacularly unqualified, while Chris Christie didn’t, and Mitt Romney, who’s as white as they come, was treated so to receive special humiliation, with the Secretary of State position dangled in front of him but ultimately denied to him. Of course, Carson’s appointment was a bone to The Religious Right, and Republicans have traditionally appointed African-American tokens to the Housing and Urban Development position, including Samuel Pierce, the one appointed by Ronald Reagan whom Reagan did not recognize at a state dinner and greeted him with “How you doin’, Mr. Mayor?” and that guy went to prison for his malfeasance.
    But also consider this in relation to the above. Trump took out full page New York Times ads to castigate the “Central Park Five,” all African-American youth, who were convicted of a near fatal assault on a jogger and then were ultimately exonerated. He questioned President Obama’s birth certificate. He did not disavow the endorsement of David Duke. He appointed a racist, Jeff sessions, to be his Attorney General. He pardoned a confirmed racist, Joe Arapio. He encouraged police brutality. There are no doubt several other instances of his pandering to racism.
    Now, with all that considered, if he is not a racist in his personal relationships, as an enabler of racism, isn’t he worse?

  6. The US dropped a large number of bombs on Middle Eastern Muslims in President Obama’s term in office. Also deported a large number of undocumented migrants. Those Middle Eastern Muslims and undocumented migrants will probably say, “Obama’s tongue has not uttered racist imagery and racist language, but his hands have executed racist acts.” At any rate, why sell the view that Trump’s supporters are racists, but Obama’s supporters are not racists?

  7. Oh good. I can rest easy now that a lily white televangelist whose net worth is $5 million says she’s ‘1000 percent’ certain that the rich white guy occupying the White House isn’t a racist. ◔_◔

  8. Working with the black community does not qualify a white person to assess whether or not someone is racist. I would have hoped that given the amount of time you have worked in black communities you would have sought their views on Trump’s racism – as they are fully qualified to recognize racism in its covert and casual forms. You would have then had the unique opportunity to listen and understand why their experience Trump differently than you perceive him. That would have been far more helpful than giving a self serving interview for the singular purpose of dismissing a a widely held view based on many incidents. The very fact that you think your acquaintance with Trump as a white woman makes you qualified to overrule PoC;s assessment is arrogant and dismissive. It is never a white person’s place to overrule a black person’s experience of racism nor claim something isn’t offensive. Instead seek to understand why and you open a deeper level of consciousness too many in the master race will never make the effort to explore – despite claiming they want to bring everyone together. Sometimes that’s only possible by an honest self assessment and commitment to gain a deeper understanding of how systemic racism manifests on a day to day basis to make a realistic plan of change.

  9. As I wrote above, as a white person I simply am unqualified to make that determination as I would never experience Trump as a non white. White people need to understand that their privilege does not extend to being an authority on racism in other white people. The greatest progress is made when white people ask how to start and adopts an open mind.

  10. The argument that Trump does not treat any minority worse than another misses the concept. Until Trump can treat all minorities as equal to whites he’s far from exonerated.

  11. Trump’s enemies are never going to let up on him. He’s made no racist or supremacist statements (and no I’m not white). But he’s also clearly not a liberal, and THAT’s the new “unforgiveable sin”, these days.

    So every time an attention-starved teenage wannabee KKK’er from the back 40 of Cornfield County, puts a white sheet on his head and sends pix to Facebook, it suddenly becomes Trump’s job to prove that Trump himself isn’t a KKK. Meanwhile you’ve got OTHER kids donning black facemasks and caps, and openly trying to injure and maim every policeman and policewoman (of any race) that they come across.

    So Paula White, (warts and all), is quite correct. Trump’s got some other issues, but this one honestly ain’t it. Don’t buy the media lie.

  12. Okay, let’s all agree (at minimum) that being “lily white” disqualifies clergy from saying whether or not Trump is a racist. So a black preacher’s assessment is what you want? No problem. South Carolina black pastor Rev. Mark Burns, he says the real deal to the media.

