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Julia Duin

Julia Duin is an author at Religion News Service.

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Christian musician Sean Feucht held defiant Seattle worship protest after concert was banned

By Julia Duin — September 8, 2020
SEATTLE (RNS) — After city officials shut down a Seattle park concert, Christian musician Sean Feucht held an outdoor ‘worship protest.’

Snake handlers take center stage in new opera at the Kennedy Center

By Julia Duin — January 10, 2019
(RNS) — A new opera features the rockabilly music and exuberant worship of Pentecostal serpent handlers.

A Native American tribe demands the return of its spiritual relative —  an orca

By Julia Duin — December 10, 2018
BELLINGHAM, Wash. (RNS) — In the summer of 1970, a few dozen orcas were snatched and sold to various theme parks, decimating the gene pool of remaining whales. Only one survived. Now, the Lummi tribe wants her back.

Pentecostal revival sweeps parts of West Coast

By Julia Duin — April 19, 2016
(RNS) A loose network of roving Pentecostal preachers has been holding revivals in a region known for its low church attendance.
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