White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders speaks to the media during the daily briefing in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, on June 25, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Should Trump staffers be able to eat in peace?

"Grandpa, tell me how it happened."

"How what happened?"

"The Great Break of 2027."

I am sitting with my (as yet unborn) grandchild. It is 2033.

"Well, it was like this. About two years after the election of President Trump, the yelling and screaming in the United States got out of hand. Oh, it had been there for a while, but then, something shifted.

"First, there was growing harassment of people who worked in the Trump administration. Kirstjen Nielsen, the Secretary of Homeland Security, dined at a Mexican restaurant. The irony — this was when kids and parents were being separated on the Mexico-Texas border — seemed too much for some people. They yelled at her during her dinner. The same thing was true of Stephen Miller; he was eating at a Mexican restaurant, and people yelled at him, calling him a fascist.

"Then, a restaurant refused to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Then, Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters urged supporters to disrupt the lives of Trump staffers: 'If you see anyone from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station...you push back on them and you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere."

"Then, suddenly, restaurants started posting signs: 'Libtards Not Served Here.' Then, restaurants adopted informal policies: if we don't like how you express your political opinions, or if we don't like your political opinions, we will not serve you. Then, restaurants started to designate themselves as liberal restaurants and conservative restaurants. Poor David Brooks — he couldn't eat anywhere!"

"Then, the violence started. It was inevitable. Then, finally, the country officially split apart — into Red America and Blue America. It was the American Two State Solution.

"The division was very sloppy, because many states were mixed between red and blue political and cultural identities. So were families. Sheesh — Florida was practically divided, block by block. The borders of the two states were wretched, convoluted, confusing. On Long Island, you needed a passport to get from certain areas of Suffolk County to Nassau County. They had to figure out how to do airlifts, from red counties to blue counties — especially for people to get to work. It became a nightmare."

Thus far, my dystopian nightmare.

I am afraid that this is where we are headed. The utter destruction of any semblance of civility in our society – until we simply break apart – sociologically, culturally, even geographically.

Too many of us have justified it. Too many of us have said that “they deserve it, because look at what they are doing to families on our nation’s border.” Too many of us have reverted to a European version of what revolution looks like – the French Revolution, with “off with their heads” as the battle cry. You don’t have to go back as far as the French Revolution. You can find the American roots of this battle in the 1960s, with the violent rhetoric – and more than rhetoric – of the Weathermen.

When critics accuse us of verbal violence and public shaming, we draw upon a center-right trick. “What about her emails?” “What about how Obama…?” We started engaging in “whataboutism.” “You think that what we are doing – publicly shaming Trump administration officials – is so bad? What about what they are doing at the borders?”

As much as we might get a few moments of delight and schadenfreude from watching the humiliation of administration officials – not to mention their families, who are collateral damage – we must ask ourselves: do we really want to become the new Amish, with weaponized shunning?

We speak, correctly, about speaking truth to power.  If we want to flirt with the prophetic mantle, and remember aloud how Nathan and Elijah confronted, respectively, King David and King Ahab, then let us at least remember that they did so – in the palace itself. They did so – directly to their faces. They did not harass their courtiers in hummus places in ancient Jerusalem.

We must ask ourselves about a Jewish value, and about its apparent disappearance. I am talking about halvanat panim – literally, whitening someone’s face, causing the blood to drain from the face because of public shaming. The Jewish tradition equates halvanat panim with the shedding of blood.

Jewishly? It does not stop with Stephen Miller not able to enjoy a meal in peace. It would then go (and I have colleagues who are suggesting this) to a full-blown excommunication of Miller from the Jewish community.

You do not want to go there.

I remember when pro-Israel groups threatened to protest outside the Johannesburg synagogue where the grandson of Richard Goldstone (of the infamous Goldstone Report, which criticized Israeli policies) was to celebrate his bar mitzvah. Goldstone almost had to stay away from his family's simcha.

You feed enough bile into the Jewish family system – you poison everyone.

I will willingly enter an anger contest with anyone about this American administration’s policies. But the Jewish tradition also has something to say about anger: anger will cause a sage to lose his/her wisdom.

Much is at stake. It begins with the loss of our communal wisdom.

It does not stop there. It goes to violence, and ultimately, the American two state solution.

But as for me, I continue to deplore what is happening in this country. I preach, I pray, I protest.

If those protests wander into the territory of incivility, perhaps it is because we are living in uncivil times. We cannot blame this on Trump; if anything, he had his finger on the moral pulse of this nation, and he was ready to capitalize on it.

Once upon a time, an American First Lady said: “When they go low, we go high.”

There was a time when we believed in going high; in responding to vulgarity with valor; in, at the very least, not doing to others what we would not have done to us.


What would Heschel do?






  1. Social action has always been a tool to enforce norms before conduct sinks to illegality…the lowest level of acceptable conduct.

    It’s amusing to see public figures—Sanders, Miller, Nielsen—who knowingly lie in the service of dehumanizing others, including using children as pawns, all in a twist about being publicly called out.

  2. If conservatives can refuse service to gay people because of their “sincerely-held religious beliefs,” so too can liberals deny service to professional liars based on their “sincerely-held religious beliefs.” The Supreme Court just said so. But really, I have to ask: where was all the fretting, fuming, and hand-wringing when Trump blatantly told people during his campaign rallies to beat the sh*t out of protesters and that he’d pay their legal bills?” Certainly nowhere compared to that over the relatively mild incident at that small restaurant in Virginia. As Michelle Goldberg correctly pointed out in her excellent piece in today’s New York Times, “there’s an abusive sort of victim-blaming in demanding that progressives single-handedly uphold civility, lest the right become even more uncivil in response. As long as our rulers wage war on cosmopolitan culture, they shouldn’t feel entitled to its fruits. If they don’t want to hear from the angry citizens they’re supposed to serve, let them eat at Trump Grill.” Amen to that!

  3. This administration has been built on a premise of incivility and the destruction of social norms and niceties. Nothing this president has done has shown any decency or civility to anyone, unless that someone was a dictator. He has emboldened racists and bigots into acting out and spewing their bile on everyone. Some of that has now come around full circle to the specific individuals who have been enabling, advising, and lying about this administration to all of us. This entire administration is about provoking liberal disgust and anger. They should not be surprised when it works. They have actively tried to get liberals to hate them. They only have themselves to blame for it working.

  4. Media note: Sen. Paul Ryan has just called on Madame Creepy-Clown to apologize.

    (Clarification: Sen. Ryan used her formal name, as appropriate. I’m just referring to her by her REAL name, to same some time.)

  5. We will be a nation of hate as long as Trump is president.

  6. Oh no, that will last long after Trump’s vile stench has left the Oval Office – that is if he doesn’t find a way to remain there forever like his BFF Vlad the Murderer. I’m guessing he’s already getting coaching lessons on how to do that even as we speak.