    “I know what real racism is — and it’s not Donald Trump.”

    “Black people know we are broke, we are not in power, we are still economically weak. We need a president and a system that is working for minorities and not against minorities. And trust me, we’ve already tried Democrats, and it hasn’t worked then, it’s not working now.”

  13. Because Muslims, as a whole, did not stand up for Obama like the KKK & neo nazi’s did & do, for 45.

  14. Trump may not be a racist but he has the approval and support of many white supremacist groups whether he wants it or not.

  15. And the KKK and neo-Nazis’ make up what percentage of the population?

  16. “suddenly becomes Trump’s job to prove that Trump himself isn’t a KKK”

    When you call them “very fine people”, it becomes a necessity.

  17. You and I know, sister Emily McFarlan Miller, why it is that we say Donald Trump, before becoming a US president, was “a person who show[ed] or fe[lt] discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believe[d] that a particular race is superior to another.” According to a Trump-supporter like Paula White, see, except he’s Black, see, it’s because:

    (1) Apparently, “the Justice Department sued [Trump’s] company – twice – for not renting to black people”.

    (2) Apparently, “discrimination against black people has been a pattern in [Trump’s] career”.

    (3) Apparently, “he refused to condemn the white supremacists who are campaigning for him”.

    (4) Apparently, “he question[ed] whether President Obama was born in the United States”.

    (5) Apparently, “he treat[ed] racial groups as monolith[ic entities]”.

    (6) Apparently, “he trashed Native Americans, too”.

    (7) Apparently, “he encouraged the mob justice that resulted in the wrongful imprisonment of the Central Park Five”.

    (8) Apparently, “he condoned the beating of a Black Lives Matter protester”.

    (9) Apparently, “he called supporters who beat up a homeless Latino man ‘passionate'”.

    (10) Apparently, “he stereotyped Jews as good negotiators – and political masterminds”.

    (11) Apparently, “Trump call[ed] Mexican Immigrants ‘rapists and criminals'”.

    (12) Apparently, “Trump want[ed] to ban muslims”.

    (13) Apparently, “Trump sa[id] Judge Curiel [was] unfit to do his job because he’s Mexican”.

  18. Oh so now Paula White’s a racist too, then.

    The Race Card sure works everytime now, because – oh no! – it’s already making me a racist too. If you only know the skin of my color.

  19. And lie, it is. Paid for by … ? And just because Hillary lost and a divided nation makes life easier for the Deep State.

  20. I’ve said, 1000%, before. So have you. I don’t like the lady but it’s sinful for me to badmouth her.

  21. 1st time I discovered Black coworkers put down Whites as a race, I nearly became a racist myself. That was in Atlanta. “1000 percent” of Whites that I know personally aren’t racists.

  22. What’s her religion? So then likewise, I can say, “We’re looking at the Paula White of the entertainment world. Famous for being famous.”

    Pop altruism stinks, IMHO.

  23. Depends om whether you think actions/language indicate whether someone is a racist or not. HpO covered a number of public instances – but certainly not all.

    Sorry but while the Donald hasn’t burned crosses on anyone’s lawn, I think he sees humanity in terms of stereotypes. Having little regard for telling the truth makes it easier for him to maintain those perceptions. .But unfortunately, he gets to make policies and set directions without apparently every considering his own biases. I knew a police chief who once when being told that the data he had just given the media was inaccurate responded by saying he knew it was wrong but it sounded more impressive.

  24. Thanks for the quote – I now know that the 8% of blacks who voted for Trump likely belong to churches falling under the Coalition of African American Pastors – the equivalent to white evangelical Protestants. I read an interview with him and it actually popped into my head that floydlee is the persona used by the reverend to comment here on RNS.

