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Renée K. Gadoua

Renée K. Gadoua is an author at Religion News Service.

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Ranks of defiant United Methodist clergy rise

By Renée K. Gadoua — January 23, 2014
(RNS) Almost daily, evidence mounts of defiant United Methodist clergy breaking church law on behalf of gays and lesbians as the nation’s second-largest Protestant denomination struggles with what may be its most vexing rebellion in decades.

United Methodists will try retired Yale dean Thomas Ogletree

By Renée K. Gadoua — January 17, 2014
(RNS) The trial for the Rev. Thomas Ogletree, 80, follows a bruising drama that concluded last month when the denomination defrocked a Pennsylvania pastor who was tried on the same charge.

A Methodist pastor calls for speedy resolution in conflict over gays

By Renée K. Gadoua — December 24, 2013
(RNS) A deep divide within the United Methodist Church over how to minister to gays and lesbians has led a Washington, D.C., pastor to suggest the denomination should not wait until its 2016 General Conference to change its policies.

Frank Schaefer defrocked by United Methodist officials

By Renée K. Gadoua — December 19, 2013
(RNS) A two-day church trial last month found Schaefer guilty of violating church law by performing the 2007 same-sex wedding of his son.

Remains of St. Marianne Cope to return to Hawaii

By Renée K. Gadoua — December 19, 2013
Syracuse, N.Y. (RNS) The remains of St. Marianne Cope, one of 11 American Catholic saints, will be returned to Hawaii, where the Franciscan sister ministered among patients with leprosy for 35 years.

Pa. pastor Frank Schaefer won’t quit voluntarily

By Renée K. Gadoua — December 16, 2013
(RNS) The Rev. Frank Schaefer said Monday he would refuse to surrender his clergy credentials voluntarily and continue to perform gay marriages in opposition to his denomination’s orders.

Church trial shines spotlight on denomination’s ambivalence

By Renée K. Gadoua — November 20, 2013
(RNS) The United Methodist Church’s ambivalence over homosexuality was written all over the penalty given a Pennsylvania pastor Tuesday night at a trial conducted to determine his guilt for officiating at a same-sex wedding.

BREAKING: Methodist Church gives pastor 30 days to desist or give up credentials

By Renée K. Gadoua — November 19, 2013
(RNS) A United Methodist jury Tuesday night gave the Rev. Frank Schaefer 30 days to agree not to break church law again by presiding at same-sex weddings or give up his clergy credentials.

Jurors weigh revoking clergy credentials for Methodist pastor

By Renée K. Gadoua — November 19, 2013
(RNS) A jury of United Methodist pastors began hearing testimony Tuesday (Nov. 19) that will help determine if the Rev. Frank Schaefer will lose his clergy credentials for breaking church law by officiating at the same-sex marriage of his son in 2007. Testimony in the penalty phase of the trial may continue Wednesday.

Methodist pastor found guilty of officiating at gay son’s wedding

By Renée K. Gadoua — November 18, 2013
(RNS) Rev. Frank Schaefer was found guilty of two charges: performing a same-sex wedding and disobeying church law. The United Methodist Church considers homosexuality “incompatible with Christian teachings.” The jury will consider his punishment on Tuesday, which could include the loss if his clergy credentials.

Methodist bishops asked to charge one of their own for performing gay wedding

By Renée K. Gadoua — November 15, 2013
(RNS) Retired Bishop Melvin Talbert, who served as the leader of United Methodists in the San Francisco area, ignored a request not to perform the ceremony. He has said in the past that the church’s position on homosexuality “is wrong and evil … it no longer calls for our obedience.”

Methodist court sidesteps changes to gay policies

By Renée K. Gadoua — October 28, 2013
(RNS) The United Methodist Church’s highest court issued three rulings this weekend that do not change church policy toward gays and lesbians but allow bishops to accept resolutions expressing dissent from church teachings.

Methodist court to consider growing opposition to gay ban

By Renée K. Gadoua — October 22, 2013
(RNS) As the United Methodist Church’s highest court gathers for its semiannual meeting in Baltimore on Wednesday, it will confront a growing movement of defiant clergy members opposed to church doctrine on gays and unwilling to back down.

NY state pastor among Methodists defying church law

By Renée K. Gadoua — September 18, 2013
(RNS) At least three other clergy face church complaints for presiding at same-sex marriages, and at least one pastor faces a complaint of being a practicing lesbian. All could potentially lose their clergy credentials.

Anniversary recalls water as sacred source of life

By Renée K. Gadoua — July 31, 2013
(RNS) European settlers once promised N.Y.'s Iroquois people they would respect the the laws of nature and the state's waterways. On the 400th anniversary of that agreement, known as the Two Row Wampum, New Yorkers are recommitting themselves to better stewardship of a sacred treasure -- water.
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