  7. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/06/26/democrats-fear-call-to-shame-trump-admin-officials-will-cost-votes-in-midterms-report.html

    I don’t believe Maxine Waters works for the President.

    It’s one thing to be a rude NYC hotelier, it’s another to attack the people who work for him.

    Actor Peter Fonda, who made a Twitter call to “rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles”, does not work for the President.

    “They made me/us do it” is a pretty weak position.

  8. As a matter of law the refusal to serve Sarah Huckabee Sanders in Virginia was completely legal. That has zero to do with denying service to gay people.

    Had it occurred in Washington, DC, Seattle, or the Virgin Islands the owner of the Red Hen could be facing legal problems. That also has zero to do with denying service to gay people.

    The two probable outcomes of this grandstanding are to reinforce the impression that the losers of the last election need to grow up, and to probably cause additional jurisdictions to consider denying service for political beliefs illegal.

  9. Maybe instead he should call out Sara HuckaSanders for breaking federal ethics rules by using government resources to malign a business for personal reasons. He won’t of course, because he tolerates this administration’s corruption.

  10. You have any facts to go along with that?

    She is allowed to speak out, yes?

  11. Yes, you’re right. Liberal Democrats are now sleeping with the very hatred, bullying, bigotry, intimidation tactics, (and violence too!), that they once pretended to oppose. Creepy-Clowns without the makeup, really.

    So I think your prediction will easily come true.

  12. The GOP descent to incivility started in earnest with Gingrich, back in the 1990s.

  13. There is a way to start fixing things now based on Christianity. If some portion of preachers started preaching every week on all the lies, hatreds, and divisions of Trump from the past week, then Christians would see they don’t all have to be a part of the lockstep voting block. Once congress sees the voting block is no longer holding, they will stop supporting Trump because they don’t really like him anyway. Things could change.

  14. I believe that what you’re suggesting is that the “preachers” violate the Johnson Amendment and jeopardize their church’s tax exemption.

    Unless these particular “preachers” are experts in politics and spend 80% of their time analyzing news media, it is hard to see what they would bring to their congregations that the congregations can’t get on their own.

    Am I correct in assuming that, now that Religion Dispatches deep-sixed their comments section, you’re bringing your years-long anti-“Christian” posts?

  15. I’m not a fan of either Sarah Sanders or her boss, but, yes, I would have served her. The idea that people in public life should be denied basic courtesies because of their policy positions cuts both ways. I don’t want to have to pass a political litmus test the next time I order a cheeseburger, so I won’t give anyone else one.

    Civility isn’t just about politeness. It’s also about maintaining a social environment wherein civilization can be maintained. Being nice to people we don’t like is part of the deal.

  16. Things could change, but they won’t because most Christian denominations, especially Evangelical ones, are just branches of the GOP. They won’t speak out against their own party.

  17. Oops, wrong again.

    I see you read the Huffington Post and actually think it’s news.


  18. Right and exactly.

    We can all hammer it out on-line, but Stephanie Wilkinson crossed the line of taking it into where we live.

    Unfortunately I believe she is about to see whatever part of her life was invested in that business disappear.

    That is not exactly a deep blue part of Virginia.

  19. Your summary dismissal of Huffington Post in no way negates Mr. Signorile’s assertion, which is true no matter which publication reports it.

  20. How about my wholesale dismissal of your opinions?

    How about the fact that Michelangelo Signorile is not an attorney?

    People who act on what he writes should have their heads examined.

  21. If liars are a protected class under the law anywhere in the nation, then by all means, prove it.

  22. I do not believe she actually called the Press Secretary a liar to her face.

    Had she done that, she could have been facing a lawsuit.

    It’s kind of irrelevant now since my impression is that she put herself out of business. It’s a shame, really, since I am sure she did it without thinking it through.

    Apparently we can add you to the list which includes Michelangelo Signorile of people who give remarkably bad advice.

  23. So once again, you can’t prove your point and so you dodge. The owners of the Red Hen restaurant were reacting according to their “sincerely-held religious beliefs” not to serve lying liars. Case closed.

  24. In 2007 I self-published my own little book “Searching for Enlightenment, Gnosticism for a New Millennium”. In that book I pointed out that there were four main problems facing our country and the world. 1. Over Population 2. Environmental Degradation 3. Lack of Civility 4. and the rise of fanaticism or extremism.

    I was right on all four counts. All four are interconnected, each affecting the others.

  25. It goes back further to the Moral (I called it immoral) Majority. AND further than that to the crusades, the witch hunts, the pogroms. They have all fed into the “us versus them” mentality that justifies and sanctifies what we to do them, who aren’t us.

  26. If preachers started talking about Trump lies there would probably be threats, but it would be worth it. Christianity put the Trump curse on the nation, and it would be great if at least a few Christian preachers would try to fix it even though it would be a risk.

    Their congregation could get all this info from news sources, but it might be different if they heard it in church. They could at least give it a shot. It might help.

  27. You are right. Turn about is fair play BUT not to the ones that initiated the mess!

    The Supreme Court decision about the right to discriminate based on “sincerely held” religious beliefs did indeed open a can of worms. Many of us could anticipate what would come next!

    Unfortunately the only way some people learn is when something is done to them that they did to others.

  28. I know many wouldn’t, but I like to give them the benefit of the doubt. There might be a few honest preachers.

  29. What would she be facing a lawsuit for? Truth is an absolute defense.

  30. WRONG. Preachers can preach what is in the Bible since the Bible is full of stories about how we should treat those that are different. Not lying is part of the Ten Commandments. This doesn’t violate the Johnson Amendment AND is what they should have preaching about all along.

  31. This is why Democrats can’t win. Republicans don’t care about civility. They’ll say they care, and whine and cry like they are on this comment section, but they couldn’t care less. If they did, the Orange Disaster wouldn’t be President. But the Democrats will once again break out the circular firing squad and do another weeklong navel-gazing session about how uncivilized we all are. And the Republicans will point (and silently laugh) and claim that it’s all the Democrats’ fault.

  32. Nowhere did he suggest a violation of the Johnson Amendment.

  33. 2016 Election Results for Lexington, VA:
    Clinton: 61.8%
    Trump: 31.3%

  34. Liberal disgust and anger was already making the news — and causing property damage and insurance claims — before a Trump administration even existed.

  35. You really do not understand the area.

    Lexington is about 3 hours southwest of DC.

    Lexington is split between very high income and low income.

    The very high income all either work in DC or do business with DC as contractors and consultants.

    The people who would frequent the Red Hen would be the very high income.

    Those who work in DC live that far away to avoid exactly what just happened. Leaving the work in DC is the whole point of living there. Making doo doo in their sandbox is not a ticket to a long line waiting to get in.

    Those who do business with the Feds can’t afford to be seen endorsing this stunt. Their livelihood depends on playing nice with both sides since you never know who will be there after the next election.

    Here is The Red Hen website:


    Check back in a year or less. It won’t be there.

