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Autumn Miles is an author at Religion News Service.

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Where is the Church on #MeToo?

By Autumn Miles — January 18, 2018
(RNS) — The Church has operated under a cloud of shame and silence for decades.

Church discipline gone wrong: more common than you think (COMMENTARY)

By Autumn Miles — June 9, 2015
(RNS) There is an epidemic of mishandled church discipline cases. I was a victim of one 13 years ago.

The NFL and the church share the same culture of silence on abuse (COMMENTARY)

By Autumn Miles — September 17, 2014
(RNS) The culture of silence that kept me in an abusive marriage continues to haunt churches in America and across the world.

COMMENTARY: Cloning debate demands response from all, not just”experts”

By Autumn Miles — March 20, 1997
c. 1997 Religion News Service (Rebekah Miles is assistant professor of Christian ethics in the Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. E-mail her at r.miles(AT) UNDATED _ Imagine you can clone humans and other animals. Would you clone a cow that gives more milk? What about birds nearing extinction? Would […]
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