  25. Actually, he said that there was “Fine Upstanding People” on ALL sides.

    But nobody’s asking the PC libbies like yourself, to likewise prove that you’re not a closet psychotic Antifa thug or a sleeper “Burn It Down” BLM crazoid. They all helped kill Heather Heyer, by freely participating in armed hateful violence.

    Furthermore, nobody’s questioning Trump for applying his “FUP” label to the nationally insane street gang (Antifa) that now rules over the city and univerity of Berkeley.

    Nobody’s criticizing Trump for saying “FUP” on the black intimidation gang (BLM) that has dead, injured and maimed cops on its resume.

    Double Standards, Spuddie. I hate racism, but also Double Standards.

  26. Well Linda, I’m just me, as always.
    I use my real name.

    (But let me ask: In 2016, did you subscribe to Queen Hillary’s weird notion that all black church-folks were automatic card-carrying Obama libbies? Such a weird fantasy.)

    Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about that infamous 8% of black voters.

    Honestly I think the actual number should be at least 10 or 11 percent, maybe. My sincere guess is the liberal media is downplaying things.

    We black evangelicals aren’t quite as invisible as the anti-Trump natiomal media makes us look. We ARE capable of independent thought, you know.

  27. OK, our president is not a racist. But he supports racists and encourages them.

  28. That’s always been true for both the Left and the Right – double standards and hypocrisy.

    Racism and cultural biases are widespread. It is too easy to label people as racists when it’s actually cultural differences at work.

  29. But his actions as both a businessman and political leader strongly point in that direction. At best, someone who has profited from racism and racists.

    There is no way on this green Earth I am going to give the benefit of a doubt here to someone who publicly called white supremacists, “very fine people”.

  30. Probably. Though I would guess she is more of an amoral opportunist. The problem with the argument of “playing the race card” is that it does nothing to demonstrate the accusations of racism are untrue or without merit. But it does demonstrate the speaker is thin skinned about such issues.

  31. “But nobody’s asking the PC libbies like yourself, to likewise prove that you’re not a closet psychotic Antifa thug or a sleeper “Burn It Down” BLM crazoid.”

    Of course you are.

    You do it every time white supremacists and their relationship to the current GOP come up.

    The difference being one is a minor fringe group regularly disavowed by liberal politicians and the other is embraced as a vital voting bloc of our president.

  32. “and is not known to have treated the African-American ones any worse than those of other ethnicities”

    You mean, aside from when he deliberately kept black people from renting in his properties back in the day.

  33. Paula White has no college or seminary degree, no ordination (which would include supervision) by a major denomination, She runs her own “non-denominational” church where she answers to no one. And her theology — basically, she makes it up as she goes along. The perfect charlatan for Donald Trump’s ministerial “cabinet.”

  34. We’re stuck with him. I care less about his beliefs and much more about what he can do. I’m relying (ok, hoping for) on better judgement in the legislative and judicial branches to minimize the damage from the executive branch.

  35. I’m 50 years old. I’ve never in my entire life, met a man or a woman who is a racist. That is……a person who hates another person solely because of the color of their skin. The term “Racist” is a communist/Cultural Marist invention to “divide and conquer”.

    — interesting to see how the definitions of ‘words’ change over the course of generations. Word Manipulation. The word ‘gay’ is a perfect example.

  36. I’ve lived in the South for most of my adult life and I’ve known many who hate because of skin color. There’s a larger number of people whose biases are more cultural- or class-based on stereotypes or personal experience. I don’t necessarily consider that racism but many do.

  37. Who does Paula White think she’s fooling? She just a white preacher preaching in a black church and has somehow got into the Devil’s (Trump’s) inner circle of racist politicians. If she’s a genuine Christian and genuine person at heart, she should abandon Trump, stop being so sycophantic and pronounce this man a greedy and psychopathic liar because he lies at every turn and obviously Paula White, the evangelist, will also be painted with the same brush.