  36. I disagree.

    To be “preaching every week on all the lies, hatreds, and divisions of Trump from the past week” is to be doing politics.

  37. Singling out one person by “preaching every week on all the lies, hatreds, and divisions of Trump from the past week” is not preaching what is in the Bible.

    Preaching that lying is a sin is fine.

  38. If this is going to be what you post, I’ll do us both a favor and block you.

    I read this screed over at Religion Dispatches, and you could have cut and pasted the stuff month-to-month.

    All the preachers who did not and do not like Trump do what they do. The ones who don’t aren’t planning on switching.

    And, no, Christians are not the problem.

  39. Are you talking about something other than defamation?

  40. Oh, give it a break.

    I haven’t even suggested they were not within the law, so this nonsense about lying is just blah blah.

  41. The Johnson Amendment does not prohibit “doing politics,” it prohibits endorsing or opposing a candidate for office. Criticizing an elected official’s activities is not prohibited.

  42. Singling out one political personage week after week and calling what she or he does “lies” appears to be opposing a candidate.

    If I were partisan and attend that church, I’d file a complaint.

    In any case, Jim is importing this shtick from Religion Dispatches, which had canned its Comments section.

    I’ve read this all before many times.

    No one who has not done what he suggest before will do it now, so it’s moot.

  43. D.C bans political affiliation discrimination (since 1977)

    So you’ll have to back up the comment, “Those who work in DC live that far away to avoid exactly what just happened”,

  44. You apparently don’t understand what I wrote.

  45. Nailed it! But Democrats are learning the hard way that playing nice no longer works in an increasingly crude, dumbed-down, uncouth country. Lies and bullying are what gets rewarded these days, apparently.

  46. I guess we’ll see. (two colleges in Lexington: VMI and Washington & Lee. I grew up/live a couple of hours from there. My brother attended VMI.)

    Today, Lexington’s primary economic activities stem from higher education and tourism. Located at the intersection of historic U.S. Route 11 and U.S. Route 60 and more modern highways, Interstate 64 and Interstate 81. With its various connections to the Civil War, Lexington attracts visitors from around the country. Places of interest in Lexington include the Stonewall Jackson House, Lee Chapel, the George C. Marshall Museum, Virginia Military Institute Museum, Museum of Military Memorabilia, and the downtown historic district. Hull’s Drive In theater attracts visitors to the area and was the first community-owned, non-profit drive-in in the U.S.

    Lexington also contains a host of small retail businesses, bed and breakfast inns, and restaurants catering to a unique mixture of local, tourist, and collegiate clientele. The historic R. E. Lee Hotel, built in the 1920s, underwent extensive renovation and re-opened its doors late 2014.

  47. The blog post would tend to support the restaurant owner. According to Berlik, the Virginia Supreme Court stated that calling someone a liar may or may not be actionable. The context is essential. It must be still has to be a *false* accusation that is *injurious to reputation*, more than *mere opinion*, and contains an *express or implied assertion of factual information.* There are binders full of SHS’s lies.

  48. You mean like the rightwing bullies attacking the Red Hen owner’s children? Shutting down her phone lines? Egging other restaurants named Red Hen? Those kinds of bullying, hatred, bigotry and intimidation? Or do you mean politely (by Sarah Fullashit Sanders’s own reckoning) asking someone to leave?

  49. “There are binders full of SHS’s lies.” indicates the partisan dark colored glasses you’re using to view this event, which precludes rational analysis.

    In any case Ms. Wilkinson’s business is toast, so it’s doubly moot.

  50. Post me in a year if I forget.

    Otherwise I look forward to not hearing from you again.

  51. OK, I said it when it was gays being kicked out of bakeries and I’ll say it again here. There’s no polite way to slam the door in someone’s face. You either serve someone or you kick them out. Let’s not pretend that doing it “politely” actually makes a difference.

    That said, I’m appalled that HuckaSanders used government resources to direct this kind of right-wing harassment based on her own personal grievance. Who needs a gestapo when you can do all that with a taxpayer-funded tweet?

  52. Civility is a two way street. If Conservatives are so vehement for a privilege to attack others in the name of their beliefs, they should expect to be returned in kind. Sanders was judged by the content of her character. Conservatives can all buzz off. For years they have been talking about “right of association” and “freedom of speech” when it comes to vendors acting badly to others. So I see no need to treat them with the respect they want, but have not earned. Unlike their malicious garbage, members of the administration are not a protected class by any civil rights laws.

    SHS was not being judged by the color of their skin or any outside characteristics but for the content of her character. 🙂

  53. What’s non-partisan to you, Fox News? I can refer you to Politifact. They alone tagged four as outright lies. Come at me Lee Bernik.

  54. Excuse me? How about death threats, bombings, murders and various violations of civil rights laws that conservatives use to express their anger.

    How many people have been killed by Antifa since inception? Zero. How many people killed by their opponents since 9/11: Over 70.

  55. Yes, her business is being targeted by the same rightwing extremist bullies deadset on destroying our nation’s social fabric. But they’ll likely get tired of it and find a new Two Minutes Hate next week.

  56. But do you really want to take your cue from the Trump crowd? To let them set the standard for public discourse is to let them win. I want to be better than that.

    Civil behavior is not something I engage in because other people deserve it. It’s a gift I give myself.

  57. Creepy Clowns as opposed to white hoods now hanging around the GOP?

  58. Speaking of formality, Paul Ryan is not now, nor has he ever been, a member of the U.S. Senate.

  59. You don’t know the area.

    There are no significant “rightwing extremist bullies” in town.

    Her restaurant is favored by higher income folks who live down there specifically to avoid this sort of cr-p.

    They either work for the Feds or sell to the Feds.

    She’s placed herself in a situation where anyone who dines makes a statement, just the sort of the thing they live down there to avoid.

    Robert Duvall lives a bit north of there for the same reason – to avoid the loonies.

    She is not a high income person, and has spent about ten years getting this place running.

    If I know the folks there – and I think I do – the only folks who will eat there will be Bernie Sanders and his wife if they’re passing through.

  60. I don’t think anybody want to come at you.

    In fact, I don’t even want to converse with you.

  61. To stand idly by and not punish people for being uncivil is to already let them win. To make the atrocious normal. People who are uncivil and hateful don’t care about being reasonable or how others feel. Incivility is an expression of power over others. You feel constrained and they do not. So I feel no need to be civil to people who are not going to return it in kind.

    Sometimes the bad dog needs the bop on the nose with the rolled up newspaper. 🙂

  62. Possibly by the content of her job.

    I don’t see Stephanie Wilkinson as an authority on character.

  63. No one’s forcing you to respond to everything I say, Bob.

  64. I get where you’re coming from but I’m really not concerned about the bad dog. All the bops on the nose aren’t going to change his behavior. I’m concerned about all those voters in the vast middle who voted for Trump not out of conviction but because they couldn’t stomach Hillary Clinton. They’re the ones I want to influence, and if their abiding impression is that both sides in this ugly climate are behaving equally poorly, that only benefits Trump.

