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Evangelicals can no longer speak as one voice

By John Fea — February 21, 2017
(RNS) The fact that so many mainstream evangelical leaders opposed Trump's order, while 76 percent of their followers supported it, is further evidence of the way politics — particularly the Trump candidacy ­— divided American evangelicalism.

Where are the Trump evangelicals now?

By John Fea — January 26, 2017
(RNS) Where is the outrage from evangelical pulpits, especially among preachers who are intent upon using their influence to build a Christian culture?

What encourages me about this election

By John Fea — November 10, 2016
(RNS) "I am upset by the results of the election and I am particularly saddened that 81 percent of white American evangelicals got into bed with a monster on Tuesday (Nov. 8)," writes John Fea. "But I am also encouraged and have not lost hope."

Why a study of history is essential for the strength of our democracy

By John Fea — October 24, 2016
(RNS) Historians have the responsibility to remind the country that 'Make America Great Again' is a historical statement that should raise a lot of questions.

Why the Founding Fathers wanted to keep ministers from public office

By John Fea — August 15, 2016
(RNS) The founders who crafted the original state governments thought it was a good idea for ministers to stay out of politics.

The No. 1 reason evangelicals still put their hopes in Trump

By John Fea — August 9, 2016
(RNS) The only thing keeping Donald Trump afloat in these troubled waters is his May 18 announcement about the Supreme Court.

How Eric Metaxas manipulates the past to serve his political agenda

By John Fea — July 13, 2016
(RNS) To suggest that religious freedom and religious tolerance have been the single most important principle of American life is flat-out wrong.

In supporting Trump, evangelicals are reaping what they’ve sown (COMMENTARY)

By John Fea — May 8, 2016
(RNS) Evangelical churches and colleges have failed to educate people on how to think in a Christian way about their role as citizens.

Why Trump’s rise does not spell the end for the Christian right

By John Fea — April 29, 2016
(RNS) The beliefs of the conservative evangelicals who support Cruz and the conservative evangelicals who support Trump are really two sides of the same coin.

Why making the Bible Tennessee’s state book is a bad idea (COMMENTARY)

By John Fea — April 6, 2016
(RNS) House Bill 0615 looks like little more than an attempt by legislators, perhaps threatened by religious diversity, to protect a Christian culture that seems to be steadily eroding.

In John Kasich’s call for community, an echo of Catholic social teachings (COMMENTARY)

By John Fea — March 31, 2016
(RNS) He is opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage, but he would rather talk about the care of the poor and the vulnerable.

In Bernie Sanders’ deeply religious message, an echo of the Founding Fathers (COMMENTARY)

By John Fea — March 23, 2016
(RNS) The founders knew from their study of history that a republic is only successful when its members are willing to take care of one another.

Ted Cruz’s campaign is fueled by a dominionist vision for America (COMMENTARY)

By John Fea — February 4, 2016
(RNS) When Cruz says he wants to “restore” America, he does not only have the Obama administration in mind. He wants to “restore” the U.S. to what he believes is its original identity: a Christian nation.

The echoes of Abraham Lincoln in President Obama’s Prayer Breakfast speech (COMMENTARY)

By John Fea — February 11, 2015
MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (RNS) No president has made such an appeal to humility and mystery since Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address.

COMMENTARY: 10 reasons why evangelicals should read Pope Francis

By John Fea — November 27, 2013
(RNS) While most American evangelicals do not usually read papal pronouncements, it would be a shame if we did not familiarize ourselves with Francis’ newest document, for there is much in it that evangelicals could embrace.
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