  38. You should really talk to them before making such an accusation.
    I lived in the Pacific Northwest most of my adult life. At that time in my life I had no opinion of race. I had to move to Atlanta for business back in 2000. I recently moved back to the PNW, 17 years later, primarily to keep my wife and family safe.
    Does that make me racist? We don’t have car jackings; home invasions; and shoot outs in the streets here in the inland Northwest. But that kind of activity was ALL AROUND ME living in Atlanta. My wife was caught in the middle of a hailstorm of bullets just shopping.
    So am I that Racist that you describe?
    We don’t desire to live around our own people because we hate the color of other people’s skin. We desire to live around our own people because we feel safer.

  39. I never met a person of any color or ethnicity that wasn’t a little racist, class conscious, or ethnocentric. The key is to keep it in check and look beyond racism or classism to find out about the other person.

    However, with this administration, they wouldn’t know a Christian if they met one. They have surround themselves with false prophets.

  40. Trump and White have something in common: Both are unscrupulous sleazy con artists.

  41. “We desire to live around our own people because we feel safer.”
    That’s what a racist is. You can tell yourself any lie you want to, but others can see the truth in your own words.

  42. Floyd

    Actually no – but when I look at Pew reports, there is no breakdown between blacks as to whether they are mainline or evangelical Protestants as there are for whites but perhaps that is due to statistical integrity sampling issues. (AME on its own appears to be a much larger entity than the CAAP. Which may explain the 8% in terms of sampling.)

    And you are right about independent thought given that not all of Rev. Burns’ congregation saw Trump in the same light. But here is some information that perhaps further explains that vote in terms of issues of substance- you don’t have to read any further than the first 2 paragraphs of the Executive summary – in spite of the reference to the 2012 election.

    But also in terms of what black pastors think about Trump, there certainly is opposition to Burn’s position and comments along with the CAAP.

  43. Donald Trump, like the vast majority of Americans who claim to be followers of Christ, are biblically illiterate, have no understanding about how Christianity is spoken, lived and celebrated outside of their own community. Memorizing and quoting scripture does not make you literate.
    Whether or not Donald Trump is a racist – that is, some one who believes that all races, ethnic and cultural groups are deficient save their own; that all others represent a danger, a threat to your worldview. This guy quacks – but is he a duck or just ignorant about language? Is he a Christian? Look at his stewardship of the gifts he has been given – time, talent and wealth – that may tell you something. It is the not the accumulation of wealth itself that tells you. Anyone can be rich – a person with wisdom understands that riches can and do blind you as to where your heart is to be. Have Donald Trump or Paula White or the billionaire Cabinet made the best use of what they have?
    Donald Trump may not be a racist but he is shister, an abuser of people and possessions, a self indulgent individual who just can’t get beyond himself. Somewhere along the line he stopped growing as a human being and got old and self-absorbed. Paula White may be right about him not being a racist but that does not make him any better at being human. If he is repentant then as a believer he needs to go to those he has cheated, lied to, offended and ask forgiveness and then pay them what he owes with a joyful heart and not because a judge tells him to do it. He needs to own up or he will be that noisy gong and clanging cymbal that St Paul speaks about in First Corinthians chapter thirteen. That’s the challenge all followers of Jesus Christ have to face up to. It is evident that those who wear their Christianity on their sleeve in the White House and Congress and elsewhere have created a national Gong Show.

  44. “So am I that Racist that you describe?”

    Yup. Especially since you ascribe it to the mere existence of people of color in your midst.

  45. 🙂 My Lying Eyes! I only “Imagined” it was worse depending on where I lived.
    “In order to have Judgment, one must first have experience. ” Roy Hobs

  46. I always laugh when people say, “We moved to a particular neighborhood (or side of town ) because of the Schools. Yea right!

  47. “You can’t have Judgment without Experience.” Roy Hobs
    “You shall know them by their fruits” Jesus the Christ

  48. A crazy phenomena happened to me not too long ago. I had to renew my DL in Atlanta Georgia. I walked into the DMV and there were 3 sets of seating — divided by aisles. In one area sat all the Mexicans. In another area sat all the blacks. And in the remaining section sat the Caucasians.
    This happened NATURALLY. Was everyone in that room Racist??? I think not. Or should everyone in that room that day been forced to take some kind of Cultural Sensitivity Class?!!! LOL.