  65. No one’s forcing you to respond to anything I write, Arbustin.

  66. Don’t talk about property damage to an anti-capitalist.

  67. Do be careful.

    The folks you hate own guns.

  68. A lot of things had to fall into place for Trump to be elected, but the biggest piece was that lockstep evangelical voting block giving him 81% of the vote, even a little more than Bush or Palin or any of the others. He wouldn’t be president without that. I think that means evangelical Christians need to take responsibility for him, and the rest of Christianity also gets some blame for kind of following along and not opposing him the way his hatreds and divisions should have called for.

  69. The “bad dogs” are the ones chipping away at our society. “Bops on the nose” in legal varieties work. For ex. Civil rights laws keep people from acting on certain forms of bigotry through fear of consequences and pushback. When one does not call out “Alternative facts” they dominate the discussion.

    I get your point and I agree with it in principle.

  70. Trump supporters can’t be bothered to even identify their target before they lose control of themselves.

  71. You and Maxine want war? Well go right ahead. Maxine is already feeling the heat — from her own Democrats. Especially since she’s obviously helping with Trump’s re-election.

  72. Little babies can’t accept election results still after two years.

  73. Jim, I believe I read this 81% tripe perhaps two hundred times at Religion Dispatches after the election, with perhaps 81% of the mentions in your posts.

    The number is extremely dubious.

    Since it is, the notion that “evangelical Christians need to take responsibility for him” is similarly dubious.

    A better analysis is that the losing candidate was so elitist, so tone deaf to the electorate, and so insulting that she lost the election fair and square.

    Again, if you’re importing “evangelical Christians need to take responsibility for him” here, and have little or nothing else to say, do let me know now.

  74. Rabbi Salkin’s column was spot on. Let me add one thought: Those who bring the argument into the arena of public restaurants, grocery stores, etc. are disturbing the peace and harassing to the point of threatening public officials and their families and should be arrested and prosecuted. That might slow down this new tactic of haters. I don’t think that a business entity that serves the public has the right to exclude customers on the basis of political beliefs or who they work for. sounds to me a lot like Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia or McCathyist USA.

  75. Ah, so you DO want war. Okay, cool. Resident Commie Restaurant Owner Stephenie Wilkinson wants war too.

    So war is exactly what she’s getting — from a few dozen protesters, and other more quiet folks. She’s already had to resign as exec-director of the business group “Main Street Lexington.”

    (And don’t forget the delicious bucket of chicken manure that got dumped on the sidewalk outside her restaurant! )

    The reality, according to the Roanoke (Va.) newspaper, is that her restaurant has been closed since the day after she pulled her insane anti-American stunt. Maybe it will re-open in a few days. Maybe it take longer.

    But — when people want a war, people GET a war!!

  76. War was already declared. Liberals were slow to pick up on it. There has nothing but uncivil nonsense coming from conservatives for some time.

    Conservatives judge by color of skin, politics, ethnicity, religion, orientation… Sarah Huckabee Sanders was judged by the content of her character.

    Hypocrites get in a huff when they are treated in a manner they treat others.

    Funny how you attack someone for exercising their free speech and right of association. The owner was merely making a moral objection to serving someone whose views violated their deeply held beliefs. Such a little hypocrite. It only counts if one is a Christian bigot? I guess to you.

  77. “If we want to flirt with the prophetic mantle, and remember aloud how Nathan and Elijah confronted, respectively, King David and King Ahab, then let us at least remember that they did so – in the palace itself. They did so – directly to their faces. They did not harass their courtiers in hummus places in ancient Jerusalem.” Maybe in biblical times but not now. Try to speak directly to a congressman, senator or president. Only supplicants and supporters need apply. Meetings are closed or before friendly groups. Unwritten questions are not allowed. Send a letter or email and you get a form message back that could apply to any issue and any side of any issue.

  78. Sarah Sanders is paid by the federal government. She is not a campaign worker. She lies on a daily basis while professing religious faith. That said, she should get to eat in peace, There’s no sense in confirming her view that she’s a victim of fake media and an unfair world. The restaurant owner would have done better to serve Sanders and — when Sanders was done and the bill was paid — explain that grace and courtesy cannot disguise the disgust the owner feels with Trump policies. And have a great day….

  79. The 81% is the exit polls taken right after people voted. It is the most accurate way to know, and the number has been all over the news since the election.

    Evangelical Christians have been voting heavily Republican since about 1980 when there seemed to be a strong reaction among them against kids of the 60s wearing longer hair and protesting the Vietnam war. The Republican party has learned more and more to pander to the evangelicals since then.

  80. That is more a prediction than a statement. You can see we have become a nation of hate under Trump, and I predict there will be no letting up of that hate as long as he is president. He rules on hate, and the nation follows. Half hate whatever he hates, and the other half hate him.

  81. It was based on self-reporting.

    It has been debunked thoroughly.

    Traditional Christians have been slowly abandoning the Democratic Party since it adopted a pro-abortion platform and particularly since the 1992 Democratic National Convention, when Governor Casey of Pennsylvania asked to present a minority report opposing the party’s plank on abortion that declared ”reproductive choice” a ”fundamental right” deserving government financing. The party leadership barred Mr. Casey from addressing the delegates.

    The Republican Party has had to do nothing at all except enjoy the benefits of the Democrats self-destruction as it adopted zanier and zanier positions more and more out of step with its blue collar base.

    In particular the last election cannot in any way be “blamed” on evangelicals.

    That is just an excuse.

  82. No, we did not become a nation of hate under Trump.

    Trump did not call people who opposed him “deplorables”.

    Your analysis is simply sour grapes from the losing side of the last election.

  83. Please, you think confirmation of facts makes the slightest difference to HuckaSanders? This is a woman who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her in the rear. She makes bald-faced lies for a living. We could be nothing but civil to her for her entire tenure. It wouldn’t change anything she says about us.

    You think it makes the slightest difference to anyone who listens to her? These are the people who thought the were being persecuted by liberals ever since the phrase “Happy Holidays” came into use. These are the people who think quoting conservatives in context and pointing out the implications of those quotes counts as persecution. These are the people who stalk women who visit clinics which provide abortions and murder doctors who do them. These are the people who will get atheists fired and run them out of their towns, protest Muslim community centers, and kick gay and transgendered customers out of their stores. These are people who have been treating minorities and the left with appalling disrespect, bile, and incivility for years, and screaming their little heads off about how much they’re persecuted.

    This is not some slippery slope that we’re starting down. We’ve been most of the way down that slope for years now.

  84. Understood. Like I said, “she lies on a daily basis while professing religious faith.”

  85. Not quite, BobbyJoJack Arnzen Carioca. Your statement is wrong as usual.

    What really happened is that the Republican party, rather than the nation, became a group of haters, as a result of being taken over by the bigoted folk commonly known as evangelicals.

