• Eichmann was not very intelligent.
  • He used “stock phrases and self-invented clichés.” He spoke”officialese.”
  • Eichmann was a “joiner” his entire life. He constantly joined organizations in order to define himself, and had difficulties thinking for himself without doing so.

I am not going to attempt to add on to the voluminous literature on totalitarian personalities, or why people find certain ideologies attractive. (At least, not before the High Holy Days. I have other things to do).

Neither am I going to glibly say that there are other Eichmanns waiting in the wings — despite the violent fantasies of many people in this country.

I am merely saying that we need to see the potential for evil as always being in our midst, and that the inability to be self-reflective and self-defining outside the ideology of a group, can be toxic and lethal.

Just sayin.’