  49. 1 – No – I haven’t.

    2 – Sin is defined as a transgression of divine law. Those of us who can find no reason to believe in the divine are therefore incapable of “sin”. We can, and sometimes may, do things which are morally and/or legally wrong but the concepts of deities, sin, etc. are, for us, irrelevant.

    I question how far you take this view about “badmouthing” being sinful. Where is the line when badmouthing ceases to be a sin and becomes a duty? Do you agree that there is a moral tipping point where allowing others to do their own thing becomes less important than speaking out in defence of that which is “right” – be that feeling of rightness legal, moral or religious?

  50. You should never be ashamed to tell people what your views are. 🙂

  51. You are the first Liberal who suggest blacks are racist as well as Mexicans.

  52. Again….judgment comes from experience. As I stated, I was race neutral before moving to Atlanta. I’ll bet you live in a gated community. LOL!

  53. Racism from a group which has frequently suffered discrimination is more of a reaction than something to be taken seriously. White people do not suffer the effects of racism, but racial minorities do.

    My attitude is that until racial minorities can come up with a pejorative for white people which is on the same level of fighting words as many epithets against them, then it really isn’t an equivalent. 🙂

  54. No, gapaul – What’s Kim Kardasian’s religion? I wanna test your Kim/Paula comparison with the hypothesis that “Pop altruism stinks, IMHO.”

  55. 2 – “for me”, note. For you, now I understand you. So to expand, “I don’t like the lady” because of what she’s doing to Jesus Christ and the gospel of salvation through His crucifixion, burial and resurrection. And for that, I will oppose her. To “badmouth her” without that reason is simply attacking her as a person. You may be into that, I’m not. Critique her all you want from your perspective, but that has no gospel-value. It does nothing for God and His kingdom, which don’t exist to you. So, see, I wouldn’t know what that’s like other than see you simply religion-bashing, evangelical-bashing, god-bashing – with a vengeance.

    I don’t go out of my way atheist-bashing, secularist-bashing. It’s their conviction – do or die. I respect them. I empathize. I sadden.

  56. Hey, my original post was lesson learned for me too, but note the repeated word there. Apparently.

    Look, he won. By means of which we all call racist. I call it strategic, Bannon-style. He told him, Don, you wanna win? Let’s get “deplorables” on your side. You OK with dat? Bannon got him on the word “win”. Trump’s a winner – by any means necessary – Malcolm X’s style in a very perverted sense. I love it. Whatever they were thinking, it worked. Hillary got the you-know-what.

    Now though that he’s in the White House, what now? I dunno but he’ll be there until 2020 then pass the mantle and torch to Pence. Only in America. Only in America.


  57. The phrase came from the OJ Simpson trial of the century. Combined that with what brother Jim Wallis declared, that Racism is America’s Original Sin, well, there you have it. America’s cursed for having done what it did to Blacks, and the Race Card is like a voodo wand to cast and recast the curse. Forget it, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Must’ve been last night’s horror film that I watched.

  58. I simply drew attention to the fact that she is reported as saying something which suggests that she doesn’t have regard for accuracy in her speech. It’s the same as the current (US) fad for “I could care less” when clearly the meaning is that “I couldn’t care less”. If people don’t listen to themselves I can see no reason why anyone else should.

    I don’t bash god(s) – I don’t believe they exist.
    I don’t (specifically) bash evangelicals – their version of religion is, fundamentally, no more daft than any other. (FWIW I said the same to a wonderful Sikh a few months ago and implied it when talking with a gentle, caring Imam last weekend).
    I don’t (specifically) bash religion – it’s merely a (major) segment of belief in the supernatural.