    Trump is on his way out, and likely to be impeached. He truly is deplorable, and won’t get a second term.

  86. BobbyJoJack Arnzen Carioca, after your history of posting deceptions and insults here, you are in no position to make comments on character that carry any weight.

  87. Jesus: love your enemies.

    Liberals: harass republicans as soon as they leave the house.

  88. WHAM! BLAM! Nasty and typical Christian BobbyJoJack Arnzen Carioca takes another swipe at a sincere poster.

    BobbyJo, your guns are going to be taken away.

  89. False as usual from BobbyJoJack Arnzen Carioca.

    No, BobbyJo, those were actions that you and your bigoted group of haters did. Own up to it for a change.

  90. Do you think business owners should be able to deny service on the sole basis of the owner’s religious beliefs?

  91. You actually spend time with her every day?

  92. I’m sure glad you contributed a nice balanced view on this.

    Didn’t she call people who disagree with her “deplorables”, or am I thinking another fight starting individual in the national spotlight?

  93. The restaurant owner is already paying the price.

    I am sure her partner would have liked a consultation before she torpedoed their business.

  94. You are thinking of yourself, as usual, and the fact that you block anyone who disagrees with you, obv.

  95. Christians are paying the price for electing a fascist theocrat.

  96. You mean the side that won the popular vote?

  97. Reproductive choice IS a fundamental right. Christians just keep adopting zanier and zanier positions to try to force women to breed against their will.

    Religion is just an excuse.

  98. Hillary won the popular vote, fair and square.

    Christians never take responsibility for anything.

  99. And they use them to solve all of their problems, because that’s all they’re good for.

  100. Yawn.

    Thanks for reminding me why I ignore your comments, Bob.

  101. Were that the case, I would not be responding to your comment, would I?

  102. Homophobia is moot. No one cares what Christians think. Lose your tax-exempt status about it.

  103. Why haven’t you blocked everyone who disagrees with you yet, Bob?

  104. Depends on the service. The Bakery decision by the Supreme Court was about free speech, the artistry of cake baking and religious beliefs. If you’re talking about a public hotel or a restaurant, I don’t think they could make a case for barring anyone. In a case of your own home, that might be a different matter if you’re say part of the B&B circuit. I say all of this because I have been an attorney for 43 years and a religious leader for 23 years For sure, political beliefs should not be a bar to being in a place that serves the public and the people confronting government officials probably are guilty of breach of the peace and maybe harrasment. The idea of exclusion on the basis of faith happened to Jewish people in the US who were for a while barred from certain hotels, universities, clubs and buying homes in certain areas. Quotas and refusing service in a public place is, I believe, illegal on the basis of political beliefs. If we start doing that in the public service area then we’ll have to have Republican and Democrat hotels, restaurants, etc. The ploce shuld do there job to enforce the law no matter who is doing the barring or harrassment.

  105. Don’t make it personal. I am ashamed and embarrassed by these actions and the hate spewed by actors and comedians.

  106. Do not ask me to be ‘civil’ to those who are incivil to me.

    Do not ask me to “tolerate” those who have no tolerance for anyone who isn’t just like them.

    Do not ask me to ‘turn the other cheek’ when someone seeks to harm people who have done nothing to them personally.

    Do not ask for the respect which you do not have for anyone else.

    who enable injustice, needless inhumane suffering, and whose actions
    foster chaos and the destruction of the very fabric of ‘civilized
    society’ are not exempt from public scorn and ostracisation.

    Those are the ‘wages’ of their choices.


  107. NO justice no peace. Pack your lunch and eat at home

  108. ” I don’t want to have to pass a political litmus test the next time I order a cheeseburger”

    Except that is already happening. Being a racial minority in public is cause for alarm for these folks, as is speaking a language other than English, being gay, or being of a minority faith….

  109. Yes, it is happening and it’s an abominable practice. Therefore, I won’t engage in it. This falls into the category of treating other people the way I want to be treated.

  110. Enjoy the delicious buckets of horse manure that will soon be left outside of your church.

  111. Says the raging homophobe. What do you need civil rights for, black person?

  112. You are a far better person than I am. 🙂

  113. Thanks, but I doubt that. It’s easy enough to sound noble on a message board. The real world is a different kettle of fish. I do try and I do appreciate the thought.

  114. That also is my default position – but – I recently read a short blurb on the philosophy of tolerance and in essence it argued that to ensure tolerance one has to stand up against intolerance or tolerance will be lost. A fine line to walk. And a major ethical issue As well the practice of incivility I think leaves one tone deaf to when it occurs – either of one’s own mouth or the group one affiliates with or believing one is persecuted for being the other. It appears to be contagious and grows in size easily. That is why I was particularly bothered when someeone apparently saw nothing wrong in writing above be careful who you hate – they own guns.

  115. .
    I think the owner of the Red Hen and her staff missed an excellent opportunity to accomplish some real shaming the other night.

    With HuckaSans as a semi-captive audience, they should have taken turns visiting her table during her dinner and airing their grievances, if only to recite a list of the lies she and Trump have perpetrated over the last year.

    HuckaSans might even have chosen to walk out — no denial of service necessary.

    By the way, does anyone here remember when the Virginia baker refused to sell Joe Biden a cookie?

    Joe Biden. Cookie. SMH.


  116. The table wouldn’t have opened up until now if they tried to relate Trump’s 6+ lies/day.

  117. Eh, Bob’s gonna do what he wants. Doesn’t bother me.

  118. Trump has consistently promoted this descent into incivility. It’s hardly a surprise that both supporters and opponents react in kind.

    For out and out repugnance, the right wing spewers on Faux News, attacking high school victims of shootings and calling detention centers “summer camps” take the lowest position in the gutter……..and should take the lowest circle of The Inferno.

  119. It seems to me that ‘The Red Hen’ blew an opportunity to show what a good place to eat it is to people who traveled 200 miles to be there. Some kind of ‘pettiness’ prevailed and loss of customers and income happened. Somebody should be taken out back and hung out to dry for causing all of this.

  120. Not a fan of Sanders…but the restaurant owner seemed dickish….I’m not saying she had not right to kick her out..it just was very UnDude…and the Dude abides.

  121. I have a mantra..be nice…if someone acts not nice to you…..ignore them or depart. Why engage in their hatred. Take the high road. Or often the best way to deal with dickish people..laugh at them..and walk away.

  122. Any experienced restaurant worker will tell you how to deal with horrible customers….don’t throw them out..give them some “extra ingredients” in their order. “Won ton soup? Yes..coming right up!”

  123. Written by a Jew, who has a short memory.

  124. technically….the 10 C’s only outlaw lying in a court setting..basically perjury…it was understood back then that the tribes could lie if it was to the advantage of the tribe..in war or trade.

