Amy Grant and What We Demand of Famous Women

It's been 30 years since Amy Grant put our hearts in motion. Katelyn and Roxy speak to the Queen of Christian pop about living life in the public eye — through all its ups and downs.

Oh baby, baby it’s the Queen of Christian pop.

Saved By the City returns for season two! So grab your leopard print blazer, roll down your windows and get ready to be all up in your feels. It’s been 30 years since Amy Grant released Heart in Motion – the chart-topping album that marked the musician’s crossover from contemporary Christian artist to mainstream pop icon. Katelyn and Roxy catch up with the artist at her Nashville farm and talk to their childhood icon about living life in the public eye — through all its ups and downs.

The hosts also reflect on the expectations put on women — especially Christian women — who have achieved fame. And how the pressure to live their lives on display places even our most beloved women stars at the mercy of the mob.


  • Amy Grant is a singer songwriter and so much more. She is celebrating the 30 year anniversary of her album “Heart in Motion,” which was certified platinum 5 times, making it the best selling Christian album of all time. It spent weeks on the Billboard top 10, as did a number of its songs. Including the classic Baby Baby which reached no 1 on Billboard.

Several songs from Amy Grant’s Heart in Motion are featured on the episode.

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