    Now, supernatural belief is, IMO, harmful. It’s harmful at the level of the individual believer, it’s harmful at the family level, it’s harmful in the local community, harmful at the national level and harmful for humanity. (I’ll support any/all of those assertions if challenged).

    So, whilst I understand (got the t-shirt) and respect, as individuals, those who suffer under the baleful pressures of superstition I don’t respect the unevidenced and unnecessary fictions which are used to harm my fellow people.

    Having been inside the bubble of irrational belief I’m aware of the liberation and the potential for good that is available to those who prick the balloon.

    I seek to promote rational thought and the scientific method – without which the world would be so much more dark, dismal, dirty and depressing.

    Bring me evidence or rational need for a deity and I’ll examine it – so far no-one has presented me with anything that resists simple (all I’m able to offer) critical thought.

  59. I do not dispute that, but such individuals will continue to exist regardless of the individual in the chief executive’s office. Further, I don’t think you can compare the situations of Obama and Trump with respect to either their supporters or detractors. My point is that I don’t seriously consider the KKK and neo-Nazis’ to be a genuine populist threat in this nation. Whatever our present difficulties, this is not Germany in the 1930’s. I do not suggest that we should encourage an absence of vigilance on the part of the nation’s citizenry, but rather that these homegrown buffoon wannabee’s will prove to be nothing more than a minor irritant in the end. When major violence and civil unrest on a national scale arises, it will not be built on this foundation.

  60. Still not happening to refute the accusations of racism, but instead just being all whiny about it. It’s a half baked argument at best.

  61. Look almost a year in and he has done nothing remotely presidential or worthy of respect.

  62. Kim Kardashian was probably raised as Armenian Orthodox based on her heritage. 🙂

  63. OK JC, that’s a patently STUPID observation! Where are YOUR credentials, and what kind of evidence can you provide in support of it–for Paula White’s net worth, or any shred of evidence that President Trump is a racist?

  64. As a matter of logic, yes. But logic and racism have nothing to do with each other, and I chose sarcasm over logic.

    In a mythical America where white supremacy isn’t a lingering issue, it might be relevant at least to say that wealth isn’t connected to racism. Unfortunately, we live in a society where a wealthy white person is automatically suspect on the grounds that, traditionally, wealthy white people are among those who’ve benefited most directly as a result of white supremacy.

    Moreover, white people, in general, are less likely to even understand what racism is because it’s not and never will be part of their lived experience. So, when a white person – a wealthy one at that – expresses certitude that their wealthy white brethren could not possibly be racist, it’s worth a raised eyebrow and some pointed sarcasm.

  65. She is covering her butt because she was exposed. She was black woman trapped in white body before she became his advisor. Juanita Bynum exposed her years ago at a conference. Plus the way she took over Pastor Zachary church after his death is an indication that they promise her prestige and power if she exploited the black Christian. Be not decieved ms white God is not mock…

  66. Evidence of net worth courtesy of Google’s top search results for the terms “paula white net worth.” Regardless of source, however, all concur that Paula White is a multimillionaire televangelist; a wealthy and white friend of Donald Trump.

    As for evidence of Trump’s racism, are you kidding? There are reams of direct quotes during the campaign, in reference to lawsuits against him, and since he took office – most recently his response to Charlottesville – which make it clear that he at least has sympathy for racist attitudes, even if he bears no personal racial animus (it seems, given his background, to be more likely than not that he does).

    Pres. Trump isn’t a racist in the same way Archie Bunker wasn’t. And less funny.

  67. Thats the problem people putting their faith in man and not God. Thats why this world is falling apart, we are idolizing false prophets. He says make America Great Again. It never was great it was a country built on pain, sorrow, tears, rape, and brutality. America needs to put God first, repent for its past injustices and present injustices and lets move the country forward for the better.

  68. She can say that he’s not a racist until she’s blue in the face, but that doesn’t make it true. The evidence shows otherwise.