  125. “If preachers started talking about Trump lies …..” then sermons would be eight hours long.

  126. I just got a message from Yahweh. He said that any Evangelical who voted for Trump will spend 500 years in purgatory having their private parts grabbed.

  127. Stay civil….if we could only do that

    We take the high road. When they go low..we go high.

  128. I think the thing that offends me about the owner’s response…lack of creativity.

    I think I would have quickly printed some placemats with photos of kids in cages.

    I would have made up a new list of specials.

    Today…we have a orange furred pork….

    There are a million ways they could have had some fun and made a point.

  129. “Charlotte Not/Applicable” is at it again. Drive-by annoyance is her schtick.

  130. They need to give an update every week. Just the week’s highlights. That might give the people more incentive to come every week.

  131. In the case of Masterpiece Cake shop, Progressives wanted to say that the baker is obligated to apply his artistry for anyone who walks in – no personal attitudes, ethnic identities, beliefs or appearances on the part of the customer justify refusing them the service advertised to the general public.

    Yet, the Red Hen #Resistance is praising itself (and being praised by the media) for refusing service to someone at their establishment based on their (presumed) personal attitudes and beliefs.

    “Hypocrisy?” It doesn’t even rise to that level. This is just plain old political ignorance and cynicism in grasping at anything that seems to convey a transient propaganda advantage — thoughtless (apparently) of the inevitable backlash.

    Salkin, at least, is not thoughtless of the backlash, but his effort to bring a little objective perspective to the Progressive community is met on this board – ironically enough – by being shouted down!

  132. Should Obama staffers, especially those who supported the abilty of women to murder their own offspring?

  133. Except that the Kleins were fined over $125,000 and were forced to close their business and file for bankruptcy.
    Meanwhile…………the Red Hen carries on.

  134. Should Trump staffers be able to eat in peace?

    Trump officials should ask Transgender, Gay, Muslims, Sikhs and other minority people despised by the religious right about eating their meals in peace.

  135. No, moral people saying that licensed public accommodations like Masterpiece Bakery should obey anti-discrimination law. Being an apologist for a racist policy that deliberately inflicted psychological torture on refugee children is not a protected class.

    It’s also defamation to compare Gay couples who are planning a wedding reception with people who are apologists for crimes against humanity.

  136. Seth Meyers suggested not being able to hear English from Trump officials…that Trumpistas only speak Spanish and nobody on staff speaks the language.

  137. A few years ago, Joe Biden was refused service at a bakery for purely political reasons, and the Right praised the baker as some kind of saint, and paraded him on their usual propaganda channels. Now with Sanders, there’s all this wailing and whining and nashing of teeth. Hypocrites!!

  138. It always comes down to this with Progressives, doesn’t it: “I’m a good person; you’re not. I’m moral; you’re evil. That’s why I need to rule, and you need to submit.” That’s the entire Progressive “platform.” Their position on issues is simply a propaganda means to that end, based strictly on their own moral superiority.

    Salkin has enough objectivity (and honesty) to foresee the inevitable consequences of this kind of rabid, heedless partisanship, and to tell his Progressive cohorts the truth about the backlash they are stoking. But the responses on this board so far indicate pretty clearly that Progressives “can’t handle the truth” — even when it’s uttered by one of their own.

  139. “When they go low..we go high.”

    Starting when?

  140. Well…the Masterpiece baker created illegal and unjust minority stress for a happy and loving minority couple who were just planning a wedding reception for friends and relatives. What the Masterpiece baker did is obviously evil as all bloody hell, and so, he is an evil man.

    And if you defend that evil, awful person, you’re just as evil as he is, aren’t you?

    Backlash…look at what “conservative” white evangelicals did with their backlash against a Black president… vote 81% for an obviously, shamelessly evil bigot who thinks making America great is making America the kind of place that Rev. Martin Niemöller warned the world about…the kind of place that comes for refugee children first.

    The Central American refugees are, by the way, are very likely from Christian families, not that white “conservatives” in general really seem to care when it comes to their minority Christian neighbors.

  141. Apparently you don’t realize that everything you just said is a confirmation of my analysis (above). Mounting the moral high-horse really IS the point of it all, isn’t it?

  142. Are you jealous because I was raised right and you weren’t? Are you telling me that I’m suppose to call evil good to make you feel better about yourself?

    Moral people know that the baker did wrong and is an awful person, even if white “conservative” evangelicals defend him in their quest for a white Christian plutocracy like the bad old Jim Crow days where they had hegemony over a sizable chunk of the country.

  143. What exactly is the trump crowd doing? I don’t see them harassing anyone. I see Maxine Waters promoting violence. I see the media type promote resistance. I see democrat march after march threaten trump, his family and in-laws. If I’m not mistaken, the republican baseball team was shot up…. please do explain what the trump crowd has done.

  144. The socialists that promote open borders, the dismantling of the constitution and open militant resistance are showing that they truly hate the United States.

  145. Trumps approval rating is actually improving. Build the wall.

  146. That’s what the baker guy said wasn’t it?!

  147. Not content with merely proving my point, you’ve got to really hammer it home. You’re the poster child for hysterical hyperbole and moral condescension.

    But don’t let me discourage you. In fact, slather it on. Progressive mouth-frothing props up Trump big time.

  148. True to form, Trump lovers lie about it as well.

  149. ” We cannot blame this on Trump; if anything, he had his finger on the
    moral pulse of this nation, and he was ready to capitalize on it. ”

    ” moral pulse “‘

    Trump is ignorant of the word ” moral “.

    To detect a ” pulse ” one needs feelings.

    Trump has the morality and feeling of the ebola virus.

  150. Wilkinson has integrity.
    A quality that is foreign to you.

  151. Clearly, you see what you wish to see.

  152. You noticed how I was copying the same talking points you guys have been using for years against everyone else.

    Good for you. You are not irony impaired.

  153. Not true. He is now in the low 40’s. What good is a wall when the most dangerous people are on the wrong side of it and are the ones who want to build it?

  154. The Supreme Court ruled that the First Ammendment right to freedem of religion trumps gay weddings so get over it.

  155. Actually they didn’t … but they may as well have, for that will be the ultimate outcome.

  156. Always…be civil…be strong and stand up for your position…but stand..don’t stoop to them.

  157. BUT a wise person can extrapolate a lesson from one situation to another. The commandment actually says “bear false witness against a neighbor”. WHICH could apply to spreading lies about a neighbor to other neighbors, even when not in a legal setting! It doesn’t say “bear false witness in court”!

    I infer that it is best not to lie in any situation unless of course someone’s or your own life depends on the lie. Here I am thinking about those that sheltered runaway slaves or Jews or today illegal immigrants!

  158. I stand corrected. Real clear politics shows 43% today.
    Just build it and let’s see what happens-kinda like healthcare; don’t you think?

