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‘Fixer Upper’ stars Chip and Joanna Gaines to host church for the homeless  

By Bobby Ross Jr. — November 21, 2018
WACO, Texas (RNS) — Magnolia Market, a tourist destination owned by reality TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, will host a church for the homeless.

Harvest Bible Chapel sues bloggers for spreading ‘false information’

By Bobby Ross Jr. — November 8, 2018
(RNS) — Megachurch pastor James MacDonald and his congregation filed suit recently, claiming two bloggers and a freelance writer were spreading false information about the church.

National meeting signals ‘coming of age’ for Hispanic Catholics in US

By Bobby Ross Jr. — September 24, 2018
GRAPEVINE, Texas (RNS) — The four-day bilingual gathering was called a 'crucial turning point for the Catholic Church in America' as the U.S. bishops discerned ways to better respond to its coming Latino majority.

Dallas church intent on seeking justice in Botham Jean’s death

By Bobby Ross Jr. — September 21, 2018
DALLAS — As a minister pledges to find answers, his congregation mourns a beloved song leader and Bible teacher fatally shot in his home by an off-duty police officer.

Houses of worship mobilize for back-to-school time

By Bobby Ross Jr. — August 6, 2018
OKLAHOMA CITY (RNS) — For the poor, buying crayons and pencils, much less shoes and jackets, can be a major financial burden, which has inspired many houses of worship nationwide to get involved.

With 330 million downloads, top Bible app celebrates 10 years

By Bobby Ross Jr. — July 26, 2018
EDMOND, Okla. (RNS) — At the beginning, YouVersion offered the Bible in 15 versions and two languages. Through partnerships with publishers and Bible societies, those numbers have expanded to 1,700 versions and 1,200 languages.

In red-state Oklahoma, marijuana ballot question splits people of faith

By Bobby Ross Jr. — June 6, 2018
OKLAHOMA CITY (RNS) — Clergy on both sides of State Question 788, which would permit the distribution of medical marijuana, call it a moral issue, with proponents arguing that pot will reduce dependence on opioids and critics, including the state's Southern Baptist convention and Catholic conference, saying it will lead to recreational use.

Minister ‘Still Wrestling’ with his faith after murder of his wife and son

By Bobby Ross Jr. — May 30, 2018
JACKSON, Miss. (RNS) — Les Ferguson Jr., a Church of Christ minister, knew his wife and son's killer: He had attended Ferguson’s church until being charged three months earlier with sexually assaulting the 21-year-old son. Seven years later Ferguson has published a book about his path back to trusting God, and the pulpit.

He’s a major-league pitcher — and a plumber — whose faith helps keep him focused

By Bobby Ross Jr. — May 11, 2018
(RNS) — Detroit Tigers ace Michael Fulmer works as a plumber in the offseason and serves as a mentor to adults with developmental disabilities, keeping in touch with his faith and keeping himself focused.

Pompeo’s Kansas church asks God to ‘give him strength’ in Senate confirmation process

By Bobby Ross Jr. — April 17, 2018
WICHITA, Kan. (RNS) — 'Mike has enemies because of his faith who may try to paint him in a poor light and make it difficult for him to reach the Secretary of State position,' the pastor of nominee Mike Pompeo wrote to his congregation.

Cult leader? ‘Sinful Messiah’? 25 years later, interest in David Koresh still strong

By Bobby Ross Jr. — April 16, 2018
WACO, Texas (RNS) — Twenty-five years after the siege, interest in what happened outside Waco — and who’s to blame — remains immense.

Former FBI agent still haunted by Waco tragedy and David Koresh’s beliefs

By Bobby Ross Jr. — April 16, 2018
WACO, Texas (RNS) — The reporter talks to Bob Ricks, the FBI agent he interviewed a quarter-century ago during the 51-day standoff outside Waco, Texas, between federal agents and an apocalyptic religious sect known as the Branch Davidians.

Where the buffalo roam, a Passion play approaches the century mark

By Bobby Ross Jr. — March 27, 2018
WICHITA MOUNTAINS WILDLIFE REFUGE, Okla. (RNS) — Oklahoma’s version of old Jerusalem — mixing rough stone structures resembling those in the Holy Land with occasional sightings of buffalo and longhorn — provides the setting for what organizers describe as North America’s longest continuously running outdoor Passion play.

When adoption agencies can turn away gay prospective parents, what happens to the kids?

By Bobby Ross Jr. — March 23, 2018
OKLAHOMA CITY (RNS) — Those who study the issue say it's hard to tell exactly how such rules governing adoption affect the numbers of children placed in 'forever' homes. 

After a rescinded invitation, Ken Ham talks about God at an Oklahoma university

By Bobby Ross Jr. — March 6, 2018
(RNS) — Its president cited the historic commitment of the public university to the critical and civil examination of ideas, no matter how controversial. 
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