  69. So you think that there other African-Americans who vote DO NOT VOTE WITH THE INTENTION OF MAKING OUR COUNTRY A BETTER PLACE? Thank you for your contribution to the daily dose of white ignorance this country suffers from

  70. OK JC, fair enough on Paula White’s wealth, although Paula’s net worth could be only $1,000,001.27, and that’s a far cry from the $5 mil you quoted earlier. And while we’re at it, what does Paula White’s race have to do with ANYTHING?

    In terms of ” . . . reams of direct quotes during the campaign, in reference to lawsuits against him . . . ”

    Well, most of the SMART & independent people know that the Trump-haters have been very active on all fronts–including lawsuits, both before our President was elected and the time since he took office. They have to do something to use up all that $$ left over from the big campaign, where Hilliary lost BIG after spending more than 2X the amount that President Trump did! The corrupt Clinton Foundation certainly proved that Hilliary can waste more $$ losing to a rich guy, who spent less than half as much as she did, much of it his own money!

  71. See my answer to HpO below for why a white person defending a white person against a charge of racism is automatically suspect.

    As for the man’s own speech, surely you’re not saying that Trump isn’t responsible for his own words; that his speech is, in fact, Clinton’s (or generic Trump-haters’) fault?

  72. We need a president and a system that is working for minorities and not against minorities. And trust me, we’ve already tried Democrats, and it hasn’t worked then, it’s not working now.

    I’m reminded of debates over evolution in which creationists point to alleged flaws in the theory of evolution hoping to earn credibility for creationism. They seem not to realize that, even were evolution utterly failed as a theory, this would not lend support to creationism. It would simply mean back to the drawing board for scientists.

    Rev. Burns says something similar here. He may be right about Democrats, and I won’t argue that point. But is Trump the default winner? Is he “working for minorities” and not against them? What evidence is there of that? What has the tweeter in chief done for black & brown Americans at any time during his public life, much less as President?

    It seems to me his ubiquitous public statements maligning and encouraging violence against black protesters, marginalizing or disparaging Hispanic and actual Native peoples, and his support for the “very fine people” among his white supremacist base demonstrates the opposite.

    I suspect Rev. Burns has a higher priority (to him) agenda. A religious one, perhaps? Staying in Trump’s graces may very well serve his purposes.

  73. “…racist – that is, some one who believes that all races, ethnic and cultural groups are deficient save their own; ”

    They keep changing the definition of racism. This is the one I follow:
    “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”

    Recently I read that people of color can’t be racist because they have no power. Nonsense. Just like your reference to culture. Under the classic definition I am not a racist. Under yours I am because I believe some cultures and belief systems are superior to others.

  74. I said I’ve known many. I know because I hear what they say and I see what they do. I spoke of those I know.

  75. Racism is when you condemn or stereotype an entire race – all blacks are violent. That sounds like your view. Not wanting to live near a housing project or high-crime area doesn’t necessarily make you a racist – it makes you prudent.

  76. Not to mention over 300 years of overt racism such as slavery, Jim Crow, etc.

  77. We all tend to hang with our own tribe which can be a subtle form of racism. Most sensitive training is pop psychology full of political corectness as defined this week with little understanding of socIology or anthropology.

  78. Well, then, just answer this, please. How is it that if Paula White to you IS “the Kim Kardasian of the religious world”, Kim Kardasian ISN’T the Paula White of the entertainment world?

  79. She is! They both have nothing to offer. No talent, no expertise, no skills, no education. Hence, “They are famous for being famous.” Nothing more.

  80. You really aren’t getting my point. Both of these women are famous and rich, and both offer nothing. They have no talent, no credentials, no training (in White’s case, no ministerial degree, not even a college degree.) They are self-appointed “important people” for no good reason.

    Kardasian’s religion was not relevant to my point.