  159. Ok-I thought you were making sense for once.

  160. “bear false witness against a neighbor”

    Indeed…in Judaic times that would have been in a judicial dispute. There are several great rabbinic commentaries on the 10Cs…

    But yes lying is harmful…I never needed a book to know that

    Exceptions would include a situation wherein telling the truth would result in physical harm.

  161. They sent it back as a decision tainted by animus on the part of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

    When such a case returns to the SCOTUS, however, it will be a win for the 1st Amendment.

  162. The actual decision states “the Colorado Commission’s actions violated the Free Exercise Clause and it’s decision must be set aside”
    You need to stop watching fake news.

  163. The Supreme Court ruled : “the Colorado Commission’s actions here violated the Free Exercise Clause, and it’s order must be set aside”
    You need to stop watching fake news.

  164. And the reason why the commission’s actions violated the Free Exercise Clause may be found directly preceding that line:

    “The delicate question of when the free exercise of his religion must yield to an otherwise valid exercise of state power needed to be determined in an adjudication in which religious hostility on the part of the State itself would not be a factor in the balance the State sought to reach. That requirement, however, was not met here. When the Colorado Civil Rights Commission considered this case, it did not do so with the religious neutrality that the Constitution requires.”

    Please stop representing this decision as a ruling on the merits. There will be one, and it WILL be a 1st Amendment win, but this isn’t it.

  165. Wilkinson had integrity.

    Now she got war instead.

  166. That’s what Michelle Obama suggested. Apparently her fellow libbies aren’t listening.

  167. They ruled in favor of the Christian baker it wasn’t sent back. Stop watching fake news.

  168. They ruled in his favor but not because of the reasons you are claiming. It was not a ruling on the merits.

  169. In your blind anger, you’re missing something that even your Democrat congressional leaders understand.

    What happened to Sarah Sanders is what routinely happened to black folks during the Jim Crow days. That is the correct parallel, Spuds.

    NOT Christians like Baronelle Stutzmann who served gays and employed gays but have a First Amendment religious right not to be FORCED by gov’t into participating in alien, anti-God, totally Christ-opposing events like gay weddings.

    I know you hate her guts for staying true to her Christian faith and resisting the gay bullies, but she’s apples & oranges compared to No-Good Wilkinson, who has no excuse.

  170. Just dismantled your argument above. You’re welcome.

  171. Mr. E is just as wrong as Spuddie — and for the very same reasons.

    The correct parallel is with the ordinary blacks of the Jim Crow era, NOT the vicious anti-Christian gay bullies of today.

  172. Yes, they did rule for the reason I said. The reason is the First Ammendment freedom of religion.

  173. Church is about listening to the preacher, so he could scroll on his phone and read it to the congregation. That would make the week’s highlights officially Christian, and everybody could still get out on time.

  174. Irony was lost on you.

    You demanded a right to be uncivil based on personal bigotry against classes of people. But then you get annoyed when others are uncivil in return for far less onerous reasons.

    All I am saying is tone policing by conservatives here smacks of cretinous attitudes of expecting to attack others with impunity. One is rightfully simply returning a small portion of the incivility coming from those like yourself.

  175. The controversy will indeed blow over after awhile. But she messed up, she’s paying the well-deserved price for her mess, and if her greasy biohazard joint survives, she’s gonna focus on (ahem) customer service for a change!!

  176. “What happened to Sarah Sanders is what routinely happened to black folks during the Jim Crow days.”

    Not at all. The major difference here is Sanders was not being excluded for being a woman or from any class of people protected specifically by law.

    She was excluded for being a despicable person on her own merits. The content of her character as opposed to the class of person like the Christian bigots you are stumping for.

    It is ironic that you try to invoke segregation here when the same arguments have been given to you on multiple occasions and met with junk responses such as “gay people are not like blacks”.

    You are simply a hypocrite and a bigot who seeks a privilege to attack others, but can’t deal with such efforts returned in kind.

    “NOT Christians like Baronelle Stutzmann who served gays and employed gays but have a First Amendment religious right not to be FORCED by gov’t into participating in alien, anti-God, totally Christ-opposing events like gay weddings.”

    Nope. Because the First Amendment never gave one the right to attack others in the name of their faith. Those Christians never served gays as social equals compared to other customers. Denying people goods and services they would give to any other person, simply because they are gay. Exactly like how blacks were treated under segregation. But unlike SHS who was denied service for just being SHS.

  177. Except that I have now removed the word “rightfully” from your paragraph there.

  178. What good is the wall if you are going to be on the wrong side of it?

  179. Because like everything Conservative Christian, it is always a matter of “standards of civil behavior to everyone else, not me”.

  180. SHS never had integrity, neither did any of her apologists here.

    Doxxing the restaurant and encouraging harassment, vandalism and personal attacks and then complaining about uncivil behavior is par for the course for conservative cretins. I don’t see you or anyone in the conservative wing apologizing for that. Its all a matter of seeking to attack others and being afraid of the reaction.

  181. You are talking about fictional people and positions. Because you cannot defend the merits of your own position.

    Open militant resistance to civility, democratic institutions, propriety and even basic professionalism was already being waged by conservatives.

    Tone policing is only done to restrain those with integrity and morals against cretins who lack any of it.

  182. OK, dude. Whatever.

    Hey Arbustin, here is one of my “wincing” moments for you. ?

  183. Funny, Joe Biden was denied service in 2002, but nobody bitched then.

  184. Glad I came strolling by.. I am trying to find one of my previous comments.

  185. Tone policing is about getting decent people to feel guilty about acting uncivil while malicious miscreants act uncivil with impunity.

  186. I do not know why you want a war and why you think your side would win. While conservative seem to have more guns and are meaner, there are more Democrats in the country, as shown by the actual vote, many of whom have guns as well. Overconfidence is not wise.

  187. Sorry to see you suggest threats of violence against her children and trying to hack her business online are “well-deserved.” More civility from your side, right?

  188. That is a recipe for a lawsuit, as well as being morally reprehensible. Better that she SHOULD simply ask her to leave…and deal honestly with the consequences.

  189. Trump may have had his finger on the pulse of 46% of the nation….but no more than that. For some of them, he’s probably gone too far.

  190. Maxine waters. Madonna. BLM. antifa. Micheal Moore. All stalwart conservatives. At least your beginning to admit openly that you’re socialists that hate the country and wish to destroy it. Keep it up so America can see you for what you are. Militant racists and bigots.

  191. LOL! What you call “socialist” is better known as not being a wingnut giving canned excuses for the reprehensible. Those who actually are concerned for those who work for a living.

    “that hate the country and wish to destroy it.”

    Said the person who seems to be at odds with all institutions of democratic government, the press, rule of law and basic propriety. I can say at least I oppose locking children up in concentration camps. You do not.

    “Militant racists and bigots.”

    Said the person who supports the actions of avowed neo-nazis (like the architect of the child separation and detainment policy). That is all you and those who support our president in acting maliciously.