  81. Absolutely 0.00 “evidence or rational need for a deity”. That’s God’s weakness. (His other weakness is He covets the one thing from humans that He can’t create willy-nilly, and that’s our faith in Him. The other weakness is suffering is His key to joy & glory. The other is He must sacrifice His own Son; otherwise we all die forever.)

    Best, then, you just reject such a God. As much as I run to Him and worship such a God through Jesus’ blood.

    Those are your only options, I’m afraid. (Be wary of Christians who pitch a different God; toward such a deity I am an atheist. Such a God doesn’t exist.)

  82. You don’t mind being perceived as a racist toward the White Race, then? Try this. Go back to your comment just now, but substitute “Jew” or “Chinese” or “Turk” for “White”. See what I mean? This uninhibited slander of Whites must’ve been what Jews in 1930s and 40s must’ve endured when the White Supremacists slandered them freely.

  83. Not even Bannon, Coulter and those isolationists respect him. His inner circle’s gone. Only Pentagon Junta is with him. I smell a rat and it’s not Trump.

  84. This man was exposed as a fraud shortly before the election, He “pastored” no one and is a sham. He views represents 5% of the African American community of America. Most of us cannot stand him. White ppl has always used an “uncle-Tom” like Burns to carry their water of evil. Donald Trump is an evil, racist vile man who was NOT raised up by God – but by man (the Russians). For that Black congregation who was stolen by Paula White, they are ignorant to allow her to be their pastor. They are just as fraudulent and despicable as Paula White.

  85. Interesting comment – both you and I see the usually imagined Christian God as a flawed entity – yet we have opposing responses to that understanding.

  86. Paula White and Donald Trump are both racist douche bags!

  87. Thanks Jim. I have found – as you said – shifting meaning in racism. I suppose it will continue that way for the foreseeable future.

  88. We all tend to hang with our own tribe which can be a subtle form of racism.
    Is China “racist” in your opinion?

  89. That sounds like your view.
    Nice assumption. But very wrong.

  90. Jim — if you have truly met a man or woman who 100% hates a person solely because of the differences in skin color — I’d say you just met a mentally ill person. And that would constitute about less than 1% of the population.

  91. I’m honored that you admit to me that “both you and I see”. It means there’s a connection, however, flimsy, odd, etc. or “opposing [the] responses to [an] understanding.” Thanks, you’ve made my day. May we all invest to understand one another around here.

  92. Is it possible for you to make an intelligent comment without being so blatantly racist?

    Probably not.

    “So you think that there other African-Americans who vote DO NOT VOTE WITH THE INTENTION OF MAKING OUR COUNTRY A BETTER PLACE?”

    Not if they vote for Democrats, who mainly want to make the country a better place only for those who rule it. But as your blatant racism indicates an IQ of 22, I can hardly expect you to have any grasp of politics.

  93. “It seems to me his ubiquitous public statements maligning and encouraging violence against black protesters…”

    You have so many things backwards. BLM is like the KKK and glorifies violence and has murdered several police officers already. They are the violet ones.

    ” and his support for the “very fine people” among his white supremacist base demonstrates the opposite.”

    He has no white supremacist base. No matter how much you try to sell a false case.

  94. Thanks for the racist smear against Burns. In the lingo of the modern racist left, any African American who isn’t a violent and greedy black supremacist is smeared as an “uncle tom”.

    “Donald Trump is an evil, racist vile man who was NOT raised up by God – but by man (the Russians)”

    He was raised by a vote of “man”: Americans. No Russians had any role.

  95. There aren’t any quotes from the campaign. No evidence of Trump racism.

    ” most recently his response to Charlottesville”

    He treated both sides equally. As is quite appropriate.

  96. Well, being a white person myself, and historically aware, I disagree with your assessment. And suggesting that I substitute ‘white’ with a minority, no, it really doesn’t work that way. It’s especially egregious that you use Jews in Nazi Germany as if white American have ever been subjected to such treatment,. Ironic too, since you point out that it was white supremacists who perpetrated those crimes against humanity.

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