    There is really a lot of projection in your posts.

  192. Oh, so you don’t deny they are promoting violence. You receive 10 respect points today.

  193. Never mentioned violence. Good to know you have continued to lie about my position and make up your own arguments rather than address points. Your dishonesty is entirely expected here.

    Our greatest domestic terrorist threat comes from a group of people who support Trump vociferously. The “very fine people” who try to make white supremacy the default position for conservatives these days. Your crowd.

  194. “Church is about listening to the preacher”

    A major problem with church. Listening over thinking 🙁

  195. Yes…there are uncivil liberals and conservatives — no news there

  196. Should Trump staffers be able to eat in peace? Once a staffer of any organizer goes home, they become a private citizen and have the right to eat or drink or do whatever in privacy to include occupying a peaceful table at a restaurant.

  197. No, the Supreme Court didn’t. The ruling was very narrow. Apparently state HR departments can’t point out the obvious to people like the Masterpiece baker…that white evangelicals used the same damn evil arguments against anti-discrimination statutes back in the 1950-60’s.

    But, the ruling didn’t make anti-discrimination statutes themselves illegal. Sexual orientation is still a protected class in Colorado and in other genuinely pro-morality states.

  198. That was because uncle joe was hitting on the bakers wife..,.

  199. Wrong, You don’t even understand the ruling.Typical Trump suckers.

  200. No, they did not.You’re ignorant.

  201. Fk if it will. That’s your wishful thinking. Just imagine, in your ugly world, blacks will be denied lunch again. Discrimination is discrimination. This is America, not Russia.

  202. Why do Trump suckers insist on being ignorant??

  203. Yeah, what Thin The Herd said below.

  204. Democrats don’t have guns remember? They’ll throw their Starbucks coffee cups and Gucci handbags at one another.

  205. All discrimination is not the same, which is why there are different levels of scrutiny. Racial discrimination receives particularly strong scrutiny because of its unique history of slavery and Jim Crow and because of the specific intent behind the 14th Amendment.

    What the Red Hen did was discrimination, but of course no one is trying to sue them for it. Like most discrimination, it is non-actionable.

  206. Blah blah blah. You’re wrong, all over. Just wrong. Go ahead, stupidly rationalize your anti-gay bigotry and declare your ignorance of gay history. And ffs, Sarah Goddamned Liar Huckabee Sanders is no victim. You people are officially insane now.

  207. What an empty response. Truly worthy of your name.

  208. You literally just said… “it’s wrong to discriminate against some groups of people, but not against THOSE people. That is the very definition of prejudice, and loser bigots like you will never learn how to be human.

  209. “…hysterical hyperbole…”

    “Arrogant Progressive mouth-frothing…”


  210. No, what I said was that all discrimination is not the same LEGALLY, which is why some kinds receive a different level of scrutiny than other kinds, and others receive no scrutiny at all because they are not legally actionable. Right and wrong are not the purview of the judiciary — law is.

    Sorry if I went above your grade level.

  211. Anti-gay discrimination is illegal in my state, and in many others. Now GFY.

  212. Which does not rebut my original point in the slightest. Of course there are such state laws, which is why they are going to the SCOTUS to be scrutinized for religious freedom violations — AFTER a majority of strict constructionists are sitting on the bench. That has been Kennedy’s intention in everything he has done this year. Good day.

  213. “Religious freedom” is a BS propagandist expression. Bigotry hiding behind Jesus. I said GFY, and I meant it.

  214. I have no interest whatsoever in what you “mean” by your vulgarity, or what you think of religious freedom, the cornerstone of our republic. You are precisely the face of hatred that caused your big champion on the SCOTUS to bail on you in disgust and leave his successors to rout you. Good job.

  215. I hate your goddamned bigotry. That’s what I hate.

  216. In answer to the title’s question, Yes. Let’s not stoop to Trump’s level (he’s a bottom-feeder).

  217. You can’t even recognize your own rhetorical failures.

    Among other things, you ignored the charge of “moral condescension,” even though it was the core of my criticism (“…that’s why you can’t handle Salkin’s truth — it subverts your all important sense of moral superiority) – AND is demonstrably true. It’s telling that our exchange, which started out as a discussion of Rabbi Salkin’s insight, quickly degenerated into allegations of your moral superiority and my moral turpitude – apparently because it’s the only platform you’ve got to stand on. If that is the Progressive program for ’18 and ’20 (and it appears to be), have at it. The “basket of deplorables” strategy worked really well (for Trump) the last time the last time it was deployed.

  218. You certainly love to hear yourself talk. Pretentious, self-aggrandizing POS. Well, you can GFY.

  219. What I love is to carry on a rational discussion of important issues.
    Those who can’t do that, resort to GFY.

  220. “Rational discussions”??! Your silly pseudo-intellectualism isn’t going to score you any points. What you actually love is jerking off with the other Trump deplorables.

  221. More confirmation that “moral superiority” is the message Progressivism is committed to. And you are obviously committed to spreading it. Good doggie!

  222. When did you first realize that the puxxy-grabbin’ serial porn-star adulterer who publicly mocked a disabled person was morally superior?

  223. You’re the one who’s obsessed with “moral superiority” (your own) and the moral failings of those you disagree with. And you just can’t quit it, can you? Maintaining your exalted status is not only the core of your politics, it’s the core of your personal identity.

  224. I’ve not said a word about “moral superiority”. This is your favorite scold, but it just serves to underscore your hypocrisy. You claim religious beliefs that I assume you believe are morally superior. If you don’t believe that, then your beliefs are meaningless. Which they are.

  225. You didn’t use the words “moral superiority.” You didn’t have to. Every post you’ve put up here is dripping with “I’m a better person than you are.” The fact that such is not blindingly clear to you is obviously part of your problem.

  226. Talk about condescension… Obviously, you’re unaware that you ARE a hypocritical POS. That is part of your problem.

  227. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You succeeded wildly at the hypocritical condescension.

  228. Unless they somehow don’t fit with somebody’s idea of what god wants. Then, they’re fair game for discrimination.

  229. Get a dictionary and a vasectomy! Abortion is a legal medical procedure. And you cannot murder something that is not viable in the first place.

  230. In the same way white male legislators/our founding fathers said that blacks were only 3/5ths of a person.

    Whites used to decide what constituted personhood, who gets rights, who is treated as a person.

    Today we’ve given women the same supposed right!


  231. Liars and bigots are not protected classes.

  232. You must feel pretty vulnerable, then.

  233. Not really sure how you can intelligently equate being empathic and having concern for your fellow man with either socialism or hating America–as those are just two if the foundations of our democracy that have been under constant attack during this administration; but it appears as though you’ve found a way to rationalize your own personal hate and fears to fit neatly into a false logic stream without making you the villain that in all reality, you indeed are.

  234. Ok. Glad you cleared that up for me.
    I’ll be interested to see your commentary in the future.

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